Venn diagrams

“The future of a movement is determined by the devotion, and even intolerance, with which its members fight for their cause. They must feel convinced that their cause alone is just, and they must carry it through to success, as against other similar organizations in the same field.” – Adolf Hitler

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. (I originally thought I’d wait until New Year to post this, but I pressed the ‘Publish’ button by mistake while editing, so what the hell.) To the many of you still lurking, feel free to join us any time; better late than never, and we can always use more help. (Afzal, I like the precision with which you use language, and I think you would be a great asset to us if you became a regular. And Colin, you have been hanging around for ages and we’ve been waiting for you to join us all this time!) To those of you already on our list, here is the briefing to kick off 2011. To make sure there is absolutely no confusion, I have used Venn diagrams to illustrate the propaganda situation.

Hopefully this is mostly self-explanatory. While I have chosen to concentrate on the anti-Muslim aspect of 2, the same set also produces more general anti-”Third World” (Jewish terminology) propaganda, therefore this Venn diagram also applies to those cases.

Note 1n4. Yes (reminder to the newcomers), there are Jews producing anti-Jew propaganda! This does not make them anti-Zionists. As extensively discussed in the past, Zionist agendas can be served by anti-Jewish sentiments, as long as these sentiments are built on tribalist foundations. I repeat, the host can never threaten the parasite so long as the host loves itself more than it hates the parasite.

Our side is represented as follows:

All Aryanists are anti-Zionists, but not all anti-Zionists are Aryanists. Nonetheless, the green section represents the limit of the people we are prepared to ally with.

The enemy is represented as follows:

As is clear from the diagram, Jews are protecting themselves behind a solid barrier of Gentiles. Among these, the BS Gentiles are anti-Jewish, but this does not worry Jews in the least. Not only do the ZC Gentiles outnumber the BS Gentiles, but even the BS Gentiles are more concerned with watching out for the interests of their own group, which makes them fundamentally manipulable.

The next diagram shows what I see as the enemy strategy:

The blue arrow are the nationalist parties, ‘defence leagues’ and sites like Gates of Vienna, AmRen, etc.. Their effect is to get as many previously apolitical people as possible angry at the wrong targets.

The pink arrows are sites like – as Delendaestziobot mentioned – Occidental Observer. The upper arrow steals fence-sitters away from us, and tries to tempt or sow uncertainty among even our dedicated supporters. The lower arrow is even worse, as it tries to steer ideologically ungrounded anti-Zionists in completely the wrong direction in their search for ideology.

The yellow arrow are the Jews who claim to be on our side but could well be just trying to get Jewish voices back in among us to control the dissent by leading it:

The next diagram shows how we must defend against this:

Elysium must call out those who try to get close to us for telltale signs of BS and be able to distinguish between misguided individuals and Jews/Gentiles. The former should be salvaged if salvageable; the latter must be rejected and identified as enemy.

Miecz must be a beacon of hope for people especially of our generation and younger, reassuring them that we are not about trashing the idealism presented in the good fraction of pop culture, but about taking idealism seriously rather than just as a feel-good orgy. If they are tired of being called “liberals” during arguments when they are in fact not liberal (moral relativist) at all, just tirelessly idealistic, then our flag is the flag they need to be gathering under, and the flag that Miecz needs to be waving at them as much as possible.

But ultimately, the best form of defence is offence, as illustrated in this last diagram:

Delendaestziobot has already started the attack on the BS Gentile camp with a great energy (and humour). Here is a blog where our blitz against Occidental Observer and its related network can be archived:

I have included an example post.

Attack the leaders, and attack the foundations of their ideas. Do not bother to debate details with them – that is what they want us to do; even if we win, they have succeeded in wasting our time – but concentrate on taking the moral high ground. Expose how all their ideas can be reduced to the same few key attitudes every single time, and how these attitudes deserve no sympathy. When people see the ugly attitudes behind enemy ideas, the ideas lose their persuasiveness. Never forget to remind your readers that only in a society as dumbed-down as the current one do ideas as weak as theirs find reactionary appeal in the first place. From a cosmic perspective, their ideas are intellectually embarassing.

Marduniya I hope can lead a parallel attack on the ZC Gentile camp, and expose the Zionist nature of current reactionary politics. This is actually the most urgent mission of all, insofar as it is closest to the surface of what’s happening right now. Here is a blog where our blitz against Gates of Vienna and its related network can be archived:

Like Delendaestziobot and BS Gentile leaders, Marduniya should also be on the lookout for other ZC Gentile leaders worth confronting. (One hint: Jews are mobilizing the South African racists to their cause, emphasizing Israeli support for apartheid era South Africa throughout the 1970s-1980s (including the nuclear weapons deal), South African Judeo-Christianity (heavily Old Testament-based) and of course encouraging hatred of black people. I suspect we will be crossing paths with them eventually.)

About these archive blogs, a new one will be created each time we identify a new network to confront. Feel free to suggest names for the blogs as we go along. Further discussion on the relevant enemy networks can occur over on the archive blogs so as not to clog up our own blogs.

As for the team division, none of it is set in stone. Everyone should feel free to jump in to help everyone else at any time, and everyone must feel comfortable about asking for help from anyone else at any time. The team division is just a rough guideline which may well evolve as we go along.

Note the word “Team”. Every current team member should try to recruit at least one new member who will contribute on your blog. This is in addition to anyone whom we might persuade to start their own blogs. Every one of your blogs should include a recruitment ad on a separate page, written in your own individual style, so that people unmoved by my rhetoric might be moved by yours. Every blog should aim to eventually have an entire team behind it. I do not ask anyone to sacrifice quality for quantity. On the other hand, we do need to grow in the number of active participants. It may be possible to pick up teammates by joining debates started by others and contacting those whom you see arguing from an implicitly Aryan perspective (though they may not use our vocabulary). All of us must become proficient at recognizing implicit Aryans. These are the people who, at the very least, while seeing that the status quo is awful, recognize that the ZC and BS alternatives are even worse. These are the people who have seen enough evil in every civilization in the world to refuse to join in the inane kettle-vs-pot discussions of “which civilization is better”. These are the people whom our enemies call “traitors”, but who in fact could become the most loyal soldiers of all – if they found a faction truly worth fighting for in the first place. We must be that faction.

But watch out for infiltrators. Anyone who joins in but then attempts to add ignobility to the ideology or start fights between team members needs to be dropped at once.

Finally, always emphasize that we are the faction trying to avert the war between non-Jews that our enemies claim is “inevitable”. We are here to continue the mission that Rudolf Hess began and had yet to complete. Hess failed to prevent WWII, but he has not yet failed to prevent WWIII. In the banal world of Jews and Gentiles, Hess was captured in 1941, sentenced in 1946, and murdered by Zionist agents in 1987, ending his life as “The Loneliest Man in the World”. In the sky that only Aryans can see, Hess is still alive as of 2011, flying towards his destination. And he is no longer alone.



1) Miecz requested clarification on how Muslims fit in. Here is another Venn diagram to illustrate this:

Most Muslims are just like most of any non-Jewish group – apolitical.

Then there are those who support Zionism, such as the Saudi elite which has already agreed to let the IDF fly through its airspace to reach Iran if it so wishes.

Then there are those who go around attacking everyone else, such as Anjem Choudary. He could be a Zionist agent, or he could be a useful idiot; who cares?

Then there are our allies over at Radio Islam (“the mother of all anti-Zionist sites”), one of the original leaders of the information war. Not as important in the propaganda war, but still great for reference:

The “?” is another recruitment ad. Aryan Muslims (ie. Mohammedans, not Koranists), we want you on our team.

2) Welcome Andrew! I am glad to have you on board. Feel free to start your attack on Occidental Observer or other BS Gentile networks, either under Delendaestziobot’s lead or on your own, as you prefer.

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18 Responses to Venn diagrams

  1. Andrewl0l says:

    Hello, Elysium may be familiar with me, however, you may not. This seems like a good plan. However, we should also focus a lot on destroying the BS Gentiles. I don’t suggest campaign via YouTube commenting, but rather through videos. Of course we all know this though. We rather have to attack them as a collective. I’ve been lurking here often and now that there is some sort of plan to expand the movement, I will post here every new post. I suggest you read the blog on my site (click the blog link, everything is under construction now). It is already an affiliate to the site, so it is good to keep tabs on my blog too. The purpose of my posts will be to fight BS Gentiles, whereas the co-founder (who will be named soon) will be writing about ideology and ongoing concepts with that. Anyways, thanks for this post. Very informative.

    All the best,

  2. Good strategic overview. Where would Muslims fit into it? I think most would be BS Gentiles, just without the outright anti-Islam stance, but in the end, the Muslims that don’t stand strong against Zion are, in a way, unwilling BSers. This makes apathy particularly dangerous for the Islamic world.

  3. Most Muslims would be non-Jewish Zionists like the Christians they have an Abrahamic faith, faith as defined by what is left when there is no physical evidence whatsoever, there is no evidence of an Abraham existing so it must be taken in good faith, must take what the Jews say as the truth without any physical evidence whatsoever, except for a character in a story written by Masoretic Jews in Russia and mass marketed by the Gutenberg Printing Press; “In the Beginning was the Printing Press and the Printing Press was with the Jews on the Hill, and the Printing Press was God.”

    The Muslims in all their various factions quarrel amongst each other like their Christian brothers and the Jews themselves, and go to war against each other as well. And it’s all based on something they read in a book about an unsavoury goat-herder named ‘Abraham’ who had a sweet-heart arrangement with something that is invisible to everybody else but himself and a few chosen others. ‘Abraham’ could possibly a mispronounced version of ‘A Brahman’. when the Jews were copying different types of preistly mythologies from around the world that they found in St Petesburg libraries, it was most likely a mistranslation, which most of the ‘Holy Scriptures’ are, just mistranslations, the Masoretic Texts definitely have more holes in them then a rat eaten lump of swiss cheese!

    As long as the Muslims go to their holy Tabernacle – Abraham’s first house! LOL! Which was first erected in the 18th Century! And believe by faith that the Jews are the “Chosen People” of God and the elder brothers of both Muslims and Christians, then they would be all one big family, all 3 billion of them, the Abrahams! And when they die they apparently go and sleep on Abraham’s bosom, I don’t know how they all will fit on Abraham’s bosom, but that is where they go and everybody else who is not a ‘child of Abraham’ goes to some basement where they are tortured by being roasted alive on hot coals for infinity years without mercy.

    So I guess Muslims like most Christians would be ZC Gentiles if not just plain old gullible Goyim…

    Happy New Year!

  4. The Abraham family would include the Secular Modernists as well, made up of both Marxists and Freemasons – ZC Gentiles and Jews and interested Goyim, who also believe in the ‘Invisible Hand’ of Yahwey, which in Adam Smith’s day was for all intensive purposes – invisible, it was called the Bank of England! Today the Invisble Hand of God is quite easily seen, it is Ben Bernanke’s hand and it is placed firmly on the button that creates the value of all things – the ‘Federal Reserve Note’, no buying or selling without this Note or ‘Mark’ as it was called in Gutenburg, in 21st Century Planet Zion we just have digital blips on a screen. If we add in the secular modernists we would have another couple of billion souls at least, the Chinese and Japanese are secular modernists who have faith in the hand of not-so invisible hand Ben Bernanke, and there is over one and half billion of them!

    So 5 Billion and counting in the family of Abraham.

    Abraham VS Arya!

    I will put up a recruitment page on my blog and write an article for the Occidental Observer blog in the next few days.

  5. oregoncoug says:

    Please allow me to make a constructive criticism here. We enjoy an enemy who has recently been cut off at his root by a series of Aryan victories over them and this enables us to emphasize the positive much more than previous generations could afford to do.

    We can meaningfully ask Muslims and Christians to deemphasize their sacred texts by emphasizing more poetic, more educated approaches, but we are throwing away our advantage of the moral high ground with them if we bring up issues like “infallibility of scriptures.” There is no good reason for Aryanists to do this! The internal evils within historic Christianity and Islam have already been destroyed during past wars of religion and hence we have the vast advantage that the only serious religious evil left standing is the Jewish one alone, although in its two forms of Jews and their Gentile Boromir-type slaves. No internal evils within Islam or Christianity still exist. They have all been obliterated by our Aryan ancestors!

    Our powerful advantage of having no need to use negative racial slurs or epitets extends to religion as well. By “Jew” we of course mean a spiritual evil, not an essentially material evil, so there too we have no need for racial hatred against any group. But, again, the same applies to religion. Whatever evils there may have been in Abraham can not be of any possible relevance to us. For us to write disrespectfully of Biblical or Koranic characters (apart from the obvious Yahwist villains) greatly weakens our propaganda for no good reason at all. It’s no smarter of us than using the “n-word” or “k-word” would be, just a foolish venting of feel-good emotions at the expense of nobility and the incomparable moral high ground that Unity Through Nobility gives us.

    We enjoy just as strong a moral high ground in religion as in race. Our only serious religious enemy is the judaic mix of Marxism and Freeemasonry that is historic and existing Judaism. We also have no need to attack the powerful Protestant communities in places like South Africa, Northern Ireland or Scandinavia. If they ally with Israhell they are totally betraying their own religion and heritage too. We are merely shooting ourselves in the foot if we lend credence to notions that somehow their Protestant religion is pro-Israhell. Protestant positions on Holy Scripture have nothing to do with Zionism in 2011!

    Roman Catholicism is the most universalist existing religious tradition and Islam is a distant second in that regard with Eastern Christianity being somewhere in between the other two. Hence our natural audience for Universal Compassion does tend to be monotheist while existing Pagans are nothing if not tribalist in tendency. But even there historic Paganism is well represented within monotheism, especially in Catholicism but very much in educated Protestantism and Eastern Christianity as well. Hence Pagans ought to see genuine noble monotheism as also a “Higher Paganism” with a bit of poetic magic added.

    Our propaganda position is extremely strong in both racial and religious issues. We are giving up immense advantages by failing to see that EVERY non-judaized race and religion is today totally subordinate to the Aryanist call to nobility. The Defeat of Zionist Israhell IS the dawning of the Aryan Golden Age!

  6. Yahwey is the God of Abraham, Allah is the God of Abraham and the Christian ‘Jesus’ claimed to be the God of Abraham – Yahwey, who is the Jewish God according and only according to certain written texts, first published by Jews themselves. Muslims describe themselves as being descended from Abraham, the Jews describe themselves as being descended from Abraham and the Christians see themselves as being adopted by Abraham through “faith”.

    Abraham is the first Jew and the first Zionist and the founder of Judaism according to Jewish scripture, the ‘spiritual’ ancestor of the Jews, it is ‘Abraham’s God’ who is the God of the Jews. Christians consider themselves to be adopted by the jewish Abraham through ‘Faith’, by adoption they can share in Zionist Utopia with the Jews as the ‘Chosen People’ both here on Earth and in Heaven. The Muslims believe that they are descended from Abraham but by Abraham’s union with a slave.

    I repeat; there is NO evidence for a Abraham existing, as described in the Masoretic Jewish texts!

    Is this what is called “religion”?

    After many years of Biblical studies, I am not about to fall for the old shell game that the 3 Abrahamic religions are real enemies! Spiritually, truthfully we see no more than a quarral amongst spiritual siblings, religions siblings, using different versions of the same written religious texts. Their opposition is superficial, they are all Abrahamic Religions. Are they not?

  7. oregoncoug says:

    Nothing I can say can compare with the Mainpage discussion of Christianity. Our Heavenly Father is the Aryan God. We can only contemplate the Words of Christ given there.

    In his book “Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me” Dietrich Eckhart has the Fuhrer say: “…we are defending the Christian foundations of our nation without mental reservations,” Then Eckhart adds: “But we want Germanism, we want genuine Christianity, we want order and propriety, and we want these things so firmly established that our children and grandchildren can remain satisfied with them.” This is consistent with the Fuhrer’s public and private statements over the following years. The truths about Jews revealed by the Old Testament are condemned, but not the Bible itself which is blindingly clear about the terrible decay of the Chosens.

    If we view the Christian Bible (of St. Jerome and Martin Luther) soberly we will find it’s the most anti-Chosens book ever written. It’s a veritable chronicle of the evils of the Chosen Anti-Folk. That was how the Fuhrer himself consistently viewed the matter so that when the Crusade Against Bolshevism was nearing its height the Fuhrer described it as the unleashing of the wrath of God Jehovah against the lunatic Stalin-worshipping Juden. And so it was.

    The God of the New Testament is the Heavenly Father of Lucifer the Bright and Morning Star and the Most High God of Melchizedek, not loathsome Yahwey the God of the Jews. The New Testament religion derives from the priests of the Mitannian Aryan King Melchizedek, not from the Levites and Aaronic priests who derived from Abraham. So the New Testament led to the utter destruction of the Abrahamic Religion of Yahwey in A.D. 70.

    As for genuine historic Christianity and Judaism being real enemies, I can only mention reading the Gospel of St. John, viewing Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ,” the history of the Crusades, the records of the Inquisitions against the Marranos and a careful study of what was occuring in the forests and swamps of Poland throughout the year 1944. What more evidence of Total War can there be?


  8. OC komerad,

    The Bible texts divide us again, as they have done for centuries, a stumbling block. What I should have said is that the venn diagrams should include a moon and cresent, ceteris paribus. I need to channel more Himmler and less Bezerker!

    Heil Hitler

  9. oregoncoug says:

    Kamerad delendaestziobot,

    To overthrow an ignoble judaic religion like existing Christianity it’s necessary to replace it so that, phoenix-like, it can never rise again from its own ashes. Something like a silver stake must be forged to be then driven through its malevolent judaic heart. Otherwise the accursed thing would refuse to die and forever prey on our unsuspecting Folk. We are just looking at that same noble goal from two sides of the same coin, so to speak.

    AS’s Venn diagram is right to show a Crusader shield next to the sorcerer star of Zion and a WN Celtic Cross as symbols of The Eternal Enemy. The existing great apostasy of extremist judaized Christianity is, more or less, the spiritual glue that unites the Juden and WN BS Goys together against the Nobility of Arya. That’s why, to be truthful, the subversive Judeo-Christian Reds deserve the persecutions they are receiving from non-Christians. And keep channeling Himmler! Note that Himmler used both carrots and sticks to combat the Christian plague. You’re using Himmler’s sticks and I’m using Himmler’s carrots. It’s all the same Kamph Against Zion. As I work to make my “carrots” more enticing, please keep working to make your “sticks” bigger and bigger too.


  10. Colin says:


    Yes, I have been following this blog and its precursor for some time now. I would love to help out but am not sure in what way I can. If anything, I believe I could help out Miecz on the media side of things, but if anyone needs help with menial tasks let me know! Don’t know if I have the foresight or time for my own blog yet, or what topics I would cover, but like I said, any simple tasks folks need help with I would love to lend a hand.


  11. Afzal says:

    Thank you for your kind words AS, but I am not sure how you would really benefit from me being a “regular” (yet) as I am still in the process of educating myself on the various topics that Aryanism is involved with.

    I had a go at a blog not long ago, but the topics were wide and I ended up debunking myths and lies about the Führer and the Movement with solid evidence. But I guess that the people over at wordpress didn’t enjoy that very much and the blog was removed without warning one day, much like your old blog was. This discouraged me immensely, but once I find a more solid ground to stand on, both education-wise and blog-location-wise, I will jump in and hopefully you all will accept me.

    About your old blog, AS: you don’t happen to have the old posts laying around? They were a great inspiration for me and really opened my eyes and you ended my ideological, philosophical and spiritual search after years of wandering from the Left to the Right, the Right to the Left. I was saddened when they removed it and it would be great to read through them once again.

  12. Colin, do you Miecz’s email?

  13. Colin says:

    I do not delendaestziobot.

  14. Colin,

    I think Miecz sent you a email, maybe it did not go through. ‘The tyranny of distance’ as they say. Anyway my email is:

    Send me an email and we will work something out, Miecz wanted to delegate a review of a couple of T.V. shows, which is an excellent idea, its an area of media we need to cover.

    We also need a review of certain sports as ZC entertainment as per protocol 13 of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  15. Colin,
    I sent you an email on the 9th. It was pretty much as Delendaestziobot describes above.

    My email is:

  16. no says:

    Holy shit, one wrong search on venn diagrams and I wound up on the largest collection of fucking retards on the internet.

  17. I’m an European nationalist, but I’m strong against white racism and more even against Fucking Aryanism. Europeans are not Aryans but rather closer to Arabs, Jews and Berber people, while Aryans are of Sino-Altai admixture in order to take over Europe, just millennials later.

  18. AS says:

    “I’m strong against white racism”

    I’m glad to hear this part.

    “Europeans are not Aryans but rather closer to Arabs, Jews and Berber people,

    Paleolithic Europeans (Giants and Capsians) are non-Aryan, but Aryan blood arrived from Byblos during the Neolithic era. Closeness to Fertile Crescent people would make Neolithic Europe more Aryan, not less.

    “while Aryans are of Sino-Altai admixture”

    No, the Altai are Turanians:

    We agree that there is Altai-related (Emishi/Xiongnu) admixture throughout the Sinosphere, but that would make it less Aryan, not more.

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