Yes, there is still hope:



Full credit goes to Rachael Jacobs, Greens candidate for Brisbane:



All Aryanists who use public transport should support the #illridewithyou campaign. It’s very simple, all you need is to wear an easily visible sticker and you’re good to go:


Of course, for our version of the sticker, we can include our slogan UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, a swastika and a link to the main site under the main #illridewithyou hashtag.

Our enemy Mark Steyn (Jew) is already feeling threatened by the potential of this campaign:


so let’s threaten him a bit more. And now we can add Lauren Rosen Cohen (Jew) to our enemies also.

I am proud of Australia today.

Bonus song:


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Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this project. I honestly believe that if we hadn’t taken the trouble to tackle the topic of Aryan racial theory from scratch, nobody else would have. Those who were around longer than us certainly never bothered, but instead were content to repeat and add bombastic decoration to fundamentally unworkable notions that neither accounted for elementary archaeological discoveries nor even possessed internal consistency, and most importantly, proposed no evolutionary model for the development of Aryan traits. How did Aryans evolve to be noble while everyone else did not? That’s the question nobody cared about answering prior to us. Then again, nobody other than us even bothered to provide an exact definition of nobility, so what should we expect?

As I have been saying a lot, and more often the longer I’ve hung around in this scene, being non-PC is no indication of intelligence. The main reason PC is in rapid decline is not because people are rapidly becoming more intelligent, but merely because people are rapidly finding certain non-PC narratives more flattering to themselves. The biggest mistake a newcomer to the Jew-aware blogosphere can make is to assume they have found a community with a higher level of intelligence. Nothing could be further from the truth. The present-day Jew-aware blogosphere is, for the most part, nothing but a place where crude minds that enjoy being flattered gather to flatter one another about being more intelligent and “awakened” than everyone else. (As I have been saying almost as much, the communities where the truly intelligent discussions take place are the sci-fi/fantasy communities. I’ll say it again: a single randomly chosen apolitical Dungeons & Dragons fan probably has more to offer intellectually than every far-right so-called ‘philosopher’ (LOL) in the world put together.) So, if you are a newly Jew-aware person who happened to have surfed by here, please heed this warning. You are, for the most part, not among intellectuals. Most Jew-aware people today are utter buffoons through and through, but who furthermore lack the ability to perceive their own buffonery because they think their Jew-awareness automatically makes them geniuses. That’s where the term “useful idiot” comes from. And no, it wasn’t always like this. In the first few years following 9/11, the Jew-aware blogosphere really was intelligent (or at least somewhat sensible), and even idealistic to an extent. But it had degraded to its current condition ever since the far-right demographically inundated it.

And so the story of the post-9/11 anti-Zionism in some way parallels the story of Aryan diffusion. We shared our findings with barbarians who took the results of our work without also adopting our attitudes, and soon enough the entire scene became an unrecognizable mess in which we have been pushed to the fringes and the spirit of the movement has been turned around 180 degrees, from the heroic rally, “Jews are a tribe, therefore they must be destroyed!” to the despicable call, ”We must form our own tribes!”

But for this very reason I hope that, by telling the story of Aryan diffusion, we lay the foundations for also restoring anti-Zionism to what it originally promised to be. Only henceforth, we will have to be in opposition to all tribes, Gentile as well as Jewish.

By the way, just because we have a quality-based racial perspective does not mean our critics are going to stop harassing us using ethnicity-based issues. We need to know how – and how not – to decisively counter their arguments, beyond merely dismissing them as products of tunnel vision (even though they are!). Unlike the False Left, whose entire rhetorical arsenal consists of making lame and unconvincing excuses for so-called “underachieving” ethnic groups (thereby implicitly acknowledging not only the ethnic categories but also the Western standard of “achievement”), the True Left must directly attack the Western standard of “achievement”  (thereby automatically discrediting all accusations of “underachievement” based on such a standard). Moreover, we must offer our own alternative standard of “achievement”, obviously based on our nobility-centred values.

Our work continues. If you want to help us, contact us:


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The narrative of the New World since the arrival of Christopher Columbus (Jew) has primarily been one of ethnic cleansing, slavery, and racism on an unprecedented scale; however, one peculiar meeting between New Worlders and Old Worlders stands out in stark contrast.

The story of the first Thanksgiving is perhaps the most important founding myth of America. As one of the first pieces of history and culture that most American children are taught, the holiday and the story behind it holds a fond place in the hearts of Americans as they grow older. Many may be surprised to discover the story they learned in school was not merely another feel-good lie told to children, but that the historic encounter held all of the necessary elements to make it into the perfect myth.

In 1620, the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and traveled to the New World to found a society based on idealistic religious principles. Although their religious beliefs were far from perfect, their hope that the New World could become home to a genuinely new society which was morally superior to anything in the Old World was in contrast to the colonies founded in Virginia and the Caribbean—which were profit-seeking endeavors meant to benefit the colonial powers. (This idealism has been present in American culture ever since, but the Founding Fathers missed a crucial opportunity in 1776 to create a true New World civilization, preferring instead to cling to their ties with the Old World.)

The first winter was harsh for the Pilgrims, with half dying from disease and starvation. When spring arrived, they were weak and worried that hostile natives may attack at any time. One may imagine their great surprise when they were greeted by a friendly, English-speaking local named Squanto! Squanto introduced the Pilgrims to New World farming techniques and crops, including the ‘three sisters’ (corn, beans, and squash) which are commonly grown to this day. He also served as a diplomat who fostered positive relations between the Pilgrims and the nearby Wampanoag confederacy.

Squanto, friend of the Pilgrims.

Before encountering the Pilgrims, Squanto had interacted with English people many times before. When he was 20, Squanto was captured and taken to England as a slave. Over the next 14 years he crossed the Atlantic at least 5 times, serving as an interpreter and guide for English explorers. At one point, he was released by an explorer only to be captured and re-enslaved by one of the explorer’s officers!

When he finally managed to return to his home in the region which is now known as New England, Squanto found that the area had been wiped out by a plague the previous year. The Pilgrims and the Mayflower would arrive one year later.

Squanto could have easily led a group of warriors to wipe out the English newcomers in an act of revenge; however, he chose to treat these strangers in need with impartial kindness. He was from a branch of the Wampanoag confederacy, and interestingly, Wampanoag means ‘People of the Dawn’. Could Squanto have been partially descended from Aryans of the 5th World who continued migrating northward? That might be a bit of a stretch, but it is quite fitting that the People of the Dawn should be the ones who help usher in what could be the beginnings of a new Atlantean civilization.

After a successful harvest in the fall, a celebration took place where the 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags feasted together. This celebration is what is known as the First Thanksgiving.

Although some meat was likely eaten at the first Thanksgiving, it was only a supplement to what was indisputably a harvest celebration.

Tragically, Squanto died the next year. Some historians believe he was poisoned by the Wampanoag leader because he thought Squanto was too trusting and friendly towards the newcomers. Regardless, Squanto’s friendship and diplomacy was able to keep peaceful relations between the Wampanoag and New Englanders for 50 years before competition for scarce resources from an ever-increasing number of colonists led to war.

Squanto is a unique figure in American history. He stands out because his role in the first Thanksgiving is one of the few American stories where an Amerindian is the hero—not a sidekick or misguided antagonist. In this case, he was the teacher, the civilizer. He introduced new crops and farming techniques to the Pilgrims when they had little knowledge on how to farm in their new environment, and likely would have starved without his help.

More importantly, he is a real American hero—Squanto is regarded, alongside the Pilgrims, as being one of the first Americans. The story of the first Thanksgiving shows us what it truly means to be an American: it is something that is not tied to ethnicity or skin color, and it will forever be a thorn in the side of American White Nationalists who regard the United States as a bastion of ‘White Civilization’ (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Unfortunately the sun has set on the new dawn that Squanto tried to usher in, and the United States has forged a legacy of racism and inter-ethnic discord. Can we make the sun rise once again on a new Atlantean folk?

The modern Thanksgiving has sadly drifted away from its roots as a harvest festival. It has become a celebration of over-indulgence and gluttony where it is not uncommon for people to happily eat to the point of feeling sick. Turkey has replaced grains and vegetables as the main course, and it is such an integral part of the modern Thanksgiving that the holiday is sometimes light-heartedly called “Turkey Day”.

The Thanksgiving turkey is so popular in American culture that Ronald Reagan began a strange tradition where presidents ‘pardon’ a turkey that is presented to them. Since domestic turkeys have been bred to grow to unhealthy large sizes, the pardoned turkeys are plagued by issues like joint pain, respiratory problems, and heart disease. Most pardoned turkeys live for only a few months before painfully succumbing to health problems.

Don’t worry though, they just eat a different turkey instead.

To top it all off, the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, which marks the start of the Christmas shopping season, and is perhaps one of the most disgusting examples of greed and materialism in existence.

On a more positive note, other staples of Thanksgiving dinner include mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, and pumpkin pie—all are New World foods that Squanto introduced to the Pilgrims. Other hints of Thanksgiving’s origin as a harvest festival are hidden in plain sight: after turkey, the cornucopia is the second most popular symbol for the holiday.

The fruits of a successful harvest.

Let us hope that some day in the not-so-distant future, all turkeys will be permanently pardoned, and Thanksgiving can once again be a harvest festival and an Atlantean celebration of UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

I should mention that not everyone views Thanksgiving in a positive light, however. Some Native American groups have used Thanksgiving as a day to protest against the genocide and plunder that took place in the New World, calling their protests things like ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ and ‘National Day of Mourning’. While their feelings are not unjustified, choosing to protest Thanksgiving is a poor choice.

It is essential to recognize the significance of Thanksgiving—not only is it not about genocide and conquest (like Columbus Day and similar celebrations), but it is about sincere inter-ethnic unity and impartial kindness (something which is relatively lacking in American history!). Thanksgiving romantically represents the Atlantean civilization that could have been: a New World built not upon genocide, plunder and deceit, but on friendship, unity, and higher ideals. Of all the evils that the post-Columbian era has unleashed, Thanksgiving is one thing that Atlanteans should certainly be thankful for.

All New Worlders are descended from pilgrims, whether ancient (from the fall of the ancient Atlantean civilization) or modern (from the ills of the Old World).

Together we shall finish our pilgrimage in the Atlantis to come.

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A few months ago I entered into conversation with Abu Haydar al Ashraf, the leader of Die Faziste Wehrmacht, a movement based in the Philippines. He set up the movement a few years ago, but due to a few traitors, it broke apart. Since then, he has worked hard to reorganize Die Faziste Wehrmach and bring it back to life, and, though still small and still growing, he has been successful. Abu Haydar is an humble, honest and honourable individual, and worthy of being the future Aryan leader of the Philippines. I ask every Filipino Aryanist to help him in this struggle by pledging allegiance to him. He has sent us a brief description of his movement.

Upon our introduction we wish to state that we are of a nation in Southeast Asia that is plagued by major degeneracy (the likes of Liberalism, Communism and Zionism) and thus it be of intent that we cleanse our nation of these filth. what pains us are the sprouting liberal cultures growing like weeds on the wall, slowly eating it from the inside till the wall is no more but a stony tooth pick. And that our generation in the land have developed the habit of cursing mothers and fathers, elders and that respect is no more than a stony tooth pick we call a culture, the nature of praising degeneracy and showing support to inferiority (i.e. popular Jewry) and this excessive love and admiration to foreign folk and their culture leaving the sight of their own kinsmen in humility to their view.

We have made three concepts for our movement

Freiheit – Freedom from the encroaching tone of degeneration
Zusammengehörigkeit – Unity from the encroaching tone of degeneration
Sauberkeit – Cleanliness from the dark shadows of liberalism, communism and Zionism.

And therefore we try our best to keep our views as intact as possible (God willing) just maybe we can lessen degeneracy to a great extent or to completely annihilate it! As the Ratführer of the Fazist movement, I testify on the account of the Reichshaber’s radicalism in the Fazist doctrine. As the same, the Reichshaber of the movement has and is putting all his thoughts of the doctrine within the Fazist Handbook, to face the World-Degenerate (the Jew) and to destroy his inferior whims, this he seeks!

Truth be told we are not alone in this country to feel what we have felt all the years we have witnessed and we have endured. there are others and if it be willed, they too can unite with us.

We are the die Faziste Wehrmacht movement, our movement began on the year 2011 as an internal movement (movement based within the internet) and during 2012, a great treason occurred among us and we were silenced as a movement for a long time until recently, the Reichshaber decided to put our movement into activity once more by placing much of his attention in the external.

Heil euch zum Respekt,

Der Ratführer der Fazisten Wehrmacht, Ahmad Sulaymaan al Amir

Der Reichshaber der Fazisten Wehrmacht, Abu Haydar al Ashraf

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We all know what happened on 18 September in Scotland, and there is no reason to continue to analyze the situation. Disappointing as the results are, the possibility of Scottish independence has pushed pro-independence fervour in Catalonia.

This Sunday a referendum will be held regarding Catalan independence, which the Spanish parliament opposes (as “illegal”). The best response is to push ahead with it, and to continue to build on the pro-independence sentiment (which has already been growing in the past few years), which will show that Catalonia can and does operate separately from Spain, further building on the pro-independence sentiment. And if Sunday’s referendum is not successful, mass demoralization need not follow because the referendum is more of an opinion poll for future action than a decisive referendum in Catalonia’s independence.

If the pro-independence movement is to go ahead, I suggest the following:

1) Breaking cultural ties with Western Civilization. Instead, Catalonia could focus on its Cathar past. (This does not mean, and should not mean, any animosity towards Muslims or any other religious group. In fact, the rebirth of Catharism should also result in the reinvigoration of its Mohammedan parallel, Sufism, and other parallel groups in other religions.)

2) Following Sunday’s referendum, moving attention away from Artur Mas and Oriol Junqueras (and their respective parties). Mas can only push post-independence Catalonia to the right, which may eventually even lead to an increase in ethnocentrism in Catalonia. Junqueras will make post-independence Catalonia a republic. They are perfect for each other, but not for us. This means you should either form your own secessionist party or becoming an entryist into one of the other parties (preferable Junqueras’ as it is at least on the Left). Note that if you choose to form a new party, your will have to be extremely more enthusiastic, more charismatic, more active and more effective in organization and propaganda because secession is already a commonplace topic and is most closely associated with the other parties; in other words, you need to become better known and more popular than them, and quickly.

3) Friendly relationships with neighbouring states. This will give Catalonia a better reputation on an international scale, initially help to set the economy rolling, and perhaps create a gateway into the western Mediterranean and beyond. (As a bonus, Catalonia could lead the way in building relationships with North African states, countering both the rise of the far-right and establishing control of the Mediterranean.) Also, there is no reason whatsoever to not have friendly relationships with the people of other states, especially as poor relationships create tension between different peoples: the only dichotomies we really need right now is Aryan vs non-Aryan and non-Jew vs Jew.

4. Rejoining the EU upon secession (without adopting the Euro), thereby leading the way in forming an anti-Zionist block in the EU and pushing other member states in the same direction.

If you have any other ideas, mention them below. More importantly, if you are an Aryanist living in Spain (preferably in Catalonia) and would like to see an Aryanist post-independence Catalonia, get in contact with us!


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No surprises here either.

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Please share widely:


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In an attempt to spread knowledge about Jewish crimes more quickly, many of the early post-9/11 truthers attempted to get in contact with the far-right. Both sides believed they could win out of this connection – popularity for the truthers and young members for the old far-rightists. To create this connection, the truthers began to feature far-right ideas in anti-Zionist work, thus bringing the two so closely together that today virtually anybody who wishes to learn more about Jewish domination will also read far-right material sooner or later. This means Gentiles find a group in which they belong more easily, leading not only to the popularization of the far-right, but also to strengthening the misconception that the far-right and anti-Zionism go hand in hand. This is also problematic for Aryans who are not yet familiar with anti-Zionism because either they cannot find the far-right appealing and so they drop anti-Zionism along with it, or because they may repress their instinctive contempt for rightist ideas in order to become more informed, often losing confidence in their own instincts and fooling themselves into joining the far-right, thus giving it members that are unusually loyal and idealistic. (There is also the possibility of pursuing anti-Zionism while standing aloof of rightist hubris, but this will become more difficult as the far-right increasingly dominates the scene with each passing day. As if that weren’t enough, Jews are also beginning to portray themselves as “anti-Zionists” – usually doing nothing more than jumping on the anti-Israel bandwagon – without joining either the far-right or leaving the tribe. For those who don’t get what’s going on, a brief study of the relationship between Israel and Apartheid South Africa may be helpful.)

The Solution

Obviously the problem won’t be solved unless meaningful action and organization is carried out in the real world. (http://aryanism.net/politics/beyond-propaganda/) The propaganda war must also be fought constantly in order to find new members, and the Internet is a perfect place to do this. It has been used so far by our BS opponents, but also by genuine anti-Zionists (and Jews trying to enter this scene also!). While those who are genuinely anti-Zionists have their heart in the right place – and so we would easily accept them in our ranks – they tend to dabble in the ideas of the False Left, promoting democracy, human rights and countless other ideas – or if not they find sympathy for anarchy – alongside with anti-Zionism. This only complicates matters, wasting our time with debates as to whether or not Israel is a democracy (who cares?) or about the human rights of Jews in Israel (again, who cares?). (Gentiles have also picked up on the Zionist rhetoric when it comes to these matters, using it for their own tribe instead.)

As for our movement, while we are ethically upright and intellectually sound, we are easily mistaken for neo-Nazis especially by those who don’t bother to read our articles and the soundest ideas are hard to accept simply because of the baggage associated with the Third Reich. We’ve debated the matter in the past and we are sticking with our style, simply because the National Socialism was a real ideology which merits to be discussed if we are to get to the truth of the matter, especially as it is closely associated with anti-Zionism in the popular mind.

On the other hand, we cannot afford to be too inflexible either. If our ideas are to be shared, we cannot afford to have them be unapproachable because of historical lies. We need a web site for the True Left without the National Socialist theme. In this fashion, people may find some of our ideas a bit odd at first, but will have an easier time accepting them if they didn’t think of them first and foremost as “Nazi ideas”. The website will link to this one in a place that is easy to spot. It will act as a liaison for Aryans between whatever their actual misconceptions are and our movement.

The Team

In order to create this web site, a team of at least three dedicated people is needed. As the web site expands, more sections can be added to the site, and, when appropriate, more people to the administrative team, but the essentials for now are:

Ideology – The purpose of this section is to discuss matters of ideology. It will be essentially the same as our three sections on culture, philosophy and politics, and, if possible, religion. This section is extremely important as it’s meant to familiarize Aryans with the True Left – i.e., it’s the essential purpose of the site. Newcomers, even if trying to keep an open mind, will probably have ideas from any shade of the political spectrum which may contradict our own. Seeing why their ideas are wrong (if they are) is just as important as seeing why ours are right if we want a true conversion. Some examples of potential topics are ‘Universalism without Egalitarianism’, ‘Anti-Traditional Absolutism’, ‘Identity vs Personality’.

In the negative aspect of the work, you will be countering two positions. Firstly, you will have to counter the right. Admittedly, we cannot do much about those who are instinctually drawn to the right; again, our purpose is not to draw Gentiles to the True Left, but Aryans. What we are seeing today is a shift in popularity from the left towards the right. What is needed to counter this is to counter right-wing ideas and arguments methodically so that those who are not rightists (i.e. Aryans), but are seeing the right as an alternative to the disappointing False Left, will not be drawn into the sphere of the right. One example is ‘Anti-Traditional Absolutism’: many are disappointed with relativism of the False Left, and in the hope of finding something more meaningful they’ll accept traditional (right-wing) absolutes as alternatives, so what we need to do is to show that the real alternative is not the traditional absolute, but the absolutes of the True Left and especially immanence.

Secondly, for those who have stuck with the False Left, it is crucial for them to change their position – not from left to right, but from False Left to True Left. If they aren’t going along with the flow from left to right, this is a sign that their heart is in the correct place, though their ideas may not be, which not only weakens their position (and confidence), but also strengthens the right. We need to show them what the left is through topics such as ‘Universalism without Egalitarianism’. Also important is to remove behavioural patterns the False Left has been fixing into its followers’ minds for years, such as the unwillingness to engage in physical combat – we cannot expect victory against the increasingly militarized right if we don’t become militants as well. This doesn’t mean turning the leftists into barbarians, but reawakening the warrior spirit. Consequently, we need to make sure we get rid of the focus on rights, not only because the intellectual premise from which they emerge is incorrect, but also because the hope for some sort of gratification is always present; we need a sense of duty arising from moral superiority and a willingness for complete sacrifice in carrying out one’s duties.

If this task is overwhelming, feel free to work with others on it and get others involved in individual work.

Politics – This section is not primarily meant as a place to debate political ideology – that is reserved for the “Ideology” section – but to be on top of news, to rise above false dichotomies and to present them from our angle. This task will not be easy not only because one must be thoroughly familiar with ideology, but also because deception in the news is a constant. If you are certain you are up for the task, you are welcome to take it. Also, there are about 200 states in the world, so obviously not everything can be covered; however, if regional experts can be found, get them involved.

History - Where do we cut off the “past” from the “present” in order to separate this section from the previous one? As a rule of thumb, anything post-9/11 will fall into “Politics”, and anything pre-9/11 into “History”. If the historical roots of a political matter are important, by all means include them in an article under “Politics”, and if the present-day results of historical events are mentioned, simply keep it in this section. In any case, this section is not to be used to solely discuss the Third Reich, but ought to be for history in general. It is especially important to discuss historical trends, such as the fall of monarchies, and not focus on “isolated” events or individuals who, though inspiring, haven’t really impacted the world; however, if you ever feel particularly inspired by an exemplary Aryan, you’re free to do an article about the character, but don’t let this form the bulk of the work.  Articles on topics such as the extinction of dinosaurs or the battle between Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthals, while potentially interesting, are not extremely relevant, so do not spend too much time on them. Mythology or articles like our own “Aryan Diffusion” series are also welcome. There is a wide span of time to discuss, so feel free to gather experts, especially as the site expands.

The history section is not as important as the other two, but it still has a value. Beyond merely presenting history in accordance with our worldview, we need to make sure that we correct some potential mistakes and give a general nudge in the right direction. In Aryan Diffusion Part 3 and Part 4, we corrected the mistaken beliefs that the Vedics and other Indo-European nomads (and Indo-Europeans in general) were/are Aryans, meaning that we can assess other matters such as the lifestyle of the original Aryans or their religious beliefs without contradicting ourselves. On the topic of the fall of monarchies and aristocracies, while we do not respect degenerate monarchs, and so we encourage their downfall, we need to show that what followed historically – republics and democracies – and those responsible for popularizing these ideas – Freemasons – were far inferior to what could have followed – absolute Aryan dictatorships – led by Aryans.

It is crucial to work together. This doesn’t mean that all articles have to be team projects, but that you should let each other know what you are working on and how you can help each other out.

Of these three sections, the “Ideology” and “Politics” ones are the most important. If at least two people can be found for these sections, then you may start before a historian joins the team, but if one of the two is missing, it is better to wait until somebody joins the team to work on the missing section.

Questions, Answers & Discussions

Newcomers will have questions, and answering them is just as important as creating them. A contact address like our own will be needed to do this, and the administrators will have to keep up to date and answer e-mails.

Answering questions and discussing various issues means that numerous e-mails on the same topic will be coming in because conversations by e-mail are usually one-on-one. One solution to this would be to have a public area for discussion such as a blog. This can function in the same way as our own. Another solution would be to have a forum, but this would be more helpful only if the site attracts many visitors. Also, people like to be reassured others are also interested in what they are, and it is best that the site does not show itself as empty in its early stages. The blog is better suited for this purpose because the blog will look new, not empty, while a forum will probably have many largely empty subsections (which one is tempted to create for future discussions) and will not generate as much discussion. It is best to stick with a blog for now.

So who’s in?

If you think you are fit for the job, or would like to discuss matters pertaining to the web site, send in a contact form detailing which section you’d like to cover.

We will have to check your ability to communicate your ideas on matters dealing with your section and your understanding on them. To do this, you’ll need to send us at least one article about a relevant topic. On the bright side, think of it as a head start because you will already have at least one article for each section before you even open the site.

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Sorry for the delay:


Firstly, I want to most sincerely thank JJ and Decebal for their help; without the two of them, this page would simply not exist. They have been working behind the scenes on this since last year; in many ways this is their page more than mine, and I look forward to both of them playing important roles on our team in future.

Secondly, we have not heard from JJ for a while and therefore decided to release the page without him, but he is of course more than welcome to turn up at any time with the additional material he was supposed to have (including more pictures and maps), which can be used to update the page in future (so do not assume the current version of the page is final). JJ also mentioned that he wanted to talk about Thanksgiving and how the festivities could be modified to reflect our values, so I really hope we will hear from him soon.

Thirdly, Anthony wanted to use the occasion to share this link:


Fourthly, how has everyone been doing? I have basically been away since the beginning of the year, and I will be away again soon, so this is just a brief visit to say hello. As mentioned previously, it is vital that the momentum of Aryanism is not dependent on the constant presence of any particular individual active within it, but that it is capable of continuing (in the correct direction!) irrespective of the people carrying it – only then can it truly call itself a movement. It is not because I don’t care, but because I care so much  about Aryanism that I am deliberately stepping back from it in order to test whether or not it is a movement yet, and if not, what can be done to make it one. We are at the stage where (as Miecz and I were discussing in private a while back), we now have plenty of content, and more content is not what we most urgently need. What we need most is a propaganda army applying our content in debates, in context-specific presentations, in focused applications, etc.. We already know we have the better arguments, but what we are not doing enough of is spreading our arguments to those who most need to hear them, namely those who are currently trying their best to counter far-right propaganda but who are having trouble doing so using False Left premises. This is what needs to be our top priority in the near future. The True Left must let the world know it exists.

Now, about the topic of the page itself. JJ and I discussed at great length the lack of exposure of students to American mythology and prehistory in present-day American formal education. This has led to Americans thinking that America is somehow a solely modern entity, as a consequence of which, when modernity disappoints, Americans stop being American and start identifying with their Old World roots, the obvious outcome of which is ethnic division and strife, right on Zionist schedule. For national unification, what we need is a vivid awareness of ancient America, so that Americans disappointed with modernity can pledge allegiance to the distant past of their own homeland instead. Right-wingers like to make fun of those Americans who tell others they have partial Native American ancestry despite not really having any, but I have always viewed such people as basically motivated by nationalistic sentiments – they are the ones who really want to emphasize their loyalty to America rather than to the Old World. But our position is emphatically that you don’t need to have Native American ancestry to be American. As long as you have Aryan blood memory, even if it is from Old World Aryan bloodlines, it is surely capable of sympathetic resonance with New World Aryan bloodlines. All you have to do is allow it to resonate in this way. I hope our American Aryanists can lead by example in this respect. By all means be fans of Old World mythology also, but as you live in the New World, the mythology that should guide your artistic and cultural development first and foremost is such as presented in Part 7, not Parts 1-6.

I always wondered why there are virtually no Hollywood studio movies about Native American mythology. Sure, there are plenty of high-profile movies featuring Native Americans, but only ever depicted in interaction with Columbian-era arrivals. Why not movies about events prior to the Columbian era? There is a huge and completely untapped resource of story material here, enough for hundreds if not thousands of such movies, from exciting action blockbusters to heart-wrenching psychological dramas. So why haven’t they been made? Oh, of course, Hollywood is owned by Jews. Jews don’t want Americans inspired by the heroic archetypes of the land they are living in – that might actually lead Americans to become a folk, and they can’t have that happening! No, let’s just make another “300″ sequel instead!

But if we were in control of the entertainment industry, local mythology would definitely be one of our top genres for movies, TV, video games, etc.. Unfortunately we are not, at least for now. One project I suggest we do start at once, however, is a pan-American social networking group for people enthusiastic about culturally unifying a post-Western New World under broadly Aryanist/True Left ideals. My first thought was to call it “People of Atlantis” (a take on “People of WalMart”), but anything else with an Atlantean theme would be fine also. If successful, this could develop into a talent pool for our future projects. Anyone want to volunteer for this project?

In the right-wing worldview, America (by which they mean Western civilization in America) is coming to an end. In our worldview, America (by which we mean America) is only now about to begin. If we play our cards well enough, the next civilization in the New World can be ours.

(P.S. Back in the old days, JAM and I talked vaguely about making a Dungeons-&-Dragons-style RPG campaign setting based on Aryan prehistory. Now with all seven parts of the Aryan Diffusion series posted, this could really be done. Something else for you guys to think about.)

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Following from my previous post, I want to discuss some more of the lies surrounding events in Ukraine. The purpose of this post is not to discuss the events in the Ukraine, although you are welcome to do so in comments. It is use them to point out some things that are worth bearing in mind in the future. What I am going to say does not just apply to the Ukraine crisis, but in geopolitical issues all around the world.


I have heard some people condemn the government in Ukraine as illegal. This is a very common red herring. Similarly, I have heard people say the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal. I have heard people say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal. (Illegal to whom? Obviously, the British and American government think they are legal. Do these people support the subordination of national governments to international organisations?) The flaw in this argument is that by saying we should condemn something because it is illegal, we imply that if it were legal, it would be justified. In fact, even if the Israeli occupation of Palestine were legal, it would still be immoral. Contrary to the view of Liberals and democrats, morality is not something decided by majority consensus.

‘For no nation on earth possesses a square yard of ground and soil by decree of a higher Will and in virtue of a higher Right. The German frontiers are the outcome of chance, and are only temporary frontiers that have been established as the result of political struggles which took place at various times. The same is also true of the frontiers which demarcate the territories on which other nations live. And just as only an imbecile could look on the physical geography of the globe as fixed and unchangeable–for in reality it represents a definite stage in a given evolutionary epoch which is due to the formidable forces of Nature and may be altered to-morrow by more powerful forces of destruction and change–so, too, in the lives of the nations the confines which are necessary for their sustenance are subject to change. State frontiers are established by human beings and may be changed by human beings.’ – Adolf Hitler, being honest

Anyone who thinks that being legal makes something right or being illegal makes it wrong is nothing but an obedient slave, since they uphold whatever values legislators tell them they should instead of following their own conscience. And yet it is these slaves who mock National Socialists for ‘only following orders’, thereby demonstrating their stupidity in addition to their slavishness.

Besides this slavish view that holds that legislators (or any other human being) have the power to decide what is right and what is wrong, there are two other views.

The first is that morality does not exist. In this view, if someone has control of a territory, they have no ‘right’ to it, and nor does anyone else. It belongs to whoever has power over it at a given time, and if someone succeeds in taking it from them, then it will belong to them instead. This was the view held by people like Nietzsche. It is less absurd than the first view I discussed, but still not of much interest to Aryanists.

As Aryans, our view should be that morality is objective and independent of human opinion. So, as I said, it makes no difference whether some organisation says the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal. Even if they were to change their mind and decide it is legal, it would still be immoral. I doubt there are many people who would accept the occupation if the UN or some other body did declare it legal. So, by claiming it does make a difference they are being dishonest.


I have also heard people say that the Russian occupation of the Crimea is justified because Russia has cultural, linguistic, historical and ethnic links to the area. Anyone who cannot see that is a Gentile argument does not understand what a Gentile is. The same argument has been used countless times throughout history by Gentiles as a poor excuse for tribalist behaviour. Our response, as Aryans, to this sort of argument should be ‘So what?’ It is as simple as that.

For a trivial example of this mentality in action, see here:


It is quite ridiculous that human history has worked like the voting on the Eurovision song contest. Of course, now the voting system in Eurovision has been reformed. I wish I could say the same thing for geopolitics.



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