Joseph Goebbels

It is critical that Aryanists not merely theorize, but personally undertake the spiritual journey of Arya. As long as our destination is the same, our choice of path is a matter of personal preference and should not affect our rapport. On the other hand, not all followers of any one path are headed towards the same destination. As such, support should be given not to any religion in its entirety, but to its Aryan aspects only.

Aryanists are expected to be able to effortlessly distinguish between Aryan and non-Aryan practitioners of their own religion, and are encouraged to recruit the former to the Aryanist cause.

Aryanism and Religion

Religions to be Salvaged




Also Jainism, Rastafari, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, etc.

Religions to be Terminated


All Gentile tribalist religions


Religions to be Revived

Atenism, Manichaeism, Mohism, Pythagoreanism, Tlamatini, etc.