Why Race Matters and Why ‘the Races’ Don’t

“Under close scrutiny, the division into races according to the colour of skin turns out to be quite the crudest and most obvious method, since there are noticeably inheritable characteristic racial differences among people of identically coloured skins.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Race in National Socialism means quality, not ethnicity.

Unquestioning acceptance of status quo ”racial” divisions is the greatest obstacle to true understanding about race. Happily splitting the human species into three “colours”, or three “continents”, Western civilization has produced a conveniently ignorant picture of what it calls ”the races” (actually ethnic clusters, which are not races in the true sense due to the variety of possible survival strategies even within the same habitat and hence different people subject to different selective pressures even within the same habitat), self-identification along which has created more problems than it has ever solved. Ongoing present-day genetic research, which has shown the isolability of alleles such that a given heritable trait can be carried independently of other heritable traits, and therefore can vary under selective pressure independently of other heritable traits, is confirming what should quite frankly be common sense based on real-life experience, namely that there are good people and bad people of all ethnic backgrounds, or in the words of Joseph Goebbels: “Subhumans exist in every people as a leavening agent.” Yet in recent years with the rise of ZC thinking, these serious results have been ignored by ethnocentrists in favour of drawing attention solely to ethnic differences along the old status quo lines. We as a world face a choice: we can stay in the mess of racial identity with all the division and strife necessarily embedded into this way of thinking, or we can wash away the remnants of a bygone era and pursue racial idealism.

“That is the task of our century; to create a new human type out of a new view of life. And for this, courage is needed; courage of each single individual, courage of the entire generation growing up, indeed of many following generations. For chaos has never been mastered by those without courage, and a world has never been built by cowards. Whoever wishes to go forward, must therefore also burn bridges behind him.” – Alfred Rosenberg

The common anti-ethnocentric claim takes the form: ”Race is a social construct.” Ethnocentrists, misinterpreting this as a claim that all humans are identical, respond by supplying extensive anthropometric differences between “the races” (while staying suspiciously silent about anthropometric differences within each of “the races”). This can be attributed to poor formulation of the claim, which we propose should instead take the form: “The races are a social construct.” Nobody believes that all humans are identical; if they really were identical it would be impossible to tell them apart! What anti-ethnocentrists, including Aryanists, believe is that the socially important heritable differences are not necessarily the ones sorted along ethnic lines.

Why the Races Don’t Matter

“Cruelty and kindness are of all lands and of all times, just taking different expression in different surroundings” – Savitri Devi

What race is this?

We do not claim, as do the blank slate egalitarians, that everybody is born the same. Instead, we consider it self-evident that everybody is born different, that no two individuals (with the possible exception of identical twins) are the same, whether within “the races” or between them. Dismissal of “the races” is not denial of heritable biodiversity, but recognition that classification of heritable biodiversity can be done in so many informative ways that focus on one classificational dimension to the exclusion of all others is intellectually dysfunctional (or, more likely, intellectually dishonest). The problem is not noticing patterns, the problem is noticing some patterns but ignoring others. What the far-right calls “racial awareness” or “race realism”, we call racial tunnel vision.

So-called “race realists” tell us that a DNA test will allow the tester to determine with up to 80% accuracy which of “the races” a person belongs to, as if this then justifies prejudging and socially discriminating against individuals based on their ethnic background. But the same DNA test could tell us with 100% accuracy which blood type a person belongs to (“S.S. men were all to be possible givers of blood. The letter indicating his particular blood-group — A, B, or O, — was tattooed under the right arm of every one of them, to make things easier in emergency cases.” – Savitri Devi), yet we do not prejudge individuals according to their blood type, and would not take seriously anyone who advocated policies of social discrimination based on “blood type realism”. Therefore “race realism” ought to be taken even less seriously than that.

External link: Distribution of Blood Types

A big deal is made by the same so-called “race realists” of studies that show ”the races” vary in average IQ test scores, yet it is statistical regularity that when a realistic data set is divided along any marker-based criterion, the resulting subsets are unlikely to have exactly equal averages. If, for example, we regrouped IQ test data by somatotype (endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph), we would find different average IQ for each somatotype, as documented by William Herbert Sheldon (and indeed hypothesized since Plato, Pythagoras and even earlier). Yet there are no “somatotype realists” blogging about crimes committed by mesomorphs only (while ignoring crimes committed by non-mesomorphs) and then ringing alarm bells about the horrors of “mesomorph-on-endomorph crime” (even though mesomorphs are in fact the most criminality-prone somatotype), or “Endomorph Advocates” calling those who reproduce outside of their somatotype “metabolism traitors” and talking about “undeclared war” being waged against endomorphs, nor would we take them seriously even if they existed. Anyone able to see the ridiculousness of such notions has no excuse not to see the same ridiculousness of so-called “race realism”.

“Such differentiation or definitions are by their very nature medians, or assumptions extrapolated from limited data, or an interpretation of data according to a hypothesis, and all of which data are static, time-dependent, relating as they do to a perceived or an assumed commonality existing or alleged to exist ‘now’ or at some static moment in time but which perceived or assumed commonality did not necessarily exist in the past and will probably, almost certainly, not exist in the future.” – David Myatt

External link: Wide-Faced Men More Aggressive

So does it now become a good idea to negatively prejudge everyone born in the green areas, and to warn people to be on their guard whenever they see someone on the street with a wide face? Is this “cephalic index realism”?

A good question to counter those who encourage ethnoprejudice is simply: “What is wrong with treating each person as an individual?” or “How can it be fair to not treat each person as an individual?”

The tunnel-visioned ZCs/BSs who tout crime disparity between “the races” as an argument for segregation between “the races” would never advocate segregation between the genders on the same grounds, let alone as a higher priority, despite the fact that crime disparity between men and women far exceeds that between any of ”the races”. Indeed, every time you come across a rabid racist who cites crime disparity to blame an entire ethnic group, the best retort is to compare him with a rabid feminist who cites crime disparity to blame all men. If the feminist contention sounds absurd (as it should to any rational mind), remember that it has stronger statistical backing than the racist contention. Can feminists defend their position by calling themselves ”gender realists”? If not, how can racists defend their position by calling themselves “race realists”?

And I am still waiting for “handedness realists” to demand separate schools for right-handed children only, so that they do not have to be stuck in the same classroom as left-handed children whose brains work demonstrably differently. While we are at it, why not “height realists” to talk about the achievement gap between tall people and short people? Why not ”allergy realists” to study people with a certain food allergy as a distinct group to see if they have a higher rate of bankruptcy? How about “tongue realists” to study the income gap between people who can roll their tongues and people who cannot? How about “joint realists” to study the difference in life expectancy of double-jointed people compared to non-double-jointed people?

If you can, should you be segregated by law from everyone who can’t?

What? People with free earlobes have moved next door to people with attached earlobes? Oh no! Someone warn the “earlobe realists” now! This must be Attached Earlobe Genocide! Anti-racist must be a code word for anti-Attached-Earlobes! (This is equivalent to the kind of disruptive, time-wasting noise that we as serious anti-Zionists have to put up with on a regular basis as we try to discuss serious topics.)

Jared Taylor (Gentile), professional tunnel-vision trainer

The tunnel-visioners have been trained to respond to accusations of racism by retorting: “It’s not racist if it’s true!”, but out of all the possible statements (true or false) about genetically rooted human variation, they choose to exclusively promote statements that make certain ethnic groups look bad while allowing all the other statements to go unmentioned (tunnel-reporting), which indicates an agenda on their part to denigrate tribal outgroups in order to gain recruits for their own tribe – that’s the racism we are accusing them of!

Tunnel-reporting tells us more about those doing such reporting than about those being reported on (notice anything about the author?). Don’t fall for it! How many rapes by men weighing over 50kg occurs every day? Should we therefore be suspicious towards all men weighing over 50kg?

The point is that if one goes looking for differences between any two categories, one is likely to find them. The real question we should be asking, therefore, is why Zionist government organizations insist on releasing official statistics classified according to “the races” but never release the same statistics classified according to blood type or somatotype or any of the hundreds of other parameters of genetically rooted human variation that could have been presented just as informatively. Is it not obvious that they are actually programming us to think in terms of “the races”, and only in terms of “the races”, despite their public claims to the contrary? Is it not then obvious that the tunnel-visioners are the very people who have fallen hook, line and sinker for this programming?

(By the way, what the hell is a (Zionist government term) ”visible minority”? Why are people who are over 2 metres tall, or freckled people, or people with a widow’s peak in their hair, not counted as visible minorities?)

The truth is that the predominance of ”the races” over other classifications is due solely to political utility for post-Renaissance Western civilization. Primarily to justify colonialism, the British Empire introduced a hierarchical concept of ”the three races” (“Caucasoid”, “Mongoloid”, “Negroid” - which are really just modernized versions of the Tanakh’s Japheth, Shem and Ham respectively), a classification continued by post-independence America in policies relating to slavery and other issues, and consequently embedded into modern thought. Social and reproductive segregation along such lines caused separate cultures along these same lines to develop even in a single society, making the classification a self-fulfilling prophecy, much as the designers intended, which in turn made it easy for themselves (and their descendants) to believe in it as if it were fundamental truth.

“The English are well known throughout the world for their lack of political scruples. They are experts at the art of hiding their misdeeds behind a facade of virtue. They have been at it for centuries, and it has become such a part of their nature that they hardly notice it any longer. They carry on with such a pious expression and deadly seriousness that they even convince themselves that they are the exemplars of political virtue. They do not admit their hypocrisy to themselves. It never happens that one Englishman says to another with a wink or a smile “We don’t want to fool ourselves, do we now.” They do not only behave as if they were the model of piety and virtue — they really believe that they are. That is both amusing and dangerous.” – Joseph Goebbels

Anti-British propaganda of National Socialist Germany

This ”three races” classification was considered coarse even by pre-WWII academia, which preferred a strict anthropometric classification that returned a much larger number of races. The hypocrisy is that many ZCs/BSs today who emphasize the importance of sorting people according to “the three races” are the same ones most likely to turn around and dismiss these more detailed classifications as unimportant. This is perfectly understandable when we examine their psychology. As racial identitarians (who themselves tend to be sub-average individuals) seek vicarious elevation of status by group association, they must promptly discontinue this exercise before it has a chance to lead to unflattering results. Racial identity is vanity, nothing more.

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

External link: Researchers establish link between racism and stupidity

Meanwhile, the Zionist agenda to cause interethnic hostility is best served precisely by this deliberately coarse racial identity classification, both so that statistics can be manipulated conveniently, and so that people can easily be fed with the required stereotypes (something that would be much harder with a classification scheme involving hundreds of anthropometric categories). This is why Zionist government organizations do not tell us about the Pamirid unemployment rate or the Phalid divorce rate: because this would not help them start fights between non-Jews nearly as well as the coarser classification.

Racist Cartoon

Racist stereotyping cartoon, promoted by Zionist agents to Gentiles

Why Race Matters

“The decisive problem which alone remained was thus: What was the method by which one was to find these men who as successors of the former creators of the body of our people and therefore as their heirs could today maintain their work? Here there was but one possibility: one could not from the race infer the capacity but one had to infer from the capacity the racial fitness for the task.” – Adolf Hitler

But the point is not merely to switch to self-identification based on a more honest or more detailed system of classification, because in so doing we remain passive to past evolutionary circumstance. Any kind of static racial identity promotes acceptance of the defects in whatever racial identity one has decided to belong to (and corresponding attachment towards the cultural expressions of these defects). While a racial identitarian may talk vaguely about racial improvement, he will never allow himself to feel revulsion towards his identity and the evils this identity has caused since its inception, and thus he shuts himself off from the only kind of improvement that is actually meaningful, namely redemption, limiting himself instead to digging a dangerous hole ever deeper and calling it “advancement”. In short, racial identity is most dangerous not by its intolerance towards the out-group, but by its tolerance towards the in-group.

“For our improvement we need a mirror.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

The positive response – the National Socialist response – is to take control and redefine race as a product of our control. We agree that culture is significantly a product of genetics. The difference is that we despise the cultures that the ethnopreservationists support - cultures of arrogance, slavery, industrialization, finance, fuel machines, cruelty to animals, exploitation of the environment and almost every other evil imaginable. Their aim is to preserve their cultures, and thus by logic the gene pools that produced them. Our aim is to start fresh. Authentic National Socialism was never about comparing one gene pool with another, but about recognizing and promoting the high-quality elements from any number of gene pools for the sake of a new, idealistic beginning (hence Hitler speaking of “two Germanys” and “two Japans“).

The simplest way to understand racial idealism is to think of a race as a genetic folk. If a folk is a people that work towards a common purpose, then a race is a people with a biological – and therefore heritable – tendency to work towards a common purpose. Indeed any folk that reproduces with sufficiently strong selective pressure concordant with its purpose will, given enough time (which can be drastically shortened by appropriate state initiatives), become such a race. And the larger the starting gene pool, the higher the resulting racial quality is likely to be, simply because we have more possible genetic combinations from which to make our quality selection in the first place.

“Races provide the original fundamentals of our essence and our expressions; it determines the physical and psychical collective expression of our people; but our Folk is a new biological unity whose members are joined together in the portentous bands of a community of blood in a common homeland. Within a Folk the profound biological laws of human evolution, heredity and selection, adaption and genetic drift, realize themselves. Race is therefore a result, Folk is a commencement in the biological evolution of human groups.” – Egon Freiherr von Eickstedt

“Race stasis has become in the course of the last ten years even more lifeless. … What now announces itself is a race dynamic.” – Friedrich Merkenschlager

Spartans were a product of racial idealism in this sense, bred in a society that selected against physical weakness and emotional sensitivity, and thus racially distinct from (though ethnically the same as) their fellow Greeks despite a common starting stock. African-American slaves were also a product of racial idealism for useful slave traits, which made them racially distinct from (though ethnically the same as) the various Guinean populations from which they had originated. Anglo-Australians were once a product of racial idealism for criminal traits, which made them racially distinct from (though ethnically the same as) the Anglos of the British Isles. Some speculate that even the extremely brief anti-artistic Cultural Revolution was enough to make mainland Chinese racially distinct (though ethnically the same as) the Chinese of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The nomadic Irish Travellers similarly are racially distinct from (though ethnically the same as) the settled Irish. Jews too can be considered a product of racial idealism in this sense, though their selection process is much more complex, being steered by how Judaism has directed Jews to interact, always with Jewish tribal interests in mind, both with other Jews and with non-Jews.

From the above examples, it is evident that the term “racial idealism” on its own nowhere implies that the ideal itself is automatically a good one. A key mission of Aryanism is to advocate - come the time when a racial ideal must be chosen - an archetype based on ethical quality rather than mere pragmatic competence, a choice of UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. But to even reach the stage where we as a world are ready to discuss what archetype to pursue, racial idealism (based on quality) must first entirely replace racial identity (based on ethnicity) as the standard perspective.

When you can think of Grace Colbert not as a “black” girl or a “white” girl or a “multiethnic” girl but as The Cheerios Girl, you are beginning to understand racial idealism.

“Race, with a capital letter, no longer exists in this darkest time of the earth. It is something that once was, and to which one claims to return as to an ideal. As with Greek statues, whose models were never present. But it is a duty to aim at this perfection and this transmutation. This and nothing else was what Hitler taught us.” – Miguel Serrano

If you call for racial identity, you will get interethnic tension. If you call for racial segregation, you will get interethnic conflict. The Zionists know this; that is why they are increasingly pushing racial identity into current reactionary politics. Our Aryanist reponse is: if you call for racial idealism, you will get interethnic unity. As such, all who continue to keep the discussion stuck in racial identity instead of helping us shift it towards racial idealism can be safely counted among our enemies.

Belief in the importance of race to society is one of the founding principles of authentic National Socialism. But the race in which we believe is qualitative race, not ethnic “race”. We seek racial type in the pure sense: we care about the heritable trait, not about where the heritable trait evolved.  We want a society of people genetically superior in nobility, in honour, in empathy, in kindness, in health and in beauty - in short, a society of Aryans. It does not matter at all what colour they are or in which part of the world their ancestors lived. Indeed, a serious, unbiased discussion about quality cannot begin until all ethnocentrism is removed from the table.

“I do not doubt for a moment, despite certain people’s scepticism, that within a hundred or so years from now all the German élite will be a product of the SS—for only the SS practises racial selection. Once the conditions of the race’s purity are established, it’s of no importance whether a man is a native of one region rather than another.” – Adolf Hitler

“Race is a social construct” now takes on a new meaning altogether: that we have it in our power to construct the race of the future.

Racial Idealism

“In the scientific sense there is no such thing as race. But you … cannot get your breeding successfully achieved without the conception of race. And I as a politician need a conception which enables the order which has hitherto existed on historic bases to be abolished and an entirely new anti-historic order enforced and given an intellectual basis … For this purpose the conception of race serves me well … With the conception of race, National Socialism will carry the revolution abroad and re-cast the world.” – Adolf Hitler


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