Heather Heyer RIP

Rachel Corrie, run over by an IDF bulldozer in 2003, has had streets named after her in Palestine and Iran. Will Heather Heyer, run over by a Trump train (technically a private car) in 2017, have streets named after her in the US (or perhaps, aptly, a statue of her to replace the Robert E. Lee statue that is meant to be taken down)? If the Alt-Right wins, she will surely not.

And the problem is that Heyer, and too many like her who are on our side, are not even close to ready to fight the Alt-Right. If Heyer had been ready, she would have brought a firearm to the Charlottesville rally, and it could have been vehicular identitarian James Fields who would be dead by now from her gunfire. Heyer’s choice of Facebook quote indicates moral but not necessarily strategic awareness. A better quote might be: “If you’re not trained and equipped to personally kill Alt-Right terrorists, you’re not paying attention.” Outrage as a reaction to injustice is of course better than no feeling, but outrage alone does not achieve anything (except prompt the Alt-Right to make snowflake jokes about us). Only outrage distilled into paramilitary discipline and readiness to use deadly Ahimsa achieves results in practice.

The Alt-Right themselves give away their own greatest fear in their main rally slogan: “You will not replace us.” What they fear is being replaced. Our slogan must not be that of the spineless Terry McAuliffe: “Go home … You are not wanted in this great commonwealth.” Why would McAuliffe expect the Alt-Right to obey(!!!) him? Any slogan phrased in the form of a demand to the enemy is structurally absurd, as the enemy by definition consists of those who do not care about our demands. No, our slogan must be phrased exactly as their slogan is phrased – as a statement of our own plan of action. Our slogan must confirm their fear. Our slogan should simply be: WE WILL REPLACE YOU.

An America with one fewer James Fields and one more Heather Heyer is self-evidently an incrementally better America. An America with a hundred million fewer racists (including all Jews) and a hundred million more anti-racists is self-evidently a phenomenally better America. This is replacement. Why are so many leftists still afraid to openly admit that we would like – very much indeed – to replace genetically inferior people with genetically superior people? The exercise of politics is the exercise of replacement! Is it not our wish to replace Donald Trump, Stephen Miller (Jew), Steve Bannon, etc. with politicians that we prefer? So how much sense does it make to aim for the replacement of the politicians but not of their support bases?

If you support Western civilization, WE WILL REPLACE YOU. It is our duty to do so.

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  1. Andalucian Warrior says:

    Ridiculous answers based on incomplete quotations. This is what I’ve come to expect from this site.

  2. Andalucian Warrior says:

    >Show me a sociologists who say that you can “scientifically prove”

    Maybe you should show me someone in pre-modern times who called themselves a sociologist instead. I think that is a much greater challenge.

  3. Andalucian Warrior says:

    >7 Jews out of 23 sociologists (your citation) is a “disproportionate influence”.

    It’s over ten times their proportion of the general population. Learn some math.

  4. anon says:

    @Andalucian Warrior
    “Maybe you should show me someone in pre-modern times who called themselves a sociologist instead.”
    Based on that logic Marx was not a sociologist because he didn’t call himself a sociologist. Therefore Marx is a good Jew and you shouldn’t criticise him.

    “It’s over ten times their proportion of the general population.”
    What about Jewish physicists and their deadly influence on Arische Physik?

    I think it’s time to stop. You have proven to be generally incapable of honest discussion with your using of sophisms and fallacies.

  5. Andalucian Warrior says:

    >I think it’s time to stop. You have proven to be generally incapable of honest discussion with your using of sophisms and fallacies.

    Do you know what the word ‘chutzpah’ means?

  6. Dragon_Bishop says:


    “We are a part of the environment, and are effected profoundly by what occurs in our lives; and since capitalism is slated Calvinistically toward the idea that “god” or rather “fortune” and “luck” favor those born into money, the lack of equity across most the world is thanks to these parasites is preventing us from ever really seeing people’s true potential or true value.”

    I had almost forgotten about the influence of Calvinism on Judeo-Greco-Christian culture, thanks for the reminder, and a great point!

  7. Savoy Brown says:

    Wow what a martyr! Your Noblewoman died of heart-attack resulted heart failure.
    You do understand the value for this weird ass neo-strasserist and miscegenation promoting ideology of yours by championing a morbidly obese piece of white, uh whatever, as your hero?

    Parroting the zionist media and their narrative does not really earn you credibility points either. And you can tell that to the Incas :)

  8. AS says:

    @Savoy Brown

    “morbidly obese piece of white”

    Call her morbidly obese all you wish, but please don’t insult her with such a demeaning term as “white”.

    “Parroting the zionist media and their narrative does not really earn you credibility points either. ”

    If we were earning credibility points from useful idiots like yourself, we would not be doing our job properly.

    (And if the Zionist media genuinely supported Heyer, it would start by ceasing its own Islamophobia, which it has not.)

    “And you can tell that to the Incas”

    Good line, isn’t it? I recommend it being used every time someone claims that monoethnic societies never become aggressive.

  9. Pandorastop says:

    @Savoy Brown

    “Strasserism (German: Strasserismus or Straßerismus) was the strand of Nazism that called for a more radical, mass-action and worker-based form of Nazism, hostile to Jews not from a racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious perspective, but from an anti-capitalist basis.”

    That’s basically the alt-trite doctrine. Hey do you eat beef? would you like to be a Nazi there fat bones? , Sieg heil!

    When did you decide to become a Clown, Savoy?

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