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Aryan blood memory is cool and all, but there is something much more direct and infinitely more powerful that we possess: the memories of our own childhood.

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The list includes our current staff. It’s not finished, and new staff members will be edited as they come (and notify me if I’ve left you out! Sorry!).

To newcomers (aka potential comrades): If you are interested in taking up any opening, you can find what is already being done by others checking the list, and then contact us so I can connect you to the relevant individuals above so that you can contribute similar work elsewhere, work together on the same projects or ask for assistance in other projects.

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Thank you New Dawn for this article. Though two decades have passed since the issue discussed, the connection between Jews and WNs still exists. In fact, we can go even further back to their colonial predecessors working hand-in-hand with Jews. Yet somehow the WNs believe the Jews are terrified of them, racism and “whites”….

Without further ado, here it is:

The Issue:

The Turner Diaries was written by William Luther Pierce (Gentile) in 1978 and re-published by Lyle Stuart (Jew – born as Lionel Simon) in 1996. What should be made absolutely clear is that William Pierce (the White supremacist), who was still alive and at the height of his public success in the mid-1990s, willingly sold the rights of the book to Lyle Stuart (Jew).



Summary of the Book:

The book, complied through the late-1970s, envisaged a race war in the then future 1990s United States which escalates into a global race conflict in which essentially all ‘non-White’ peoples are exterminated over the course of the following one hundred years. Methods of eradication include mass hanging and executions by firing squads and the use of nuclear weapons to annihilate entire non-White regions of the Planet (e.g. Asia).

Surprisingly, the Simon Wiesenthal Center refers to it as a “hate book”, yet they do not disown the Jew who Pierce allowed to republish it.


So the question becomes … What do both sides (the Jew and the Gentile) stand to gain from this degenerate piece of literature?

The Gentile (Pierce) can only see the obvious benefits, these being that his book can now be published and printed in great numbers. The fact he is letting a Jew do it for him neither strikes a chord of curiosity or of guilt in him … after all, he is (like all good Goyim) stupid and bereft of any noteworthy moral standards.

The Jew (Stuart) stands to gain the most for himself and his tribe; in addition to making money from owning the rights to the book (which was at the height of its popularity in the mid-1990s), there is also the fulfillment of a (pseudo-)ideological pathway which Israel has been working on to replace Political Correctness. The Jews know that in the event of a White nationalist backlash in either Europe or the United States, they can – in a worst case scenario – reach an accord with Gentiles that will allow them to return to their base of global operations (Israel) and bide their time until the political situation cools down.

In reality however, since the vast majority of Jewish people in the United States and Europe are by all standards ‘White’, they know that (after a name change and conversion to crypto-Jews - in almost all probability, this will not even be necessary as contemporary right-wing Eurocentric movements see Israel and the Jews as brothers in the struggle against non-Whites and Muslims) most Gentiles will not be able spot the difference between supposed ‘Europeans’ and Ashkenazi Jews. Hence this, Jews (openly or secretly) will most likely continue to exist in ‘White’ nations following a hypothetical Eurocentric takeover.

In fact a White nationalist takeover of the West would serve to excel Jewish international interests for they would be able to expand their territorial boundaries in the Middle-East and ethnically cleanse the Arab populations of their newly acquired provinces without fear of protest from Europe or the United States. The benefits of a Eurocentric takeover for the Jews, far outweighs the inconvenience of having to change their names and/ or relocate to Israel. The final stage of Jewish supremacism’s conquest of this earth actually bucks on racist people to coming to power in Europe and the United States.

It should be understood that, as history has shown, the Jews have no problem with other people hating them as they themselves can sympathise with bigotry towards others of a different tribe.



In fact, the only people the Jews have issues with are those who they cannot trick or strike deals with (e.g. Adolf Hitler and other genuine Aryanists, past and present).

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Recently Pope Francis made some controversial remarks in which he condoned child abuse:

The Pope, smiling and miming the action of slapping a child on the bottom, said: “One time, I heard a father say, ‘At times I have to hit my children a bit, but never in the face so as not to humiliate them.’

“That’s great. He had a sense of dignity. He should punish, do the right thing, and then move on,” he told around 7,000 people gathered in the Pope Paul VI Hall on Wednesday.


Hitting a child is only humiliating if the child is hit in the face? Perhaps the Pope would like to demonstrate his lack of humiliation while being hit on the bottom, and later reminisce with a smile how great it was? And the man had a sense of dignity because he hurts his children when they don’t listen? Seriously?

The point of this article, however, is not to show what type of person the Pope is, but to show the great hypocrisy of Islamophobes and racists, especially “Christian” ones who visit our site and spam us with accusations that we’re hypocrites when it comes to non-Aryan Muslims and non-Aryan “non-whites”. They find a few Muslims advocating ignoble behavior, and suddenly every Muslim is a criminal.

Well, here is the Pope – no, not a random priest from a random neighborhood in Buenos Aires, but the Pope, God’s representative on Earth, as well as an infallible human being, according to Catholic dogma – advocating barbaric treatment of children. Do I suddenly declare war on all Catholics? Do I claim that every Catholic is, by definition or in practice, a child abuser, or at least secretly supportive of it? Do I find statistics to demonstrate that child abuse is high in Catholic families or predominantly Catholic countries, and hence conclude that no Catholic could ever become an Aryanist (or even a somewhat decent human being)? (Never mind me doing same things about all Christians or people born in Argentina or people of Italian ancestry!)

NO! That would be ridiculous. One person (or even a large group of them) does not define every person in his group. Not every Catholic (or Christian or person born in Argentina or person of Italian ancestry) is Pope Francis, and Pope Francis is not every Catholic. But for some reason, whenever our enemies point to “Muslims” being ignoble – say, Hamid, a random “Muslim” somewhere in Sweden advocating rape of non-Muslim Swedish women – suddenly every Muslim is a criminal….and people actually believe them! If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t have even bothered to post this: certainly we have more important matters to attend to than to freak out about every traditionalist and advocate of ignobility, regardless of where he comes from.

We value nobility, and nobility is found in individuals, not in herds. If you are a noble individual – an Aryan – whether Catholic, Christian, Argentinian, of Italian ancestry, Muslim or something else, contact us here: http://aryanism.net/about/contact/.

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Meanwhile Melih Gokcek, the veteran mayor of the Turkish capital, Ankara, raised the specter of the Mossad’s involvement, while speaking at a youth congress of the Islamist ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Sunday.

According to a report by the official Anadolu news agency, Gokcek laid the blame on Israel’s security agency, charging that Israel was angry by a recent vote by French lawmakers supportive of Palestinian statehood.

“Israel certainly doesn’t want this [pro-Palestinian independence] sentiment to expand in Europe,” he said. “That’s why it is certain that Mossad is behind these kinds of incidents. Mossad enflames Islamophobia by causing such incidents.”

Turkish lawmaker Ali Sahin, a senior AKP member, was quoted as saying in Twitter messages that the attack on Charlie Hebdo was “staged like a scene from a movie,” by forces determined to discredit Islam.

The most senior figure to insinuate that all was not as it appeared in the Paris attacks – although he did also condemn them – was Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Take note that the acts of terror are not carried out in a vacuum,” he said during a joint press conference in Ankara with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas  “The acts follow a predetermined script and we should be alive to a plot against the Islamic world.”

Erdogan, an arch-critic of Israel and key supporter of Hamas – a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization – also used the opportunity to slam Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s participation with other leaders in a mass anti-terror rally in Paris on Sunday.

“I also hardly understand how he dared to go there,” Anadolu quoted Erdogan as saying, accusing Netanyahu of carrying out “state terrorism by massacring 2,500 people in Gaza.”


Meanwhile, I have actually seen a few semi-retard far-rightists admit that the Paris attack probably was a Zionist false flag but then say that they will go along with the official story anyway because it is good for the far-right and bad for Muslims. In short, not only are they being herded, they know they are being herded but don’t care. Boromir Syndrome in action.

Whereas the full-retard-level far-rightists – let’s just call them identitards from now on - remain unconvinced that it was a Zionist false flag because, in their words, ”Why would Jews sabotage their own plan of Islamizing Europe?” BECAUSE THAT’S NOT THE PLAN! THAT WAS NEVER THE PLAN! THE ISLAMOPHOBIC BACKLASH IS THE PLAN! THE RISE OF THE FAR-RIGHT – YES, YOU LOT – IS THE PLAN!  WE SERIOUS ANTI-ZIONISTS HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE 2007! FUCKING USEFUL IDIOTS!!!

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Sign and share:


More information here:


And yes, I know perfectly well that petitions are meaningless in practice, but at least it’s a symbolic first step. The only numbers which ultimately matter are the number of people willing to place themselves in physical danger to defend their fellow citizens when the far-right violence begins. And even then, a smaller but more fanatical paramilitary group can defeat a larger but less fanatical one:

“Like wolves they threw themselves on the enemy again and again in parties of eight or ten and began steadily to thrash them out of the hall. After five minutes I could see hardly one of them that was not streaming with blood. Then I realized what kind of men many of them were, above all my brave Maurice Hess, who is my private secretary to-day, and many others who, even though seriously wounded, attacked again and again as long as they could stand on their feet. Twenty minutes long the pandemonium continued. Then the opponents, who had numbered seven or eight hundred, had been driven from the hall or hurled out headlong by my men, who had not numbered fifty.” – Adolf Hitler

The SA needs to be ressurected in Germany to fight PEGIDA just like they fought the RFB last time. Contact us if you think you can get it up and running:


The sooner the better, because until then this will continue to happen:


and the reputation of the swastika will continue to be sullied.

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And a quick post from me, I guess.

I’m writing this while listening to Christmas songs on YouTube. I love listening to Christmas songs because they remind me of the pre-9/11 world, when unification was the predominant vision among the youth, and when nobody would have believed me if I had travelled back in time and told them that a significant fraction of the youth of the 2010s would be more racist than those of the 1950s.

One of the topics that is often mentioned is the War on Christmas by the PC establishment (referring to the discouragement of official references to Christmas as Christmas, and instead simply referring to “winter holidays”), which the ZC/BS propagandists portray as an attempt to destroy Western civilization. I agree that there has been a War on Christmas which can be traced to Zionist instigation, but needless to say I disagree about the motive behind it. What the War on Christmas is intended to destroy is community spirit. Christmas used to be the friendliest time of the year when even the most usually unimaginative and insensitive people might have tried a little harder to be kind to others, including strangers or people outside of one’s usual social circle. People who don’t normally donate to charity or do volunteer work for local causes can often be temporarily persuaded to do so during Christmas. Even just saying “Merry Christmas!” to people on the street instantly makes them feel that they belong to the local community, especially if they had newly moved there, and hence makes them want to contribute positively to the community in return, thereby creating a positive feedback loop. The PC line “Happy holidays!” just doesn’t work in the same way because it fails to invoke a unifying symbol. In short, Christmas was an event that brought out the better side of people. Even if the Christmas spirit appeared just once a year and quite briefly, it would be remembered for the rest of the year and people would look forward to the next Christmas. As such, Christmas was arguably the single most important festival for integrating society.

The War on Christmas was a calculated operation to sabotage this force that had, until then, at least kept some modicum of goodwill alive. In order for society to become as divided as required by the Zionist agenda, in order for people of different backgrounds to become increasingly distrusting and hostile towards one another as required by the Zionist agenda, Christmas had to go. So it went, and so proceeded the onset of tribalism. The Zionist cunning was to do this, and at the same time make it appear to be an attack on Western civilization, which then generates a right-wing reaction to defend Christmas, but not defend it as a force for integration, but rather defend it as an exclusively Western custom, thereby poisoning the true spirit of Christmas. Among themselves, right-wingers may well continue celebrating the event of Christmas. But they have already lost touch with what Christmas really meant, something which was so obvious in the pre-9/11 times that it never needed to be explained.

We as a world need the Christmas spirit more than ever, yet it is in the process of being eradicated by the very groups which are most doggedly defending the Christmas tradition. These right-wing defenders of the Christmas tradition simultaneously attack the presence of festivals such as Ramadan in the present-day West, without ever pausing to note the much more significant presence of Christmas in conventionally non-Christian countries, certainly more than conventionally Christian countries have to date adopted any festival from another religion. This is just one example of how blind right-wingers truly are. Similarly, they complain about shop signs on the streets of Western countries written in Arabic, Urdu, etc. without ever pausing to note the far larger number of shop signs written in English, French, etc. on the streets of non-Western countries. They complain about state schools in Western countries teaching a small quantity of non-Western content without ever pausing to note the far greater number of state schools in non-Western countries teaching predominantly Western content. And don’t even get me started about medicine.  Or commercial advertizing. And then they spout drivel such as, “Non-Western countries don’t have to put up with their cultures being diluted like we do!” And nobody calls them out on their utter bullshit. Except us, of course.

What I’m saying is that Christmas needs to be defended from the left. The False Left that attacks Christmas does not speak for us. The True Left needs to realize, and proclaim openly, that the Christmas spirit of fellowship captures the essential inspiration of leftist emotion far better than any postmodern PC jargon about “diversity” or “tolerance”. Christmas (just like Jesus himself) belongs to us, not to rightists, who by their behaviour have proven themselves unworthy of it (and of him). We took back Hitler from them. We took back the swastika from them. We took back the term “Aryan” from them. We can take back Christmas from them too.

(The rightists, if they had any integrity, should celebrate Gentile versions of Hanukkah instead. Hanukkah is all about Jews resisting integration and killing people who tried to integrate them and end their Jewishness. In other words, Hanukkah is all about that Ziongasm-inducing right-wing magic word: identity. Maybe Gentiles should just celebrate “Identitymas” instead. They can put Identity Presents from Father Identity under their Identity Tree and inside their Identity Stockings, and send each other Identity Cards, and have their Identity Dinner and Identity Pudding and Identity Candy Canes and Identity Egg Nog, and sing Identity Carols, and set up an Identity Grotto with Identity Garlands and Identity Lights, and they can wish each other a Merry Identity. Right, Caleb? Because identity is just so indescribably important to everyone with identity, that if you don’t give them identity, they will grow up without identity, which is really unhealthy for their identity, and it consequently causes confusion to their identity, and their identity will be damaged as a result, which will put their identity under threat, and this constitutes a war against identity! Or something. How do you like my impression of Counter-Currents?)

To all who from the depths of our souls despise this entire notion of ”identity” that is wreaking psychological havoc on the present-day youth by stimulating their most primitive emotions and severing them from everything higher, to those who are nostalgic for the old (pre-9/11) days when the word “identity” never even crossed our minds – because back in those days we looked in the mirror and saw personality, not identity - Merry Christmas:


The war between right and left is a war between identity and personality. The rise of the one is necessarily the fall of the other. Which will it be?

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Yes, there is still hope:



Full credit goes to Rachael Jacobs, Greens candidate for Brisbane:



All Aryanists who use public transport should support the #illridewithyou campaign. It’s very simple, all you need is to wear an easily visible sticker and you’re good to go:


Of course, for our version of the sticker, we can include our slogan UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, a swastika and a link to the main site under the main #illridewithyou hashtag.

Our enemy Mark Steyn (Jew) is already feeling threatened by the potential of this campaign:


so let’s threaten him a bit more. And now we can add Lauren Rosen Cohen (Jew) to our enemies also.

I am proud of Australia today.

Bonus song:


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Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this project. I honestly believe that if we hadn’t taken the trouble to tackle the topic of Aryan racial theory from scratch, nobody else would have. Those who were around longer than us certainly never bothered, but instead were content to repeat and add bombastic decoration to fundamentally unworkable notions that neither accounted for elementary archaeological discoveries nor even possessed internal consistency, and most importantly, proposed no evolutionary model for the development of Aryan traits. How did Aryans evolve to be noble while everyone else did not? That’s the question nobody cared about answering prior to us. Then again, nobody other than us even bothered to provide an exact definition of nobility, so what should we expect?

As I have been saying a lot, and more often the longer I’ve hung around in this scene, being non-PC is no indication of intelligence. The main reason PC is in rapid decline is not because people are rapidly becoming more intelligent, but merely because people are rapidly finding certain non-PC narratives more flattering to themselves. The biggest mistake a newcomer to the Jew-aware blogosphere can make is to assume they have found a community with a higher level of intelligence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The present-day Jew-aware blogosphere is, for the most part, nothing but a place where crude minds that enjoy being flattered gather to flatter one another about being more intelligent and “awakened” than everyone else. (As I have been saying almost as much, the communities where the truly intelligent discussions take place are the sci-fi/fantasy communities. I’ll say it again: a single randomly chosen apolitical Dungeons & Dragons fan probably has more to offer intellectually than every far-right so-called ‘philosopher’ (LOL) in the world put together.) So, if you are a newly Jew-aware person who happened to have surfed by here, please heed this warning. You are, for the most part, not among intellectuals. Most Jew-aware people today are utter buffoons through and through, but who furthermore lack the ability to perceive their own buffonery because they think their Jew-awareness automatically makes them geniuses. That’s where the term “useful idiot” comes from. And no, it wasn’t always like this. In the first few years following 9/11, the Jew-aware blogosphere really was intelligent (or at least somewhat sensible), and even idealistic to an extent. But it had degraded to its current condition ever since the far-right demographically inundated it.

And so the story of the post-9/11 anti-Zionism in some way parallels the story of Aryan diffusion. We shared our findings with barbarians who took the results of our work without also adopting our attitudes, and soon enough the entire scene became an unrecognizable mess in which we have been pushed to the fringes and the spirit of the movement has been turned around 180 degrees, from the heroic rally, “Jews are a tribe, therefore they must be destroyed!” to the despicable call, ”We must form our own tribes!”

But for this very reason I hope that, by telling the story of Aryan diffusion, we lay the foundations for also restoring anti-Zionism to what it originally promised to be. Only henceforth, we will have to be in opposition to all tribes, Gentile as well as Jewish.

By the way, just because we have a quality-based racial perspective does not mean our critics are going to stop harassing us using ethnicity-based issues. We need to know how – and how not – to decisively counter their arguments, beyond merely dismissing them as products of tunnel vision (even though they are!). Unlike the False Left, whose entire rhetorical arsenal consists of making lame and unconvincing excuses for so-called “underachieving” ethnic groups (thereby implicitly acknowledging not only the ethnic categories but also the Western standard of “achievement”), the True Left must directly attack the Western standard of “achievement”  (thereby automatically discrediting all accusations of “underachievement” based on such a standard). Moreover, we must offer our own alternative standard of “achievement”, obviously based on our nobility-centred values.

Our work continues. If you want to help us, contact us:


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The narrative of the New World since the arrival of Christopher Columbus (Jew) has primarily been one of ethnic cleansing, slavery, and racism on an unprecedented scale; however, one peculiar meeting between New Worlders and Old Worlders stands out in stark contrast.

The story of the first Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important founding myth of America. As one of the first pieces of history and culture that most American children are taught, the holiday and the story behind it holds a fond place in the hearts of Americans as they grow older. Many may be surprised to discover the story they learned in school was not merely another feel-good lie told to children, but that the historic encounter held all of the necessary elements to make it into the perfect myth.

In 1620, the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and traveled to the New World to found a society based on idealistic religious principles. Although their religious beliefs were far from perfect, their hope that the New World could become home to a genuinely new society which was morally superior to anything in the Old World was in contrast to the colonies founded in Virginia and the Caribbean—which were profit-seeking endeavors meant to benefit the colonial powers. (This idealism has been present in American culture ever since, but the Founding Fathers missed a crucial opportunity in 1776 to create a true New World civilization, preferring instead to cling to their ties with the Old World.)

The first winter was harsh for the Pilgrims, with half dying from disease and starvation. When spring arrived, they were weak and worried that hostile natives may attack at any time. One may imagine their great surprise when they were greeted by a friendly, English-speaking local named Squanto! Squanto introduced the Pilgrims to New World farming techniques and crops, including the ‘three sisters’ (corn, beans, and squash) which are commonly grown to this day. He also served as a diplomat who fostered positive relations between the Pilgrims and the nearby Wampanoag confederacy.

Squanto, friend of the Pilgrims.

Before encountering the Pilgrims, Squanto had interacted with English people many times before. When he was 20, Squanto was captured and taken to England as a slave. Over the next 14 years he crossed the Atlantic at least 5 times, serving as an interpreter and guide for English explorers. At one point, he was released by an explorer only to be captured and re-enslaved by one of the explorer’s officers!

When he finally managed to return to his home in the region which is now known as New England, Squanto found that the area had been wiped out by a plague the previous year. The Pilgrims and the Mayflower would arrive one year later.

Squanto could have easily led a group of warriors to wipe out the English newcomers in an act of revenge; however, he chose to treat these strangers in need with impartial kindness. He was from a branch of the Wampanoag confederacy, and interestingly, Wampanoag means ‘People of the Dawn’. Could Squanto have been partially descended from Aryans of the 5th World who continued migrating northward? That might be a bit of a stretch, but it is quite fitting that the People of the Dawn should be the ones who help usher in what could be the beginnings of a new Atlantean civilization.

After a successful harvest in the fall, a celebration took place where the 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags feasted together. This celebration is what is known as the First Thanksgiving.

Although some meat was likely eaten at the first Thanksgiving, it was only a supplement to what was indisputably a harvest celebration.

Tragically, Squanto died the next year. Some historians believe he was poisoned by the Wampanoag leader because he thought Squanto was too trusting and friendly towards the newcomers. Regardless, Squanto’s friendship and diplomacy was able to keep peaceful relations between the Wampanoag and New Englanders for 50 years before competition for scarce resources from an ever-increasing number of colonists led to war.

Squanto is a unique figure in American history. He stands out because his role in the first Thanksgiving is one of the few American stories where an Amerindian is the hero—not a sidekick or misguided antagonist. In this case, he was the teacher, the civilizer. He introduced new crops and farming techniques to the Pilgrims when they had little knowledge on how to farm in their new environment, and likely would have starved without his help.

More importantly, he is a real American hero—Squanto is regarded, alongside the Pilgrims, as being one of the first Americans. The story of the first Thanksgiving shows us what it truly means to be an American: it is something that is not tied to ethnicity or skin color, and it will forever be a thorn in the side of American White Nationalists who regard the United States as a bastion of ‘White Civilization’ (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Unfortunately the sun has set on the new dawn that Squanto tried to usher in, and the United States has forged a legacy of racism and inter-ethnic discord. Can we make the sun rise once again on a new Atlantean folk?

The modern Thanksgiving has sadly drifted away from its roots as a harvest festival. It has become a celebration of over-indulgence and gluttony where it is not uncommon for people to happily eat to the point of feeling sick. Turkey has replaced grains and vegetables as the main course, and it is such an integral part of the modern Thanksgiving that the holiday is sometimes light-heartedly called “Turkey Day”.

The Thanksgiving turkey is so popular in American culture that Ronald Reagan began a strange tradition where presidents ‘pardon’ a turkey that is presented to them. Since domestic turkeys have been bred to grow to unhealthy large sizes, the pardoned turkeys are plagued by issues like joint pain, respiratory problems, and heart disease. Most pardoned turkeys live for only a few months before painfully succumbing to health problems.

Don’t worry though, they just eat a different turkey instead.

To top it all off, the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, which marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, and is perhaps one of the most disgusting examples of greed and materialism in existence.

On a more positive note, other staples of Thanksgiving dinner include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, and pumpkin pie—all are New World foods that Squanto introduced to the Pilgrims. Other hints of Thanksgiving’s origin as a harvest festival are hidden in plain sight: after turkey, the cornucopia is the second most popular symbol for the holiday.

The fruits of a successful harvest.

Let us hope that some day in the not-so-distant future, all turkeys will be permanently pardoned, and Thanksgiving can once again be a harvest festival and an Atlantean celebration of UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

I should mention that not everyone views Thanksgiving in a positive light, however. Some Native American groups have used Thanksgiving as a day to protest against the genocide and plunder that took place in the New World, calling their protests things like ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ and ‘National Day of Mourning’. While their feelings are not unjustified, choosing to protest Thanksgiving is a poor choice.

It is essential to recognize the significance of Thanksgiving—not only is it not about genocide and conquest (like Columbus Day and similar celebrations), but it is about sincere inter-ethnic unity and impartial kindness (something which is relatively lacking in American history!). Thanksgiving romantically represents the Atlantean civilization that could have been: a New World built not upon genocide, plunder and deceit, but on friendship, unity, and higher ideals. Of all the evils that the post-Columbian era has unleashed, Thanksgiving is one thing that Atlanteans should certainly be thankful for.

All New Worlders are descended from pilgrims, whether ancient (from the fall of the ancient Atlantean civilization) or modern (from the ills of the Old World).

Together we shall finish our pilgrimage in the Atlantis to come.

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