Upgrading Anti-Zionism

“Never forget that only the whole movement, not a part of it, can guarantee victory and the conquest of the future.” – Rudolf Hess

Many anti-Zionists involved in the information war since the early 2000s have been highly effective in producing websites, books, DVDs, radio shows and other media. Back then, our loose network and largely independent work was our strength: personal feuds, broken partnerships and other divisive events did not prevent the informative content from making a phenomenal impact on worldwide awareness of Jewish domination. (If anything, the impact we made was excessively large, as far more people have been introduced to the subject than could subsequently be properly educated in it, resulting in today’s many half-baked Jew-aware people who do not realize they are half-baked but think they already know all there is to know about Zionism.)

The continuing global economic collapse that began in the late 2000s, heralding an opportunity for deep political upheaval on a scale unseen since the end of WWII, marked a corresponding shift in emphasis within the anti-Zionist movement. Discussion has moved away from facts and analysis and towards solutions and rally. Researchers and investigators have been gradually replaced by revolutionaries and ideologists. We realized that information on its own is not going to defeat Jewish domination for us. In other words, we left the information war and entered the propaganda war.

“The police alone, with the means of information at their disposal, cannot guarantee security. When a car collides with a tree, for example, it takes them goodness knows how long to decide whether there has, in fact, been any foul play.” – Adolf Hitler

Anti-Zionist literature: old vs new

With this change, what used to be our strength is now our weakness. Many anti-Zionists had become too used to presenting the whole subject by themselves, trusting nobody else. When dealing with facts (such as the evidence for Jewish control or Zionist false flag attacks), this at worst generated excessive repetition of mutual content, but when dealing with ideas (such as solutions), this easily results in mutually exclusive proposals whose net effect is to cancel each other out in the public mind, which then leads to mutual accusations of obstruction or sabotage, which in turn wastes even more time to clear up.

The key to organization is specialization. As Hitler reminds us: “It is out of the question to think that the same people are fitted to decide on transport questions as well as, let us say, on questions of foreign policy, unless each of them be a universal genius. But scarcely more than one genius appears in a century.” While it is common for anti-Zionists to think of themselves as much smarter than everyone else due to having successfully exposed the Jewish criminal conspiracy, the truth is that it was the pooling of talent which achieved this, and for the propaganda war this becomes even more important.

We recommend the following:

1) Narrow down your own subject

This will both give you more incentive to become a part of a greater structure, and make you more uniquely valuable to others. Division of labour is the basis of all teamwork.

2) Find others who satisfactorily represent your own views in their specialist subjects

These are the people with whom you can form a team. The operative word here is “satisfactorily”. Now is not the time for perfectionism. We will not agree on everything. Academic differences are acceptable; only moral differences are unacceptable.

3)  Ally openly with compatible teams, each targeting a different audience

This will minimize competition and overlap, hence increase efficiency. Do not try to micromanage each other. If we are all headed towards the same destination, we will meet each other there eventually.

Forming reliable teams and alliances, however, is only possible with shared ideological grounds as a foundation.

Read Aryanism.net: Jews should not be allowed to reproduce.

Why Anti-Zionism Needs Aryanism

“We must use every tactic of attack that we can because if we do we will stretch the resources of our enemy. If we do this, we will assuredly at some time find a weak point and break through their defences. But whatever way we, as individuals, choose to fight our enemy it must not compromise our own Aryan ethics. That is, all the ways we use – be they political or otherwise – must be honourable. If we use dishonourable tactics, we are descending down to the uncivilized, sub-human level of our enemy and have betrayed what we ourselves stand for.” – David Myatt

Serious anti-Zionists during the early years of the propaganda war made  several well-intentioned but unconvincing attempts to find a common name – besides simply “anti-Zionist” - under which to unite across the lines of ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status and location. Some believed that it was sufficient to call ourselves “humanity” or “Planet Earth” or ”non-Jews” (or even the bizarre “non-Neanderthals”). This proved completely unhelpful to the unification effort, because it reduced the anti-Zionist movement to a mere defence movement against Jewish domination, with no other positive ideas about improving society.

Aryanism takes a different approach, which we suggest all anti-Zionists seriously consider. Instead of making Zionism the centre of attention, we view it as merely a broken doorknob preventing us from opening the door to address much bigger problems such as overpopulation, social injustice, and natural selection itself. Not only does this attitude put Jews in their place – they are not cool supervillains, but just primitive parasites – it also makes ourselves genuine revolutionaries motivated by idealism. Only under such a mindset is spontaneous, uncontrived unity possible. It is a long shot, but we believe it is the challenge that will draw to us the talent we need.

“It is characteristic of historic miracles that they seem almost impossible until they happen, and when they happen, it sometimes looks as if it had been easy. It is therefore no great thing to recognize a historic miracle that has happened. One must believe in ones yet to come.” – Joseph Goebbels

“Today there are not a few men, especially the so called educated ones, who, when they finally make up their minds to fall in line with a certain action or even to promote it, first carefully weigh the percentage of the probability of its success, in order then to calculate the extent of their active involvement likewise on the basis of this percentage. Thus this means: because, for example, any decision on foreign policy or domestic policy is not completely satisfying and hence does not seem certain to succeed, one should also not espouse it unreservedly with the full dedication of all his powers. These unhappy souls have no understanding at all of the fact that, on the contrary, a decision which I deem to be necessary, whose success however does not seem completely assured, or whose success will offer only a partial satisfaction, must be fought for with an increased energy so that what it lacks in the possibility of success in percentage points, must be made up for in the energy of its execution. Thus only one question is to be examined: whether a situation demands a definite decision or not. If such a decision is established and recognised as incontestably necessary, then its execution must be carried out with the most brutal ruthlessness and the highest employment of strength even if the ultimate result will be a thousand times unsatisfactory.” – Adolf Hitler

The first step to winning a propaganda war is taking the moral high ground. This is done neither by scaring people with putative calamities that will shortly befall them if they do not act, nor by inflating their tribal egos with shameless tales of how they were the masters of the universe prior to falling under Jewish control. All these are right-wing ways. The True Left appeals neither to fear nor to vanity, but to conscience and conscience alone.

We are not those who thought the world was fine until they ”awakened” to who controlled so much of it. We never needed “awakening”. We have always seen and heard and felt the cruelty and injustice occurring all around us, though we had not previously known the group that profits most from it. We cared about the world and its innocent victims long before we learned about Zionism, and we will continue to care long after Zionism is defeated. We count among our inspirations people such as Rachel Corrie and Michael Jackson, not only because they were anti-Zionists and victims of Zionist violence, but also – more importantly – because they cared as we care (and as Hitler cared) about the world as a whole. We believe that before we achieve victory, we must make ourselves deserving of victory by being more noble than those whom we are trying to overthrow. This is what Aryanism is about.

“Where had Hitler acquired this initiation? In the Thule Society of Munich, with Dietrich Eckart? We do not know. The most likely is that Hitler came into this world already initiated, prepared for the Drama. Yet he would have begun to prepare his body, his vehicles, after the First World War. He became vegetarian, lived in chastity, retired into the forests and mountains. Only Rudolf Hess could know the secret because he was also an initiate.” – Miguel Serrano

A War of Words

“The Jew has a talent for bringing confusion into the simplest matters, for getting everything muddled up. Thus comes the moment when nobody understands anything more about the question at issue.” – Adolf Hitler

Propaganda warfare is not a war of statements, but a war of words. The idea that we can defeat our enemies by simplistically exposing their false statements as false is hopelessly misguided, and indeed is the box inside which Jews aim to keep us thinking. Military sabotage operations do not primarily attack enemy weapons, but the production facilities of such weapons. The same is true of propaganda operations. Attacking false statements will not stop our enemies from making endlessly more false statements with which to keep us endlessly busy, because false statements can be made at any time and about every event. However, there is only a finite and in fact very small number of words available for them to use to make their statements each and every time. Devalue their words, and all their statements will turn upon themselves.

“If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day. The Jew would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened.” – Adolf Hitler

To an extent, we have been doing this already. For example, we have successfully changed the term “anti-Semitism” from its old assumed meaning of ”envy of Jewish success” to the new meaning of ”disgust towards Jewish racism” (with added awareness that many Jews (e.g. Ashkenazis) are not even ethnically Semitic, while most Semites are non-Jewish, and of course we have nothing against non-Jewish Semites as a group). If Jews had ever throughout their history really been treated in a way they do not deserve, it should be easy for them to explain why they did not deserve such treatment using general principles, without relying on the charge of ”anti-Semitism”. Since they consistently rely on the charge of ”anti-Semitism”, it follows that they deserved whatever treatment they have received in every case, and they received it because of their tribalist behaviour. Now, every time the term “anti-Semite” is used, it is the labeller, not the labelled, who is further discredited. Terms such as “blood libel” (ie. pointing out Jewish violence towards non-Jews) and of course “Holocaust denial” (ie. asking why belief in the ’Holocaust’ would have to be mandated by law if it were actually true) are similarly being destroyed by our activism.

Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious.

Gentiles, as usual, are counterproductive in this struggle. They too attack words, but the words they attack are words such as “racism”. According to Gentiles, those called “racists” by others are merely more successful ethnicities envied by less successful ethnicities. Since “anti-Semitism” is “disgust towards Jewish racism”, it becomes clear that Gentiles are working to restore “anti-Semitism” to its original association with envy, thereby undoing the work we have done.

Gentiles then ruin our efforts by telling people not to fear being called racist. Jews sit back and laugh.

On the other hand, Aryanism offers an entire alternative vocabulary that promises to overturn the current paradigm and thus shake the very ground on which both Jews and Gentiles were waiting to ambush us. Our vocabulary covers the entire ontology of the ideological conflict for the future, and is both precise enough to withstand any credible semantic attack (take this as a challenge!), and intuitive enough to carry emotion. All Aryanists should commit to memory every term and its definition as provided on the Glossary page, and use them consistently against our enemies. Just as members of a military combat unit all use the same basic equipment, we as members of a propaganda unit must all use the same basic vocabulary. This is in order to minimize incidents of friendly fire, allow one individual to easily pick up and continue another’s task if the other is taken out, and simply to bond as a team.

By doing so, and by simultaneously deconstructing Jewish and Gentile vocabulary at every opportunity, our enemies will be left with two choices: to continue opposing us using their ever-weakening old vocabularies, or to oppose us using our vocabulary which will instantly expose their barbarism. Either way they will lose the argument. For as Joseph Goebbels assures us: “The strength of a new idea is stronger than the resources of an outdated worldview.”

Speak not of survival, but of freedom. Speak not of identity, but of quality. Speak not of rights, but of duties. Speak not of tradition, but of immanence. Speak not of advancement, but of redemption. Speak not of preservation, but of transcendence. Speak the vocabulary of nobility with one united voice – speak UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY - and we can win the propaganda war as easily as we won the information war.

We can do it!


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