I was recently notified that somebody set up a Facebook account in our name without our permission:


This might be tolerable if he at least presented our views properly (in which case I would simply contact him to establish official connections), but as can be clearly seen, he doesn’t even understand them. For all those who have seen the page before, there is absolutely no connection between us, and it will stay that way.

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A new JAM video, including a refresher on the USS Liberty incident:


Watching this video felt like returning to the beginning of our activism days back in the mid-2000s, when the focus was on spreading information about Jewish crimes, including 9/11 false flag, the central banking scams, the “Holocaust” hoax, circumcision, vaccination, water fluoridation, and so on, and of course the ongoing siege of Palestine by Israel. Back then, we naively assumed that just by giving people this information, they would rise up as one against Zionism. Through our combined efforts, we made millions of people Jew-aware, directly or indirectly. Well, where are most of these people now? Actually, most of them are hanging around at the various BS Gentile sites. The Jews weren’t worried about being exposed, because they understood Gentile psychology better than we did back then. They knew that all they had to do was deploy Zionist agents among us to mix Jew-awareness with racism, and the Gentile blood would automatically do the rest, which is exactly what happened. The more successful we were at spreading Jew-awareness, the faster we completely lost control of the anti-Zionist movement.


Like it or not, we bear some accountability for the rise of the far-right today, because we spread the Jew-awareness that gave it a significant portion of its momentum. We can’t undo what we did, so the only thing we can do now is try to make up for it by promoting unification consistently in all our activism henceforth. We can’t turn the clock back, but we can make unification cool again, especially among the youth. To succeed in this, we must not speak of unification merely as a practical requirement for the sake of defeating Jewish domination, but must instead speak of unification as an intrinsic good in itself. Not of unification because we have no other choice, but of unification as the morally superior choice. Not unification as something we must temporarily tolerate, but unification as something so beautiful we would never wish to let go of it. Not unification as a way to avoid conflict, but unification as an ideal for which we are willing to fight those who sow the seeds of division. In other words, not unity through necessity, but UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

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Do not underestimate the value of this kind of grassroots activism. If Eden had stayed silent, both the Islamophobe and the victims will assume that everyone on the train tacitly approves of the bullying, and hence not only will the victims feel unwelcome in their own neighbourhood, but also the Islamophobe will be emboldened to do it again to someone else. In the worst case, the victims will feel so unwelcome that they move somewhere else, and then the Islamophobes will see that their tactics are working and will then definitely repeat them on more and more other victims.

But simply by Eden speaking up, the entire psychological flow takes a different course. Now no one is sure which side those who stayed silent actually sympathize with in their hearts, and so at the very least the Islamophobe cannot achieve the illusion of representing the neighbourhood in general. More importantly, the victims will know that they are not alone, and in particular that there are non-Muslims willing to defend them, so that they will not feel that they must seek support only from other Muslims in the neighbourhood (which leads to self-segregation), but instead will be encouraged to contribute to the neighbourhood community as a whole.

One real-time action like this does more to combat Islamophobia than the False Left approach of throwing millions of $$$ into “panels” and “workshops” by so-called “experts” against “extremism” that don’t actually do anything.

The next level is Pandorastop’s project: Lion’s Shield. Because we know our enemies aren’t going to back down just like that. So we need to prepare for the possibility that things will get physical. I myself have recently resumed physical training after years of neglect due to focusing on writing etc.. One idea brought up is that we could standardize a physical training program for Aryanists that is tailored to Aryan physiology and metabolism. This could potentially be a project on its own if anyone is interested?

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I would like to take time out to pay a belated and very special tribute to Hayley Okines who died last week, news of which I – a loyal fan of hers ever since her first documentary aired in the early 2000s – only heard about yesterday.

The star that shone within her was one of the brightest I have ever encountered, and I am sure many of her other fans would say the same. The world, and especially Britain, will undoubtedly be dimmer without her around. The only thing we can do now is never forget the starlight: the radiance, the warmth, the energy. The brevity of her life makes it easy to do just this. In her own words: “Sometimes people ask me if I could have three wishes would I wish I didn’t have progeria. And I say no. It would be good to not have it, and it would be fun to go out and not get stared at and not have loads of people ask questions. I would rather have progeria than not have it, though. Don’t ask me why, but I wouldn’t change it.” For most of us, life is not long enough for us to change our surroundings as much as we would want, yet often long enough for our surroundings to change us from the pure souls we all used to be. For Hayley, whose life was much shorter than most of ours, it was nonetheless long enough for her light to reach millions worldwide, and at the same time short enough to spare her from being tainted by prolonged contact with the ugliness of material existence. She departed early enough to leave in our memory only the image of her at her best and purest, which is how she deserves to be remembered.


Farewell, Princess Hayley. You will live on in my heart: spring eternal, autumn undying, love always.

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We have officially declared who our enemies are on the ZC List and BS List. Now we officially declare who our allies are:


All Aryanists are demanded cooperation with and support to the living individuals, and we commemorate our fallen heroes. We must never falter in defending our ideals. We must always push forward. And we hope that, as we march towards, and build, a new world, we do so hand in hand with these comrades.

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New page on the main site:


Aryan blood memory is cool and all, but there is something much more direct and infinitely more powerful that we possess: the memories of our own childhood.

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The list includes our current staff. It’s not finished, and new staff members will be edited as they come (and notify me if I’ve left you out! Sorry!).

To newcomers (aka potential comrades): If you are interested in taking up any opening, you can find what is already being done by others checking the list, and then contact us so I can connect you to the relevant individuals above so that you can contribute similar work elsewhere, work together on the same projects or ask for assistance in other projects.

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Thank you New Dawn for this article. Though two decades have passed since the issue discussed, the connection between Jews and WNs still exists. In fact, we can go even further back to their colonial predecessors working hand-in-hand with Jews. Yet somehow the WNs believe the Jews are terrified of them, racism and “whites”….

Without further ado, here it is:

The Issue:

The Turner Diaries was written by William Luther Pierce (Gentile) in 1978 and re-published by Lyle Stuart (Jew – born as Lionel Simon) in 1996. What should be made absolutely clear is that William Pierce (the White supremacist), who was still alive and at the height of his public success in the mid-1990s, willingly sold the rights of the book to Lyle Stuart (Jew).



Summary of the Book:

The book, complied through the late-1970s, envisaged a race war in the then future 1990s United States which escalates into a global race conflict in which essentially all ‘non-White’ peoples are exterminated over the course of the following one hundred years. Methods of eradication include mass hanging and executions by firing squads and the use of nuclear weapons to annihilate entire non-White regions of the Planet (e.g. Asia).

Surprisingly, the Simon Wiesenthal Center refers to it as a “hate book”, yet they do not disown the Jew who Pierce allowed to republish it.


So the question becomes … What do both sides (the Jew and the Gentile) stand to gain from this degenerate piece of literature?

The Gentile (Pierce) can only see the obvious benefits, these being that his book can now be published and printed in great numbers. The fact he is letting a Jew do it for him neither strikes a chord of curiosity or of guilt in him … after all, he is (like all good Goyim) stupid and bereft of any noteworthy moral standards.

The Jew (Stuart) stands to gain the most for himself and his tribe; in addition to making money from owning the rights to the book (which was at the height of its popularity in the mid-1990s), there is also the fulfillment of a (pseudo-)ideological pathway which Israel has been working on to replace Political Correctness. The Jews know that in the event of a White nationalist backlash in either Europe or the United States, they can – in a worst case scenario – reach an accord with Gentiles that will allow them to return to their base of global operations (Israel) and bide their time until the political situation cools down.

In reality however, since the vast majority of Jewish people in the United States and Europe are by all standards ‘White’, they know that (after a name change and conversion to crypto-Jews - in almost all probability, this will not even be necessary as contemporary right-wing Eurocentric movements see Israel and the Jews as brothers in the struggle against non-Whites and Muslims) most Gentiles will not be able spot the difference between supposed ‘Europeans’ and Ashkenazi Jews. Hence this, Jews (openly or secretly) will most likely continue to exist in ‘White’ nations following a hypothetical Eurocentric takeover.

In fact a White nationalist takeover of the West would serve to excel Jewish international interests for they would be able to expand their territorial boundaries in the Middle-East and ethnically cleanse the Arab populations of their newly acquired provinces without fear of protest from Europe or the United States. The benefits of a Eurocentric takeover for the Jews, far outweighs the inconvenience of having to change their names and/ or relocate to Israel. The final stage of Jewish supremacism’s conquest of this earth actually bucks on racist people to coming to power in Europe and the United States.

It should be understood that, as history has shown, the Jews have no problem with other people hating them as they themselves can sympathise with bigotry towards others of a different tribe.



In fact, the only people the Jews have issues with are those who they cannot trick or strike deals with (e.g. Adolf Hitler and other genuine Aryanists, past and present).

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Recently Pope Francis made some controversial remarks in which he condoned child abuse:

The Pope, smiling and miming the action of slapping a child on the bottom, said: “One time, I heard a father say, ‘At times I have to hit my children a bit, but never in the face so as not to humiliate them.’

“That’s great. He had a sense of dignity. He should punish, do the right thing, and then move on,” he told around 7,000 people gathered in the Pope Paul VI Hall on Wednesday.


Hitting a child is only humiliating if the child is hit in the face? Perhaps the Pope would like to demonstrate his lack of humiliation while being hit on the bottom, and later reminisce with a smile how great it was? And the man had a sense of dignity because he hurts his children when they don’t listen? Seriously?

The point of this article, however, is not to show what type of person the Pope is, but to show the great hypocrisy of Islamophobes and racists, especially “Christian” ones who visit our site and spam us with accusations that we’re hypocrites when it comes to non-Aryan Muslims and non-Aryan “non-whites”. They find a few Muslims advocating ignoble behavior, and suddenly every Muslim is a criminal.

Well, here is the Pope – no, not a random priest from a random neighborhood in Buenos Aires, but the Pope, God’s representative on Earth, as well as an infallible human being, according to Catholic dogma – advocating barbaric treatment of children. Do I suddenly declare war on all Catholics? Do I claim that every Catholic is, by definition or in practice, a child abuser, or at least secretly supportive of it? Do I find statistics to demonstrate that child abuse is high in Catholic families or predominantly Catholic countries, and hence conclude that no Catholic could ever become an Aryanist (or even a somewhat decent human being)? (Never mind me doing same things about all Christians or people born in Argentina or people of Italian ancestry!)

NO! That would be ridiculous. One person (or even a large group of them) does not define every person in his group. Not every Catholic (or Christian or person born in Argentina or person of Italian ancestry) is Pope Francis, and Pope Francis is not every Catholic. But for some reason, whenever our enemies point to “Muslims” being ignoble – say, Hamid, a random “Muslim” somewhere in Sweden advocating rape of non-Muslim Swedish women – suddenly every Muslim is a criminal….and people actually believe them! If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have even bothered to post this: certainly we have more important matters to attend to than to freak out about every traditionalist and advocate of ignobility, regardless of where he comes from.

We value nobility, and nobility is found in individuals, not in herds. If you are a noble individual – an Aryan – whether Catholic, Christian, Argentinian, of Italian ancestry, Muslim or something else, contact us here: http://aryanism.net/about/contact/.

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Meanwhile Melih Gokcek, the veteran mayor of the Turkish capital, Ankara, raised the specter of the Mossad’s involvement, while speaking at a youth congress of the Islamist ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Sunday.

According to a report by the official Anadolu news agency, Gokcek laid the blame on Israel’s security agency, charging that Israel was angry by a recent vote by French lawmakers supportive of Palestinian statehood.

“Israel certainly doesn’t want this [pro-Palestinian independence] sentiment to expand in Europe,” he said. “That’s why it is certain that Mossad is behind these kinds of incidents. Mossad enflames Islamophobia by causing such incidents.”

Turkish lawmaker Ali Sahin, a senior AKP member, was quoted as saying in Twitter messages that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was “staged like a scene from a movie,” by forces determined to discredit Islam.

The most senior figure to insinuate that all was not as it appeared in the Paris attacks – although he did also condemn them – was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Take note that the acts of terror are not carried out in a vacuum,” he said during a joint press conference in Ankara with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas  “The acts follow a predetermined script and we should be alive to a plot against the Islamic world.”

Erdogan, an arch-critic of Israel and key supporter of Hamas – a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization – also used the opportunity to slam Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s participation with other leaders in a mass anti-terror rally in Paris on Sunday.

“I also hardly understand how he dared to go there,” Anadolu quoted Erdogan as saying, accusing Netanyahu of carrying out “state terrorism by massacring 2,500 people in Gaza.”


Meanwhile, I have actually seen a few semi-retard far-rightists admit that the Paris attack probably was a Zionist false flag but then say that they will go along with the official story anyway because it is good for the far-right and bad for Muslims. In short, not only are they being herded, they know they are being herded but don’t care. Boromir Syndrome in action.

Whereas the full-retard-level far-rightists – let’s just call them identitards from now on - remain unconvinced that it was a Zionist false flag because, in their words, ”Why would Jews sabotage their own plan of Islamizing Europe?” BECAUSE THAT’S NOT THE PLAN! THAT WAS NEVER THE PLAN! THE ISLAMOPHOBIC BACKLASH IS THE PLAN! THE RISE OF THE FAR-RIGHT – YES, YOU LOT – IS THE PLAN!  WE SERIOUS ANTI-ZIONISTS HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE 2007! FUCKING USEFUL IDIOTS!!!

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