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French election 2017

Six months ago, Trump was running against Clinton. Millions of Americans, despite disliking Trump, chose to abstain or to vote for a minor candidate because Clinton was considered to be “just as bad as Trump”, even though her campaign promises were nowhere near as scary. … Continue reading

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Discord server

Jesse Starfall has very kindly donated a Discord server for our use: Please feel free to try it out and see if it might be useful for any movement-related activities you are doing.

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Dutch election 2017

Today I will discuss the concept of  vision concession, which is the term I am coining for what I have been watching mainstream politicians do immediately after the results of the May 15th Dutch general election were announced. Basically, before the election, … Continue reading

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RoboCop 3 review

Since I have been recently referring to this movie so often, I figured that I might as well review the movie itself! This should also help those who have not seen the movie but who see me talking about “Rehabs” etc. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump vs JFK

By now I am sure you have heard Trump in his Florida rally complaining about the press for doing exactly what an alert and dutiful press is supposed to do: pointing out his lies whenever he tells them (ie. every day). He has also complained … Continue reading

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We now have a hashtag. You have to admit it is a catchy slogan. It goes without saying that a hashtag on its own does not protect people from being raided. Even printing it out on a T-shirt or a sign and … Continue reading

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The duty to resist arrest

When so-called Federal ”law enforcement” is arresting people in raids while refusing to tell the public who is being arrested, and on what charges, that is a sure sign that you are living under tyranny. Civilians under tyranny have a duty to resist … Continue reading

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It has begun, and the good guys still aren’t armed yet…..

This is what they are doing: President Donald Trump’s deportation force promise may be coming true. Over the last five days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted what they call an “enforcement surge” in the Los Angeles area, … Continue reading

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Another step nearer to needing those firearms

If you are not helping to spread our top-priority message that every leftist in the US needs to own and train with firearms, you are not doing your due diligence.–politics.html The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Sen. Jeff Sessions to … Continue reading

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Why even wait four years?

Please share as widely as possible: From our anti-democratic perspective, defeating Trump in the 2020 election would merely reflect his lack of popularity, whereas impeaching him before the next election would be more satisfying as the victory of a process that at least has nothing … Continue reading

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