We are a movement. Our aim is not merely to share information with you, but to throw out ideas for you to manifest in the real world as far as your circumstances permit. Our movement will only be as successful as the willingness of our readers to take the initiative and do something practical with what you study here. The goal of Aryanism is immutable, but the path towards the goal is not rigid. The better it can be adapted to suit local conditions, the sooner it can make an impact. It is up to you to find the best path for Aryanism in the society to which you belong.

In comment discussions on this blog, our team members are distinguished by our uniform avatar consisting of a white swastika on a black background. These uniformed team members alone are entrusted to represent to fair accuracy the broad positions of our movement (notwithstanding disagreement over details within our team). The views of all other commenters are solely their own and are not necessarily endorsed by our movement.

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For mutual convenience, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with the content on the main site before contacting us or joining our comment discussions. We are not neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, Counterjihadists or any other kind of far-right group. We are Aryanists, authentic National Socialists and anti-Zionists opposed to all racism, Gentile as well as Jewish – we belong to the True Left. We want to unite non-Jewish society into a folk, not divide it into tribes. We heavily emphasize the importance of genetics to society, but we care only about quality, not ethnicity. Our motto is UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.



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