“Applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. … are necessary in an age that is dominated by industrial technology and chemistry, and where everyday life shows at least the external manifestations of these. But it is a perilous thing to base the general culture of a nation on the knowledge of these subjects. On the contrary, that general culture ought always to be directed towards ideals.” – Adolf Hitler

None of us will have failed to notice that the extent of Jewish domination over non-Jews has increased in step with the quantity of technology in the world. This was predicted long ago in Judaism itself via its concept of the golem: a being that can be created from clay by Jews with the requisite knowledge, which can subsequently serve its creator as well as or better than any human servant can, and which can also self-destruct on command so that it cannot be used by enemies. While Jews have always been influential out of all proportion to their numbers in every society they have inhabited, their influence in ancient times was decidedly minor compared to their influence during the last several centuries continuing into the present-day as technology has increased most rapidly. This is because incorporation of complex machines into civilization replaces personality with wealth as the determinant of a person’s influence. This is most apparent in modern warfare, where mere possession of large quantities of remote-controlled weapons often confers a greater advantage in battle than courage, charisma and combat skill put together. If not for modern weaponry, Israel could have been invaded with ease; as it now stands, Israel has the capability of taking down much of the world with it via the Samson Option.

“He who fought in the World War has an inkling of what a modern war with its perfected weapons might mean.” – Rudolf Hess

“The so-called Third World War would likely be short, and our continent would be at the feet of mechanized robots from the steppes.” – Joseph Goebbels

It is for this reason that ZC propaganda encourages us to indiscriminately worship technological innovation (did you know that >75% of Israel’s industrial exports are in the high-tech sector?), and hence implicitly to look down on low-tech civilizations. Jews cannot manipulate low-tech societies the way they can manipulate high-tech societies, but they can use the high-tech societies to oppress the low-tech societies, so it is in Jewish interest to convince high-tech civilizations that low-tech civilizations are inferior.

Low-tech Zionism vs high-tech Zionism

Next stop: the Matrix

At this point in time, we as anti-Zionists have no practical choice but to unscrupulously use whatever technology might aid us in ending the existence of Israel and overthrowing Jewish domination worldwide as quickly as possible. But in the post-Zionist era, one of our most important tasks as a world will be to completely rethink the role of technology in society, with the likely necessity of destroying many existing technologies and taking ruthless measures to ensure they are never invented again, while simultaneously deploying other technologies currently withheld from mainstream application by Zionists in control of academia and industry.

What Is Technocracy?

“The beginnings of every civilisation express themselves in terms of road construction. Under the direction of Caesar, and during the first two centuries of the Germanic era, it was by means of the construction of roads and tracks that the Romans reclaimed the marshlands and blazed trails through the forests.” – Adolf Hitler

“In order to control the ever increasing traffic a giant staff of architects and technicians are working day and night. Things have now gone so far that the erection of multilevel streets has been proposed. Roads for cars have to be laid under the houses and pedestrian stairways arranged above these in passages. Bridges must span one side of the street to another. An entire complex of stairs, passageways and permanently artificially lighted thoroughfares, is planned. … Such a foundation for a world view must be cleared away. Only then will the path be clear for the surpassing of technology through technology itself.” – Alfred Rosenberg

A technocracy is any society whose functionality has become dependent on the operationality of some system of specialist technology. In such a society, power belongs no longer solely to the state, but also to the class of technical experts on whom the society depends to keep this system of technology operational, because the state can now no longer eliminate the experts without consequently sending society as a whole into chaos. Thus the experts not only acquire a degree of immunity from state punishment not possessed by everyone else, but they can also – if they organize as a bloc – exert pressure on the state to enact their demands by threatening to cease maintaining the technology otherwise.

As National Socialism insists on the centralization of authority under a singular leadership, thus a National Socialist state should never become a technocracy. Just as the state must control the issuance of currency, the state must also control introduction of technology. But whereas it is relatively easy to remove excess money from circulation, it requires much more effort to remove technology once it has become rooted in infrastructure. Before a state can meet this challenge, it must have a fixed, rigorously defined ideological vision as to what kind of technology is acceptable.

Aryan and Non-Aryan Technology

“Originally, all men were cultivators. Each of them produced everything he needed, and nothing else. In the degree to which methods were improved, men were set free from working on the soil and could thereafter devote themselves to other activities. Thus the artisan class was born. … The improvement in methods of manufacture has made it possible to economize on labour.” – Adolf Hitler

“Those things which extend the power, the reach, the ability, of a single individual beyond that which they could do, by themselves, … usurp the Numinous. That is, they possess the potential to re-inforce and extend the natural pride and natural arrogance and natural hubris of human beings.” – David Myatt

“The Aryan is not, for example, interested in dividing (the atom) but in uniting. He aspires to the unus mundus, to totality.” – Miguel Serrano

The key distinction to be made is between using technology to facilitate what we are capable of doing anyway, with or without the aid of technology, and using technology to enable to be done what could not have been done at all absent technology. Technology that eases existing burdens is noble; technology that tempts new desires is ignoble. Technology that saves time and energy is noble; technology that consumes time and energy is ignoble. Technology that simplifies life is noble; technology that complexifies life is ignoble. We can hence broadly distinguish between the Aryan technology of automation (derived from roots “auto-” + “mat-” meaning “spontaneously acting”), motivated by the will to freedom, and the non-Aryan technology of machinery (derived from root “magh-” meaning “to have power”), motivated by the will to power. (In an Aryanist society, Aryan technologists will be known as “automators” and their products known as “automata”, while non-Aryan technologists will be known as ”machinists” and the term “machines” reserved exclusively and perjoratively for their products.)

An automaton

A machine

The ability to accurately distinguish automation from machinery in all genres of technology is a crucial skill that all Aryanists must possess.

Automation (Aryan):

“No more refuse to take downstairs, no more fuel to carry up. In the morning, the works of the alarm-clock must even switch on the mechanism that boils the water. All these little inventions that lighten the burden of life must be set to work.” – Adolf Hitler

Machinery (non-Aryan):

“Hitler never learned to drive a car and looked on Mussolini with suspicion for being able to fly an airplane.” – Miguel Serrano

(It is important to note that our definition of automation differs from the currently popular definition which uses the term flatly to refer to reduction of human labourers via robots etc.. This is not necessarily automation by our definition, as the technology used to replace the human labourers may not be more energy-efficient, and indeed may even be less energy-efficient! Anyone who thinks, for example, that a car is an automaton should try pushing it the entire distance of the journey to appreciate how wasteful (compared to walking) it actually is.)

An automaton

A machine

The Gentile racial soul, with a blood memory of hunting, values not only automation that lets him hunt his existing prey with greater ease, but also machinery that lets him hunt ever larger, stronger prey formerly beyond his capacity. The Jewish racial soul, with a blood memory of herding, values not only automation that lets him herd his Goys with less effort, but also machinery that increases the totality of his control over his Goys. Only the Aryan racial soul, with a blood memory of farming, solely values automation that lets him cultivate with greater efficiency, for farming alone among the prehistoric lifestyles involves no component of domination that calls forth the demand for machinery.

“The preying type of man is always envious, always seeking something fresh to possess. … The solid man of the soil is absolutely modest in his ideas. He wants no more than he can get by his work.” – Gottfried Feder

“It is only in the pictures of the Court artists that one sees peasants gazing at the stars in heaven. The real peasant keeps his eye firmly on the land, and he lives by the plough.” – Adolf Hitler

Neo-Nazis, unlike authentic National Socialists, have no awareness of this distinction. Part of their ignorance is linguistic: they read Hitler’s positive statements on what has been disastrously translated into English language as “creativity”  with the presumed meaning of innovativeness, without realizing that the corresponding word in the original German language was “schaffenskraft” with the very different meaning of self-reliant productivity, which is what Hitler really means each time he makes use of the term. The English word “create” is from the root “cres-” (meaning “to grow”) which refers an to increase in quantity or complexity, whereas the German word “schaffen” corresponds to the English word “shaft” from the root “scaf-” (meaning “to shave”), which refers to an improvement in order or structure, which is actually a decrease in quantity or complexity! Authentic National Socialism values making the world more ordered, not more complicated.

Therefore we reject the ZC view that the superiority of a civilization is measurable by the quantity of technology it possesses. We note trivially that the more heavily technological civilizations throughout history have consistently produced larger, more complex, more violent and more wasteful societies, so that such civilizations are by our standards inferior. Western civilization is the most inferior of all, having caused sentient suffering and environmental damage to the world on a larger scale than any other (to say nothing of its chief role in expanding the scope of Jewish domination). David Myatt described this perfectly as a product of Homo Hubris’ obsession with “power and speed”.

“The world has ceased to be interesting since men began to fly.” – Adolf Hitler

On the other hand, this does not mean we aim at a civilization with no technology whatsoever. As Savitri Devi warns (note that she is not using our definition of “machines”): “Men with absolutely no machines at all would soon learn to regard the horse and the ox, the ass, the camel and the buffalo just as they did before, as useful instruments “made to work for them.” And, with this obnoxious outlook, the whole trail of evils we wish to abolish would again come into being.” Rather, our position is that a high-tech civilization can in principle be superior to a low-tech civilization, but only when its technology demonstrably simplifies society to a greater extent than is possible for a low-tech civilization, such as by enabling controlled depopulation at a faster rate. To use our own vocabulary, high-machinery civilizations are inferior, and high-automation civilizations are superior.

“The Volkswagen turned out to be fast, solid, and convenient. It was criticised by biologists and statisticians who claimed that each Volkswagen meant one child less.” – Alfred Rosenberg

External link: As More Refugees Reach Germany, Here’s How It’s Tech Community Has Responded

Control over technology in any genuinely ideological direction requires state participation, as market-driven economics encourages new technology of all kinds so long as they can stimulate investment and/or lead to consumer demand. The technological directives of a National Socialist state are well-defined: optimize automation and eliminate machinery. The result would be a serene society of shorter working hours, fewer distractions and a generally simpler way of life, in particular where we will no longer have to live in constant worry about the opening of technological Pandora’s Boxes such as settlement of outer space, creation of sentient computers and other developments that could complicate beyond description our mission of controlling demographics.

Notice anything about the screenwriter?

The Dark Age

“What makes the Dark Age is the fall of all but an extreme minority of men to the level of a brainless (and heartless) herd, and, at the same time, their endless increase in number. And technical progress is a curse only inasmuch as it is the most powerful instrument in the hands of all those who, directly or indirectly, encourage that indiscriminate increase.” – Savitri Devi

But just as bad as non-Aryan technology is Aryan technology in non-Aryan hands. This is a tragedy we have been forced to live with ever since the Neolithic Revolution. Subsistence farming is the definitive Aryan technology to enable a consistent food supply for less labour, but once non-Aryans learned the technique, they immediately perverted it into a way to increase their population. Throughout history, on every occasion that new labour-saving automation offered society a choice between either lighter burdens or greater fecundity, non-Aryans have consistently chosen the latter, thereby making ignoble in application what was noble in design.

Aryan imagination (as has been reflected in some sci-fi stories) would have expected at the very least that, as automation increased throughout the millenia, with such developments as irrigation, water wheels, windmills and so on, people would have been able to work progressively fewer hours per day to achieve the same productivity. Instead, in non-Aryan-dominated reality, such developments led only to the production of more and more luxury commodities on top of the essentials, eventually demanding more new labour (not only for production of such commodities but also for their marketing and distribution) than was freed up by the automation in the first place! (Attempting to curb this, Hitler specified tax on luxury commodities as one of the four essential taxes of National Socialist Germany.) Whenever non-Aryans are in charge, automation ends up making people busier, the opposite of its original intention.

One of the most inexcusably stupid ideas of all time is the idea of powering food production using fossil fuels, in such a way that more fuel energy is expended than food energy is produced in return. By using the energy from combustion to drive tractors and create fertilizers, grain production exploded, which in turn caused population to explode. Thus, instead of feeding people, it created more people needing to be fed. And then, with these people now dependent on fuel farming, fossil fuels are running out. This one point alone should suffice to explain why anyone who expresses any admiration whatsoever for Western civilization needs to be kept away from all serious decision-making. (Yet ZCs still have the temerity to consider Western civilization superior to “Third World” civilizations that would surely have stayed with solar farming if not for colonialism.)

“What couldn’t we gain by successfully recovering the vapours produced by the manufacture of gas for lighting— vapours that at present are wasted? We could use them for warming green-houses, and all winter long we could keep our cities supplied with vegetables and fresh fruit. Nothing is lovelier than horticulture.” – Adolf Hitler

Hitler opposed fossil fuels even in his era when solar electricity did not yet exist, preferring biofuels (which are in effect a form of solar energy). In his own words: “Oilwells are not inexhaustible; and that is why I am still in favour of gas-driven public vehicles. … In the Ukraine there are the briquettes made from the limitless straw which yearly rots on its own.” More ambitiously, National Socialist Germany imagined eventually build geoorbiting satellite mirrors following the design by Hermann Oberth that could redirect sunlight to locations that needed it. All this indicates that the vision of a modern, consciously chosen Solar Civilization (as opposed to the ancient world where there were simply no known energy alternatives) was already in formation. Of course, some would argue that fossil fuel energy is also solar in origin, and they would be correct but missing the point. Solar Civilization is about relying solely on the day-to-day sunlight falling on the earth (that would otherwise be wasted), thereby establishing an upper bound on the quantity of energy available for use per unit land area per unit time (without capacity for indefinite storage and thus the potential for hoarding), with the cultural effect of encouraging frugality and depopulation. Solar cells, hydroelecticity and wind turbines, then, are automation because they are simply labour-saving ways to procure energy from sunlight compared to biofuels. In contrast, both fossil fuel power generators and nuclear power generators are machinery.

External link: Solar Roadways – Introduction

“We shall have to use every method of encouraging whatever might ensure us the gain of a single kilowatt. Let’s not forget the old-style mills. If water flows, it’s enough to build a dam to obtain energy. Coal will disappear one day, but there will always be water. It can all be exploited more rationally. One can build dams upon dams, and make use of the slightest slopes : thus one has a steady yield, and one can build beyond the reach of bombing. … In the Weiserheide the gas comes out of the earth. The town of Wels is heated in this way. I should not be surprised if petroleum were discovered there one day. But the future belongs, surely, to water—to the wind and the tides.” – Adolf Hitler

An automaton

A meltdown waiting to happen machine

As Aryanists, we must never argue in favour of Solar Civilization energy sources on the grounds that they are “sustainable” sources. We are not trying to sustain anything; we are simply opposed to greed, of which the desire for sustainability is a form of greed in itself.

Another field of technology that throughout history has been mostly driven by greed is medicine. Rudolf Hess, a known fan of alternative medicine (which he relied on exclusively to treat his own health problems and sometimes recommended to other NSDAP members), had hoped to develop a National Socialist medical outlook to challenge the traditional Western outlook, so it falls to us to fulfill his wish. Medicine is automation when it helps patients recover more efficiently from ailments they could have recovered from even without medicine. But any kind of medicine that tries to cure beyond the patient’s innate capacity for recovery becomes machinery. The latter will always end up aiming to enable immortality, as is indeed the case with current medical research whose slavish target is to stop aging and death altogether, thereby consummately prostrating our spirits to a life which we never in the first place chose to be born into.

“Today’s medicine, product of this modern ‘objective science’, cures with its drugs, it is true, destroys bacteria, but then includes them in an endless cycle because the bacteria then create their ‘countermedicine’, and they must invent newer and newer drugs. Finally they are intended to extend physical life, but they do not cause man to find himself, nor to be more wise, nor to reach divinity, nor his totality. For that is not the intended or selected address. On the contrary, they will continue to put people down and materialize them more and more, so that men can arrive at being a living-dead, a living corpse two hundred years old.” – Miguel Serrano

“Such men and women as belong to that healthy minority need no such laboriously discovered medicine, and would not accept it, even if they did.” – Savitri Devi

An automaton

Child torturers A machine

No matter what field of technology we examine, we come to the same conclusion: the real problem is not the technology, but the people. In Aryan hands, machines would not be dangerous because Aryans would destroy them; in non-Aryan hands, even automata become dangerous because non-Aryans would find some way to use them to serve their greed. So long as non-Aryans exist, even if we destroy machines and erase the knowledge of building them, they could be invented again and built again. In fields such as medicine, nuclear technology, artificial intelligence, space travel and others with far-reaching civilizational consequences, the potential danger is far too great for us to take this passive risk. Thus the fundamental solution to the problem of technology rests not merely in phasing out machines, but in phasing out non-Aryan genetics. Only in this way can we be sure machines will never reappear.

Ray Kurzweil (Jew), professional golem-master

And here, one emerging field of technology – genetic splicing - might help us achieve this task more quickly and efficiently than by National Socialist state control over reproduction alone. For the truth is that, conditioned through millions of generations of natural selection in favour of survivalism, all of us – probably without exception - carry greed in our blood. The only difference between the Aryan and the non-Aryan is that the Aryan has a few extra mutations for nobility that make it slightly easier for us to struggle against it. Via breeding, we can make these Aryan mutations unanimous in the world population, but this still does not necessarily mean we will win the struggle. However, genetic splicing to remove the alleles for greed would be likely to considerably facilitate our victory.

On the other hand, if genetic splicing technology exists but falls into the hands of our enemies, they will surely use it to remove the alleles for nobility instead, thereby ensuring our defeat. As such, it would be safer for us if the development of genetic splicing technology could be delayed until after we have already done everything that can possibly be done via Aryanization around the whole world, in order to minimize the chances that genetic splicing be used against us. This will be a delicate issue requiring the utmost in both ideological devotion and charismatic leadership to handle wisely when the time comes, but the intellectual groundwork in preparation for that time begins now.


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