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Back in the early days of post-9/11 anti-Zionist activism, many supposedly “Jew-aware” rightists tried to persuade me not to “waste time” with BDS. Their argument was that BDS was solely against Israel rather than against Jews, and thus was “damage … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Berlin edition Data assembled by RIAS Berlin, an antisemitism monitoring organization, showed that there were 404 reported antisemitic outrages during the first half of 2019 — an average of two per day. While the great majority of these incidents were confined … Continue reading

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Persistence pays

Earlier this year: Now: “I’m asking the mayor to declare a state of emergency here in New York with regard to anti-Semitism,” Hikind said. The NYPD says anti-Semitic hate crimes are up 63 percent this … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Brooklyn III The Hate Crimes Unit of the New York City Police Department confirmed on Monday that it was investigating three assaults on orthodox Jewish men that took place earlier in the day. The three men were attacked early on Monday … Continue reading

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A tribute to slowness (go back and read it!) November 28, 2009 August 26th, 2019 TEN FUCKING YEARS just for them to take notice (and still they aren’t even close to figuring out the trick…..) (See also: Perhaps I should next … Continue reading

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Our enemies concede (yet) another point to us

The following has been on the main site for a long time: National Socialist Germany banned the highly popular novels of Sax Rohmer (Jew), creator of the fictional villain Fu Manchu designed to perpetuate “Yellow Peril” paranoia in Western countries. Rohmer retaliated … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Germany contd. Foreign intelligence services, especially those from Turkey, Syria and Iran, have increased their activities in Germany during the past 12 months, according to Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency. The foreign intelligence services are not only pursuing dissidents among the … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Malmoe edition The Jewish Community of Malmo, Sweden, may need to dissolve itself by 2029 unless its current circumstances change. Community spokesman Fredrik Sieradski confirmed to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Tuesday that the shutdown was a “possible scenario” following a … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Antwerp edition Antwerp’s diamond business had long been controlled by its orthodox, largely Hasidic Jewish community. … In the popular European imagination, diamonds remain inextricably linked with the Jews. When I’d told a group of Julio’s colleagues in Brussels my plans … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Netflix edition

Did you ever imagine a day when Netflix docudramas would feature Jewish villains? Back in the 2000s it would have seemed impossible, right? Well, it has happened in When They See Us: Here is the villain: Linda … Continue reading

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