“How long will you refuse to humble yourself before me?” – Moses

Judaism is the Jewish traditional religion established by Moses (Jew). While some piecemeal Jewish traditions (e.g. scapegoating and various other ritualized animal sacrifices, forced circumcision of children) predate Moses, going back to such figures as Abraham (Jew), Isaac (Jew) and Jacob (Jew) (a.k.a. Israel, hence “Israelite”), Moses consolidated Jewish identity via instructing his followers – most notably Joshua (Jew) and Caleb (Jew) – in Zionist terrorism. In Egypt, he innovated and successfully applied infiltration warfare methods collectively known as Passover, relying on crypto-Jews embedded in enemy territory to selectively and invisibly attack (via biological weapons and covert assassinations) non-Jews and their property while leaving Jews and their property unharmed. In Palestine, he innovated and successfully applied divide-and-conquer tactics against several non-Jewish states, turning them against each other so that Jews eventually took over the entire region. This style of warfare continues to be used today by Zionist agents. All of Judaism is, in essence, mental training to facilitate Zionism. In Hitler’s words: “The great trick of Jewry was to insinuate itself fraudulently amongst the religions with a religion like Judaism, which in reality is not a religion. Simply, the Jew has put a religious camouflage over his racial doctrine. Everything he undertakes is built on this lie.”

This is not to say that Judaic theology must necessarily be disregarded by anti-Zionists. Many of the greatest anti-Zionists in history have believed in the existence of the creator god Yahweh, but have identified him as the Devil. As a matter of fact, Moses had most difficulty fighting not those who disbelieved in Yahweh’s existence, but with Amalek who “knows his Master and consciously rebels against Him”.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

“The Kabbala defines man … as “the creature who, in his turn, creates,” in double opposition to God, — the Non-Created Who creates — and to the whole non-human living world, “creatures who do not create.”” – Savitri Devi

The first-person full name of the Jewish god is “I Am That I Am”, in relation to which Yahweh (meaning “He Is”) is a third-person contraction. All derive from the root “hwh” meaning “to create”. This name is the essence of the Jewish racial consciousness: being as the motive of being, creation as valuable in itself, survival at all costs - that is to say, thoroughgoing naturalism and undiluted will to power (Jews themselves describe it as “optimism”). Fundamental to Judaism is thankfulness to exist in the world, instead of fury. “I Am That I Am” is the unconditional, unrelenting affirmation of Jewish existence and Jewish identity; the creator god bearing such a name refuses to entertain any notion of doubt regarding either his value or the value of his creation.

In Judaism is no wish for salvation from worldly existence, but only the will to achieve, as an undying Jewish race, permanent dominion (Zion) within the world. Jews are the Chosen People of Yahweh in this sense: they have consciously chosen to continue Yahweh’s process of creation from the inside of the creation. As Jesus perfectly accused them: “You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father you will do.” Jews responded by having Jesus crucified.


“The motivating force of Judaism is always material gain.” – Alfred Rosenberg

There is no concept of moral evil in the Judaic worldview, but only the concept of sin, which is defined not in moral terms but in terms of disobedience to the laws of Yahweh as will lead to ruin for the disobeyer and/or the Jewish tribe as a whole. Judaism categorically condemns asceticism, considering it rebellion against Yahweh. (On this we agree, which is why we do it!) Rabbinical literature summarizes Jewish materialism better than we ever could: “Man will have to give account in the future for every lawful enjoyment offered to him which he has ungratefully refused.” Judaism merely criticizes intemperance, on the grounds that excessive momentary indulgence tends to jeopardize longer-term profit.

Thus Judaism never appeals to conscience, but always to pragmatism. An action is sinful not when it oppresses others, but when it leads to weakening of the Jewish tribe. An action is lawful not when it delivers others from oppression, but when it leads to strengthening of the Jewish tribe. Altruism is taught in Judaism, but the rationale behind it is not a feeling of empathy but rather a calculation of reciprocity, so that altruism is encouraged either as a means to improve rapport between Jews (thereby strengthening the Jewish tribe) or as a means to improve Jewish reputation among non-Jews (thereby strengthening the Jewish tribe). Mohammed exposed this after observing that Jewish charity and apparent Jewish acts of kindness were always performed before spectators, in contrast to his own (and Jesus’) teaching of anonymous charity and secret kindness. Jews repsonded by having Mohammed poisoned.

“The Jew … felt obliged to let as many people as possible know how deeply the sufferings of the masses grieved him and to what excesses of personal sacrifice he was ready to go in order to help them. With this manifestation of innate modesty, so typical of the Jew, he trumpeted his virtues before the world until finally the world actually began to believe him. Those who refused to share this belief were considered to be doing him an injustice. … Attention may be called to the fact that, in spite of his proclaimed readiness to make personal sacrifices, the Jew never becomes poor thereby. He has a happy knack of always making both ends meet.” – Adolf Hitler

Does It Matter Who the Israelites Are (Or What They Call Themselves)?

“Judaism has made itself into a new absolutism to impose and apply to any past or future contingency.” – Miguel Serrano

The Tabernacle is the most profound symbol in Judaism. It is explicitly described as a portable shrine of Yahweh, structured as an inner chamber containing the Ark of the Covenant and an outer chamber featuring a sacrificial altar. Thus worship of Yahweh is not limited to a particular time or place or people, but is a transferable idea dependent solely upon structure.

In recent years, more and more people are becoming aware of Jewish tribalism. At the same time, oddly enough, some Gentiles are starting to believe that their ethnic groups are the real Israelites instead of Jews, and other Gentiles are attempting to revive other tribalist religions. What is going on?

We invite everyone to consider the possibility that Yahweh has decided to hedge his bets. (“I will turn to you, make you fruitful, multiply you, and maintain my covenant with you.” – Tanakh) No doubt Jews have carried the Tabernacle a long way and with tremendous success, but now with Zionism exposed it would be sensible for Yahweh to make covenants with Gentiles also, so that they can pick up the Tabernacle in case Jews drop it. The more sides Yahweh can simultaneously back (under many different names if need be), the more secure his power. So long as tribalism lives on, Yahweh continues to rule the world via those who consider themselves Chosen People whose interests take precedence over those of everyone else’s, whomever they may be.

As the voice of Amalek, our instructions to the world are simple. If you spot a Tabernacle anywhere within your own soul, destroy it at once. Following this, prepare to be attacked by those who have refused to destroy it from within theirs.


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