Spot the non-false-flag vehicular attack

Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was shot and killed by police

he was killed in a shootout with police

 He was then shot by an armed police officer and died at the scene.

The three attackers, who wore fake explosive vests, were all shot dead by police.

One person has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Can you figure out what is going on?

As I was saying earlier, just because the UK does not have a far-right party threatening to enter government does not imply that it has nothing to worry about. Islamophobia is spreading in the UK no less than elsewhere. Attacks on Muslims will happen again and again until Islamophobia is utterly crushed. (False flag attacks blamed on Muslims will also happen again and again so long as they continue to be useful in perpetuating Islamophobia.)

Some on our side believe that it is pointless to try to debate with convinced Islamophobes, and if they mean that the convinced Islamophobes are beyond redemption and will simply have to be fought physically sooner or later, they would be correct (which is why I keep telling Muslims to equip, train and organize paramilitarily). But what I keep having to remind these people is that when we debate, we are trying not so much to change the mind of our opponents themselves, but mostly to win over the fence-sitters. The convinced Islamophobes are indeed write-offs, but there are many more who are still digesting the propaganda of both sides and who have yet to make up their minds on the issue. It is for the sake of this latter group that we debate. By giving up on them, we are effectively handing these people over to the enemy for free, and additionally those whom they in turn as propagandists might influence subsequently. So do not give up on them. Prepare for physical combat, sure, but also continue the propaganda war. Each one person whom we can dissuade through propaganda from becoming Islamophobic today is one less person whom we will have to fight physically tomorrow. Each one person whom we can persuade through propaganda to become actively anti-Islamophobic today could potentially be one more person who will fight physically alongside us against the Islamophobes tomorrow.

“The ink of scholars will be weighed in the scale with the blood of martyrs.” – Mohammed

As for the method of propaganda, it should be obvious by now that the antifa and broader False Left approach of ridiculing the enemy’s technical competence is almost the worst possible approach there is. Painting a portrait of the enemy as technically incompetent only leads those on our own side to dangerously underestimate them. Since we are preparing for an eventual physical confrontation against the Islamophobes, this is a path to almost certain ruin.

“It was, for example, a fundamental mistake to ridicule the worth of the enemy as the Austrian and German comic papers made a chief point of doing in their propaganda. The very principle here is a mistaken one; for, when they came face to face with the enemy, our soldiers had quite a different impression. Therefore, the mistake had disastrous results. Once the German soldier realised what a tough enemy he had to fight, he felt that he had been deceived by the manufacturers of the information which had been given him. Therefore, instead of strengthening and stimulating his fighting spirit, this information had quite the contrary effect. Finally he lost heart. On the other hand, British and American war propaganda was psychologically efficient. By picturing the Germans to their own people as Barbarians and Huns, they were preparing their soldiers for the horrors of war and safeguarding them against illusions. … Thus the British soldier was never allowed to feel that the information which he received at home was untrue. Unfortunately the opposite was the case with the Germans, who finally wound up by rejecting everything from home as pure swindle and humbug.” – Adolf Hitler

We already saw what happened in the US when the False Left spent the entire election season complacently laughing at how Trump believed he could actually win, instead of taking his chances seriously. We are still reeling from the consequences of that. Yet we have the same False Left today laughing at how our enemies are just a “tiny number” of “lonely basement dwellers” who “do not realize it is [current year]“. No! Our enemies have the ability to organize blockades of NGO vessels to reduce their chances of rescuing drowning refugees in time! Our enemies have the ability to burn down hundreds of asylum centres! Our enemies have the ability to pull off the Colohoax! Our enemies represent Western civilization itself, which a century ago had come close to colonizing the entire planet! Stop underestimating them!

First question for False Leftists: if our enemies really are a “tiny number” of “lonely basement dwellers”, then who are holding all these flags?

Second question for False Leftists: are you deliberately trying to get our side slaughtered?

Western civilization must die. Western civilization will not die unless we get absolutely serious about actively killing it, which begins with ridding our side of every last wishful delusion that it will die on its own.

By the way, if anyone claims that people of whatever minority ethnic group in the UK are “not British”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:

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Bifroest defended in Nuernberg!

“The values we espoused: comradeship, readiness to support one another, bravery, self-discipline, and not least honour and loyalty.” – Jutta Ruediger

Last year I called for the defence of Bifroest:

This year:

Our enemies thought they had Germany in the bag after the Colohoax. They were wrong. The Aesir will not go down so easily. This is what I have been waiting for: the members of a local community, in this case a trade school, coming together to defend a friend from unfair treatment, unafraid to use Ahimsa against Merkel’s version of Rehabs.

Germans need to keep this up and become totally ruthless in their Ahimsa. Nine Rehabs (remember, real police officers do not deport people) were injured this time, which is not bad for a first try but nowhere near good enough to achieve practical results, which is what serious activism is supposed to do. Nine Rehabs dead would be more appropriate if the aim is to get a clear message point across to the Merkel regime about how important the refugee issue is. If nine Rehabs had to die for every one deportation attempt, the Merkel regime would run out of Rehabs well before Bifroest runs out of refugees. And it goes without saying that PEGIDA, GI and any other Splatterpunks targeting refugees must be dealt with similarly. This is what it takes to truly protect refugees; anything less resolute should expect to fail. Let’s hope they do better next time. To do so, they need to train in group combat tactics, and purchase effective weapons:

I would love to hear from anyone who was part of this defence operation, or anyone else who envisage similar operations potentially being required in your local area. Please send in a contact form:

We offer not only organizational and preparatory advice, but deep ideology, which is no less important to winning fights.

“The lack of a great idea which would re-shape things anew has always meant a limitation in fighting power. The conviction of the right to employ even the most brutal weapons is always associated with an ardent faith in the necessity for a new and revolutionary transformation of the world. A movement which does not fight for such high aims and ideals will never have recourse to extreme means.” – Adolf Hitler

Meanwhile, this is going on over in the Alt-Right blogosphere:

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A need for sanity

About the Manchester false flag, Veterans Today has it covered (scapegoat’s suspect’s ID found on location as usual!):

This line from their article summarizes the surreal world we now live in:

Even CNN is calling this a likely false flag! And get this – Infowars is OUTRAGED! Has the world turned upside down?

Seriously, digest this for a moment. Whereas the mainstream media has finally been forced to consider serious conspiratorial possibilities that they used to ignore (but which we have been tirelessly educating people about ever since 9/11) in order to maintain their own credibility, Alex Jones & Co. who back in the 2000s used to imagine gargantuan, NWO-masterminded, “they-want-to-insert-a-microchip-inside-your-brain-and-maybe-they-already-have” schemes behind every news event would now rather believe the official story blaming Muslims. Quite simply, we live in an age of inversion. In fact JJ and I were discussing in private the topic of also aesthetic inversion in the present-day world, where our enemies positively prefer to depict themselves as visually ugly (most often as Pepe). Here is an excerpt:

Honestly, if I had never heard of the Alt-Right and I saw a picture like this one which clearly depicts Trump and Le Pen as bullies:

I would have assumed that it had been made by leftists attempting to make them look bad. Yet in fact this is a picture made by rightists to make them look good! This is how the Alt-Right has inverted everything. Here are more examples; in a sane world, we would have assumed that these were made to mock Trump and Le Pen:

Yet in the Alt-Right worldview this is praise! Do you see how insane they are making the world? Another example:

Any sane person would assume that this is pro-Clinton propaganda, yet this is actually pro-Trump propaganda!

This is all about aesthetics. The moment we succeed in flipping people back to appreciation for beauty, the Alt-Right has shot itself in the foot because its overt promotion of ugliness is already on the record and cannot be swept under the rug. Just openly showcasing Alt-Right propaganda as “degenerate art” will suffice, contrasting it with pre-9/11 iconic imagery, just as National Socialist Germany used to do! How about starting a blog dedicated to this? Can you find someone (preferably an American, since the Alt-Right is based in the US) among your contacts for this project?

We need to be the ones to stay sane in times like these so we can eventually guide others back to sanity. This is our most important task throughout these tribulating times. If you would like to help us, please send in a contact form:

After a long period of indecision, I have decided to pull the ZC and BS Lists for now. Ever since the Alt-Right exploded into mainstream awareness, the number of propagandists who would fit these lists has grown so large that it has become not only impractical to keep track of all of them (plus it would be inaccurate to call all non-Jewish ZCs or BSs these days “Gentiles”, since the Alt-Right has been recruiting heavily from the raceless), but ultimately also pointless (or even confusing to newcomers) in an era where the emerging trends have not divided cleanly between ZC and BS, but rather merged into something less coherent than either. Given the wide familiarity with ((())) notation, Jew-awareness is pretty much mainstream, so there remains little of the old Jew-blind ZC. Yet, at the same time, the issue of Jewish power is no longer considered to be the centre of attention. Instead, feminism, LGBT and other gender-related issues are presented by the Alt-Right as the real issues (in relation to which Jewish power is portrayed as a mere detail) - very different from the old BS narrative. The ZC and BS Lists will still exist, just set to ‘Private’ until further notice. In the meantime I will think about what can be done with them. One possibility is to delete all the non-Jews and simply re-release them as lists of  Zionist agents who had been the vanguard for pushing these attitudes in the early post-9/11 years until enough Gentile (and, more recently, raceless) useful idiots took over from them. What do you guys think?

Anyway, the backlash continues to build, and Muslims are bearing the most immediate brunt of it. Consider the following fiction excerpt from our enemies displaying what they fantasize about:

It surprised everybody how fast the French could build concentration camps when they put their minds to it. This led to even more car bombs and rocket attacks, until the French used heavy artillery on the no-go zones. Leveled them. Parts of Paris and the other French cities look like Stalingrad now, but at least they’re one hundred percent French again. Well, in the north, anyway.”

I said, “There must have been a lot of civilian casualties. When push comes to shove, Muslims always use their women and children as human shields.”

“They did — they always do — but this time it didn’t work. Not when the French were in a fight for their national survival. It doesn’t work at all anymore, actually, their hiding behind human shields. The problem with that strategy is that sooner or later somebody calls your bluff, and that’s exactly what the French military did. And being concentrated in Muslim enclaves, in their no-go Sharia zones, well, that vastly simplified matters when it came time to take care of business and end the mess once and for all.”

This increasing popularity of Turner-Diaries-style novels:

is not something to take lightly. I can only recommend all Muslims and those who sympathize with them in any country where Islamophobia is on the rise to not become complacent about your safety, but to get equipped and trained to defend yourselves in the event of any far-right violence targeting you. Above all, you must hold your ground. Do not be tempted to leave just because of Islamophobia, for that is exactly what the Islamophobes (and the Zionists behind them) want you to do.

Amidst our relief that France dodged Le Pen this time, it is my sober duty to point that dodging one bullet after another is not the answer. We are only giving the shooter additional target practice while at the same time tiring ourselves out ducking and weaving, and under such a setup it is only a matter of time before we get hit. In fact, we already got hit with Trump, and we are now dodging bullets while limping and bleeding from the bullet hole (if not for Trump, Le Pen wouldn’t even have reached the second round), with the limping making the bleeding worse. The shooter is not going to run out of ammunition any time soon, and even if we manage to keep dodging, we could easily still bleed to death. What we need to do is grab the gun, kill the shooter, give ourselves first-aid ASAP, and then destroy the enemy’s ammunition factory.

Now is the time to step up attacks on the rest of the Alt-Right rhetoric, but this is the opposite of what is being done by most leftists at present. Following Macron’s win, I have noticed with worry many False Leftists adopting Alt-Right-originated insults for use against the Alt-Right (e.g. “Rightist snowflakes”, “Rightist tears taste delicious.” etc.. This is appalling, and reveals only how the Alt-Right has corrupted leftist minds with their attitudes. (To a much milder extent we have seen this phenomenon even on our own blog, like that time when I had to step in to remind Pandorastop that “small penis” is a compliment, not an insult, in our worldview.) (also read BO’s reaction and my further elaboration)

Just as – as shown above - the Alt-Right has (quite appropriately!) chosen what should strike us as a supremely ugly face (Pepe’s) to represent itself visually, similarly the Alt-Right has chosen to characterize itself by attributes that leftists are supposed to be disgusted by: insensitivity, maturity, high sexual dimorphism, etc.. When False Leftists today, instead of reacting by deliberately flaunting their sensitivity, their neoteny, their low sexual dimorphism, etc. (like I frequently demonstrate here - not because I want to show off, but purely to provide examples of how it is done) in order to accentuate the differences between left and right, prefer to ludicrously accuse rightists(!) of sensitivity(!), neoteny(!), low sexual dimorphism(!), etc., and hence suggesting that insensitivity, maturity, high sexual dimorphism, etc. actually belong to the left(!!!), that is every bit as screwed up as CIs accusing Jews of being “fake Israelites” and claiming that they themselves are the “real Israelites”. This has been the case not only in the context of Macron vs Le Pen, but also in the ongoing False Left critique of the Trump administration, where every time (ie. every day) Trump behaves like the hyper-virile Paleolithic Giant alpha male he is, False Leftists do not call him that, but instead call him….. wait for it….. ”childish”. Even if they succeed in annoying rightists, they are on a much deeper level setting back the leftist cause just by reinforcing the traditionalist low opinion towards children. And the same is true of the other insults. It makes sense for rightists to use such insults because they are trying to devalue what we value. It does not make sense for leftists to use the same insults, because in effect we do the rightists’ work for them by doing so.

This is why I look forward to NS straightening all this stuff out with his new True Left site.

I am currently clearing an email backlog. For those expecting a reply from me, sorry for the delay, and please be patient. I will try to get there eventually.

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French election 2017

Six months ago, Trump was running against Clinton. Millions of Americans, despite disliking Trump, chose to abstain or to vote for a minor candidate because Clinton was considered to be “just as bad as Trump”, even though her campaign promises were nowhere near as scary. Today, as the Trump administration proves to be every bit as gruesome we had warned you it would be, everyone knows deep down that, whatever might have been the problems with a Clinton administration, it wouldn’t have even come close to comparing with the orange snuff horror porn that the entire world is now forced to wake up to every morning, all the while aware that JUST A LITTLE MORE AMERICAN VOTER VIGILANCE COULD HAVE PREVENTED IT. So I wonder: have the French learned a lesson from this as they go into the second round of their own election?

In the US, while the useful idiots were doing Pepe the Frog memes about Clinton being the Zionist pick and Trump somehow being the Zionists’ worst nightmare, we had been pointing out the rather obvious that, although Clinton doubtless would have been acceptable to the Zionist agenda, it was actually Trump who was by far the preferred Zionist candidate:

In France we see a similar pattern from the useful idiots. Macron is held to be the Zionist pick, while Le Pen is held to be somehow the Zionists’ worst nightmare. I don’t get it either:

Apparently Le Pen is ’anti-Zionist’ because she promotes Islamophobia, and to the useful idiots these days, Islamophobia = ‘anti-Zionism’. Yes, they really think this. It must be all those Red Pills they swallow.

It is possible that the one-eyed creature is actually a Red Pill. (Thank you Miecz for the graphic.)

But how do we know that Le Pen is the actual Zionist pick? Because both Trump and Putin support her? Not to mention Wilders? Well, when we examine how the media has been herding the masses, it all becomes clear.

If we recall, election season began with Fillon bursting onto the scene and copying Le Pen’s Islamophobic, traditionalist rhetoric, and consequently being heavily promoted by the media as the front-runner. With both the far-right and the centre-right spouting such talking points, such ideas were psychopolitically mainstreamed. Once this was achieved, the media swiftly demolished Fillon with Penelopegate. Now all those who would not have been Islamophobes or traditionalists from listening to Le Pen alone, but who had been converted to these ideas via the apparently more moderate Fillon, have been left with no second round candidate but Le Pen to vote for.

Next, in the final stretch before the first round, the media suddenly hyped up Melenchon. What Melenchon has in common with Le Pen are anti-EU (and pro-Russia) views. Thus with the far-left as well as the far-right being anti-EU (and pro-Russia), being anti-EU (and pro-Russia) was psychopolitically standardized as the chief anti-establishment position. But the media knew all along that Melenchon had no real chance of getting to the second round given that Macron was absorbing most of the former PS voters. So with the first round over and Melenchon eliminated, which candidate alone remains for obsessive anti-establishment voters to vote for? Hmm……..

And let’s not forget the Champs-Elysees false flag shooting to make absolutely sure Le Pen would reach the second round…..

With these basic herding tricks that we should be familiar with by now, the media have conspired all the way to maximize the number of first-round Fillon/Melenchon voters who will vote Le Pen in the second round. All the while the same media have fooled the Red-Pilled useful idiots into believing that the media are behind Macron, just by throwing out a few useless fluff pieces about the history of the Macron-Trogneux couple (including deliberately unflattering photos of Trogneux to boot).

If the remainder French electorate have learned enough from the US election to not complacently repeat the American mistake of abstaining, it should still be enough to save France from Le Pen. But have they? We will have to see. (Even now as the media portray Macron as certain to win by a huge margin, all they are really doing is lulling would-be Macron voters to complacency and thus to not bother casting their votes on May 7th based on the assumption that others’ votes will comfortably suffice, while at the same time galvanizing every would-be Le Pen voter to vote in order to try for the long-shot result, thus once again boosting Le Pen’s chances by encouraging disparate turnout.)

As for Macron, there may not be much in his centrist platform that particularly appeals to us (he is no Corbyn; that’s for sure), but I would suggest that a presidential candidate prepared to take a hit to his own popularity during election season in order to pass ethical judgement on a historical event (when silence on the topic would have been safer) is worth at least a modicum of credit:

Emmanuel Macron, the centrist French presidential contender, struggled to get his campaign back on track on Saturday after losing his poll lead over controversial remarks on France’s colonial record and gay marriage.


Mr Macron provoked outrage on the Right by describing colonial rule as a “crime against humanity” during a visit to Algeria, once the jewel in France’s imperial crown.

And again, if anyone claims that people of whatever minority ethnic group in France are “not French”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:

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Discord server

Jesse Starfall has very kindly donated a Discord server for our use:

Please feel free to try it out and see if it might be useful for any movement-related activities you are doing.

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Dutch election 2017

Today I will discuss the concept of  vision concession, which is the term I am coining for what I have been watching mainstream politicians do immediately after the results of the May 15th Dutch general election were announced.

Basically, before the election, Geert Wilders was talking about how the PVV with its platform of shutting down all mosques (even Trump hasn’t gone that far (yet…..)) would easily win the whole thing. For newcomers, here is a brief refresher on Wilders and the PVV:

The country’s fast-rising far-right leader, Geert Wilders [Jew], is getting help from American conservatives attracted to his anti-European Union and anti-Islam views. David Horowitz [Jew], an American right-wing activist, has contributed roughly $150,000 to Mr. Wilders’s Party for Freedom over two years — of which nearly $120,000 came in 2015, making it the largest individual contribution in the Dutch political system that year, according to recently released records.

Daniel Pipes [Jew], another conservative American activist and a Harvard-educated historian known for his controversial statements on Islam, said in an email exchange that he hoped “the rise of the insurgent parties leads not to their forming governments but their sending a strong message to the legacy parties to wake up and deal with the imperative issues they have so long ignored.”

Mr. Pipes said his foundation, the Middle East Forum, provided money in the “six figures” to help pay legal bills in Mr. Wilders’s trial over the film, but specifically to a legal fund, and has not provided political support. Mr. Pipes has called Mr. Wilders “the most important European alive today,” but has differed with him on his view of Islam, though he himself has expressed inflammatory views on the subject.

Dutch records also show that two American foundations paid for Mr. Wilders’s flights and hotels on trips to the United States last year. One, the Gatestone Institute, lists John R. Bolton, a combative former United Nations ambassador under George W. Bush, as its chairman. Another, the International Freedom Alliance Foundation, is backed by Robert J. Shillman [Jew], a wealthy Trump supporter who paid for a digital ad in Times Square last year depicting Mr. Trump as Superman.

As it turned out, the PVV came second behind the VVD, though it gained a larger share of the vote (13.1%) than it had been holding before (10.1%), and thus increased its number of seats to 20 from its former 15.

What disturbs me is how mainstream politicians are interpreting this as a “defeat” for the PVV, despite the fact that the PVV has actually become more powerful, merely because it did not become as powerful as Wilders claimed it that would. In other words, mainstream politicians have in their own minds already conceded to Wilders’ vision that the PVV is the party that is supposed to win in present times, and hence view merely stavng off this win as “success”, when – by any absolute measure – seeing the PVV move nearer to its goal compared to its previous position should be interpreted as failure.

Here are the mainstream politicians in their own words:

Dutch people rejected “the wrong kind of populism”, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said

How is it a “rejection” when the PVV has outright gained seats? Not to mention that Rutte himself(!) has been effectively pressured by Wilders to move his own rhetoric rightwards during this campaign, so he should be the last person able to talk with a straight face about “rejecting” PVV rhetoric…..

(Also, the PVV is no kind of populism at all. There is nothing “populist” about any far-right party. The correct definition of populism is standing up for ordinary people against the power elite. Virtually all “Third World”-origin immigrants – especially refugees – are ordinary people; virtually none are power elite. The far-right does not stand up for “Third World”-origin immigrants. Therefore the far-right is NOT populist.)

French President Francois Hollande said he had won a “clear victory against extremism”

How is it a “victory” when the mainstream parties have lost aggregate territory to the PVV?

(Also, the PVV is bad not because of its extremism. The PVV is bad because of its Islamophobia and pro-Zionism. Extreme anti-Islamophobia and extreme anti-Zionism are good.)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hailed a “very pro-European result, a clear signal… and a good day for democracy” and her chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, tweeted: “The Netherlands, oh the Netherlands you are a champion!”

How is it a “clear signal” when the PVV is not on a consistent downward trajectory? (It won 9 seats in 2006, 24 in 2010, 15 in 2012 and 20 in 2017. OK, 20 is admittedly lower than its own record high of 24, so at least it is not breaking records, but there is nothing “clear” about its trajectory in the eyes of any non-delusional statistician.) And how is the Netherlands a “champion” for allowing the PVV, which had been declining between 2010 and 2012, to start rising again?

When the PVV has been reduced to fewer than 9 seats – that is to say, fewer than its own record low - then perhaps we can begin to speak cautiously of its decline. When the PVV has been reduced to the condition that Britain’s BNP is in, then perhaps we can relax slightly. Not until then. Few things are so dangerous as a false sense of security.

(And even in scenarios where the PVV has no seats at all, it should still be treated as an active enemy organization. An enemy organization is only fully defeated when every last idea behind it has been discredited and every last bloodline behind it has been wiped out.)

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy praised Dutch voters for their “responsibility”

How is it “responsible” to allow the PVV to get 13.1% of the vote? The turnout was 80.2% and the Dutch population is roughly 17.1 million, so that means roughly 1.8 million people voted for the PVV. Did you know that Israel had a population of <1.5 million in 1948? Even so it was able to win the Arab-Israeli War against Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Eypt, Jordan, and more opponents! And a few years later Israel had nukes! Please pause and think about that for a moment.

Only a few are not so dangerously deluded:

Defeated Labour leader Lodewijk Asscher agreed that “populism is not over”. The anger and insecurity of voters was reflected in the increased vote for Mr Wilders and the wider fragmentation of Dutch politics, he said.

Did Wilders fail?

In reality his party gained five seats and, as he pointed out, it is now the second biggest in parliament not the third.

This is a more realistic assessment. (Except, again, ”populism” is the wrong term for describing the PVV.)

Even one vote for the PVV is one vote too many. 1.8 million votes is atrocious and terrifying, and to describe such a result as a “defeat” for the PVV is insane. In even a minimally vigilant world, Wilders would have been assassinated long before such a result were possible. In even a marginally sane world (such as we had before the 9/11 Zionist false flag), the ideas espoused by the PVV would be considered too ludicrous for anything other than a stand-up-comedy routine. In even a vaguely reasonable world, democracy itself would not exist. In even a remotely heroic world, we would be willing to invade Israel despite the Samson Option, and similarly any other tribalist states (Myanmar, Hungary, etc.). In a truly fair world, all tribalists would be burning in eternal hellfire, as Jesus promised they would. We must never concede our vision for the sake of claiming false victories.

If you are in the Netherlands and hate Wilders, we would love to hear from you. Please comment below or better yet send in a contact form to volunteer for activism:

And if you see anyone saying that Muslims, or this or that ethnic group, are “not Dutch”, remember that the quickest way to shut them up is to show them this picture:

In order not to end on too negative a note, it is my pleasure to introduce several new blogs.

Firstly we have Aryan Medicine, which at long last sets out on our long proposed but hitherto untouched quest to develop a new theory of medicine (which, as many of you know, was something National Socialist Germany wanted to do due to its dissatisfaction with Western medicine, but never got round to doing):

However, the author of this blog has told me that he considers himself extremely underqualified for this undertaking, and requests guidance from others more knowledgeable in the field. So please do not hesitate to offer him advice and constructive criticism.

Next we have the Jamia Project:

which is what you have seen me bringing up in comments for a long time: the idea of removing Tanakh influence from the Koran. Saifullah started this blog, and he too needs whatever support you can offer, for there is much substantial work to do.

There is one more blog that I had been planning to announce but which is not quite ready yet, so maybe next time. Finally, I hope to see all other Aryanists who have privately promised to start their own projects doing so ASAP. As this post has shown, mainstream politicians do not have the mindset required – and we have always said that they aren’t and have never been seriously trying - to defeat those like Wilders who undeniably offer a strong vision for the future, unethical though its content may be. It is up to us to do so. A vision can only be defeated by a better vision. We surely have a better ideology, but an ideology only becomes a vision when it inspires people to work on its behalf. We need your help to make our ideology into a vision.

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RoboCop 3 review

Since I have been recently referring to this movie so often, I figured that I might as well review the movie itself! This should also help those who have not seen the movie but who see me talking about “Rehabs” etc. all the time and wonder what I am talking about. I also feel that over the last month or so I have already said all that I can say on the issue of resisting deportation. I honestly don’t know what else needs to be said, except that RoboCop 3 has most of it covered.

RoboCop 3 is widely considered to be a bad movie by RoboCop fans, and on many levels I agree. Murphy is no longer played by Peter Weller; most of the action scenes - especially those involving Murphy himself – are downright silly; there are obvious storyline inconsistencies in relation to the first two RoboCop movies; there are countless unnecessary plot elements that would have been better off removed; and so on. At the very least it could certainly have been made much better than it was. But from a political perspective I have always liked it. Therefore, for the purposes of this review, I will completely ignore the bad stuff, and focus only on the themes that I consider to be both important and well-expressed. Like the entire series, it is set in what in the 1990s was considered to be the near future in terms of technology (in fact its videophones are less advanced than present-day smartphones), using a dystopian Detroit as a microcosm of society. Of course, back when I first saw the movie in the 90s I never expected to see the villains become real in the very country which produced the movie (back in those days I wasn’t even aware how bad it really was for the Palestinians at the hands of Israel). Even in my previous blog post referencing the movie, I was talking about France, not the US:

And I hardly need to again bring up Myanmar, Hungary, etc.. But, as of 2017, we cannot but face up to the reality that the villains have indeed become real in the US too:

ICE agents are now targeting places that used to be respected as sanctuaries of sorts, and have dropped guidelines urging a focus only on serious criminals.

The result: all undocumented migrants can be equally targeted.

One recent high-profile detention was of ‘Dreamer’ Daniela Vargas, 22, who was born in Argentina and came to the United States as a child.

When ICE agents came to her home to arrest her father and brother, both undocumented migrants, Vargas escaped by hiding in a closet.

The agents however got a second chance on Wednesday after Vargas spoke out against deportations at a press conference in Jackson, in the southern state of Mississippi.

“Disturbing that ICE may have followed her from an immigration news conference,” wrote Democratic Senator Ricard Durbin on Twitter,

According to Vargas’s attorneys, ICE agents plan to deport her without a hearing with an immigration judge.

“ICE has no shame,” said Yatziri Tovar, another ‘Dreamer’ who works for the pro-immigrant NGO Make the Road New York.

“This rogue agency has now detained another Dreamer … apparently, for exercising her First Amendment rights,” she said, a reference to the right under the US Constitution to freedom of expression.

Emboldened by Trump’s decree — which authorizes immigration agents to deport even undocumented people suspected of crimes they have not been charged with – authorities recently detained people seeking shelter on a cold winter day at a church in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside the US capital.

Also taken into custody for deportation: a woman who went to court in El Paso, Texas to file a complaint about domestic abuse.

In another recent case agents boarded an domestic flight that landed at New York’s JFK airport and checked every passenger’s identification documents.

Also arrested in recent weeks was Mexico-born Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23 year-old ‘Dreamer’ living in Seattle, in the northwestern state of Washington.

ICE agents detained Ramirez, who came to the United States at the age of seven, even though his DACA authorization was still valid.

Immigration agents swept into his home to pick up his father, and claimed that Ramirez confessed to belonging to a gang.

Ramirez, who has no criminal background, denies the charges.

So rewatching the movie once again in 2017, knowing that the villains have already become real, my hope is that the heroes can become real too.


The movie opens with a revoltingly unctuous campaign ad: “Imagine: an end of crime, an end of poverty. Imagine two million good jobs waiting to be filled. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, sometimes dreams come true. Delta City. For our children.”

Basically MAGA. Note the combination of futuristic architecture with the 50s-style patriarchal family – the rightist fantasy of archeofuturism.

This is followed by the news describing the existing Detroit as a “warzone” (where have we heard this before?!), with footage of overworked police officers dealing with stereotypical thugs.

Police vs “bad hombres” as Trump would call them…..

And then the solution is proudly presented: “As usual, OCP has an answer. Meet the Rehabs.”

Basically ICE. The ridiculous muscle-mold body armour worn by the agents is a clever poke at the rightist worship of masculinity.

Head villain Paul McDaggett says: “We’re here to help the people, to augment the police force and deal with the gang problem.” (Where have we heard this before?!) The news reporter asks: “What about reports you’re actually ousting people from their homes to make way for construction of Delta City?” (Note how McDaggett refers to “the people” whereas the reporter refers to ”people” – vast conceptual difference.) Then McDaggett calmly appeals to legality as justification: “I won’t deny we’re serving an eviction notice or two. … We’re cops, nothing more.”  (We see rightists today doing this all the time, claiming that there is nothing wrong with deporting people so long as they are “illegal”, ignoring that who is “illegal” in a democracy is determined ultimately by majority rule - indeed these same rightists push for the passing of laws to make “illegal” more and more formerly “legal” people whom the majority dislikes. So saying someone is “illegal” in a democracy really means nothing more than saying someone is unpopular. And citing someone’s unpopularity as sufficient reason to treat them unfairly is the definition of bullying.)

Watching the TV as all this is going on is hacking whiz-kid and RoboCop fangirl Nikko, who clearly sees through McDaggett’s shameless bullshitting.

Nikko’s Original Nobility facial expression contrasts with those of the slave children in the Delta City ad.

Nikko’s parents (depicted as an interethnic couple to contrast with the monoethnic family in the Delta City ad; you can also see hippie-style cushions etc. on the sofa), however, predictably respond by telling her to stop watching TV and go to bed! She reluctantly obeys, but later in her room (which also has a poster of a cactus landscape to contrast with the gentrified greenery in the Delta City ad) asks her father about what she heard earlier, whereupon her father doubles down on teaching her to stick her head into the sand: “Don’t listen to what the TV said. This is your home, you hear me? You’re safe here.” This is when the Rehabs’ wrecking ball smashes into Nikko’s room…..

Message to leftists: you cannot fight rightists by pretending they do not exist.

Nikko’s parents along with many locals of Cadillac Heights are hauled onto a bus by the brutal Rehabs. (Nikko’s parents are not seen again; it is later revealed that they were killed by the Rehabs off-camera, “killed during escape from relocation” according to the database which classifies them as “suspected rebel sympathizers“ ie. guilty until proven innocent, as I have been pointing out is becoming increasingly common in real-life.) Fortunately, other locals led by Bertha resist the Rehabs: “Stay here! Fight for your homes!” This is what I have been trying to tell real-life ICE victims for the last month! Nikko is picked up by Bertha and hidden inside a refugee van which the very same night proceeds to break into a police armoury in order to acquire the additional firepower needed to defend Cadillac Heights from the Rehabs. (Police weapons were bought using local taxes in the first place, so if the police are not going to use these weapons to protect locals against the Rehabs, the locals have a positive duty to use these weapons themselves!) A refreshing frankness towards the necessity for retaliatory violence is one of my favourite things about the RoboCop trilogy as a whole, distinguishing it from stories which express sympathy for left-leaning views but promote the dangerously wrong notion that these views can triumph through purely pacifistic means.

Message to leftists: this is the correct way to fight rightists.

Alex Murphy is dispatched to pursue the refugee van following the weapon heist, but after Ann Lewis’ police car (also in pursuit of the van) overturns during the chase, Murphy chooses to go the aid of his partner and other colleagues against a Splatterpunk attack despite orders that he continue pursuit. Thus the van escapes.

The Splatterpunks are basically the Alt-Right who have been bullying people non-stop ever since Trump got elected: a notoriously cruel, sadistic gang that the Rehabs yet have not the slightest interest in ridding Detroit of, showing the dishonesty of their claim of wanting to ”deal with the gang problem”, much as Trump has officially redefined ”violent extremism” to exclude racist groups despite the US’s long history of racism.

OCP dislikes Murphy’s personality and orders Marie Lazarus to implant a chip to erase his “emotional baggage” (similar to how rightists always complain about leftists making decisions based on feelings). Lazarus of course does not do so; instead she studies Murphy’s memory videos (which includes shots of Nikko outside a sanctuary church, with the camera lingering on the crucifix above the door) and becomes sympathetic towards Cadillac Heights herself. This reflects what I have been saying about how there is room for individuals in almost any position within society to sabotage Trump in their own capacity, and it only takes a few such saboteurs linking up for the effect to start multiplying. (Sgt. Reed, who will later switch sides, is for now still repeating the OCP narrative: “Do not let the fact that these people are homeless sway you. They’re terrorists, pure and simple.” (Where have we heard this before?!))

1) Take traditionalism. 2) Take hammer. 3) Follow your conscience. (Notice Lazarus’ trademark rolled-up sleeves; she does this with every outfit she wears. This is my favourite costume design element in the movie, a small detail that greatly enhances Lazarus’ personality.)

Off-duty, Murphy and Lewis visit the sanctuary church, but McDaggett and a large force of Rehabs coincidentally arrive at the same time to raid it, leading to confrontation as Murphy and Lewis oppose the raid for what McDaggett calls “squatters” who “belong in the nearest rehabilitation centre”, some of whom are moreover “armed terrorists” (where have we heard all this before?!). This leads to Lewis being fatally shot by McDaggett, and Murphy physically obstructed from retaliation by his OCP-inbuilt Directive Four (“NEVER OPPOSE AN OCP OFFICER”), thus also sustaining debilitating injuries. Fortunately the refugees themselves open fire on the Rehabs and rescue Murphy, who promises Lewis before she dies on the church altar that he will avenge her. I really like the portrayal of Christianity here: it is pro-sanctuary (unlike today’s conservative churches), but praises vengeance (unlike today’s liberal churches), which is exactly how Christianity should be.

A church is only a sanctuary for refugees when the people inside are willing to use firearms to make it so.

Murphy: “Officer down.” Lewis died as an officer of Jesus.

McDaggett lies to the media that Lewis, a “fine, fine public servant”, was supporting the Rehabs during the raid and that Murphy killed her for doing so, which yet manages in a twisted way to fit with the fact that Murphy has joined Cadillac Heights. OCP now places the blame on Lazarus for not implanting the chip into Murphy earlier. Nikko finds her at the police station where she is packing after being fired, and takes her to the refugee camp to repair Murphy. Lazarus takes the opportunity to delete Directive Four, thus enabling Murphy to directly fight OCP henceforth.

My favourite shot in the entire movie. A screencap does not do it justice; you have to see the moving shot (about 45 seconds long, with a warm BGM) for the full effect. Yes, that’s Nikko on the bottom left.

Murphy goes after McDaggett with the implicit approval of Reed (who obviously does not believe that Murphy killed Lewis and who has become increasingly anti-Rehab), but McDaggett raids the refugee camp with the help of a traitor, killing Bertha and capturing Lazarus, though Nikko escapes. Following this, McDaggett prepares to take over the remainder of Cadillac Heights and demands support from the police, which Reed refuses in the dialogue which I previously posted in a comment:

McDaggett: Sergeant. We’re taking Cadillac Heights. I’ll need fifty of your men armed and in full body armor in one hour. Mr. Johnson, you can tell the C.E.O. the demolition crews will have total access at 0600 hours tomorrow morning.
Sergeant Warren Reed: Hey, we don’t do that kind of work.
McDaggett: That was a direct order, sergeant.
Sergeant Warren Reed: Driving people out of their homes is no work for a cop.
Johnson: Now, sergeant… fifteen years on the force is quite an investment. Your job, your pension… Maybe instead of worrying about these squatter people, you might think about your OWN family. [Where have we heard this before?!]
Sergeant Warren Reed: I am.
[Takes off his badge and throws it on the floor]
Sergeant Warren Reed: I’m thinking I have to go home and face them.

McDaggett counters by recruiting the Splatterpunks as additional Rehabs in order to achieve the numbers required to take Cadillac Heights. Unlike the police officers, the Splatterpunks are outright enthusiastic about joining up, reflecting the type of people attracted to this kind of “law enforcement”. (Where have we seen this before?!)

Police officers worthy of their occupation would rather quit than victimize the innocent.

For the Alt-Right, in contrast, it’s about getting to wear that alpha male muscle-mold stab-proof body armour. Those who don’t wear it are all cucks, don’t you know? (Someone should paste Pepe the Frog’s head over the Splatterpunk’s head just to make the point clear.)

Reed and the rest of the Detroit police, meanwhile, join the Cadillac Heights defence and officially deputize the civilians to fight the Rehabs. This is what needs to happen in real-life neighbourhoods currently being raided by ICE. At the very minimum they need to promise locals that ICE agent deaths in a local neighbourhood will not be investigated by local police.

Coolest line in the movie goes to Sgt. Reed: “It’s time to show how real cops kick ass!”


As the climactic battle rages, Nikko hacks into an OCP transmission satellite, allowing the captured Lazarus to speak in an illegal broadcast exposing OCP’s agenda: “… Time is running out. OCP is the enemy. For God’s sake help us. Innocent people are dying.” This leads to chaos within OCP as its stock value plummets. A story that began with Nikko’s father telling Nikko to ignore McDaggett on TV ends with Nikko managing to put Lazarus on TV. A war that began with a wrecking ball into Nikko’s room ends with the OCP tower exploding. Poetic justice has been achieved, but only because enough people were willing to fight for it. Remove any one of the main heroes from the war, and OCP would have won. God does not punish evil except when we are first willing to punish evil ourselves for the sake of God. And yes, punishing evil often costs heroic lives. Lewis died. Bertha died. Many others on the good guys’ side died along the way to the ending. (Which is not to say that not fighting back keeps you safe; Nikko’s parents died too.) Those who would punish evil must first be psychologically convinced that the objective is worth the cost. If not enough people are convinced, the insufficient few who are convinced - generally those of highest quality - end up as martyrs for nothing. This is something we have a duty not to allow, any more than Murphy could allow Lewis to have died in vain, or for that matter any more than a Christian could allow Jesus to have died in vain. This is what it means to do something for the sake of God. This is what I consider to be the most important message of the movie.

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Donald Trump vs JFK

By now I am sure you have heard Trump in his Florida rally complaining about the press for doing exactly what an alert and dutiful press is supposed to do: pointing out his lies whenever he tells them (ie. every day). He has also complained extensively about this on Twitter and on other occasions, including his megalomaniac “All negative polls are fake news” quote.

For contrast, I want to put Trump’s attitude toward the press side by side with the attitude of a real American President towards the press, a President who in one of his most famous speeches – his Address to the ANPA - warned America precisely about the danger of those who behave like Trump and his team, and about the very necessity of the press to be especially vigilant in face of such forces:

“We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

… And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.

If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear

and its presence has never been more imminent.

… Its preparations are concealed, not published.

Its mistakes are buried, not headlined.

Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.

No expenditure is questioned,

no rumor is printed,

no secret is revealed.

No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary.

(“I also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news.” – Donald Trump)

 This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

(“The White House is running smoothly. So smoothly.” – Donald Trump)

We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.

(“They have been calling us wrong now for two years. They don’t get it.” – Donald Trump)

Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed … that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– … not to simply give the public what it wants

(“They have their own agenda and their agenda is not your agenda.” – Donald Trump)

–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.” – John F. Kennedy

(“We are not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live or what to believe.” – Donald Trump)

So there you have it. And now let me conclude with a brief but important excerpt from one journalist:

“He has a lot of supporters who don’t think before they act, and they have a lot of guns.”

If you are a lefitst, please arm yourself and tell all other leftists you know to arm themselves ASAP. Really.

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We now have a hashtag. You have to admit it is a catchy slogan.

It goes without saying that a hashtag on its own does not protect people from being raided. Even printing it out on a T-shirt or a sign and then wearing the T-shirt or bringing the sign to a protest, recording a video of yourself protesting and then posting the video on Facebook and then getting lots of thumbs up for it, does not protect people from being raided. The only thing that will protect people from being raided is to actually follow the advice of the hashtag.

When the Fourth Amendment is being ignored by government (as is currently the case, since a valid warrant must specify a particular individual to be arrested in relation to a particular incident of crime, so when ICE raids private property and treats any and all people of ”non-white” appearance found inside as guilty until proven innocent, they are acting without valid warrant):

the Second Amendment comes into play:

Otherwise, more of this will happen:

Daniel Ramirez Medina, a 23-year-old with no criminal record who was brought to the US from Mexico when he was seven years old, was taken into custody last Friday in Seattle.

“this is the blueprint for mass deportation. Their enforcement priorities are so broad they include everybody.”

Coupled with the recent Ice raids, “It adds up to a new policy that we’re going to remove anybody we can get our hands on,” said Leopold, former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Ice agents asked Ramirez: “Are you legally here?” and when he explained that he had a work permit, officers took him in, according to his lawsuit. At a processing center, when Ramirez again told agents about his Daca status, an officer allegedly replied: “It doesn’t matter, because you weren’t born in this country.”

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The duty to resist arrest

When so-called Federal ”law enforcement” is arresting people in raids while refusing to tell the public who is being arrested, and on what charges, that is a sure sign that you are living under tyranny. Civilians under tyranny have a duty to resist arrest using as much retaliatory violence as is required, and all levels of local government under tyranny have a duty to actively endorse and empower local civilians in resisting arrest.

Flanked by members of the California delegation, Rep. Nanette Barragan says she still can’t get a straight answer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement on immigration raids last week.

Several Democratic members of California’s congressional delegation said Tuesday they still don’t have details about who in their districts was arrested in last week’s immigration raids, and why they were targeted.

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to discuss the raids, but the meeting was abruptly canceled.

JJ was talking about lynching in his recent comment. He is absolutely correct, and what is going on now is basically lynching, even if it is not (yet) deadly. We are looking at unilateral actions by Federal government against civilians while deliberately withholding information about such actions from local government whose job it is to protect its local population, so that local government is rendered incapable of subjecting the Feds’ actions to critical scrutiny. In short, it is simultaneous rejection of both due process for arrested individuals and transparency within government. When people cannot expect either due process or transparency following arrest, they have no obligation to peacebly submit to arrest in the first place, for it is no longer arrest in the honourable sense based on presumption of innocence, but lynching (that is to say, based on presumption of guilt) masquerading as “arrest”. Those who submit to this only embolden the Feds to ”arrest” others in the same way, and thus place every other potential victim in greater danger, equivalent to private surrender on the battlefield.

When a reporter asked about an ICE official who said the meeting was canceled because it had grown so large it had to be bipartisan, Rep. Grace F. Napolitano (D-Norwalk) loudly exclaimed, “Bullshit!”

“Bullshit” is an accurate description, so why do you take their bullshit?

Lujan Grisham said the number of attendees did increase, but nothing requires a heavily attended meeting with a government agency to be bipartisan. A spokesman for ICE did not return a phone call Tuesday.

Don’t the local government people get it yet? They are not interested in talking to you, or keeping you informed! And do you know why not? Because they know that they can keep ”arresting” people while you wait for them to return your call! Because you are not physically stopping them from ”arresting” people while you wait for them to return your call! If you want them to return your call, order local police to shoot them when they try to “arrest” the next person or even when they just show up on your territory of jurisdiction, and then they might return your call! They have no reason to negotiate with you until you become a sufficient threat to their physical safety that they fear a worse outcome by not negotiating with you. This is reality; everything else is delusion.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Monterey Park) said she isn’t getting consistent answers from ICE officials in Los Angeles about who was swept up in the raids and why they were targeted, a frustration echoed by Rep. Nanette Barragán (D-San Pedro) and other members.

“My constituents are freaked out,” Chu said. “We have serious questions, we want to know what is going on, and we want answers.”

They do not care what you want. They are part of the Trump administration, so they only care about what Trump voters want. Welcome to democracy, the worst form of tyranny ever to exist! Of course your constituents are freaked out! Either get your local police directly protecting them from the Rehabs using police firearms, or else give them an explicit green light to protect themselves with their own firearms! Better yet, both! These are the only practical options; everything else is wishful thinking.

Barragán said ICE officials told her there were no instructions provided by the Department of Homeland Security about how to enforce the executive order President Trump signed that allowed almost any immigrant living in the U.S. illegally to be targeted for deportation. Other members said they were told ICE did get instructions.

This is called a confusion tactic. When the Rehabs are responding to your questions with confusion tactics, they are not trying to have any kind of sincere dialogue with you, but merely trying to stall you while they take advantage of your passivity to lynch-deport even more people. The correct response is to use your firearms.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose), a former immigration attorney, said members want to see what ICE told field offices about whom to arrest and how that differs from immigration policies under President Obama.

“There is tremendous concern across the country about what is going to happen next,” she said. “This is a nation of laws, and we think the public should know what’s in that memo.”

No, this is not a nation of laws! This is a nation of the Trump administration! Did you miss the part when Trump fired Sally Yates for pointing out that (as shortly later confirmed by the courts) Trump was breaking the law with his travel ban, in other words for doing her job exactly as she in a nation of laws was supposed to do it?

Yates’ exemplary professionalism is further coming to light as it is now discovered that she warned the White House early about Michael Flynn (but was ignored, of course):

So if you think the public should know what’s in that memo but Trump doesn’t, the public doesn’t get to know what’s in that memo! I repeat, they do not care what you think, and the sooner you stop pretending that they do, the sooner you can start truly effectively serving your local community through endorsing the use of firearms.

Napolitano said ICE officials still won’t tell her how many people were arrested in her district, or what crimes they committed. Local mayors and police departments told her ICE wasn’t giving them details about the operation either, she said.

What else did you expect from them FFS?! What reason have the Rehabs to tell you anything when they can carry out their plan perfectly well – probably better – without telling you anything? Tell the local police to make it unsafe for Rehabs to so much as walk the streets, and then the Rehabs might tell you something.

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