Message from JAM:

NEVER forget: We fight for the children. This is the chief motivation of the fight, and it is the primary reason why we must endeavor to apply the principles of Sun Tzu so that human causalities are limited.

    My latest video upload.

   NEVER forget: What they have done and still do to children.*

   The Death of Nazi Germany at the hands of the Jew. The rape and molestation of women and girls ordered by the Jew, Ilya Ehrenburg.

   *For the record, I did a little voice work on Hellstorm but the producer, Kyle Hunt, is yet another White Nationalist, although I do not believe his documentary contains any WN rhetoric. As always, the White Nationalists love to use my videos and love my voice, but hate that I represent the antithesis of their psychosis.

If we don’t win, the future will be one where children will no longer be viewed as children, but either merely (if born to the tribal in-group) as the raw materials to be pulverized and used to create shells in which identity can be transferred from generation to generation over and over without any end in sight, or (if born to the tribal out-group) as potential threats to be pre-emptively subdued (the image is WN propaganda and IDF propaganda side by side). When we say we fight for the children, the deepest level of what we mean is that we fight for a future in which all children can at last simply BE children, something which is impossible so long as tribalism plagues the world. Unlike our enemies, when we see a child of Jewish parents, we do not see a Jew, we see a child condemned – by tradition and indeed by blood – to be violently turned into a Jew as part of a cycle that has been repeating for thousands of years and will continue to repeat until Jewishness is destroyed. The equivalent is true of a child of WN parents, etc.. We fight for these children no less than for the (relatively) more fortunate children born to non-identitarian parents.

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Message from JAM:

Do you want a King filled with the holy spirit or a Constitution with no life in it? We just published Freemasonry & Judaism: The Secret Powers Behind Revolution on Kindle and it’s only $2.99. This book PROVES BEYOND DOUBT that the Freemasons and Jews have conspired to take down monarchs throughout human history? Why? Because a single LEADER who has the power to change the course of a nation with the wave of his hand or the power of his voice, is more threatening to the money-changers than the easily herded popular opinion of the masses . Do you want Freemasonry’s “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” echoed in the deceitful Democractic and Republican parties or do you  want the “Truth, Freedom and Fellowship” of the Monarchist Party? Let us work together as one and bring forth a better world. Please purchase a copy right now and give it an honest review before the brood of vipers start lying about its contents. Stay strong! Thank you and God Bless You, Amen!


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Please donate and share:


We do not ask often for donations. When we do, please trust us that it is for a truly worthwhile cause.

“Fewer people are won over by the written word than by the spoken word … every great movement on this earth owes its growth to great speakers and not to great writers.” – Adolf Hitler

“The great transformations which have taken place in this world were never conducted by a goosequill. No. The task of the pen must always be that of presenting the theoretical concepts which motivate such changes. The force which has ever and always set in motion great historical avalanches of religious and political movements is the magic power of the spoken word.” – Adolf Hitler

“Among a hundred men who call themselves orators there are scarcely ten who are capable of speaking with effect before an audience of street-sweepers, locksmiths and navvies, etc., to-day and expound the same subject with equal effect to-morrow before an audience of university professors and students. Among a thousand public speakers there may be only one who can speak before a composite audience of locksmiths and professors in the same hall in such a way that his statements can be fully comprehended by each group while at the same time he effectively influences both and awakens enthusiasm, on the one side as well as on the other, to hearty applause.” – Adolf Hitler

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New JAM video:


For those who have read this post:


you may recognize the new video as a condensed version of the older video that also contained information about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty. Nevertheless, for sharing, please share the new video from now on, as it focuses on one topic rather than two.

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This is the world I clearly remember growing up in, the pre-9/11 world, which as you can see still lives on undiminished in the hearts of those who lived it in the past:


On the other hand, this is the world that the far-right repeatedly tells me is the only possible world, a world in fact artificially constructed by familiar (ZC List) figures such as Pamela Geller (Jew), Diana West (Jew), G. M. Davis (does anyone know if he is Jewish?) and many others, and then taught to their useful idiot Giants:


Compare and contrast these two worlds, and ask yourself which world is the one more worth fighting for? Because they cannot overlap for much longer. The reality of each demands the oblivion of the other.

If, as do I, you wish to restore the pre-9/11 world, please contact us:


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Recently more media attention has been given to far-right arson attacks on asylum centres, but we actually also have another problem going on – refugee dinghies being rammed and otherwise attacked by far-right speedboats:


I hope this serves as a wakeup call on how far behind we are in organizing. Consider the kind of equipment the far-right have compared to the equipment we have. It’s not funny. If there is anything at all relating to the crisis that anyone reading this can help us with, please contact us:


I repeat: the establishment governments are not on our side; if they were, they would be deploying naval vessels as an emergency ferry service so that refugees would not need to travel in dinghies in the first place. It’s ridiculous for the establishment governments to complain about “people smugglers” while not using the most obvious method to put them out of business literally overnight: namely by offering the refugees a safer and cheaper service than the smugglers can offer. This would have the additional benefit of regulating the inflow of refugees to a steady, orderly pace, which would be much easier for accomodation staff to then handle than the current uneven flow with sudden spikes and troughs leading to bottlenecks and other trivially avoidable logistical problems. (Not to mention it would mean that lifejackets could actually be re-used.) I refuse to believe that mere administrative incompetence is behind this. It is much more likely that establishment governments WANT such logistical problems to occur so that they can then show it on the news every day as part of their plan to deliberately incite far-right backlash.

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Killed in the line of duty:




“It was grouped around their teachers, by the way, that the youth of ancient days went into battle. There is no enthusiasm greater than that of a young man of thirteen to seventeen years of age. They will gladly let themselves be cut to pieces for the sake of their teacher, if he is a real man. I should very much like to see our youth led into battle by their teachers!” – Adolf Hitler

Youth of Sweden, will you honour the memory of Eskandar by organizing to fight back against far-right terrorism? If so, please contact us:


Do not expect the establishment government to defeat the far-right, because I am quite sure you will be disappointed. Under autocracy it might be different, but under democracy the establishment government has no moral authority against majority opinion. (This is why Jews favour democracy: because they know they are the masters at herding majority opinion.) And do not expect the far-right to fizzle out by itself either; each of their attacks which goes unstopped only emboldens them towards the next, each attacker unpunished inspires more among them to become attackers. And this is to say nothing of their political ambitions. It is down to you. Get trained, get equipped, get organized, and contact us. We understand what motivates the far-right. It is not ”poor economy”. It is not “lack of education”. It is Giant blood memory. Correspondingly, we understand what it takes to stop the far-right. Not deleting Facebook pages, not banning protests, not surveillance cameras or any other such feeble measures. We have serious strategies ready and waiting; all we need are small groups of dedicated volunteers willing to implement them.

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As we promised would happen:



Now the only thing that can go wrong is if the parasite can trick the host body into rejecting the antidote before the antidote is fully absorbed. Unfortunately, it looks like the parasite is succeeding. When a FIREFIGHTER is committing arson on a refugee centre and the government is letting him walk, you know we are in serious trouble:



And then, literally while I was writing this post, this happened:


More about the victim here:


We need to hold out for DECADES in order for the antidote to have time to work. Far-right terror attacks like these will continue through these decades. Unless we have an organized paramilitary fighting back against the far-right terrorists (because we’d be naive to expect the Zionist police to deal with them), they are likely to win. If you live in any EU member state and are willing to organize such a paramilitary, please contact us at once:


(By the way, where is Ossendowski? He was supposed to be the one in charge of recruitment drives.)

While we welcome volunteers for this project from any and all countries in danger of far-right backlash against refugees, I would be dishonest if I did not admit that, as National Socialists, Germany is and will always be sentimentally special to us, therefore at this particular time I especially hope that we hear from German volunteers. We owe it to Hitler to defend Germany from the 21st century Identitarians just as the SA once defended it a century ago from the 20th century Bolsheviks who attacked innocent people with much the same tactics (and almost identical motives) as the Identitarians attack innocent people today. Identitarianism is indeed the Bolshevism of the 21st century; this becomes clearer with each passing day, and understanding this equivalence is crucial for making sense of what is currently going on:


The other thing to understand is that the supposedly “pro-refugee” establishment Zionist governments (Merkel etc.) are NOT on our side on this issue. If they were on our side, they would not be keeping refugees packed in publicized but unguarded asylum centres where they are sitting ducks for arson and other attacks. If they were on our side, all the arsonists and other attackers would have been arrested by now. You really think the police can’t solve such simple crimes? No, I am willing to bet that the police are deliberately letting almost all the criminals get away with it, thereby sending out the message to other rightists that it is OK to burn down asylum centres, and hence encouraging more rightists to become arsonists! (And if the police are reading this, please prove me wrong by launching a serious crackdown on the criminals soon. I would love to be proven wrong. It would be a relief for me to be proven wrong.) If they were on our side, they would have been dispatching their navies to ferry in refugees safely, instead of leaving them to cross the Mediterranean in overloaded dinghies. If they were on our side, Turkey would have been allowed to join the EU ages ago. If they were on our side, they’d deal with PEGIDA the way China dealt with the Tiananmen Square protestors.

No, the establishment Zionist governments are doing what the Jewish parasite wants them to do: encourage rejection of the antidote. One way to encourage rejection of the antidote is to deliberately administer it clumsily and unhygeinically, so that the body enters convulsion. This is what is going on right now. We have far-right useful idiots too stupid to realize that the establishment Zionist governments are deliberately trying to put the far-right into power via reverse-bluff, and a False Left too stupid to realize the exact same thing (and hence continue to merely trust the government to protect the refugees). We need people who understand that when it comes to crunch time,  the establishment Zionist governments are NOT going to protect the refugees. Either we protect the refugees ourselves, or no one will.

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Over the last few months, there have been plenty of new, promising projects started by Aryanists, only to be later abandoned (and sometimes restarted and abandoned again). The general state of productivity reminds me of a dying body, with the exception of rare gleams of vitality which, unfortunately, are quickly lost too. The far-right, in the meanwhile, continues to gain ground like wildfire, and in our current state I doubt very much we would even be able to stand in their way, never mind be a threat capable of smothering them. (And let’s not forget about Israel, Jews, and their Zionist supporters.) How will we be able to create a new world if we can hardly even keep ourselves alive online?

This general drop in productivity has been accompanied by wasting time and energy into idle and useless conversation (the history of the blog over the last few months is perhaps the best example). I know most of us are busy with mundane affairs and I do not expect of anybody to overlook them. On the other hand, it is unlikely that anybody here does not have at least one hour per day (or every two days, or even three days, which would be far better than what we have right now) that they could focus to advancing the Aryanist movement by carrying out their respective projects, or at least planning or learning something new which could be of benefit. If you have time to waste on meaningless posts, you have time to contribute positively.

Aryanism is not an academic discussion club. We’ll have plenty of time and resources for that once we gain power. Aryanism is not a club to make friends. I am glad if you do, by the way, but we have more important goals which should be taken care of first. Aryanism is not a place to have fun. I would be quite appalled if any so-called “Aryanist” is enjoying our situation. And Aryanism is certainly not a place to show off how great you are. If you’re interested in satisfying your vanity, please contact your local identitarian horde and begone!

What Aryanism is – what we are – is a political movement. Any movement which wishes to sustain itself and thrive requires the participation and dedication of its members. More specifically, Aryanism is a political movement for revolutionaries. Please think and act as such.

If Aryanism is to gain any ground, I have two demands which anybody who considers oneself an Aryanist must follow. The first demand concerns each of your Aryanism-related projects: devote your time, energy, and hearts to them in a serious fashion.

If you are currently involved in a project, do your best to give at least one full hour of your day to advancing your project and to communicating with your team members.

If you are not currently involved in a project, please send me a contact form or discuss here on the blog how you can get involved. Even strategic suggestions alone are welcome. On the other hand, if you don’t have any intention of sticking through with a project after telling me you will contribute to it, don’t bother sending a contact form. I really do have better things to do than to devote my limited time to you when you don’t intend to devote your own time to the project.

If you want to get involved in a project but cannot at the moment for whatever reason, that’s understandable, but don’t think that you can be idle in the meanwhile. Rather you should focus your free time in becoming an expert in whatever project it is you want to contribute to later, as well as trying to create novel ways to make it work.

If you are not working and have no intention of working at all, you are not an Aryanist, and you shouldn’t be here.

My second demand concerns your blog comments: if you have nothing meaningful to say, don’t say it. This should extend into our conversations with each other outside of the blog (and with non-Aryanists too). A lot of the time and energy we could use in productive endeavors are wasted in making noise in useless debates. Don’t be afraid of being wrong; we are here to correct each other’s mistakes. Don’t be afraid to speak your heart; the world needs more noble hearts to express themselves unashamed and uninhibited. But be afraid that your comments are letting down your comrades. Be afraid that your comments are letting our enemies win, even if just small victories. Therefore think twice before you post a comment. Before you submit a comment, read it through one more time, and if you feel it doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion or doesn’t add anything new to it, either edit your comment or restart it. Or discard it altogether. If a comment is inappropriate, I will notify you first – with an explanation, if necessary – but I hope this will no longer be an issue.

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Remember these images:

Remember the name Petra Laszlo and remember this face:


Now if anyone asks what an identitarian is, we can just show them these pictures.

Are you willing to let her side win? If not, then contact us now:



UPDATE 10/9/2015

That’s what they all say. You know, the IDF (Israel Defence Forces),  the JDL (Jewish Defence League), and so on…..

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