Jo Cox RIP

Thank you Joan for bringing this up in the comments. You correctly pointed out that Cox was not a True Leftist, but who knows, she might have got here one day? She did appear to be headed in this direction:

Cox was a parliamentary supporter of the Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East,[24] and called for the lifting of the blockade of the Gaza Strip.[25] She had opposed efforts by the government to curtail the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

If nothing else, Cox deserves to be remembered for her pro-refugee advocacy, for which we thank her efforts and hope her message becomes as widely heard and heeded as possible, albeit via publicity generated at the cost of her life.

I believe there are many more well-meaning people like Cox who have the potential to get it on a variety of issues when they are willing to simply listen to their hearts and apply empathy to innocent victims, but who have not yet shaken off their Western education and therefore cannot see how democracy is the facilitator of evil, and certainly not the solution to it (as should be increasingly evident not least from observing the growing democratic success of the far-right year by year, to say nothing of the exemplary democracy of Israel). Some False Leftists claim to agree that Western civilization is bad, but then contend that the way to solve this is through more democracy (which is like trying to douse a fire using bigger and bigger buckets of petrol), blind to the inherent self-contradiction of trying to use Western civilization to solve problems created by Western civilization.

Yes, refugees should be welcomed wherever they choose to resettle, but not because it is democratic to welcome them. It is not. To be democratic is to listen to the majority of existing voters, and poll after poll has shown that the majority of existing voters have no empathy for refugees. To welcome refugees is to be openly and unapologetically anti-democratic, and it is about time that pro-refugee activists admit this and feel MORE proud of our pro-refugee activism in the knowledge that we are the superior minority, the true aristocracywe who treat others not as the majority demand they be treated, but as we ourselves would wish to be treated.

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The True Left is emerging

As we promised it would:

At the turn of the 21st century, 48 percent of liberal Democrats sided with Israel, compared to just 18 percent with the Palestinians. Over the decade-and-a-half since, the margin has narrowed at times, but even a year or so ago Israel still enjoyed more sympathy from this cohort, by 39 points to 21.

This year for the first time the trend lines crossed, and now more liberal Democrats sympathize with the Palestinians, by 40 points to 33.

Another 10 percent of liberal Democrats said they sympathize with neither party, seven percent said they sympathized with both, and 10 percent selected “don’t know.”

Democrats described as conservative or moderate continue to sympathize with Israel over the Palestinians by a sizeable margin – 53 points to 19.

The percentage of conservative Republicans sympathizing more with Israel than the Palestinians is greater than ever over the past 15 years of Pew polling – 79 points to 4 – while moderate or liberal Republicans also sympathize more with Israel by a big margin, 65 points to 13.

This shift in culture on the American left has already, under the Obama administration, manifested itself in policy. In early 2009, the president chose to re-join the UN Human Rights Council, a virulently anti-Israel body. The president famously wanted to put “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel, which led to flotillas trying to break the legal blockade of terrorist-controlled Gaza and a green light from the U.S. for European countries to begin their own boycott efforts. In the summer of 2014, during Israel’s war with Hamas, the administration closed Ben Gurion Airport to American air travel—an unnecessary move so outrageous that then-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg personally flew to Tel Aviv to show it was safe. During the war with Hamas, the president also personally intervened to stop a shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel. And then, of course, there’s the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran.

Through it all, President Obama has been generally careful (except for the time he was caught on mic complaining about Mr. Netanyahu to then-French President Nicolas Sarkozy) to frame his policies as being somehow pro-Israel. But the far left no longer pretends to be pro-Israel and unashamedly opposes American support for the Jewish state. They are ascendant in their party. At some point, the façade was going to crumble.

merely defeating an anti-Israel Democrat platform will not change the underlying cultural current on the American left. Approving an anti-Israel Democratic platform will be the starkest evidence to date that the left is abandoning the Jewish state.

Previous coverage on this topic:

So, while due to the Trump effect the GOP may be transforming into the Racist & Islamophobic Party, there is no reason why more pressure from our side cannot likewise and within the foreseeable future turn the Democratic Party into the Anti-Zionist Party.

And remember, at least on this issue, demographics are on our side:

Now you know the real reason why Trump wants to build a wall on the southern US border.

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Support Zakia Belkhiri!

A seemingly small action can sometimes create a bigger impact than one expects:

A young Belgian Muslim student has snapped a selfie in front of right-wing extremists who were taking part in an anti-Muslim demo in Anvers, Belgium, in an act of defiance, which has gone viral.

Islamophobia has become as bad as it has because for too long it was the Islamophobes who were willing to speak up while the non-Islamophobes believed that it was enough to merely ignore them. It is not. Change begins with the refusal to ignore. Belkhiri was only one person with a phone camera against 40 far-rightists (including Filip Dewinter himself) decked out with their signs and banners, but she won the propaganda skirmish this time by cleverly turning the far-rightists into her background scenery. This is how personality beats numbers.

“Nothing can take the place of the individual … For the source of their power is in the realm of artistic creativeness. It can never be mechanically acquired, because it is an innate product of divine grace.” – Adolf Hitler

And now she is no longer alone.

“I did not expect that my selfies would become viral. At first it was a bit difficult to deal with it but now I’m used to it and I’m really happy to hear all this positive feedback,” she said. 

In recent days, Zakia is enjoying her newly-found popularity and hopes to inspire other young people to combat Islamophobia in the country. 

She says: “I’d love to be an inspiring person, though I know I’m a bit idealistic”.

“We must never forget that admiration for everything that is great is not only a tribute to one creative personality but that all those who feel such admiration become thereby united under one covenant.” – Adolf Hitler

And this is all it takes to make a difference.






The story gets better! Belkhiri is an active anti-Zionist!

Zakia, if you happen to be reading this, please consider joining our movement:

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Mustafa Badreddine RIP

A great soldier has fallen in combat:

Our martyrs need not be mourned for fulfilling their duty to the last moment of their lives. But they need those who are still alive to help finish the war against tribalism that they were unable to finish within their own lifetimes.

Paramilitaries similar to Hezbollah need to be started everywhere, in order to fight back against the increasing trend of far-right terrorism (whose goal is to create ethnostates with policies similar to those of Israel), and to protect their intended targets (who are being targeted merely because they are considered as part of the outgroup in the ingroup/outgroup tribalist dichotomy that characterizes far-right thinking). If you would like to volunteer to start such an organization, please contact us:

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The first mainstream article that understands the Trump effect

It took mainstream journalism long enough, but finally here is a well-written summary that gets to the core of the matter:

Trump’s argument is that he has a unique grasp, via direct experience and participation, of all the ways in which our political and economic system is rigged to make it easier for people such as himself to fleece working Americans. This understanding of how the game really works positions him well to fix it. He has been in on the elites’ scam for decades, and now, having made a killing off of it, he’s here to put an end to it.

Trump has made this argument explicitly, again and again and again, in multiple different ways. At the most recent GOP debate, Trump effectively declared that he understood better than any other candidate that politicians are bought and paid for — because he has bought and paid for politicians himself! At the debate, Trump also rebuffed criticism of his reliance on immigrant labor here and foreign labor abroad by arguing that “because nobody knows the system better than me…I’m the one that knows how to change it.” Trump didn’t apologize for these things. Instead, he converted them into evidence that he understands how immigration and global trade rules are enabling people like himself to screw over workers, while his rivals don’t.

Trump recently acknowledged that he’s been milking the system for a very long time, but turned that, too, into an argument for his candidacy. “I’ve always been greedy. I love money, right?” he said. “But you know what? I want to be greedy for our country.”

My strong suspicion is that attacks on Trump’s less-than-pristine ways of acquiring his wealth, which are designed to portray him as a sleazy, greedy profiteer, lead a lot of GOP voters, particularly his supporters, to say: “So Trump is a sleazy, greedy, profiteer? Good — please be sleazy, greedy and profiteering on my behalf.”

We National Socialists have a name for the Trump effect: DEMOCRACY.

I’ll also repost Miecz’s link (earlier posted in a comment) here:

In private discussions among a few of our team members, we outlined four scenarios regarding Trump’s presidential bid and ranked them according to political favourability:

1) Trump wins the Republican nomination and then loses the presidential election.

(This is the best scenario because it would demonstrate that the GOP made a mistake in nominating someone like Trump, and hopefully would result in a very different type of GOP nominee for 2020.)

2) Trump loses the GOP nomination, and then the GOP nominee wins the presidential election.

(This is the second best scenario, because it would show that the GOP can win without Trump.)

3) Trump loses the GOP nomination, and then the GOP nominee loses the presidential election.

(This is trublesome, as it would galvanize GOP belief that someone like Trump could have won, and hence lead to either Trump again or an even more far-right nominee in 2020. But at least it would still buy us four years to organize.)

4) Trump wins the GOP nomination and then wins the presidential election.

(This is the worst scenario, as it would bring disaster at once, when we are still nowhere near ready organizationally.)

Now with Trump the presumptive GOP nominee, we can basically count out 2) and 3). This means we will get either the best or the worst scenario by the end of the year. This is a high-risk situation. Therefore between now and November, I ask that all Aryanists in the US make stopping Trump your most immediate activism priority.

It’s not that we in any way like Clinton or Sanders – of course we don’t! – but as I was saying in private earlier, at least if either of them as president wanted to do something unethical, they would have to lie about why they are doing it in order to justify it, whereupon we can then expose their lie. In contrast, if Trump as president wanted to do something unethical, he would not have to lie about why he is doing it, but merely explain how it is beneficial to his clientele. This is the difference between PC presidents, who must at least make a semblance of caring about the general good (even though they don’t), and a hypothetical ZC president, who need not even pretend to care about anyone other than his own voters. This is the frightening thing about a hypothetical ZC era.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security this time round like many were at the beginning of the Trump candidacy, assuming Trump had no realistic chance. We all saw how that turned out. Dismissing Trump will not stop him. The only way to stop Trump is to stand up to him. And standing up to him means standing up to his popularity, which begins with honestly admitting his popularity, not (as the spineless False Left prefers to do) trying to weave an illusion of him being less popular than he actually is in order to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. A popular tyranny is tyranny nonetheless, and in fact the most cowardly form of tyranny possible when you think about it, as it involves by far the least risk to the tyrant’s personal safety. At least the unpopular tyrant has to live with daily fear of mass uprising; the popular tyrant has no such fear.

“This new invention of democracy is very closely connected with … the cowardice of a large section of our so-called political leaders. Whenever important decisions have to be made they always find themselves fortunate in being able to hide behind the backs of what they call the majority. … That is the main reason why this kind of political activity is abhorrent to men of character and courage, while at the same time it attracts inferior types. … The majority represents not only ignorance but also cowardice.” – Adolf Hitler

If Trump supporters boast to you that >50% of the US population supports Trump, do not dispute their boast; instead, tell them that even if 80% of the US population supports Trump, our duty is to defend that remaining 20% (or even less) from oppression, and that is why we oppose Trump. This is the heroism of anti-democracy. This is National Socialism.

“The greatest credit which the army of the old Empire deserves is that, at a time when the person of the individual counted for nothing and the majority was everything, it placed individual personal values above majority values. By insisting on its faith in personality, the army opposed that typically Jewish and democratic apotheosis of the power of numbers.” – Adolf Hitler

If you live in the US and would like to help us stop Trump, we want to hear from you. Join our comment discussion, or send in a contact form:

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Western civilization =/= late 20th century pop culture

For one thing, I actually like the latter.

Thank you Miecz for providing three of the pictures for this page.

A lot of people claim to criticize “Western civilization” these days, but then direct their criticism towards what is not actually Western civilization. This causes a lot of confusion, which I hope this page clears up. It should be noted in particular that our definition of Western civilization is very similar to the ZC definition (of course, ZC is pro-Western whereas we are anti-Western). Miecz’s table shows this clearly:

BS, in contrast, is increasingly falling apart by refusing to admit that Judaism is part of Western civilization. PC and BS are two sides of the same perspective, so if PC makes no sense, BS can make no sense either.

It goes without saying that we absolutely disagree with the PC narrative that Islam is part of Western civilization. Instead, we consider Islam to be the statist successor to the Roman Empire, and hence as statists side with both*. This is a consistent position, and in fact the National Socialist position. On the other hand, those who complain about the historical Islamic rule in Europe should on the same grounds complain about the historical Roman rule in Europe also, but they don’t, because they have double-standards.

(* Also, the Muslim rulers treated the Cathars better than the Judeo-Christian rulers did, but that’s a separate point.)

I would also like to use this chance to promote JJ’s essay currently posted over at the True Left blog:

JJ dissects US history along almost exactly the same faultlines that I here try to draw attention to. Please (especially our American commenters!) offer him feedback and help get more discussion going over at the True Left blog.

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Reclaiming what is ours

When we first started out and I promised that we would reclaim Hitler from the far-right, I was told that this would be impossible. We did it. Here is the far-right now using our Hitlerist narrative:

Then when I promised that we would reclaim the term “Aryan” from the far-right, again I was told that this would be impossible. We did it. Here is the far-right now using our definition of Aryan morality:

I have also promised that we would be reclaiming the term “nationalism” from the far-right, and here too I was told that this would be impossible. I am happy to announce that we have now done this also. Here is, at last, the far-right explicitly backing off from nationalism (in favour of identitarianism, exactly as I predicted long ago that they would):

Next, watch us reclaim Christianity. This might take a bit longer, but it will be big when it happens.

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Support Lisbeth Zornig!

Lisbeth Zornig, the country’s former children’s ombudsman and a well-known author, was fined DKr22,500 (£2,328) – the maximum demanded by the prosecutor – by a court in Nykøbing Falster, southern Denmark, for allowing a family of Syrians to hitch a ride with her to Copenhagen.

Her husband was fined the same amount for taking the family into his home for coffee and biscuits, and then driving them to the railway station, where he bought them tickets to Sweden.

“This was a political trial, using me and my husband to send a strong message: don’t try to help refugees,” Zornig said after the verdict.

“I am very angry because the only thing we did was the decent thing, the same that hundreds of others did. They are criminalising decency.”

Zornig has decided to appeal against the verdict.

In January, a man was fined DKr5,000 (£517) for driving an Afghan family from the German border in September. On Thursday, a 70-year-old pensioner was fined DKr12,500 for a similar offence.

While driving in southern Denmark on 7 September, Zornig passed crowds of refugees on the road. “I simply could not go home with the car empty. I did not think it was forbidden to take hitchhikers,” she said.

Zornig picked up four adults and two small children, and was interviewed on Danish television while she made room in her car for them. “I thought smuggling was when you pass a border and when you take money or benefit from it – not driving inside the country,” she said. “But unfortunately that seems to be the case in Denmark.”

Zornig pleaded not guilty to what she described as “helping people in distress”.

A UN protocol against trafficking of migrants defines people smuggling as acts motivated by “financial or other material benefit”, said Bjørn Elmquist, a lawyer for Zorning and several other Danes charged with trafficking. Yet Danes have been helping refugees at their own expense.


Yet the far-right wants people to believe that the establishment governments are leftist?

Here is what is really going on:

In Norse mythology, Bifröst (/?b?vr?st/[1] or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. The bridge is attested as Bilröst in the Poetic Edda; compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and as Bifröst in the Prose Edda; written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the poetry of skalds. Both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda alternately refer to the bridge as Ásbrú (Old Norse “Æsir’s bridge”).[2]

According to the Prose Edda, the bridge ends in heaven at Himinbjörg, the residence of the god Heimdallr, who guards it from the jötnar. The bridge’s destruction during Ragnarök by the forces of Muspell is foretold.

Did you really think it is mere coincidence that pro-refugee demonstrators use rainbow flags? No, this is Trojan blood memory we are looking at:

Defend Bifroest!

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Contact Form Job Changes

AS will be in charge of contact forms from now on, as I will be shifting my focus to real-life activism. (For practical reasons, I will keep the details of this private for now.) This is not to say that I will no longer be involved with Aryanism; I will still be around and in touch with quite a few of you. This will allow me to see how Aryanism is developing. I believe we’re nearing the point when the movement finally takes off, and I certainly hope to be proven right this time. So give it your all, everybody!

All the best,


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Facing Muspellheimr

Germany has reached a new low:

Police said some of the crowd tried to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the blaze

In a further sign of anti-migrant sentiment, police in the Brandenburg region are investigating the distribution of leaflets urging “absolute resistance” against “foreigner invasion”.

The leaflets, put through letterboxes in the town of Nauen, are the suspected work of neo-Nazis. They also give instructions on making firebombs and using explosives.

This is exactly the same as how it was thousands of years ago when the Aesir first arrived from Troy. Back then the Joetnar were already using arson as a weapon against the Aesir villages and fields (and, no doubt, gathering in crowds and cheering as the blaze went up). The difference is that back then we had Thor protecting the villages and fields by killing the Joetnar. Now we have a gaggle of embarassingly useless bureaucrats:

Shocked German officials on Sunday condemned two “disgusting” incidents involving anti-migrant mobs in the ex-communist east of the country, including a crowd cheering a blaze at a planned refugee shelter.

What good is condemnation? You think the Joetnar care about your opinion that they are “disgusting”?

Two 20-year-old men were temporarily detained for defying police orders.

What good is temporary detention? You think the Joetnar won’t do it again after you release them (and in all likelihood use the story of their temporary detention to persuade other Joetnar to join in)?

The scenes, captured on video, show the mob angrily shouting “We are the people”, borrowing the pro-democracy slogan from the peaceful revolution that led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Yes, when you have democracy, this is what happens: the majority does whatever it wants to minorities and justifies it on acount that those doing it are a majority. Will the government be willing to admit that democracy is the problem?

Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s left-right “grand coalition” government, which has come under increasing pressure over its liberal stance on asylum, expressed outrage at the incidents.

What good is outrage? You think the Joetnar care how you feel?

“Racists are pathetic lawbreakers, a disgrace for our country. Shame on you!” deputy foreign minister Michael Roth wrote on Twitter.

What, you actually think Joetnar would feel shame about being Joetnar, when their very motivating factor is identitarianism?

“Those who shamelessly applaud when houses burn and scare refugees to death are displaying disgusting and revolting behaviour,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas tweeted.

No shit! In other news, Jews in Israel applaud when the IDF bomb Palestinians with white phosphorous, and we are not suprised. Why should we be surprised when Gentiles behave the same way?

Maas told media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland he was stunned by the growing brazenness of far-right groups, which he said crossed the line of free expression to become a threat to public safety.

You are stunned because you thought people could be educated to not be racist. We saw it coming because we have been saying all this time that they cannot. Racism itself is racial. Education can make racists temporarily not act on their racism when it benefits them socially to so refrain, but they will be repossessed by their inferior DNA the instant they feel that the benefits of refraining are outweighed by the benefits of acting on their racism.

“Verbal radicalism is a prelude to physical violence,” he said, noting there were more than 1,000 criminal acts against refugee shelters recorded in Germany last year

And there will be more unless the government starts acting like a state again. A government which is unwilling to itself use violence against crime is not a state, and cannot hope to stop crime within the territory supposedly under its jurisdiction.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said it was “totally unacceptable that people who are seeking protection from oppression are met with hatred and incitement”.

You have been accepting it all of last year and so far this year. If you believe it is “totally unacceptable”, then your duty is to wage total war on the Joetnar!

“There is a basic level of decency and respect for the law that may not be violated and in these incidents in Saxony, that level was clearly violated,” he said, according to DPA news agency.

Then your duty is to use retaliatory violence! Start burning the Joetnar at the stake and televising the burnings FFS!

Aydan Ozoguz, who handles integration issues for the government, condemned the actions of the police in Clausnitz, calling it “deeply shocking” that the authorities were “not protecting the refugees”.

It is indeed despicable that the authorities have not been protecting the refugees, but hardly shocking. Look at their faces; how many of them look like they would be willing to personally duel a Joetun in order to protect refugees?

“I am horrified that you again have scenes in Germany in which a mob applauds because a refugee shelter is burning,” she said.

“Something is going very wrong in Saxony.”

Joetnar vs do-nothing bureaucrats.

Around 100 people held a “solidarity rally” for refugees in Clausnitz late Saturday, carrying signs calling for safe and humane living conditions for the asylum seekers, DPA reported.

I have never doubted that Midgard still exists in the spirit world. The question is whether or not it can be made real again. If just these 100 people were willing to form a paramilitary group dedicated to eradicating Joetnar, it could be an instant game-changer. The Aesir beat the Joetnar before; we can beat them again. But as long as these modernized Midgardnerin keep thinking it is possible to fight arson and armed terrorism using protest signs, they might as well not bother. The Joetnar have recovered their blood memory. How long before the Aesir recover ours, and will it be soon enough to stop the Joetnar?

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