Multiethnic Society

“The importance of the individual states in the future will no longer lie in their political or statal power. I look to them rather as important ethnical and cultural centres. But even in this respect time will do its levelling work. Modern travelling facilities shuffle people among one another in such a way that tribal boundaries will fade out and even the cultural picture will gradually become more of a uniform pattern.” – Adolf Hitler

Can a liar already exposed as a liar continue to manipulate his victims? Yes, by advising the opposite of what he wants people to do, so that people fall into his trap by rejecting his advice. This tactic - commonly known as the reverse-bluff - has been in operation since the increase in rise of alternative media to challenge mainstream media. Those who believe they have escaped Zionist herding by turning to alternative media are behaving as if Zionists were unaware that alternative media exists. It makes more sense to consider that mainstream media and reactionary alternative media may be collaborating, with the former (whose credibility is in decline) reverse-bluffing to channel credibility to the latter, which can then easily manipulate their supposedly “awake” viewers.

Controlling both sides

To see the reverse-bluff in action, go to an online news article that allows reader comments. The article will say one thing, then a block of detailed and highly rated comments will say the exact opposite. This pattern has become ever more reliable since reactionary blogs have developed the habit of driving their fans in large numbers to these articles for the sake of rapidly filling the comments sections with reactionary comments, a habit which the news sites are well aware of (since they can see exactly which blogs are linking to their articles). It is not hard to see that the real function of such an article to deflect the reader towards agreeing with the dissenting comments, while deceiving him that he is a independent thinker for ‘rejecting’ the ideas of the article.

“There is one thing above all of which we must always keep in mind, one thing of which we must always remind ourselves: ‘Great masters of the lie’! One need only forget Schopenhauer’s words for an instant in order to begin slipping under the influence of their deceptions.” – Adolf Hitler

On the issue of multiethnic society, every mainstream article written in apparent celebration of ethnic diversity in society is making its readers more racist, and this is the exact Zionist intention of such media: not to encourage unity, but to sow discord. The same is true of the Zionist intention behind affirmative action based on ethnicity: not to close income gaps, but to inculcate distrust towards the professional competence of ethnic minority staff by both clients and colleagues, and hence eventual resentment towards their presence at all. The growing popularity of the racist far-right is a sign that all this is working exactly as Jews intended it to work.

Aryanist study finds discussing sensitive ethnic concerns are intended to be counter-productive, because Jews don’t want to risk the possibility of non-Jews seeing past ethnicity and unifying.

How to Scam Gentiles

“These beasts, it is true, fall asleep again every time when they have drunk their fill of blood, and at such time can easily be riveted into their chains. But if they be not given blood they will not sleep and continue to struggle.” – Protocols of Zion

Gentiles laugh at the Jewish media for giving publicity to far-right organizations and boosting their popularity. They do not see that the media (and indeed the Zionist network in general) is deliberately trying to put the far-right into power. Multiethnic society was not designed to destroy traditional culture, as the far-right claims; quite the contrary, multiethnic society was designed to stimulate a reactionary trend towards traditionalism, as manifest in the phenomenon of far-right fashionability itself.

Criticism? Or free advertizing masquerading as criticism?

Only a fraction of non-Jews (Aryans) genuinely have no racist tendencies, while the remainder (Gentiles) are psychologically dominated by primitive tribal instincts that prevent them from comfort with multiethnic interaction. The mainstream media promotes multiethnic society, which Gentiles initially go along with against their own discomfort. These Gentiles one day discover via alternative media that other Gentiles exist who share their feelings! This leads them to suspect that the mainstream media has been manipulating them. As they investigate, they discover that Jews own the mainstream media, but that Israel – unlike their countries – is for Jews only. Thus the Gentiles jump to the conclusion that the objective of Zionists is to “mongrelize us out of existence”, which their tribal instincts find alarming.

Now imagine Gentiles encountering Aryans, who never had to suppress any instincts in order to function without stress in a multiethnic society, for our Aryan blood memory subconsciously associates multiethnic society with the Neolithic farming technique of companion planting, hence our attitude towards multiethnic society is fundamentally positive. Lacking such blood memory themselves, however, Gentiles would likely mistake Aryans as either brainwashed or Zionist agents. Hence Gentiles would dismiss the Aryan warning that the true Zionist agenda is to start fights between different groups of non-Jews that allow Jews to gain more control over everyone. This plays right back into the hands of the Zionist agenda, which can now proceed even more easily than before.

Gentiles like to boast that they are dissidents. They ignore economists’ projections from the early 2000s that the next economic crisis would facilitate a far-right surge, in other words that they are in fact merely following the mass behavioural curve exactly as predicted. Gentiles like to boast that political correctness is losing its power. They do not consider the possibility that it was planned to lose power (to be replaced with Zionist Correctness) and produce conflict on Jewish demand. Gentiles like to boast that people are “awakening”, which they define as embracing racism. We respond that sleeping sheep cannot be herded. When a herder wishes to herd his flock, the first thing he has to do is wake them up. This is what is happening right now. This technique of getting people angry or frightened so that they eventually throw themselves at a Zionist-prepared solution is what we call backlash politics: build up the pressure and then offer a means to release it, thereby maintaining control while providing the illusion of change.

“I am a Leninist of the Right. In elections that count, I vote for the most leftist and the most emphatically anti-white candidates. The crazier the better! Let the majority population groan under the added misery until they react.” – Paul Gottfried (Jew)

External link: Sarkozy’s Racist Legacy

For example, the link above describes fairly well the process by which racism and Islamophobia have been normalized in France except for one key point: Nicolas Sarkozy (Jew) did everything he did not because he was incompetent, but because it was his aim right from the outset to clear the road for Marine Le Pen (Gentile). Once we understand that the rise of the far-right is all part of the Zionist plan, everything else falls into place.

Marine Le Pen (Gentile), professional Ziongasm releaser

On the rare occasion, a Jew-aware Gentile will have a glimmer of circumspection and ask: “How does it benefit Jews to promote ethnic minorities with a history of hating Jews?” But when we try to tell the Gentile that what benefits Jews is the far-right backlash which essentially uses Israel as a model to be emulated, thereby crippling anti-Israel propaganda, the Gentile tunes out. He is simply too arrogant to ever consider the possibility that his own reaction to the phenomenon in question is part of the Zionist calculation.

All part of the Zionist calculation to normalize Israeli policies

External link: These 5 European Jews Are Backing Far-Right Parties

What Is Tolerance?

“We have this folk of ours that is not to be defined as a race, and this is now clear to millions. However, when I began my career twenty-five years ago, this was not the case; then I was always told by bourgeois circles: “Yes, folk and race are one and the same.” No, folk and race are not the same! Race is a component of blood – a blood kernel, but a folk is very often composed not of one but of two, three, four or five different blood kernels.” – Adolf Hitler

How often does the Jewish media tell us that we are a “tolerant” multiethnic society? And how often do we see the Gentile who thinks he has broken through Zionist brainwashing by turning to racism? It appears that Gentiles really as stupid as described in the Talmud.

What does the word “tolerance” really mean? It means putting up with something you dislike. Therefore, when the Jewish media declares – over and over again - that we are “tolerant”, what are they really programming within you? Are they programming you to respect other groups? No! They are programming you to resent other groups, and then reminding you how much you have put up with from other groups. Tolerance presumes disgust, or else there would be nothing requiring toleration. The Jewish media is saying: “You know and we know that everything wrong with society is caused by those nasty Third Worlders, but let’s ignore this.” They are telling you to ignore an illusion that they themselves planted in your head.

If I tell you not to think of a penguin, you will think of a penguin. Calling for “tolerance” is just a subtler version of this elementary psychological trick.

Multiethnic society was set up by Jews, but never with the intention that it would actually work. It was set up on purpose to fail, in order to provide cover for the final Zionist takover when it collapses into chaos. Therefore the only way to upstage Zionism is to make it work, against all Jewish expectations.

Don’t think that the Penguin looks Jewish! (See what I just did?)

Therefore, when we promote good relations in multiethnic society, we should call never for ”tolerance”, but call instead for fellowship and unity. We should not ask people to “be tolerant”, but encourage them to rejoice in this opportunity to come together across conventional lines and fight Jewish domination and Gentile opportunism side by side.

“A folk is not the same as “a race”. A folk arises over time, through living in a certain area – a homeland – through shared experiences, through a common heritage, history and so on. Over time, a specific culture arises, which represents that particular folk, and the folk of this homeland develop a certain character … This character may be manifest in their way of life, their religious outlook, their literature, their natural music (that is, their “folk music”).” – David Myatt

What Is Populism?

“Hitler did not need to do more than what he did: to unmask the mythic cosmic Enemy, the incarnation of evil on earth, for the first time in the history of the world: the International Jew.” – Miguel Serrano

It is now common for the Jewish media to describe far-right groups as “populist”. This is another word trick.

The correct definition of populism is support of the welfare of ordinary people - the opposite of elitism. For example, Occupy Wall Street is a genuine (albeit confused and ineffective) populist movement. Authentic National Socialism is also a genuine populist movement, and a much more realistic one by recognizing that populism can only result from absolute leadership by a noble individual.

On the other hand, the far-right groups described as “populist” by the Jewish media are anything but. The far-right has no concern for the welfare of non-Jewish ethnic minorities, who are as ordinary as anyone (certainly not elites in control of international banking and finance, big business, media and academia), therefore it clearly does not champion ordinary people as a whole. Rather, its agenda is to placate the ethnic majority by using non-Jewish ethnic minorities as scapegoats. The accurate category in which the far-right belongs is not “populism”, but clientelism. Hitler vehemently opposed such approaches, saying: “If we go on to tell people that they are different, then we will be working, not to unify all Germans but to bring about the final separation and dissolution of the concept of Germany.”

But by referring to the far-right as “populist”, the Jewish media subtly redefines ”ordinary” to mean ”ethnic majority”. This hypnotizes majority listeners into forgetting that non-Jewish ethnic minorities are ordinary people too, or even people at all, so that empathy ceases to be applied to them. Simultaneously, it sends a message to minority listeners that they will never be regarded as ordinary by the majority, so that they might as well not even bother trying. In this calculatedly asymmetric way, each side is poisoned with a different kind of negativity towards the other, which prevents the forging of trust between them. This is known as the Freemasonic Chessboard Trick.

The best way to mitigate the effect of this trick is to expose it and use this awareness as part of the basis for a true populism among its intended ordinary victims against the elite Jewish tricksters.

Demographics of Segregation

“In this war – as almost always – the unjust are known by their arrogance, their pride and their bullying nature. In this war – as almost always – the just are known by their honour, and by their noble behaviour.” – David Myatt

As supposed evidence for the failure of multiethnic society, our enemies cite examples of self-segregation along ethnic lines even in settings where integration has been systematically imposed. In response, we suggest examining their own examples in more detail.

Children are more friendly across ethnic lines than adults.

For example, they like to say there is self-segregation in schools, which indeed there is. But looking within the student population will trivially reveal some groups less self-segregated than others. Which ones? Firstly, self-segregation increases with age (ie. with corruption of Original Nobility). Furthermore, even among older students, non-delinquent students (except Jews) are less likely than delinquent students to socialize along ethnic lines. An even better observation comes out of examining student subcultures. The best ethnically integrated of all are usually the sci-fi/fantasy fans who intuitively resonate with mythical archetypes, and whose archetypical identity (also known as racial idealism) is stronger than their racial identity. They associate themselves with what they want to be, rather than what they are.

“Our school remained an exemplary oasis of peace for the youths of such varied national origins. This still strikes me as being something pleasant and promising.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Video game fans are largely non-racist. Unfortunately, only a few care enough about society to actively speak out against racism. The rest care only about the gaming world.

In the adult population we find the same patterns. Which sub-populations are by far the most self-segregating? The prison population and the street gang population. Which sub-populations are the least self-segregating? The ascetic religious population (note that Judaism is not ascetic), and the military population (note that we consider the IDF and armed forces of other pro-Zionist states not military, but mercenary terrorists). In other words, the less folkish the pursuit, the more likely there to find ethnic lines. Racial identity occurs in proportion to the extent to which people lack connection to purpose. Identitarianism is a sign of collapsing civilization and descent into barbarism, which is exactly why we are presently seeing it on the increase.

“The German army does not exist for the purpose of being a school in which tribal particularisms are to be cultivated and preserved, but rather as a school for teaching all the Germans to understand and adapt their habits to one another. Whatever tends to have a separating influence in the life of the nation ought to be made a unifying influence in the army.” – Adolf Hitler

External link: Life Purpose Buffers Bad Moods Triggered by Diversity

None of this is denial of biology. We are completely open to the possibility that traits such as archetype intuition and folkism themselves have a genetic influence, and should be demographically promoted (in fact we suspect they are Aryan racial traits).

Former racists who saw the error of their ways share their personal stories here. There is hope!

Attempts to force ethnic integration among the prison population will fail, but simply because the prison population (with the exception of a few iconoclasts imprisoned for breaking the law motivated by nobility e.g. Keith Mann) is largely a population of low-quality people. And likewise where ethnic integration fails in present society, it is simply because too many people in present society are too low-quality for it. The failure is of the people, not of the policy. We simply need a higher quality population.

“What I found – and what at first astonished me – was that I felt more comfortable in the presence of Muslims than I did among my own people. Why? Because they were, or strived to be, honourable; because they possessed manners: attributes I knew from experience were often sadly lacking among my own people, and Westerners in general.” – David Myatt

Summary of Zionist trick:

1) Promote a policy that they know most people are too degraded to successfully execute.

2) Blame the policy instead of the people for the failure, allow their agents to reverse the policy and thus gain public trust.

Summary of Aryanist countermeasure:

1) Blame the people instead of the policy for the failure.

2) Make the policy work by gathering sufficiently high-quality people.

Thus, when far-rightists complain that multiethnic society is failing, the best response is to accuse the far-rightists as the ones deliberately sabotaging it. When they complain that multiethnic society does not work, the best response is to accuse them as the ones deliberately preventing it from working. When they claim that ”multiethnic society is the cause of conflict”, they are behaving like a bulimic who claims that food is the cause of bulimia. (Nowhere has all this been more succinctly reflected than in the Syrian refugee crisis across the EU where far-rightists have been deliberately setting fire to hundreds of asylum centres to make them uninhabitable, and then complaining about too many refugees sleeping in tents on the streets.) They are the people who need to be removed from society, not ethnic minorities.

Actual Human demonstrates the correct way to talk to a BS Gentile.


Can You Wield Lightning?

“So we have come together on this day to prove symbolically that we are more than a collection of individuals striving one against another, that none of us is too proud, none of us too high, none is too rich, and none too poor, to stand together before the face of the Lord and of the world in this indissoluble, sworn community.” – Adolf Hitler


In National Socialist Germany, Wehrmacht soldiers were responsible for keeping their valuables safely locked so that they would not be stolen by other Wehrmacht soldiers. SS men, in contrast, were forbidden from using locks to protect their valuables, as it insulted the honour of other SS men to even consider them possible thieves. Which is the policy for superior people?

Similarly, racists ethnically self-segregate as a pragmatic defensive measure against other (presumed) racists (of different ethnic background) in the same society. Non-racists, in contrast, oppose ethnic self-segregation on principle, as it insults the honour of other non-racists (of different ethnic background) in the same society to presume they are hostile. Which is the policy for superior people?

“No one is entitled to exercise their rights in a way injurious to others … where injurious to others includes impugning the honour of others.” – David Myatt

Obviously, applying SS policy to Wehrmacht-quality people would not work. Applying non-racist policy to racist-quality people would also not work. Aryanism emphatically does not propose that all people of all ethnicities can get along. We however propose that the high-quality people (Aryans) from all ethnicities can indeed get along, and it is these people who need to unite rather than follow the reactionary racism of the low-quality people (Gentiles). Hence our motto: UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. The difference between us and the racists is that they bash the higher-quality people for behaving in a higher-quality way than themselves. Imagine if Wehrmacht soldiers bashed SS men as “naive” for not using locks for their valuables. This is what racists sound like when they talk to us. Amusingly, during WWII, Hitler mocked the xenophobia of the Allied troops in contrast to the absence of xenophobia among his own troops: “British prisoners-of-war cannot complain if they are made to live with Russian prisoners. This would be an excellent measure, to which their only counter would be to make our prisoners live with the Italians!”

And this is the great value of multiethnic society: it brings the racists out of the woodwork. In a monoethnic society, it is more difficult to tell the difference between racists and non-racists because there is no stimulus causing the former to become conspicuous. In a multiethnic society, the racists expose themselves by their reactionary protest against multiethnic society. Thus monoethnic society helps non-Aryan blood to remain indefinitely hidden, whereas multiethnic society allows us to more easily identify the non-Aryan blood in the population, and - provided there is a National Socialist state in place that knows what it is doing – get rid of it.



The Tower of Babel

“Under the supposition that one had from the first excluded that eternal mischief-maker, the Jew, … there would be no need to push the universal brotherhood idea; the various peoples would find themselves compatible of their own accord.” – Adolf Hitler


Tower of Babel

A popular mythological argument against multiethnic society proposes that Yahweh (the Jewish god, not the Christian-Mohammedan god) intended us to be separate races and accordingly divided us. Almost always omitted is what prompted Yahweh to make such a decision. The Tower of Babel is actually a myth about a united prehistoric humanity building a tower to transcend earth and reach heaven. Yahweh, fearing that we would succeed and consequently overthrow his rule, panicked and gave every ethnicity a different language, with the result that communication between builders broke down and construction failed. Thus the Tower of Babel, far from a ridiculous experiment doomed from the beginning, was a folk project so likely to succeed and so likely to thus threaten Jewish hegemony that it had to be sabotaged by deliberate division of humanity.

“And Yahweh said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”” – Tanakh

The myth warns against cultural relativism (the idea that different cultures need not aim to reach agreement), which we have never denied is promoted by Jews. But what anti-multiculturalists misunderstand is the reason behind such promotion. It is hardly because Zionism fears ethnically homogenous societies (which took turns expelling Jews more than 100 times only to soon let them back in), but because it fears non-Jews across ethnic lines resisting it in synchronicity. The truth is that multiculturalism (many directions in one society) and ethnoseparatism (many directions in many societies) are both derived from cultural relativism and hence, while dressed as a mutually hostile dichotomy, work in a pincer movement to fragment what could otherwise become a unified multiethnic folk (one direction) easily able to defeat Zionism, and furthermore, if we believe the myth, complete our construction project and leave this material existence behind once and for all.

In the long-term, multiethnic society could positively benefit authentic National Socialism in at least two additional ways (beyond exposing racists and hence facilitating their removal from society). Firstly, democracy is known to work poorly in multiethnic society, therefore multiethnic society could help people abandon belief in democracy and reconsider the value of an unelected leader who – so long as he is dutiful - will try to look after all citizens instead of just those who voted for him. Secondly, the increasing incidence of multiethnic individuals could make the idea of replacing ethnicity by quality as the basis of race easier to understand and accept, thereby facilitating our eventual objective of Aryanization via state control over reproduction. This is the potential payoff that awaits us, provided we can first defuse the ZC backlash against multiethnic society.

Only a dictator can protect minorities from majority oppression. Democracy will not.

Therefore be not misled by reverse-bluffing Zionist agents and frightened Gentiles who refer to ”Babel” or “Babylon” with pessimistic connotations. Look instead to the optimistic connotations which Hitler saw in the term when he said: “Berlin, as a world capital, can make one think only of ancient Egypt, it can be compared only to Babylon or Rome. In comparison with this capital, what will London stand for, or Paris?” Authentic National Socialism is about building independent nations, not closed nations, much less internally fragmented and divided nations. And the true social architecture of united humanity is neither melting pot nor salad bowl, but a distillation tower, at whose summit only the noblest will arrive. Will you meet us there?

Distillation Tower


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