Western civilization =/= late 20th century pop culture

For one thing, I actually like the latter.


Thank you Miecz for providing three of the pictures for this page.

A lot of people claim to criticize “Western civilization” these days, but then direct their criticism towards what is not actually Western civilization. This causes a lot of confusion, which I hope this page clears up. It should be noted in particular that our definition of Western civilization is very similar to the ZC definition (of course, ZC is pro-Western whereas we are anti-Western). Miecz’s table shows this clearly:


BS, in contrast, is increasingly falling apart by refusing to admit that Judaism is part of Western civilization. PC and BS are two sides of the same perspective, so if PC makes no sense, BS can make no sense either.

It goes without saying that we absolutely disagree with the PC narrative that Islam is part of Western civilization. Instead, we consider Islam to be the statist successor to the Roman Empire, and hence as statists side with both*. This is a consistent position, and in fact the National Socialist position. On the other hand, those who complain about the historical Islamic rule in Europe should on the same grounds complain about the historical Roman rule in Europe also, but they don’t, because they have double-standards.

(* Also, the Muslim rulers treated the Cathars better than the Judeo-Christian rulers did, but that’s a separate point.)

I would also like to use this chance to promote JJ’s essay currently posted over at the True Left blog:


JJ dissects US history along almost exactly the same faultlines that I here try to draw attention to. Please (especially our American commenters!) offer him feedback and help get more discussion going over at the True Left blog.

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Reclaiming what is ours

When we first started out and I promised that we would reclaim Hitler from the far-right, I was told that this would be impossible. We did it. Here is the far-right now using our Hitlerist narrative:

Then when I promised that we would reclaim the term “Aryan” from the far-right, again I was told that this would be impossible. We did it. Here is the far-right now using our definition of Aryan morality:

I have also promised that we would be reclaiming the term “nationalism” from the far-right, and here too I was told that this would be impossible. I am happy to announce that we have now done this also. Here is, at last, the far-right explicitly backing off from nationalism (in favour of identitarianism, exactly as I predicted long ago that they would):


Next, watch us reclaim Christianity. This might take a bit longer, but it will be big when it happens.

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Support Lisbeth Zornig!


Lisbeth Zornig, the country’s former children’s ombudsman and a well-known author, was fined DKr22,500 (£2,328) – the maximum demanded by the prosecutor – by a court in Nykøbing Falster, southern Denmark, for allowing a family of Syrians to hitch a ride with her to Copenhagen.

Her husband was fined the same amount for taking the family into his home for coffee and biscuits, and then driving them to the railway station, where he bought them tickets to Sweden.

“This was a political trial, using me and my husband to send a strong message: don’t try to help refugees,” Zornig said after the verdict.

“I am very angry because the only thing we did was the decent thing, the same that hundreds of others did. They are criminalising decency.”

Zornig has decided to appeal against the verdict.

In January, a man was fined DKr5,000 (£517) for driving an Afghan family from the German border in September. On Thursday, a 70-year-old pensioner was fined DKr12,500 for a similar offence.

While driving in southern Denmark on 7 September, Zornig passed crowds of refugees on the road. “I simply could not go home with the car empty. I did not think it was forbidden to take hitchhikers,” she said.

Zornig picked up four adults and two small children, and was interviewed on Danish television while she made room in her car for them. “I thought smuggling was when you pass a border and when you take money or benefit from it – not driving inside the country,” she said. “But unfortunately that seems to be the case in Denmark.”

Zornig pleaded not guilty to what she described as “helping people in distress”.

A UN protocol against trafficking of migrants defines people smuggling as acts motivated by “financial or other material benefit”, said Bjørn Elmquist, a lawyer for Zorning and several other Danes charged with trafficking. Yet Danes have been helping refugees at their own expense.



Yet the far-right wants people to believe that the establishment governments are leftist?

Here is what is really going on:


In Norse mythology, Bifröst (/?b?vr?st/[1] or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. The bridge is attested as Bilröst in the Poetic Edda; compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and as Bifröst in the Prose Edda; written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the poetry of skalds. Both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda alternately refer to the bridge as Ásbrú (Old Norse “Æsir’s bridge”).[2]

According to the Prose Edda, the bridge ends in heaven at Himinbjörg, the residence of the god Heimdallr, who guards it from the jötnar. The bridge’s destruction during Ragnarök by the forces of Muspell is foretold.

Did you really think it is mere coincidence that pro-refugee demonstrators use rainbow flags? No, this is Trojan blood memory we are looking at:


Defend Bifroest!

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Contact Form Job Changes

AS will be in charge of contact forms from now on, as I will be shifting my focus to real-life activism. (For practical reasons, I will keep the details of this private for now.) This is not to say that I will no longer be involved with Aryanism; I will still be around and in touch with quite a few of you. This will allow me to see how Aryanism is developing. I believe we’re nearing the point when the movement finally takes off, and I certainly hope to be proven right this time. So give it your all, everybody!

All the best,


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Facing Muspellheimr

Germany has reached a new low:



Police said some of the crowd tried to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the blaze

In a further sign of anti-migrant sentiment, police in the Brandenburg region are investigating the distribution of leaflets urging “absolute resistance” against “foreigner invasion”.

The leaflets, put through letterboxes in the town of Nauen, are the suspected work of neo-Nazis. They also give instructions on making firebombs and using explosives.


This is exactly the same as how it was thousands of years ago when the Aesir first arrived from Troy. Back then the Joetnar were already using arson as a weapon against the Aesir villages and fields (and, no doubt, gathering in crowds and cheering as the blaze went up). The difference is that back then we had Thor protecting the villages and fields by killing the Joetnar. Now we have a gaggle of embarassingly useless bureaucrats:


Shocked German officials on Sunday condemned two “disgusting” incidents involving anti-migrant mobs in the ex-communist east of the country, including a crowd cheering a blaze at a planned refugee shelter.

What good is condemnation? You think the Joetnar care about your opinion that they are “disgusting”?

Two 20-year-old men were temporarily detained for defying police orders.

What good is temporary detention? You think the Joetnar won’t do it again after you release them (and in all likelihood use the story of their temporary detention to persuade other Joetnar to join in)?

The scenes, captured on video, show the mob angrily shouting “We are the people”, borrowing the pro-democracy slogan from the peaceful revolution that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Yes, when you have democracy, this is what happens: the majority does whatever it wants to minorities and justifies it on acount that those doing it are a majority. Will the government be willing to admit that democracy is the problem?

Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s left-right “grand coalition” government, which has come under increasing pressure over its liberal stance on asylum, expressed outrage at the incidents.

What good is outrage? You think the Joetnar care how you feel?

“Racists are pathetic lawbreakers, a disgrace for our country. Shame on you!” deputy foreign minister Michael Roth wrote on Twitter.

What, you actually think Joetnar would feel shame about being Joetnar, when their very motivating factor is identitarianism?

“Those who shamelessly applaud when houses burn and scare refugees to death are displaying disgusting and revolting behaviour,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas tweeted.

No shit! In other news, Jews in Israel applaud when the IDF bomb Palestinians with white phosphorous, and we are not suprised. Why should we be surprised when Gentiles behave the same way?

Maas told media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland he was stunned by the growing brazenness of far-right groups, which he said crossed the line of free expression to become a threat to public safety.

You are stunned because you thought people could be educated to not be racist. We saw it coming because we have been saying all this time that they cannot. Racism itself is racial. Education can make racists temporarily not act on their racism when it benefits them socially to so refrain, but they will be repossessed by their inferior DNA the instant they feel that the benefits of refraining are outweighed by the benefits of acting on their racism.

“Verbal radicalism is a prelude to physical violence,” he said, noting there were more than 1,000 criminal acts against refugee shelters recorded in Germany last year

And there will be more unless the government starts acting like a state again. A government which is unwilling to itself use violence against crime is not a state, and cannot hope to stop crime within the territory supposedly under its jurisdiction.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it was “totally unacceptable that people who are seeking protection from oppression are met with hatred and incitement”.

You have been accepting it all of last year and so far this year. If you believe it is “totally unacceptable”, then your duty is to wage total war on the Joetnar!

“There is a basic level of decency and respect for the law that may not be violated and in these incidents in Saxony, that level was clearly violated,” he said, according to DPA news agency.

Then your duty is to use retaliatory violence! Start burning the Joetnar at the stake and televising the burnings FFS!

Aydan Ozoguz, who handles integration issues for the government, condemned the actions of the police in Clausnitz, calling it “deeply shocking” that the authorities were “not protecting the refugees”.

It is indeed despicable that the authorities have not been protecting the refugees, but hardly shocking. Look at their faces; how many of them look like they would be willing to personally duel a Joetun in order to protect refugees?

“I am horrified that you again have scenes in Germany in which a mob applauds because a refugee shelter is burning,” she said.

“Something is going very wrong in Saxony.”

Joetnar vs do-nothing bureaucrats.

Around 100 people held a “solidarity rally” for refugees in Clausnitz late Saturday, carrying signs calling for safe and humane living conditions for the asylum seekers, DPA reported.

I have never doubted that Midgard still exists in the spirit world. The question is whether or not it can be made real again. If just these 100 people were willing to form a paramilitary group dedicated to eradicating Joetnar, it could be an instant game-changer. The Aesir beat the Joetnar before; we can beat them again. But as long as these modernized Midgardnerin keep thinking it is possible to fight arson and armed terrorism using protest signs, they might as well not bother. The Joetnar have recovered their blood memory. How long before the Aesir recover ours, and will it be soon enough to stop the Joetnar?

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Colohoax confirmed

The stories seemed to be [orchestrated] by far-right parties and organisations and I wanted to try to find some way to help organise this – maybe find patterns and give people a tool to look up these stories [when] they were being confronted with new ones.” …

The debunked cases marked on the map range from thefts and assaults to manslaughter – but one of the most common topics is rape …

One week in, Hoaxmap has featured some 240 incidents, mainly from Germany but also Austria and Switzerland.



I told you so.

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Against All Odds

Here is a refugee-themed Flash game:


As we are National Socialists, ignore the pro-democracy “War and Conflict 1″, and start playing directly from “War and Conflict 2″ onwards, though I personally think it’s the other two chapters “Border Country” and “A New Life” which are the most relevant.

We have talked for years about setting up a subdivision focusing on producing Aryanist Flash games but have yet to get round to it due to lack of volunteers with both the required skills and the dedication to apply them. It’s one thing to link to existing games which happen to be relevant, but it would be much better if we could produce our own games. We have so much content that could be turned into games, from the prehistoric/mythical settings of the Aryan Diffusion series to Third Reich settings to present-day anti-Zionist settings. One simple idea would be a defence/upgrade game based on protecting asylum centres from arson and other far-right terrorist attacks and establishing order within the asylum centres. If done well, it could inspire more people to consider organizing into paramilitary groups to do the same in real-life. If anyone reading this is interested in producing this or other Flash games for our movement (or, of course, interested in starting a paramilitary group), please contact us at once:


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The ‘Colocaust’

Remember the supposed ‘Holocaust’? Remember how Jews, in the aftermath of WWII, got most people believing that it actually happened? It was easy: all they had to do was call themselves ‘Holocaust survivors’ and tell horror stories of what they supposedly experienced. It didn’t matter how far-fetched the horror stories were: the sheer number of ‘Holocaust survivors’ telling roughly similar horror stories at the same time was all it took to get most people unquestioningly believing them all. People didn’t demand that the ‘Holocaust survivors’ provide evidence for their horror stories, instead people just took their horror stories at face value solely on account of the number of simultaneous horror storytellers. People didn’t consider that it would have made no strategic sense for the Third Reich to have done what the ‘Holocaust survivors’ accused it of doing (from the fact that it needed all the effort it could spare to fighting WWII and not to manufacturing luxury Jewskin lampshades, to the utter impracticality of gas chambers, ovens, etc. as methods of killing people in large numbers), nor did they consider that Zionism stood to (and in fact ultimately did) benefit immensely from a widespread belief in the ‘Holocaust’, which thus gave Jews a very strong incentive to conspire in a synchronized lie about it. All the basic principles - innocent until proven guilty, evidence weighed against interest – went out of the window as soon as the number of Jews telling ‘Holocaust’ horror stories became large enough.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2015, and a phenomenon that I hereby coin the ‘Colocaust’, by which I refer to the supposed ”mass sex assaults” and supposed ”media coverup” that has been (oxymoronically) all over the news these last few days. At worst people are blaming it on asylum seekers as a whole; at best people are saying that we don’t know who the thousands of assaulters are, and hence should not jump to conclusions.

I agree that we should not jump to conclusions. But by saying we don’t know who the thousands of assaulters are, we would be jumping to the conclusion that there were thousands of assaulters. What we should be ascertaining is whether or not all the ALLEGED assaults – and that is what they should be called by elementary standards of journalism, even though the media are virtually unanimously just calling them “assaults”  - even happened in the first place.

All we are dealing with are lots and lots of “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS – and that is all they are – coming in from ‘Colocaust survivors’ all from the same night (not just in Cologne, but also in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, etc.) I have seen NO online videos or photos that concretely support such allegations. All the videos and photos that I have been able to find of the night in question show nothing more than people shooting off fireworks. (I have also seen far-right channels re-upload old riot videos from the Arab Spring and other events and falsely claim these as ’Colocaust’ footage, which further convinces me that no actual ‘Colocaust’ videos exist, for if they did the far-right channels would have posted the actual videos.) I am not the only one who has noticed this:

Every single one of these “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS by these supposed ’Colocaust survivors’ are being auto-accepted by the media (and then auto-believed by the public) without any demand for evidence, solely because of the raw number of horror stories being told simultaneously (something like 120 complaints in Cologne so far, and I guess a few hundred total in all locations).

To those who so unquestioningly believe that the ‘Colocaust’ was a “planned asylum seeker jihad operation”, I ask the equivalent question that I routinely ask people who believe that the ‘Holocaust’ was a planned Third Reich Final Solution operation: does it make any strategic sense? If you are waiting for your asylum claim to be processed, can you think of a worse way to sabotage your own chances of receiving asylum? Therefore is it even remotely likely that you could be talked into pulling a stunt like this?


To everyone else, I ask the equivalent of the question that I routinely ask people new to ‘Holocaust’ conspiracy theory: who stands to benefit immensely from widespread belief in the ‘Colocaust’? We all know the answer to that one:



So could the far-right pull off a ‘Colocaust’ hoax? PEGIDA, AfD, NPD, and other similar groups have a combined support base in Germany numbering in the hundreds of thousands at least. There are also at least hundreds of thousands of Jews (ie. sayanim) living in Germany. Do you think that, from all these, it would be hard to get a mere few hundred to volunteer as ‘Colocaust survivors’ and go to the police and media with synchronized fictional horror stories? Remember, most of the ‘Colocaust survivors’ have been telling their horror stories anonymously, so there is no way to look for group background patterns (e.g. membership in certain organizations). It would be interesting to see how many of the storytellers chosen for media attention were Jews, for a start.

In short, an asylum seeker has massive disincentive against perpetrating a “mass sex assault”, but the far-right has massive incentive to file false complaints of “mass sex assault” which they know will be blamed on asylum seekers. So when hundreds of such complaints come flooding in, who would you guess are behind most of them? Seriously, if you were an asylum seeker, would you be interested in participating in a “mass sex assault”? But if you were a far-right or Zionist strategist, wouldn’t precisely this ‘Colocaust’ trick be an obvious opportunistic move for the sake of advancing your side’s propaganda objectives?

Next, imagine yourself in the perspective of the police: how would you tell the difference between a real victim reporting an actual crime and a fake complainer alleging a similar fictitous crime?

Furthermore, the “mass sex assault” ALLEGATIONS have come from multiple cities across several countries. Which would be technically easier to achieve? Asylum seekers living in all these different cities (who don’t even know one another) communicating with one another for the purpose of coordinating “mass sex attacks” in all these cities on New Years’ Eve? Or far-right groups in all these cities (who already know one another) communicating with one another for the purpose of concocting a mass lie about what happened on New Years’ Eve? (And again, who has the incentive? Real sex assaulters gain absolutely nothing from synchronizing their sexual assault with other sex assaults in other cities. But the far-right gains much from making the ‘Colocaust’ as spectacular as possible, which synchronicity across many locations provides.)

And here is the kicker. You would think that those who are sceptical towards the ‘Holocaust’ would also be sceptical towards the ‘Colocaust’ based on parallel reasoning. But no. Many of the people who usually talk loudest about the ‘Holocaust’ being 100% fake are the same people who most blindly accept the ‘Colocaust’ as 100% real. When I suggested to one such idiot about the possibility of the ‘Colocaust’ being a far-right or Zionist conspiracy, this idiot assumed that what I meant was far-rightists/Mossad agents disguising themselves to look like “Arabs/North Africans” and then carrying out the “mass sex assault” as a false flag operation. Never did it occur to him that I was conjecturing the far more efficient approach of mass false accusations by ’Colocaust survivors’. This was how completely he auto-trusted the ‘Colocaust survivors’. And – I’m not joking – this was a self-proclaimed “Holohoax expert”. (In contrast, a serious psychological warfare expert like JAM understands trivially the power of false accusations of sexual assault as a weapon, which is why the Monarchist Party would make false accusations of sexual assault punishable by death.)

Am I saying that none of the allegations are true? No, I am not. Probably there were a few genuine cases in there. Similarly, I have never claimed that none of the Third Reich concentration camp guards ever mistreated Jewish inmates. Probably a few did. It goes without saying that I do not defend the actual criminals in either case. But just as it is exceedingly likely that the ‘Holocaust’ was a conspiratorial exaggeration for propaganda objectives, it is as likely that the same applies to the ‘Colocaust’. Immediately after the night in question, but before the ‘Colocaust survivors’ started flooding the police with complaints, Cologne’s police chief was on record as initially saying: “New Years’ Eve celebrations passed peacefully, in a relaxed atmosphere.” (Much like pre-’Holocaust-survivor-complaint’ visitors to Third Reich concentration camps remarked on the nice living conditions they offered the Jewish inmates.) He would not have said this unless he expected those present at the celebrations that night to generally agree with him, in other words this was his sincere impression at the time, which in turn indicates that many of the horror stories are likely to be fiction. Here is another source (my bold) that corroborates the police chief’s initial account and contradicts the zombie movie narrative:

I was at the main station, alone after midnight, as I often am, happy to have had a lovely night watching fireworks at the Rhine. Imagine my surprise, six days later, to discover I had been within 100 metres of a roving gang of rapists without noticing that anything was amiss. … People from home are asking me if I’m frightened. I am more afraid than I was yesterday, but not of being attacked. I will still walk the city centre as I have always done and not think twice about it. It’s other people’s fear that makes me wary.


This would also explain why it took several days before the media started reporting on the ‘Colocaust’; that was the amount of time it took for all the ‘Colocaust survivor’ horror stories to arrive in sufficient volume for anyone to even consider this significant enough to be worth reporting on. There was no “media coverup”, any more than there was ever a “media coverup” about the ‘Holocaust’ prior to the end of WWII – in each case, it wasn’t even a phenomenon until the number of horror stories by its respective supposed ‘survivors’ made it into one.

If you prefer to believe every single one of the ‘Colocaust survivors’, you are entitled to do so. All I am saying is that, in that case, you had better start believing every single one of the ‘Holocuast survivors’ also. No double-standards.

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When the obvious is not obvious enough

Please share this video recorded directly by a first-time frontline volunteer:


Again I repeat my question: why aren’t navy ships being deployed as emergency ferry services? Not only would it be vastly safer, more efficient and more orderly (predictable numbers of arrivals per day, lifejackets could be re-used, paperwork could be done during the voyage, etc.), but all the profit currently being made by the people smugglers (who charge up to tens of thousands of euros per refugee) could be going instead to the states willing to offer such a service, which could in turn help pay for subsequent costs (asylum centre expenses, etc.). It’s not even that the states are saving fuel, because they are sending out navy ships anyway, but only to patrol the sea for refugee dinghies, when there wouldn’t be any dinghies in the first place if the ships themselves were operating as ferries!

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How the far-right stole Christmas

I have not been able to get into any kind of Christmas mood this year. The far-right terrorist attacks on refugees and the wider right-wing rhetoric regarding the refugee crisis looms over all social atmosphere. In the self-proclaimed “Christian” countries that have shut their doors to refugees (which some rightists - starting with Victor Orban - have had the gall to claim is a defence of “Christianity”!), all the Christmas decorations, music, etc. now visible on their streets are a sick lie, for they pretend to celebrate the birth of one whose teachings they do not even try to follow:

“Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me. …  Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these [my brothers], you did not do for me.” - Jesus

Meanwhile, the only people who understand the Christmas spirit are far too busy to have time to celebrate it in the usual way. I am referring, of course, to the many admirable volunteers who have been spending all the time they can spare to helping out at asylum centres. Here is just one such individual out of many:


But these are only individuals. At most they are leaders of small towns (such as the mayor of Riace and others mentioned with praise in comments of previous posts). Without national-scale state support, there is only so much that they can do even with the best of intentions. And only a few states so far have responded dutifully to the refugee crisis. Besides SNP Scotland, which I have been praising all year:


I know of only Canada which has recently been demonstrating a positive attitude (and managed to work a Christmas party into the aid, see first video):




Germany has taken in a large number of refugees, but has utterly failed in its duty to protect them from far-right terrorism, as well as in arresting and punishing the far-right terrorists. And while many Germans have also (to their credit) welcomed refugees and volunteered at asylum centres, their welcoming attitude and even their volunteering do not by themselves prevent the far-right attacks. And this is the crux of the matter, which we have discussed to death in private through past years: most present-day people with the Sun qualities lack the Lightning qualities, and thus are useless in the fight against the enemy that possesses the Lightning qualities in abundance (though of course absolutely no Sun qualities). Of those who are willing to volunteer at an asylum centre, how many are also willing and indeed eager to kill with their own hands the arsonists whom they see throwing Molotov cocktails through the windows of dormitories in the middle of the night, endangering the lives of heaven knows how many people sleeping inside? This is why we are losing. The far-right, by their terrorist violence, are making the refugees afraid. The good guys, meanwhile, are not making the far-right afraid. This is our problem. Of course it’s supposed to be the government in charge of retaliatory violence, but when the government idles instead of retaliate, and citizens do nothing except wait for the government to cease idling (which it will not, because the backlash against refugees is part of the Zionist agenda), then nothing stands in the way of the far-right from continuing and indeed expanding their operations, resulting in more and more innocent victims and more and more damage.

If they are not stopped, eventually it won’t just be refugees that the far-right attacks using these same methods; they will turn their arson and baseball bats and knives and the rest of their terror arsenal against anyone and everyone whom they perceive as a threat to their (here comes their magic word again!) identity:


(Those among ethnic minority natives who think that by siding against refugees they are winning the favour of rightists are not only cowards but also fools; they will be the ones who will get targeted next. It goes without saying that those who sided against refugees totally deserve whatever happens to them, but not the others who have stood with the refugees.)

And this applies also to the states that have refused to take in refugees in the first place. Here is the problem:


“Urge”? Just how do these PC groups think they can “urge” Hungary to welcome refugees? If Hungarians had it in their hearts to welcome refugees, they would have done so already. They haven’t because they don’t. There is no “urging” them, any more than there is “urging” Israel to vacate the territory it currently holds. This is what exasperates me about how embarassingly delusional many PC leftists are. Hungary itself does not “urge” refugees not to turn up; it builds a wall (using Israeli border security equipment, by the way). The only correct responses to this are economic siege and, if that fails, military invasion. For those who have not noticed, Hungary has been added to our Boycott page on the main site:


(By the way, siege means more than boycott. When I say siege, I mean states using their militaries to physically stop all resources from outside of the target territory from reaching the target territory.)

Some rightist idiots talk about invading Iraq AGAIN(!!!!!) to create a “safe zone” for refugees; I say, if a “safe zone” is indeed needed, it would be a better idea to create it from part of the territory of Hungary. This reminds me of a discussion when another rightist idiot was going on about how, if people are swimming towards a full lifeboat after a shipwreck, the best thing the captain could do is hand out firearms for the passengers to shoot the swimmers with in order to prevent the swimmers from overloading and hence sinking the lifeboat. I retorted that if I were the captain, I would ask which passengers were willing to shoot the swimmers, then I myself would shoot those passengers (who would have been willing to shoot the swimmers), dump their bodies overboard and take in an equal weight of swimmers in the lifeboat space I just freshly created. In both cases some people would die, but my way of doing it is likely to leave my lifeboat with a higher-quality population than the rightist lifeboat. This is National Socialism in action.

The Third Reich could have done this (created a “safe zone” for refugees in Hungary) with ease. The Roman Empire could have done this with ease. The present-day EU, with no army of its own? Forget it! Hungary ignores the EU’s “demands” and “warnings” and “ultimata” because it knows the EU is not a military entity, and therefore has no real leverage. The only way the EU can get itself taken seriously is if it militarizes. I don’t see any sign of this happening even now, just as I have seen no sign that it would happen throughout the EU’s existence. So we have to conclude that the EU was planned from its inception to eventually fail; in other words, the breakup of the EU is part of the Zionist agenda. Which is what we have been saying anyway: the instructions to the masses are never the real plan, the predictable backlash from the masses is the real plan – EVERY TIME.

Until we organize paramilitarily, we are just as powerless as the EU. We can win every debate we engage in; winning these debates does not, on its own, stop asylum centres from getting set on fire, or refugees from getting beaten up on the street, or refugee dinghies from getting rammed by far-right speedboats. The only purpose of winning these debates is to demonstrate our superiority over our enemies in the eyes of spectators, but we must convert this belief in our superiority into organization for advancing our ideas in order for it to be meaningful. This is what I don’t see enough of our members trying to do. Of those who produce propaganda, it is not good enough to merely get people saying they agree with your message; you need to get people ASKING what they can do to help, before you can consider your propaganda successful. Aryanism.net is a successful propaganda operation by this standard, as we receive a steady stream of contact forms with offers to help us (which occupies most of Hashtali’s time just to deal with). What is letting us down is, when Hashtali replies to these contact forms and gets these volunteers started off on narrower projects, these projects (with a few exceptions) don’t attract volunteers of their own, and the project leaders aren’t concerned enough about this to review their approach or simply to spend more time and effort on their activism. Thus we fail to achieve the domino effect. We successfully knock over the first row of dominoes, but the first row of dominoes aren’t successfully knocking over the next row, which makes even our first success inconsequential.

Is it because of lack of morale? Do you think that, just because we started small and unknown, we are fated to remain so? The NSDAP started small and unknown too:

“Consider that only six or seven poor devils who were entirely unknown came together to found a movement which should succeed in doing what the great mass-parties had failed to do: namely, to reconstruct the German Reich, even in greater power and glory than before. We should have been very pleased if we were attacked or even ridiculed. But the most depressing fact was that nobody paid any attention to us whatever. This utter lack of interest in us caused me great mental pain at that time. When I entered the circle of those men there was not yet any question of a party or a movement. I have already described the impression which was made on me when I first came into contact with that small organization. Subsequently I had time, and also the occasion, to study the form of this so-called party which at first had made such a woeful impression. The picture was indeed quite depressing and discouraging. There was nothing, absolutely nothing at all. There was only the name of a party. And the committee consisted of all the party members. Somehow or other it seemed just the kind of thing we were about to fight against – a miniature parliament. The voting system was employed. When the great parliament cried until they were hoarse – at least they shouted over problems of importance – here this small circle engaged in interminable discussions as to the form in which they might answer the letters which they were delighted to have received.” – Adolf Hitler

Every movement that eventually became large started small. On the other hand, not every small movement eventually becomes large, in fact most do not. What keeps a movement small is not its initial numbers, but the attitudes of its initial members, few as they are bound to be. We have attitude problems, which Hashtali has already expounded on:


Until attitude improves, nothing effectual will get done.

It is ironic that one of the most heartening news articles I recently read was this one:


Despite my disagreement with almost everything the US military has done in recent times, I am able to sense a sincerity of concern and a conviction to duty from these individual soldiers and veterans who have expressed their solidarity with Muslims that is lacking among many of the people who casually laim to support our movement (but who, unsurprisingly, have not actually done anything to further it). JAM once expressed similar observations in a private discussion. Until we see more of this kind of soldierly attitude around here, it appears we will just have to hope these individual soldiers/veterans will do what they say they will do when the situation calls for it. The far-right will not go down without a fight, that is for sure. And this is what it comes down to:

“Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.” – Joseph Goebbels

Years ago, before any of this had started, we were already recommending organizing paramilitary neighbourhood patrol groups. Back then everyone else thought we were being paranoid. Now it is clear that if everyone had promptly followed our recommendations then, we could have conceivably saved most of the hundreds of asylum centres from being burned down by the far-right arsonists this year. How many more times do we have to prove that we can see the game many moves ahead before everyone will start listening? In 2016 things are going to get even worse. We need those paramilitary groups. If you are reading this and would like to start one, or if you have already started one and are waiting for guidance on how to deploy it, please contact us:


With just one paramilitary group in the correct location, we could be making news headlines within a matter of months with stories of superheroes stopping the arsonists and other attackers in their tracks. But in order to get that one paramilitary group in the correct location, we need dozens of paramilitary groups in total so as to cover enough locations as to have decent chances to coincide with locations that come under attack. (And don’t think the groups in other locations will be useless; eventually we will be involving them all.)

We need all the help we can get. If you think you can help, don’t hesitate to send in a contact form.

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