Uniting Anti-Zionists

“The Aryan Collective Unconscious unites, seeks to complete, to conceive the unus mundus, the totality of the human being, deifying him. … The Jewish Collective Unconscious is always exclusive, takes the part against the whole, fanatic, intolerant, proselytizing, dividing men, tending to produce chaos.” – Miguel Serrano

The psychopolitical war fought today can be considered a direct continuation of WWII. Joseph Goebbels predicted: “We are convinced that at the end of the war, Jewry will face a humanity that fully understands the Jewish Question.” While Zionist Britian, Zionist America and Zionist Russia succeeded in terminating the regime of National Socialist Germany, they did not succeed in destroying an idea inherent within even the most elementary application of National Socialism: Jewish domination over non-Jews can easily be overthrown by any society willing to sincerely unite across all other lines towards this objective. Therefore it was strategically necessary for Zionists to continue the war through media and academia not only to defile the name of Hitler and obscure the true ideals of National Socialism, but also to condition non-Jews to be uninterested in authentic revolution (though not necessarily uninterested in Zionist-backed revolts against designated scapegoats).

Large-scale retaliation began with internet communication that brought formerly disparate intellectual holdouts together internationally through the sharing of information and analysis that both confirmed the extent of Jewish control already in place and exposed ongoing Zionist operations to acquire still more Jewish control, especially regarding the brutal occupation of Palestine by Israeli invaders and the systematic weakening of all non-compliant countries in Israel’s vicinity (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc.). We consider the information war already won, as Jew-awareness is now a worldwide phenomenon and there is no possible way for Jews to ever recover their secrecy. The first line of Zionist defence has been easily defeated.

But of Jew-aware non-Jews, what percentage are willing to unite against Zionism?

We are now in the phase of propaganda war. The second line of Zionist defence is to prevent us from reaching agreement on a solution, and thus fail to translate awareness of the problem into necessary action to remove it. The best way to achieve this would be for Zionist agents to agitate discord between different groups of non-Jews, which is exactly what is occurring. Revelation of Jewish domination over all non-Jews, instead of forming solid rapport between affected groups, has suspiciously run in almost perfect concurrence with increasing hostility between non-Jews of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. More suspiciously still, ethnic and religious tension is greater among self-proclaimed opponents to Jewish domination than among the general population, the opposite of what we would expect were the tension not deliberately engineered. Whereas in the early years non-racist voices far overshadowed racist voices in the discussion, today this is no longer the case. Of particular shameful note is the residual negative prejudice towards Muslims by those who should frankly know better, having seen Muslims – the presently most consistently anti-Zionist religious group, and suffering the most as a result of their activism – being set by the Jewish media to take collective blame for everything from 9/11 to minor street crime. The same internet communication that helped us win the information war is creating incredible problems for us in the propaganda war, by allowing bad ideas to gain momentum among bad people. We might have won the first round, but Jews have recovered by turning Jew-awareness itself into a Zionist weapon, and are currently winning the second round.

“A rootless international clique sets the peoples against each other. They are the people who are at home everywhere and nowhere.” – Adolf Hitler

But how many people today understand that the swastika was a unifying symbol, not a divisive symbol?

Non-Jews outnumber Jews worldwide, and in every country except Israel, by several orders of magnitude. They cannot face us head on and realistically hope to win. But what they can do, what they are supremely talented at doing, is make us fight each other instead of them. The astute among us see this clearly and have been doing everything we can to warn all who are willing to listen before time runs out: we are being divided, and as we are divided, so shall we be conquered.

Three-Way Conflict

“Jews are practical people … They do not object to people being anti-Jewish; they merely object to their being dangerous.” – Savitri Devi

Newcomers to the Jew-aware scene are easily tempted into believing that opponents of Jewish domination are, as an entire group, better people than everyone else. This is not so: many good people do not oppose Jewish domination today simply because they are not yet aware of it, while many bad people oppose Jewish domination today because they happen to have become aware of it sooner. And in many cases (which we have witnessed occurring in slow-motion over the years), the psychological trauma of becoming Jew-aware has had a side-effect of killing off elementary innocence and goodwill, thereby turning individuals into worse people than they had used to be prior to becoming Jew-aware.

“From both sides the Jew directs the attack on us. The lower stratum doesn’t see him yet and, thus, hates us from sheer stupidity; the upper stratum sees him but thinks it can serve its own selfish purposes with him and thus, shoots us in the back.” – Dietrich Eckart

The first step in all warfare is to understand the sides involved. We see not two sides in this conflict – Jews and non-Jews - as commonly visualized, but three sides. Specifically, we see two distinct opponents to Jewish domination with fundamentally irreconciliable characters. We consider it crucial that all who wish to join the conflict first learn to tell them apart.

Aryans believe that nobody should be viewed as a Goy. Our opposition to Jewish domination is primarily ethical (and furious) in motivation, and hence only we qualify as genuine anti-Zionists. We are equally morally repulsed by oppression whether Jews or any other group are behind it, and whether we or any other group are the oppressed. Indeed our aim is to use Jewish domination over non-Jews as an example to generate antipathy to the entire phenomenon of tribalist behaviour. (Most of us became Jew-aware via studying topics such as 9/11 (and the wars which followed it), the violence towards Palestine by Israel, the power of central banks, laws against so-called “Holocaust Denial” and various assassinations through the ages of charismatic individuals dangerous to Zionism.)

Gentiles, in contrast, do not wish members of their own tribe to be Goys, but do not worry about whether or not others stay as, or become, Goys. Their opposition to Jewish domination is primarily selfish (or envious) in motivation. They are not morally repulsed by the phenomenon of oppression, they merely dislike the role of the oppressed. Their aim is to displace Jews from dominance so that their own tribe can take that position. They may be nominally anti-Jewish, but they are not strategically anti-Zionist, because they cause division among non-Jewish groups and thus strengthen the Jewish position. (Most of them became Jew-aware via, ironically, dislike of other non-Jewish groups, which they only then blame Jews for.) And even if they were to succeed, the world would be no better for it, as they are no better people than Jews. 

“If, even after the Jew was driven out, there still remained principle of present-day Jewish domination — self-interest before general interest — … we should perhaps see plenty of ‘anti-semites’ sitting where the Jews once sat.” – Gottfried Feder

From the Aryan perspective, the moral difference between the Jew and the Gentile is cursory: both are guiltless oppressors at heart; one merely prefers to oppress through subtle deception (in the tradition of his herder archetype), the other through undisguised force (in the tradition of his hunter archetype). It makes no tactical sense for Aryans to team up with Gentiles with the idea of overthrowing Jewish tribalism first and worrying about Gentile tribalism later. This is because, as tribalists, Gentiles love themselves more than they hate their enemies, hence would never sacrifice themselves in order to destroy their enemies. But if the primary motive of each faction in the supposed anti-Jewish alliance is self-preservation, then no faction would be willing to make sacrifices for other factions, which means it would be in truth no alliance at all. Thus we must concede that Gentiles are intrinsically incapable of uniting across ethnic, religious and other denominational lines.

“I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me.” – Malcolm X

Elrond: "Drop the Ring!" Isildur: "No."

Elrond: “Destroy the Ring!” Isildur: “No.”

Knowing this, the Zionist tactic has been to promote Gentile leadership among the opposition to Jewish domination, thereby inundating it with useful idiots so as to drown out the minority of genuine anti-Zionists who really understand what is going on. Because, unfortunately for us, it takes us longer to expain what is really going on than it takes them to spout the ”Everyone who isn’t us hates us!” Gentile narrative. As a countermeasure, we must constantly point out similarities between Gentile  tribalism and Jewish tribalism, the logical conclusion of which is expansion of the anti-Zionist movement into a wider anti-tribalist movement (which should be close to the hearts of all Aryans in any case).

If you oppose one but not the other, you are no anti-Zionist.

A general anti-tribalist movement actually has the advantage of immunity to the common accusation that we are singling out Jews for criticism, and thus would be excellent for our progress. But it requires that support for Gentile opponents of Jewish domination (those who hypocritically refuse to relinquish their own tribalist attitudes even as they condemn such attitudes among Jews) be thoroughly abandoned in favour of exclusive support for Aryan anti-Zionists (those who espouse no tribalist attitudes and therefore are alone truly entitled to condemn such attitudes). Genuine unity among anti-Zionists will only occur if we cut out those who by their nature are incapable of uniting (ie. Gentiles), hence be left only with those who are capable of uniting (ie. Aryans). Genuine unity among anti-Zionists must be founded on shared nobility. We are therefore not crude “inclusionists”/”inclusivists” who believe that Gentiles are somehow on the same side as us; we are Aryanists. We emphatically disagree with the notion that: “Any opposition to Jewish domination is better than none!” Only opposition to Jewish domination based on noble motives is acceptable; opposition to Jewish domination based on ignoble motives is worse than no opposition at all.

“We stand as revolutionaries in the world of today and are branded as such. But our thoughts and actions must in no way be determined by the approval or disapproval of our time, but by the binding obligation to a truth which we have recognized.” – Adolf Hitler

To use an analogy, if Jews are a tumour, and if Jew-awareness is discovery of the tumour, and if we have been since trying to find surgeons to perform an operation to remove the tumour, then the Zionist tactic is to hand out surgery diplomas to butchers, convincing them that they are capable of removing the tumour. The butchers are now already inside the hospital, and vastly outnumber the real surgeons. While it is still important for the real surgeons to remove the tumour, our most urgent objective now is to stop the butchers from getting inside the operating theatre! Every butcher we come across must be quarantined at once, by force if necessary.

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Thus, for anti-Zionists seeking unity, we recommend several simple lines of action:

1) Criticize Gentiles as well as Jews

Without taking the focus off Jewish crimes, we must recognize that this behaviour of in-group/out-group double standards is equally disgusting regardless of who practices it. Those who turn a blind eye to Gentile tribalism are connivers.

2) Exclude and condemn anyone who presents opposition to Jewish domination as the means to achieving subsequent identitarian objectives (e.g. “We have to deal with the Jews first if we want to kick the Muslims/Third Worlders/etc. out!”)

Those willing to fight an enemy merely for tribal self-interest would be just as willing to sell out to the same enemy for tribal self-interest. They are traitors.

3) Raise more awareness of Jewish crimes against victims not of your own ethnic or religious denomination

We are all in this together. Whoever seeks salvation only for one’s own group is no different than a soldier who flees the battle to save himself and leave his fellows in danger. They are deserters.

Serious anti-Zionism cannot tolerate connivers, traitors or deserters. Remove these, and we guarantee that genuine unity – UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY - will follow.

Together we can give the strongest verdict of all.


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