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75 Responses to Connections

  1. Interesting blog:

    A bit short on content, though. Any here who doesn’t yet have their own blog could offer to join that one. It seems to be mainly ideology based with ideas that mainly Alfred Rosenberg handled in the NSDAP.

  2. Cat says:

    This is the Link to Unity through Nobility again, urs no seem to work :) Much Love allways

  3. Hashtali says:

    Thanks! I’ve updated it.

  4. Hi there Hashtali, I have heard that you are setting up or apart of an Organised Canadian NS street activist team, form a friend on Facebook, a Kamerade actually. I am interested in joining and bringing you into our party.

  5. Hashtali says:


    “Hi there Hashtali, I have heard that you are setting up or apart of an Organised Canadian NS street activist team, form a friend on Facebook, a Kamerade actually.”

    No, this is incorrect. I am staying away from real life activism for a bit longer.
    By the way, who did you hear this from? I never said that to anybody, so I want to know who is spreading this information.

    However, there is a chance you’re thinking about another member, Pandorastop, who is leading a neighborhood patrol group, Lion’s Shield. You can contact him at the same email address as before. (If you no longer have it, send in a contact form, and I’ll give it to you.)

    “I am interested in joining and bringing you into our party.”

    Thank you. I will consider it, but, as I mentioned earlier, I am staying away from real life activism for now, so I will have to join a bit later.

  6. Thank you. No problems there. Yes Lion shield I do want to join and see about bringing them into our party. I can not find Pandorastops email address, could I get it again please? Much appreciated.

    Yes I plan is to unite all Authentic National Socialists unified into a party so when we get out there, people will see that we are organised and ready to act if need be. I am excited to hear about Lion Shield and ant to help with that in anyway I can. Activism goes so far I find when all your kamerades meet stormfronters (Zionist Correctness Agents) Yes we Authentic need a strong unified core, a party, a legit group with a plan, a strategy and folk on our side of high Quality. Also it is for our safety.

    Thank you for you time Kamerade, I look forward to working with Pandorastop, as I have other party members, real Aryanists who will be happy to hear this.

    Sieg Heil’

  7. Hey there, is Pandorastop still here?? He has not returned my email regarding the Lion Shield street patrols yet. I did email him last week or two weeks ago. I know he might be busy too, but just wondering if he got it.

  8. Hashtali says:


    I will send him an email. He should still be around. Probably just busy.

  9. Hi there kameraden, here is the new NS party website. It is still under renovations and editing, but still active. We are running under new ownership, for office in Canada. Anyone here from Canada who want to join up and Unite, we need the right NS people in the officer positions.
    and my new blogsite:

  10. Hashtali says:

    I checked your site, and I’m having trouble understanding some things. Or, to be exact, I hope you’re not saying what I think you’re saying.

    Under “Leadership Qualifications” (, you have the following:
    “Be a Canadian Citizen of European status”

    What if I’m a Canadian of non-European heritage?

    From hygiene (
    “Fashionable European style dresses, skirts and blouses with coats and non heeled shoes, unless worn respectfully,”


    And then:
    “Clean shaven is the style for European men, but a compromise can be made for a shaved/trimmed goatee or little what ever as long as it is maintained and kept respectable.”

    Regardless of whether I agree with you or not (and I don’t), your party should be for CANADIANS, NOT EUROPEAN MEN AND WOMEN!
    (By the way, your policies on body hair – I don’t understand why we don’t have more important issues, to be frank – do not match with your policies on religion, given you’re discriminating against Sikhs and some others.)

    From the First Nations page:
    “Fact in World War 2, most non-aryan peoples and their nations choose at the free will to side with the German National Socialists against the allied Americans, Canadians, British, and Russians.”
    Why are you still equating “Aryan” with “white”? I thought the site cleared this topic years ago. If it wasn’t clear, read here (and make sure to read the Aryan Diffusion Series):

    By the way, I expect any Canadian Aryanists to have policies for the integration of people of European and First Nations heritage, as well as any other heritage, into a wider Canadian folk.

    From the “ethics” page (
    “Be given their land back as living space, to nurse their folk and communities back to natural health, free of influence and European distraction. ( We Europeans shall live in the space around First Nations lands.”

    Beside what I said earlier about ONE CANADIAN FOLK, I’m not sure why you’re talking about Europeans settling Canada (or why you refer to yourself as “we Europeans”; I thought you’re Canadian). I would expect a Canadian nationalist party to be against European colonialism (especially in Canada)……
    Or are you still identifying people based on “ethnicity” rather than based on citizenship (i.e. based on ancestry rather than being part of the folk)?

    As for the anti-immigrant propaganda on your main page (, I’m absolutely disgusted. I have no idea why you’re using right-wing propaganda.
    Why not try to solve Canada’s economic problems instead of blaming immigrants? It’s not immigrants that cause unemployment; from our page on immigration: “In order to believe this lie, you would have to believe that immigrants live on nothing but air and sunlight, which of course they do not. Immigrants, just like everyone else, are consumers as well as producers. Immigrants to a country may take jobs, but will also give custom to local businesses for the products and services that they need for daily life. These businesses, in turn, will have to employ additional staff in order to effectively provide these additional products and services. In short, jobs are taken, but jobs are also created.” (In fact, you might need more immigrants in the future:
    Also, I’m not sure why “white” unemployed Canadians matter more than “non-white” unemployed Canadians…..


    WHAT THE FUCK? Surely you’re not saying all (or even most) immigrants in Canada are like that? I assure you I’m not, nor is any other immigrant that I know.

    There are other problems, but I’d like to point these out first before anything else.

  11. LuciferOverZion says:

    Most immigrants to Canada are either educated, rich, or skilled, not really riff raff.

  12. As soon as I see “White Genocide,” I smell a rat… Btw, thanks for the Hakenkreuz.

  13. Jacek says:

    This is wonderful site. I am very glad to read about the great man A Hitler and brilliant and lofty idea of National Socialism.
    Unfortunately Zionist propaganda perverted minds of masses, that’s why idea of patriotism and nations is in degradation and Europe is under ruler of Zionist Bolsheviks.
    Best wishes for all Aryans and friends in great idea of National Socialism

  14. LuciferOverZion says:

    Where has Isaac gone?

  15. I am still around, just having taken a time to breath and consider the future a little. I am definitely determined to consider the future course of our Movement, especially here in Australia. About a month ago, Australia has a new Prime Minister, the first Jew in Australia’s history – Malcolm Turnbull. I think this is definitely something that needs to be worked with, especially with revealing the Zionist agenda at work here in Australia. The New Zealand prime-minister is a Jew too.

  16. Numinous Sun says:


    Interesting that Pamela Geller mentions us, yet the ADL still refuses to acknowledge we even exist. There’s something to it all, I would submit.

  17. JasonFleeceFinder says:

    Just discovered your site and love it. I’m a National Socialist who has long steered clear of most groups do to their ignorance and disgusting hate. Glad to find you guys.

  18. Hey, I had a thought which almost feels like a revelation to me…

    Essentially, just as neonazism is to genuine National Socialism,
    so ISIS is to the true Kaliphate.

    ISIS is being used as a means to blind people to ever see the truth that a genuine Kaliphate would be the most honourable and noble society on the earth. Instead, they have elements of truth, but then they commit abominable and horrific acts against the innocent, and are funded by kufr and Zionists to destabilise (chaos and mayhem). So if anybody were to start speaking about establishing the Kaliphate, they are immediately branded extremist and terrorist, just as somebody starts talking about Hitler and National Socialism, they are immediately branded anti-Semite and racist, nazi, etc.

    All you are left with in the false dichotomy created is to side against the false Kaliphate and try to speak about “moderate Islam” which ends up bending and scraping to the West, loving democracy and embracing the degradation of multiculturalism and all the other evils that being pushed for the destruction of nobility. Just as those who fight “neonazism” end up becoming “liberal” and pervert “universalism” into egalitarianism as opposed to genuine “quality over quantity” of the True Left (genuine NS).

    Just thought I’d post my thoughts anyway, to see what others feel about this. But I feel pretty confident that this is exactly what our enemy is attempting to do.

  19. Numinous Sun says:

    @Saifullah al-Maslul:

    “But I feel pretty confident that this is exactly what our enemy is attempting to do.”

    Indeed, ISIS is helping divide the middle-east among sectarian lines further aiding in the ‘balkanization’ of the region as per the Odid Yinon Plan. A true Kaliphate would unite the Arab and Persian nations against their true enemy, Israel.

    (just reiterating your point really, as it is a very important one.)


    Welcome! Have you read the entire site yet? If not, I always like to start most people here:

  20. @Numinous – I was talking about this with New Dawn, and he was surprised that he had never had this thought before. I think being a Muslim myself now, and having already understood how neo-nazism is used to slander true NS, I can see the parallels quite clearly, maybe in a way that if you weren’t Muslim, it wouldn’t come to you. Allah knows best, but it definitely seems that the propagation of division between Muslims is playing into the Zionist agenda. However, at the same time those who supposedly are promoting unity are actually promoting the acceptance of Western life and democracy, so it is obvious at the same time that a certain disunity must be accepted, probably something like when Jesus said, “Do not think that I came to bring peace to the earth. I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

    To facilitate a genuine and pure unity, not a mish-mash confusion, there is requires a certain degree of separation from those who at heart are actually not of the same quality, otherwise we are left with a tarnished alloy and not the pure gold quality that we are seeking to achieve.

  21. Abu Haydar says:

    @Sayfullaah and Numinous

    It’s already acknowledged that “isis” is unIslamic due to its severe usage of takfir and istihlal (making permissible what is impermissible in Islamic law) on things which are considered impermissible like the slaying of an innocent soul, the parallels we see between National Socialism and Islam is very clear at this point. The Jews are afraid of both because they are afraid that either National Socialism or Islam will eventually finish them off in the end. It is baffling to see people claiming to be anti Zionist and at the same time be anti Islam as Islam itself is the opposite of what degenerate Judaism is.

    I recommend this site (although I may not agree with everything in it:

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