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Support Domenico Lucano!

Still remember Riace, the Italian town that I have been praising over and over since the refugee crisis began, and its inspirational Mayor Lucano? If all of Italy can follow the example of Riace, then perhaps all of the EU … Continue reading

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Our enemies concede that Judaism is rightist Some people believe in a Jewish plot to orchestrate the great replacement and promote terrorism. It is worth remembering that cosmopolitanism, which is a Hellenic invention, has no roots in Judaism. It is certainly a fact that cosmopolitanism is … Continue reading

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To those who insisted that ICE was only targeting “illegals”

At the beginning of the Trump administration, I predicted: You let them get away with deporting people a vanload at a time without consequence and eventually they will deport tens of millions. You let them test, prove effective, practice and - most importantly - psychopolitically normalize their … Continue reading

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Is the True Left dawning? Democrats Are Fielding Even More Anti-Semitic Candidates For Congress … Last week, J Street, the lefty group created to counter the bipartisan American Israel Public Affairs Committee, withdrew its endorsement of Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 13th … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Sweden

No foreword necessary; straight to the enemy article: Sweden’s Government Funds Anti-Semitism … Many organizations that spread implicit anti-Semitism receive no attention from either the Swedish media or the so-called “anti-racist” movements. The group Youth Against Settlements (YAS), for … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: UK

The anti-Zionist takeover of the Labour Party finally heats up as I predicted it would ever since Corbyn took over leadership several years ago: Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson was last night hit by a massive social media campaign … Continue reading

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Support Elin Ersson!

Hey, ProudIncelistani, just this one individual alone (who, yes, happens to be female, though we would have felt no need to draw particular attention to her gender if you hadn’t turned up) we hold in higher regard than every Incels … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Spain

Belated posting: Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, has approved a motion to boycott Israel and slander it by declaring the city an “Israeli apartheid-free zone.” The move comes days after Navarra, one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities, announced … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Starbucks edition

To all those Zionist agents/useful idiots claiming to be on our side who, years ago, strongly ‘advised’ me against endorsing and liasing with BLM back when they first started gaining publicity, I am prouder than ever that I did not listen to you: Bowing to pressure … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Germany

I find that we hardly have to do our own news blogging anymore; enemy blogs are pretty much doing it for us these days: In some Berlin schools in the meantime the spirit between cultures is as frigid as between Israel and the … Continue reading

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