Backlash Herders

This page lists prominent Jewish (including crypto-Jewish) propagandists responsible for promoting attitudes such as Islamophobia, racism (implicit or explicit) towards so-called “Third World” ethnicities, and an overarching admiration of and desire to preserve Western civilization. The main purpose of this list is to highlight that such attitudes, which were virtually absent as recently as the 1990s, but which have become increasingly popular since 9/11, were initially promoted disproportionately by Jews until they gained enough momentum to continue growing by themselves. As such, it is clear to us that the rise of such attitudes as a pre-scripted right-wing backlash to the 1960s-1990s counterculture is part of the Zionist agenda, and hence must be rejected by all serious anti-Zionists.

Names are arranged in alphabetical order. Feel free to suggest other Jews/crypto-Jews whom you think should be included. This page is constantly under construction.

Gadi Adelman (Jew)

Andrew Anglin (Jew)

Gilad Atzmon (Jew)

Lawrence Auster (Jew)

Bruce Bawer (Jew)

Peter Beinart (Jew)

Borislav Bereza (Jew)

Judith Bergman (Jew)

Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Jew)

Andrew Bostom (Jew)

Andrew Breitbart (Jew)

Henryk Broder (Jew)

Frank Collins (Jew)

Michael Coren (Jew)

Richard Dawkins (Jew)

Matt Drudge (Jew)

Paul Eisen (Jew)

Kent Ekeroth (Jew)

Ted Ekeroth (Jew)

Marcus Epstein (Jew)

Avigdor Eskin (Jew)

Abraham Foxman (Jew)

Jayda Fransen (Jew)

Daniel Friberg (Jew)

Frank Gaffney (Jew)

Pamela Geller (Jew)

David Gelernter (Jew)

Paul Gottfried (Jew)

Daniel Greenfield (Jew)

Sam Harris (Jew)

Michael Hart (Jew)

Lars Hedegaard (Jew)

Peter Hitchens (Jew)

Carl Horowitz (Jew)

David Horowitz (Jew)

Raphael Israeli (Jew)

Peder “Fjordman” Jensen (Jew)

Nathanael Kapner (Jew)

Joe Kaufman (Jew)

Mordechai Kedar (Jew)

Imre Kertesz (Jew)

Ben Klassen (Jew)

Ray Kurzweil (Jew)

Ezra Levant (Jew)

Michael Levin (Jew)

Avi Lipkin (Jew)

David Littman (Jew)

Bill Maher (Jew)

Henry Makow (Jew)

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen (Jew)

Ilana Mercer (Jew)

Stephen Miller (Jew)

Stefan Molyneux (Jew)

Steven Mosher (Jew)

Fiamma Nirenstein (Jew)

Mike “Enoch” Peinovich (Jew)

Melanie Phillips (Jew)

Daniel Pipes (Jew)

Dennis Prager (Jew)

Vladimir Putin (Jew)

Nina Rosenwald (Jew)

Howard Rotberg (Jew)

Byron Roth (Jew)

Edwin Rubenstein (Jew)

Mike Savage (Jew)

Mayer Schiller (Jew)

Debbie Schlussel (Jew)

Ben Shapiro (Jew)

Nachum Shifren (Jew)

Christina Hoff Sommers (Jew)

Lauren Southern (Jew)

Richard Spencer (Jew)

Robert Spencer (Jew)

Mark Steyn (Jew)

Shmuel Trigano (Jew)

Robert Weissberg (Jew)

Diana West (Jew)

Paul Weston (Jew)

Geert Wilders (Jew)

Bat Ye’or (Jew)

David Yerushalmi (Jew)

Milo Yiannopoulous (Jew)

Milos Zeman (Jew)

Eric Zemmour (Jew)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Jew)

153 Responses to Backlash Herders

  1. Gallery Guy says:


    “National currencies should be ‘valued’ on labor itself, period.”

    Labor should definitely include necessary and proper assassinations.

  2. AS says:


    If you want to target Duke, countering his ideas would be more effective than assassinating him. Whereas assassinating enemy strategists can be valuable, assassinating enemy propagandists only gives the impression that we are incapable of debunking their propaganda. One thing you could do is get hold of a copy of Duke’s “My Awakening”, start a new blog and debunk it chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph. This is, in fact, what we should be doing with EVERY far-right book.

    The most fitting way for Duke to die would be for the state to execute him for treason. America is defined by E Pluribus Unum. Therefore WN is treason. But only by winning the propaganda war will this be widely understood.


    “I definitely wasn’t aware that the anti-Zionism scene hadn’t always been dominated by racialists.”

    Racialists are simply people who believe that genetics matter to society. It is perfectly possible to believe that genetics matter to society while at the same time utterly despising any notion of “white” identity or interests. So it would not be a problem, indeed it would be preferable, for the anti-Zionism scene to be dominated by racialists, as racialism is correct. The problem is that the anti-SEMITISM scene today has become dominated not by anti-Zionists but by people who promote the exact equivalent of Zionism among “whites” (what we call Boromir Syndrome).

  3. John Johnson says:

    “Racialists are simply people who believe that genetics matter to society.”

    Although that is the meaning the word ought to have, it was frequently used (and apparently coined) by racists before the word ‘racism’ came into vogue:

    racialism (n.)
    1882, “tribalism;” 1890, “political system advocating superiority and exclusive rights based on race,”

    (I’ve also found dozens of older websites saying “racialism” and “racialist” were commonly used with the same definition as racism/racist c. 1907-1917, citing an earlier version of the EtymologyOnline page (but also with no sources of the exact context/document/person where it was coined of course)).

    Although it seems non-racists have a competing claim:

    “In 1903, W. E. B. Du Bois said that racialism is the philosophical position that races existed, and that collective differences existed among such categories, the races.[citation needed] He further stated that racism required advancing the argument that one race is superior to other races of human beings. In In My Father’s House (1992), Kwame Anthony Appiah summarized Du Bois’s philosophical stance that racialism is value-neutral term and that racism is a value-charged term.”

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