Support Domenico Lucano!

Still remember Riace, the Italian town that I have been praising over and over since the refugee crisis began, and its inspirational Mayor Lucano?

If all of Italy can follow the example of Riace, then perhaps all of the EU will then follow the example of Italy. (please read my entire conversation with MS)

Francis has taken in something like two refugee families in total. Francis is a fucking joke. Here is a serious leader in comparison: If tiny Riace can do so much, how much more could the Vatican do if only it had the will?

Spread the word! The alternative to Angela Merkel is not Viktor Orban, but Domenico Lucano! (Note that the mafia has threatened Lucano over his welcoming of refugees. In other words, the attitude found in Italy’s mafia is the same as that found in Hungary’s government. Think about that for a moment.)

Well, guess what just happened now that Salvini is in power?

Pro-refugee Italian mayor arrested for ‘aiding illegal migration’

His arrest comes a week after Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, announced a series of anti-immigration measures that included slashing funds for migrant reception and integration.

It also follows the suspension by the public broadcaster, Rai, of a TV show about Riace, which had been lauded as an exemplary model for integration.

Salvini shared news of Lucano’s arrest on Twitter, alongside a comment that also made a dig at the anti-mafia author, Roberto Saviano, a staunch critic of his policies. “Damn, who knows what Saviano and all the other do-gooders who want to fill Italy with immigrants will say now,” the far-right League leader wrote.

Gioacchino Criaco, a writer from Calabria who knows Lucano well, said he foresaw the mayor’s arrest even before the investigation began. “He showed how it was possible to do concrete things with limited means,” Criaco said.

“Efficiency and humanity are not welcomed in a cynical system. This is a system that only takes consensus from politics of fear. In this respect, examples of virtuousness must be eradicated.”

Lucano received a show of support on his Facebook page, with Riace locals calling on each other to rally together in solidarity.

Sergio Bontempelli, a migrant rights campaigner with the Association of Rights and Borders, said that Riace had become too well known as an example of good integration and had been under attack for years. He said other integration projects undertaken by hundreds of people in other Italian towns were now at risk.

Stop calling Salvini a “populist”! Lucano is the populist. Riace is what actual populism looks like: a self-sufficient small town with no power elite wishing to keep power within their own circle, just ordinary people (many of whom arrived owning nothing) all given a chance to contribute in whatever way they can. Salvini, in contrast, sides with the Italian mafia (a small-scale power elite in its own right) in persecuting Riace, all in the interests of Western civilization (the power elite for the last five centuries).

Lucano’s one mistake was in failing to insist that every resident of Riace had a firearm, that they organize paramilitarily and that they shoot Rehabs on sight.

Full-length documentary about Riace:

This is what Salvini wants to destroy. This is what can only be protected by the willingness to use firearms.

Not until you learn to shoot them. Will you?

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Our enemies concede that Judaism is rightist

Some people believe in a Jewish plot to orchestrate the great replacement and promote terrorism. It is worth remembering that cosmopolitanism, which is a Hellenic invention, has no roots in Judaism. It is certainly a fact that cosmopolitanism is now defended by some Jewish intellectual elites, but they are decadents who represent only themselves. They despise the community from which they come, and seem to have little sympathy for the Jews who fall under the blows of Muslims.

Cosmopolitanism runs counter to the sacred texts of Judaism. The civilizational manifestation of the Old Testament, the Talmud, or Kabbalah is not cosmopolitanism, let alone bourgeois materialism. It is the sovereign nation, homogeneous in terms of race, and aristocratic-warlike in terms of values. George Soros’s “open society” is an ideal that owes nothing to Judaism; it owes everything to the Gnostic heresy of Christianity and the cosmopolitanism of Diogenes the Cynic.

Thank you. We told you so. Ten years ago FFS.

(But seriously, GNOSTIC CHRISTIANITY. They are finally acknowledging GNOSTIC CHRISTIANITY, something that a decade ago most people weren’t even aware existed! This is how far we have come.)

Elsewhere, they also concede that anti-racism is what threatens Jews, and Gentile identitarianism is what protects Jews:

Anti-racism serves as a screen for anti-white racism and anti-Jewish racism

On this issue, there should naturally be an alliance between France and Israel; they have common challenges of terrorism and submersion by migration. Such an alliance is also an affront to the global superclass that barely conceals its anti-Zionism.

I never knew I was the “global superclass”, though….. I mean, you know, I thought I was just some random 2D video game fan…..


In addition to closing the borders to mass immigration, there should be re-emigration of non-indigenous populations—on a military, not just economic, basis. France should stop its friendly—not to say complacent and suicidal—policy towards Arab-Muslim nations, and establish a military and economic partnership with Israel. Ideally, the fight for the re-emigration of Palestinian colonizers out of Israeli territory would go hand in hand with the fight for the re-emigration of African and Arab-Muslim colonizers from French territory.

So now we can at last stop debating our enemies over what the current conflict is about or which side of the conflict this or that historical ideology would have taken (because we are now in full agreement on all of this), and instead simply ask every potential participant in the conflict: which side are you on?

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To those who insisted that ICE was only targeting “illegals”

At the beginning of the Trump administration, I predicted:

You let them get away with deporting people a vanload at a time without consequence and eventually they will deport tens of millions. You let them test, prove effective, practice and - most importantly - psychopolitically normalize their physical techniques of forcibly rounding up and deporting refugees/undocumented: … and eventually they will apply the exact same techniques to green card holders, naturalized citizens and, yes, ultimately even citizens born in the US so long as they are of the “wrong” ethnicity, “wrong” religion or “wrong” politics

And of course no one believed me enough to start shooting Rehabs on sight.

So now:

His official American birth certificate shows he was delivered by a midwife in Brownsville, at the southern tip of Texas. He spent his life wearing American uniforms: three years as a private in the Army, then as a cadet in the Border Patrol and now as a state prison guard.

But when Juan, 40, applied to renew his U.S. passport this year, the government’s response floored him. In a letter, the State Department said it didn’t believe [ie. guilty until proven innocent - AS] he was an American citizen.

As he would later learn, Juan is one of a growing number of people whose official birth records show they were born in the United States but who are now being denied passports — their citizenship suddenly thrown into question. The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown.

In some cases, passport applicants with official U.S. birth certificates are being jailed in immigration detention centers and entered into deportation proceedings. In others, they are stuck in Mexico, their passports suddenly revoked when they tried to reenter the United States. As the Trump administration attempts to reduce both legal and illegal immigration, the government’s treatment of passport applicants in South Texas shows how U.S. citizens are increasingly being swept up by immigration enforcement agencies.

Juan said he was infuriated by the government’s response. “I served my country. I fought for my country,” he said, speaking on the condition that his last name not be used so that he wouldn’t be targeted by immigration enforcement.

When Juan, the former soldier, received a letter from the State Department telling him it wasn’t convinced [ie. guilty until proven innocent - AS] that he was a U.S. citizen, it requested a range of obscure documents — evidence of his mother’s prenatal care, his baptismal certificate, rental agreements from when he was a baby.

He managed to find some of those documents but weeks later received another denial. In a letter, the government said the information “did not establish [ie. guilty until proven innocent - AS] your birth in the United States.”

By such exorbitant standards of proof, in all likelihood tens of millions of “white” (including Jewish) US citizens would not be able to prove that they were born in the US either. But of course they won’t be asked to do so in the first place. Because we all know what this is really about.

In a case last August, a 35-year-old Texas man with a U.S. passport was interrogated while crossing back into Texas from Mexico with his son at the ­McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge, connecting Reynosa, Mexico, to McAllen, Tex.

His passport was taken from him, and Customs and Border Protection agents told him to admit that he was born in Mexico, according to documents later filed in federal court. He refused and was sent to the Los Fresnos Detention Center and entered into deportation proceedings.

In some cases, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have arrived at his clients’ homes without notice and taken passports away.


Moral 2: Your US birth certificate/passport is not what makes you American, because ICE can just grab it from you by brute force and then call it a “Fake Birth Certificate”/”Fake Passport” (you should have expected such terminology coming – I did! – ever since Trump coined the term “Fake News”; next they will be talking about “Fake Citizens”…..). What stands between ICE and your birth certificate/passport is your willingness to use your firearm. Thus #FightICEwithfire is what makes you American.

And of course this principle applies elsewhere also. This is why I will never believe that any establishment government is sincerely pro-refugee (as opposed to merely doing its part to set up the far-right backlash) unless it is proactively supplying refugees with firearms, ammo and training as soon as they are offered asylum. Because ultimately it means nothing for refugees merely to be given state-issued documents proving they are citizens when the rightists who want to exterminate refugees are barbarians who will just call your state-issued documents “Fake Documents” and ignore them. The same barbarians can call your Ahimsa bullets “Fake Bullets” all they want; the bullets will still put holes through their heads. This is the difference between documents and bullets, and hence between nominal asylum and genuine asylum.


Further information:

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Is the True Left dawning?

Democrats Are Fielding Even More Anti-Semitic Candidates For Congress

Last week, J Street, the lefty group created to counter the bipartisan American Israel Public Affairs Committee, withdrew its endorsement of Rashida Tlaib, the Democratic candidate in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District. The unprecedented move followed Tlaib’s endorsement of a “one-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and comments supporting the left-wing boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement.

Tlaib is running unopposed in the general election, blunting the effect of the de-endorsement. But Tlaib is representative of the Democratic Party’s gradual march beyond the embrace of candidates and officials who criticize Israeli policy or its current government to a much uglier place in politics.

The founders and leaders of the BDS movement support a “one-state solution” that destroys Israel as Jewish state. The movement is the intellectual descendant of the 1945 Arab boycott, which did not distinguish between Jews and Israel. It is based on the premise that Israel is a racist apartheid state requiring the sort of action once taken against South Africa.

Accordingly, when Tlaib compares the two-state solution to the idea of “separate but equal,” even the J Street doves begin to worry.

Lastly, there is Leslie Cockburn, the Democratic nominee in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District. The Virginia GOP has accused her of being a “virulent anti-Semite,” based on her-coauthorship of “Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship,” a book that “advocated for the inherently anti-Semitic belief that Israel controls America’s foreign policy.”

The Virginia GOP quoted from The New York Times review of the book: “Its first message is that, win or lose, smart or dumb, right or wrong, suave or boorish, Israelis are a menace. The second is that the Israeli-American connection is somewhere behind just about everything that ails us.”

Americans look at British politics and wonder how the Labour Party came under the thrall of someone with the anti-Semitic views of Jeremy Corbyn. One reason is that anti-Semitism seems to be a successful political strategy among a swath of the left.

And again I think back to discussions a decade ago with crypto-Jews who kept telling me: “Friendly advice, AS! Don’t waste your time on the left! Anti-racists will never listen to you about Jews no matter how much effort you put in to teach them! Only racists will listen to us about Jews!” And I was like: “Watch me.” Fast forward a decade and this is the kind of flyer appearing on campus noticeboards:

Those who say that something cannot be done should not try to dissuade those who are getting it done.

On top of this, mainstream US leftists are finally learning to call US rightists un-American, as I first recommended they do years ago:

“I believe it’s un-American to give cover to white supremacists.  I believe it’s un-American to deny people’s basic right to healthcare.  I believe it’s un-American to deny a young person’s dream to go to college.  I believe it’s un-American to discriminate against a person because of sexual orientation.  I believe it’s un-American to take babies out of the arms of their mothers because they want to come to this country.  I believe it’s un-American to put children in cages,” said Cuomo.

In other words, US leftists are beginning to become American nationalists. Next, they have to learn to (accurately) label these same rightist policies as Western civilization. And to piece it all together, they have to learn the importance of constantly reminding the world that the US is the USA, not the USWC, and that Americans are Americans, not Westerners. If they do all this soon enough and sincerely enough, the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world will be ours.

Bonus trivia about Tlaib:

On August 8, 2016, Tlaib attended a speech by then-presidential nominee Donald Trump at Cobo Center and asked him to return a Purple Heart given to him earlier in the week by Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman, stating that Trump had not earned the medal. Tlaib was then ejected from the venue.[15]

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Sweden

No foreword necessary; straight to the enemy article:

Sweden’s Government Funds Anti-Semitism

Many organizations that spread implicit anti-Semitism receive no attention from either the Swedish media or the so-called “anti-racist” movements. The group Youth Against Settlements (YAS), for example, which has its base in Hebron, visits high schools and holds lectures in Sweden, and is conducting a campaign against the Jewish residents of Hebron.

That public high schools received visits from an organization that demonizes Israel and makes false and outrageous anti-Semitic statements should, at the very least, have been investigated by the media. But the Swedish media ignored the defamation and neither verified nor repudiated the information. Instead, the two individuals who represented YAS and were touring in Sweden, Zleikha Al Muhtaseb and Anas Amro, were described as “peace activists”.

YAS was invited to hold lectures for public institutions in Sweden; and the foreign minister of Sweden, Margot Wallström, met with YAS when she visited Ramallah in December 2016. As such, YAS became an organization legitimized by the Swedish government.

Another organization that clearly has anti-Semitic tendencies and is supported by public institutions in Sweden is Group 194.

Group 194, a pro-Palestinian political organization, has close ties with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), a terrorist group that has murdered at least 36 Israeli civilians, and which supports the Assad regime in Syria. That is why it seemed strange when the Labor and Social Services Board of the Municipality of Malmö, on October 27, 2017 granted 132,000 kronor (roughly $15,000) to Group 194 and two other organizations, so they could patrol the suburb of Rosengård at night, supposedly in order to make the area safe. For full disclosure, the author, as a member of this municipal board, and a few of his fellow party colleagues voted against this proposal; the majority of the board, however, supported it. Today, it is a fact that pro-Palestinian organizations are funded by the municipality of Malmö.

Group 194 supports violent extremism. On their Facebook page one can see pictures of minors holding Kalashnikov rifles. There also have been anti-Semitic images on Group 194′s Facebook page, such as a defamatory cartoon portraying a Jew drinking blood and eating a child. Why does the municipality of Malmö support such an organization with taxpayers’ money? The reason is that Malmö and Sweden have serious problems in dealing with imported, Middle Eastern anti-Semitism. When Swedish politicians — because of ignorance or tolerance for intolerant behavior — accept anti-Semitism in an important Swedish city as Malmö, that is an unacceptable problem. It is also unacceptable when a majority of local politicians in Sweden’s third-largest city support taxpayer money going to a pro-Palestinian organization that has made anti-Semitic statements and promoted violence. It reveals that too many Swedish politicians apparently cannot even recognize what anti-Semitism looks like and when and how to take a stand against it. What are Swedish Jews to think? Group 194 was also given an award by the municipality of Malmö at a gala it organized, and has received contributions from various municipalities in Sweden for several years, including Sundsvall and Landskrona, where the municipality has a close cooperation with Group 194. When Landskrona had its official summer party, one of its organizers was Group 194.

Ship To Gaza is an organization that usually gets a lot of media publicity. When one of its activists, Ferry Saarposhan, stated that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians “is worse than the Holocaust,” the Swedish media stayed silent. The video clip of his statement is posted on the official Facebook page of Ship to Gaza-Sweden, a page that has more than 35,000 “likes”. But no one has yet responded to his slander.

Different factors end up reinforcing each other, as this author has already noted. They create an echo chamber that then leads to a situation where Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism becomes accepted by Swedish authorities. These factors include:

  • Large-scale immigration from countries where anti-Semitism is normalized.
  • A strong pro-Palestinian engagement among Swedish politicians that has resulted in a totally inaccurate and surreal debate about the Israel-Palestine conflict, in which Israel is unjustly demonized.
  • A desire among political parties in Sweden to win the votes of immigrants.
  • A Swedish multiculturalism that is so uncritical of foreign cultures that it cannot differentiate between culture and racism.
  • A fear of sounding critical of immigration.
  • Important Swedish institutions, such as the Church of Sweden, legitimizing anti-Semitism by endorsing the counter-factual Kairos Palestine document.

Today this process has gone so far that many in Sweden seem to have totally internalized this imported, Middle Eastern anti-Semitism and made it an integral part of their ideology.

Today in Sweden, supporting organizations that demonize Israel and spread anti-Semitism is considered completely normal. It is not even the subject of discussion — unless an extreme statement is uttered.

This all goes back to our considerable achievement from a few years ago:

My message is simple: all this described above and much more, this finally blossoming anti-Zionist culture that we had spent so long building up, is what we STAND TO LOSE OVERNIGHT if the Sweden Democrats are allowed to rise in the upcoming September elections.

The recent coordinated arson attacks on cars in Gothenburg, Helsinborg, etc. are prudently being called out as far-right black-ops intended to boost the SD vote at the last-minute (same as the Champs-Elysee false flag in France last year) to boost the FN vote):

The coordinated nature of the attacks made some suspect an attempt by the far right to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment ahead of the election, in which the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats are vying to become the country’s largest political party.

Daniel Riazat, an MP for the Left party, said on Twitter: “I would not be surprised if far right extremists were involved in some way.”

During a concert in Malmö yesterday, the artist Silvana Imam accused the Sweden Democrats or the Nordic Resistance Movement of being behind the car fires in Gothenburg.

The artist told her that she had a friend in Gothenburg who saw that SD people filmed some of the fires. In connection with this, she urged the audience and journalists to reveal who is behind the fires.

This in itself shows how far we have come: back in the 2000s it would have been only us and a few other conspiracy blogs saying stuff like this; now mainstream politicians and celebrities are willing to raise similar suspicions. But it will ALL BE FOR NOTHING if we fail to stop the SD and their shamelessly obtuse Make Sweden Great Again narrative as here presented by Kent Ekeroth (Jew) himself, incidentally one of the earliest names to be included in what is now our Backlash Herders list:

Even now rightists are predictably blaming the arson attacks yet again on “Muslims” and “Third World immigrants” despite such groups having nothing to gain from such attacks, especially not prior to the election when Islamophobia and anti-Third World bigotry are being deliberately played up by the SD in interviews, debates, etc. (even when irrelevant to the issue being discussed).

If you are able to vote in these elections, please make sure you turn up to vote tactically against the SD. If in doubt, just vote SAP – they deserve re-election just for their achievements mentioned above! Whatever you do, do not behave like those letdown US (non-)voters who insisted on “abstaining for the sake of principle” in 2016 but then started complaining as soon as they saw the election results, and have continued complaining about Trump ever since even though they themselves could have stopped him during the election but did not bother to.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy firearms and ammunition if you have not done so already, and if you have done so, buy more if you can afford to. If (God forbid) the SD actually win, firearms will then be all that Swedes have left to realistically fight back with.

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Anti-Zionist harvest: UK

The anti-Zionist takeover of the Labour Party finally heats up as I predicted it would ever since Corbyn took over leadership several years ago:

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson was last night hit by a massive social media campaign calling for him to quit after he demanded tougher action on anti-Semitism.

Left-wing activists mounted a massive social media campaign against him – posting nearly 50,000 tweets calling for him to go and making the hashtag ‘ResignWatson’ trend on Twitter.

Key allies of Mr Corbyn – including ex Labour MP George Galloway and activist Arron Bastani – were among those who led the onslaught.

[Watson] spoke out after the party was rocked by revelations that Peter Willsman – a Labour member and strong ally of Mr Corbyn – was secretly taped ranting that ‘Jewish Trump fanatics’ invented the anti-Semitism.

He claimed ‘some of these people in the Jewish community support Trump – they are Trump fanatics and all the rest of it’ before shouting: ‘So I am not going to be lectured to by Trump fanatics making up duff information without any evidence at all.’

It should only be a matter of time before Corbyn realizes that he will be called “anti-Semitic” by Jews no matter what he does, so he might as well embrace and build on his anti-Zionist record instead of trying to distance himself from it, especially as the former is what will get Labour support from the demographically ascending anti-Zionist population and hence help Labour win elections in the longer-term. Still don’t believe me? Look at the case of Naz Shah:

She was elected at the 2015 general election as Member of Parliament (MP) for Bradford West, and gained the seat from George Galloway of the Respect Party.[3][4]

In April 2016, Shah was suspended from the Labour Party following a controversy regarding antisemitism. The suspension was overturned and she was reinstated in July 2016[5][6] following her apology.[7]She was re-elected with a larger majority in the 2017 election.

Her views were described as normal politics in Bradford in an article by Ben Judah in The Independent, in which he described being punched in the head and called a “fucking Jew”.

At the general election in June 2017, Shah was re-elected with an increased vote share, and an increased majority of 21,902 votes over the second-placed Conservative Party candidate, nearly doubling her majority.

What Shah actually said:

“Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States”, with the comment “problem solved”.

The post suggested the US has “plenty of land” to accommodate Israel as a 51st state, allowing Palestinians to “get their life and their land back”.

It added that Israeli people would be welcome and safe in the US while the “transportation cost” would be less than three years’ worth of Washington’s support for Israeli defence spending.

Ms Shah added a note suggesting the plan might “save them some pocket money”.

Shah has also spoken out repeatedly on behalf of the Rohingya:

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Support Elin Ersson!

Hey, ProudIncelistani, just this one individual alone (who, yes, happens to be female, though we would have felt no need to draw particular attention to her gender if you hadn’t turned up) we hold in higher regard than every Incels member in the world combined (if you want to prove me wrong, then you go and do something similar for refugees and post the mainstream news link when you are done):

A lone student activist on board a plane at Gothenburg airport has prevented the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker from Sweden by refusing to sit down until the man was removed from the flight.

Her successful protest, footage of which spread rapidly across the internet, shines a spotlight on domestic opposition to Sweden’s tough asylum regime, at a time when immigration and asylum are topping the agenda of a general election campaign in which the far right is polling strongly.

“I hope that people start questioning how their country treats refugees,” Elin Ersson, 21, told the Guardian in an interview. “We need to start seeing the people whose lives our immigration [policies] are destroying.”

Swedish plane protester Elin Ersson: ‘I knew I couldn’t back down – I had to do what I could’

This September, Sweden will hold a general election, and immigration has already dominated the debate. Polls have shown strong support for the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats, which has links to white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups. Ersson is concerned the country is shifting to the populist far right.

The tragic postscript is that she believes the young man she was originally trying to stop getting deported was taken to Stockholm and put on a flight there. “This is how deportations in Sweden work. The people involved know nothing and they are not allowed to reach out to their lawyers or family,” she says in a text the next day. “My ultimate goal is to end deportations to Afghanistan.”

To Ersson, besides offering you our sincere praise for taking a stand, our advice is the same as always: what if the Sweden Democrats do come to power in a few months’ time, or at any point in the future? Or what if the other parties in Sweden adopt their enough of their policies (as they have already started doing as the election approaches) as to become indistinguishable from them in practice? What if, either way, Sweden one day becomes like Hungary, just as Italy (only a few years ago the most pro-refugee country in the EU) has sadly become in the blink of an eye? The state will then not care about your pacifistic protests against deporting refugees any more than the IDF cared about Rachel Corrie’s (oh shit, PI, another female!) pacifistic protest against demolishing homes. You, just like every other leftist, need to be as well armed as possible so you can physically put bullets through rightists when this becomes – as I predict it will – the only way to effectively protect refugees. Are you and your cohorts ready to do this? If not, how long until you become ready? Because the clock is ticking. (Again, look at Italy: the anti-refugee state is now violently turning away refugees at the coastline, but pro-refugee activists are not killing the coastguard Rehabs, therefore refugees are dying: )

You say your ultimate goal is to end deportations to Afghanistan. Very well. You say you will not back down and have to do what you can. Very well. Then please believe me when I warn that the only realistic way to achieve your ultimate goal is ruthless, relentless Ahimsa against the far-right until every last one of them is permanently wiped out. If you do not believe me, then do not complain if you fail.

(And for PI’s record, I have zero interest in having sex with Ersson, nor did I write this blog post with the motive of improving my chances of having sex with her. FFS, even if sex with her were the only way to persuade her to buy firearms(!!!), I would send RP to get it done rather than go myself. And no, I do not want to watch them either. And yes, I am saying all this mainly to illustrate the level of discussion that PI wants to drag us down to.)

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Spain

Belated posting:

Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, has approved a motion to boycott Israel and slander it by declaring the city an “Israeli apartheid-free zone.” The move comes days after Navarra, one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities, announced a similar measure. In all, more than 50 Spanish cities and regions have passed motions condemning Israel. The proliferating anti-Israel activism, driven by the rise to power of the political far-left, is establishing Spain as the EU member state most hostile towards the Jewish state.

The Valencian measure, introduced by the far-left party València en Comú, was approved during a plenary session of the city council on May 31. The motion, which commits the city to refrain from engaging in business contacts or cultural events with Israeli authorities or companies, aims at establishing Valencia as “a global reference for solidarity with the Palestinians.”

The motion, which libelously describes Israel as an “apartheid regime,” accuses the Jewish state of “colonialism,” “racism,” “ethnic cleansing,” “tyranny,” and “genocide.”

Podemos head Pablo Iglesias and his deputy, Íñigo Errejón, served as advisors to the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, and have been accused of receiving more than €7 million ($8 million) from Chávez to fund their political activities in Spain. Podemos has also been accused of receiving funding from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a June 7 interview on RTVE, a leading state-owned television and radio broadcast network, Iglesias, said that Israel was an “illegal” country: “We need to act more firmly against an illegal state like Israel. Israel’s actions are illegal. The apartheid policies of Israel are illegal.”

BDS motions have also been approved in: Abrera, Alcoi, Alhaurín de la Torre, Artés, Badalona, Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, Benlloch, Campillos, Casares (Malaga), Castrillón, Castro del Río, Catarroja, Concentaina, Córdoba, Corvera, El Prat, Gijón, Gran Canaria, La Roda Llangreu, Los Corrales, Madrid, Mairena del Aljarafe, Molins de Rei, Montoro, Muro, Navalafuente, Navarra, Oleiros, Olesa de Montserrat, Onda, Pamplona, Petrer, Ripollet, Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Sabiñánigo, San Fernando, San Roque, Sant Adrià del Besòs, Sant Cebriá de Vallalta, Sant Celoni, Santa Eulària (Ibiza), Sant Boi de Llobregat, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Pere de Ruidebitlles, Santiago de Compostela, Sant Quirze del Vallès, Seville, Telde, Terrassa, Trebujena, Velvez-Málaga, Viladamat, Viloria del Henar, Xeraco and Zaragoza, among others.

The BDS movement in Spain acquired its current virulence with the emergence of Podemos, a ‘Chavist’ far-left party financed by Venezuela and Iran. Podemos won 25% of the votes in Spain’s 2015 local elections. Before those elections, BDS was a marginal confederation of small groups focusing on academic and cultural boycotts of Israel. The core group that formed Podemos had been active in the BDS initiatives for years, and hostility against Israel was a top priority in their political agenda.”

So it has not all been bad news. By bad news, I refer of course to completely losing Italy to an expanding Turandom (now exerting increasing pressure on Germany). And Turandom will soon be receiving heavy reinforcements: (thank you JJ for the link!)

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Starbucks edition

To all those Zionist agents/useful idiots claiming to be on our side who, years ago, strongly ‘advised’ me against endorsing and liasing with BLM back when they first started gaining publicity, I am prouder than ever that I did not listen to you:

Bowing to pressure from African-American activists, Starbucks excluded the Anti-Defamation League from an upcoming daylong anti-bias training session.

The anti-bias training was prompted by the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks who asked to use the bathroom without making a purchase as they waited to meet a business associate. A video of the arrest went viral, prompting a public backlash and the trending hashtag #BoycottStarbucks. [Note that Starbucks has always been on the official BDS list of companies to boycott anyway. - AS]

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson quickly apologized, calling the situation “reprehensible.” On April 17, the the company announced it would close more than 8,000 U.S. locations to conduct mandatory training to prevent racial bias, using a curriculum to be developed by leaders from a number of anti-bias groups, including Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL.

Almost immediately after the April 17 announcement, activists attacked Starbucks over the ADL’s involvement, citing the ADL’s support for Israel and its arms-length relationship to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The ADL is CONSTANTLY attacking black and brown people,” Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory posted on Twitter. “This is a sign that they are tone deaf and not committed to addressing the concerns of black folk.” Mallory came under fire earlier this year after attending a Feb. 25 speech by Louis Farrakhan in which the Nation of Islam leader said “the Jews have control over” the FBI.

Cat Brooks, the co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, told ABC News that she agreed with Mallory, saying, “You can’t be a piece of an anti-bias training when you openly support a racist, oppressive and brutal colonization of Palestine.”

The Washington chapter of Black Lives Matter, meanwhile, tweeted that the ADL was “ultra pro-cop,” and cited a 2016 letter in which Greenblatt said “ADL has not endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement” because “a small minority of [its] leaders … supported anti-Israel — and at times anti-Semitic — positions.”

I know who our allies are:

My seminal thesis that anti-Zionism belongs not to racism (as commonly presumed) but to anti-racism (an obvious logical observation considering that Zionism itself is racism), was dismissed out of hand a decade ago by those who pompously claimed to know more than I did about the subject back then. Let the present outcome be a warning to those who today think they know enough to dismiss my more recent predictions.

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Anti-Zionist harvest: Germany

I find that we hardly have to do our own news blogging anymore; enemy blogs are pretty much doing it for us these days:

In some Berlin schools in the meantime the spirit between cultures is as frigid as between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Rückert family celebrates the Shabbat only behind closed doors. Often they don’t display their religion any more.

Liam, the younger of the two brothers, had to find out that the word ‘Jew’ had become a swearword.

Israel, his mother’s native country, is in the eyes of the other students an enemy country. The boy who had proudly celebrated his bar mitzvah at thirteen is suddenly an outsider.

“when someone isn’t Jewish and is a traitor, he’ll be called a Jew. The Jews love money and power, and we, on the other hand, we don’t like people who want to have money.”

The female students describe the Shoah — the Holocaust [WHAT 'Holocaust'?!?! - AS] — as ‘just’, and consider Hitler ‘great’. The school did nothing against this incident. A climate in which obviously the word ‘Jew’ becomes a self-evident insult.

every escalation in the Middle East, every, say, action or a political… political strain in Israel and in the Middle East, Syria, or wherever, causes the incidents in schools to worsen and intensify.

Everything is going exactly as I predicted. Who would have thought it possible: students in 2018 Germany openly praising Hitler and – more tellingly – the school taking no punitive action against them? But I said all along that it was still possible, and as usual I have been proven correct. Once enough of these numerically accumulating anti-Zionist students start voting, we will (at long last!) begin to see implementation of solid anti-Zionist policies in Germany, such as nationwide mandatory BDS, officially ceasing to recognize Israel, throwing out ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, and so on. (Other than nuclear-armed Britain and France, I consider Germany the most strategically valuable EU country to turn anti-Zionist.) But if our students are deported (or worse, massacred Srebrenica-style) as per rightist plans, all our otherwise steadily assured success will be wiped out. For their own safety, our students MUST ALL acquire firearms and plenty of ammunition ASAP, and organize/train paramilitarily. The better armed and trained our students are, the less likely they will be required to actually use their weapons, and the more likely Germany can join the anti-Zionist coalition (and hopefully even become ours again) in a peaceful way. But the weapons must be available and ready at a moment’s notice to be used in absolutely ruthless Ahimsa in case our enemies choose to initiate violence. Because our enemies are indeed planning all-out ethnic cleansing on a massive scale, and they are not even hiding their plans anymore:

Developments have, we feel, reached a point where we need to commit the unforgivable offence of stating the obvious: certain populations currently resident in certain European countries need to leave. Given that they will not leave willingly, they will have to be forced out.

Of course, we are not so arrogant as to make any concrete suggestions as to who exactly these peoples might be in European countries other than our own. This is a matter for the respective peoples of those countries to decide for themselves: the Dutch in the Netherlands, the French in France, the Germans in Germany. Being British, we will limit ourselves to considering courses of action that should be taken by the British people. In this particular document, we advocate more specifically the driving out of the Pakistani Muslim diaspora of the United Kingdom. Readers should note that this term includes all people of Pakistani Muslim origin in the UK, irrespective of the citizenship they might hold.

(I am sure no one here needs to be reminded that Pakistan is one of the heroic minority of countries in the world today which does not recognize Israel.)

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