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The last word on Marxism

I recently added a link to this page on the main site: but I feel it is important enough to also post here for extra emphasis, the reason being that over the years I have been (as regular readers will … Continue reading

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I hate how accurate my predictions are

Last time: More about the victim here: We need to hold out for DECADES in order for the antidote to have time to work. Far-right terror attacks like these will continue through these decades. This time: Andreas … Continue reading

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America’s Founding Principle: Refugees Welcome

The narrative of the New World since the arrival of Christopher Columbus (Jew) has primarily been one of ethnic cleansing, slavery, and racism on an unprecedented scale; however, one peculiar meeting between New Worlders and Old Worlders stands out in … Continue reading

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Duginism in action

Fucking Turanians: Study and discuss. Let’s see if we can get this blog back to more productive commenting. The enemy psyop described in the linked article was conducted with just one Twitter account. And how many more similar psyops are going on that we don’t … Continue reading

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Autumn cleaning

I have taken down the Fellow Travellers page for now. Hashtali was originally in charge of it (including deciding who would be in the list) and did all the updates for it, so it has not been updated since he left. I … Continue reading

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Support Sheikh Hasina!

Mainstream journalism is gradually catching up to what we have been saying for ages, namely that Westernized leaders in former colonial possessions are nothing but pieces of Eurocentric shit, and only non-Westernized leaders have any chance at all of coming through on our … Continue reading

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German election 2017

In 2013 the AfD got 4.7%. This time they got 12.6%. Meanwhile, the spineless coward Merkel  in the months prior to the election has already buckled to AfD (and Hungarian) pressure by making it harder for asylum seekers to receive asylum. As I have said … Continue reading

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Details: Please give Marshal Kim a well-deserved round of applause. For this alone North Korea deserves to have as many nukes as it needs, and hopefully to re-acquire South Korea in the near future. (Of course, the more serious reason is that North Korea … Continue reading

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Statue removal etc.

I am glad to see that the calls for removing statues of colonial-era villains is expanding in scope beyond the initially narrow focus on Confederate figures only. For example, a statue of Columbus (Jew) is currently under consideration for removal (by no coincidence, Mayor Bill de Blasio is also a sanctuary city … Continue reading

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Heather Heyer RIP

Rachel Corrie, run over by an IDF bulldozer in 2003, has had streets named after her in Palestine and Iran. Will Heather Heyer, run over by a Trump train (technically a private car) in 2017, have streets named after her in the US (or … Continue reading

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