The birth of Turandom

I told you this would happen.

Get the full story from our enemy blog (please read the entire article and also the comments):

This summit represents a sea change in relations between Israel and the European Union. … The V4 and Israel have interests in common.

“The Hungarian point of view in this matter was: The European Union should value those efforts that the State of Israel makes for the stability of the region, which is not only in Israel’s interests but in Europe’s, too, because it protects us from newer and newer waves of migrant invasion.”

“Hungary was the, in many ways, the birth of modern Zionism, the movement that led to the establishment of the modern Jewish state because in Hungary was born our modern Moses, Theodore Herzl.”

Dismiss the danger of Turanian blood memory at the peril of everything we value. Turandom also exists in diaspora form:

The anti-immigration party trying to recruit immigrants

Although their manifesto calls for a near-total halt to immigration, the far-right political party Britain First is now actively trying to appeal to Polish immigrants.

Indeed it gathers explicitly by Turanian metabolism:

Some white supremacists think white ethnic identity has a geographic, historical correlation with the body’s tolerance for milk — specifically, the production of the lactase enzyme that allows humans to break down lactose.

For that matter, I also do not believe it to be mere coincidence that two out of three of Trump’s wives have heavy Turanian blood, and that his children then went on the marry Jews.

The best countermeasure to Turandom is Aryandom. Again I will let our enemy blog do the reporting for us:

On some schoolyards, it were normal to insult each other as “You Jew!”

He remembers statements by teachers after the attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin. Conspiracy theories immediately circulated among some pupils, according to which the attack was staged by the Jews and the USA, and the attacker Amri was a CIA agent who wanted to incite hatred towards Muslims.

Teachers lament that some pupils with an Arab background blacken out the state Israel in the atlas, and react extremely emotionally to the topic of Israel. Teachers reported to us that hatred for Israel is pretty strong with some pupils. Slogans such as: “Jews are murderers”, “they kill our children”, “they steal our land”.

Demography is destiny. These schoolchildren are the demographic that must grow throughout the EU to bring a better future for the whole world. They are the demographic that Turandom wants to eradicate. Are we ready to protect them?

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  1. RY. says:



  2. John Johnson says:


    Interestingly, William Pierce’s last three wives (he married 5 times in total) were Hungarians. It seems his preference was very strong…

    In 1986, Pierce married Hungarian Olga Skerlecz, a relative of Iván Skerlecz, Governor of Croatia-Slavonia, and the marriage lasted until 1990. Olga moved to California after their divorce.[46] Pierce then married another Hungarian woman named Zsuzsannah in early 1991. They met through an advertisement that Pierce placed in a Hungarian women’s magazine aimed at arranging international marriages. Zsuzsannah moved to Florida after their divorce in the summer of 1996. His final marriage, which lasted until his death, was to another Hungarian woman, Irena, whom he married in 1997.[6]

  3. Libertador says:

    That’s why we need to develop a sense of aryandom through cultural means. We love what we respect and we respect what we know. We need to develop a racial identity in odrer to counter traditional ethnic identitarianism.

  4. Board owner says:


    I think these fellas would object to the use of the term ‘racial identity’. I think they prefer ‘racial idealism’ , which I tend to agree with in general, even if our ‘ideal’ differs.

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