Population and Demographics

“The day will certainly come when the whole of mankind will be forced to check the augmentation of the human species, because there will be no further possibility of adjusting the productivity of the soil to the perpetual increase in the population.” – Adolf Hitler

The problem

Reproduction - not economy, not environment, not even Zionism – is the single biggest problem in the world. Put another way, give a state total power over the reproduction of its people, and all these other problems can be solved with ease. Without this power, on the other hand, we might as well not bother trying, because solutions of any other kind will fail to be final. Therefore authentic National Socialism demands - before and above everything else – absolute, unlimited power of the state to control reproduction. A state with control over every aspect of its society except reproduction is like a driver with control over every switch inside his car except the brakes.

The Cause of Strife

Be honest! Did not each of us say: Why is all this happening? Does it have to be? Cannot humanity be spared this in the future?!” – Rudolf Hess

As if this were not frightening enough on its own, Peak Oil is just around the corner…..

Almost all wars are driven by competing economic interests, specifically by scarcity of resources relative to demand. Throughout history, war has only been absent during periods of superlative resource abundance such that all demand was satisfied. However, these periods were always short-lived, because every single time a society acquired new resources, its demand soon grew correspondingly until once again it was dissatisfied. Therefore the only fundamental strategy for peace rests not in increasing supply, but in reducing demand.

Individual greed is not the only factor in the incessant growth of demand. By far the most important factor is fecundity, which we could call genetic greed. For even if hypothetically every individual in the world were willing to return to subsistence-level consumption, as long as population continues to increase, demand will not fail to grow. Peace can thus only be achieved by the willingness of every country in the world to constantly decrease its population over time. Indeed, any country which claims to value peace, but whose population is not constantly decreasing, is lying. Moreover, the rate of population decrease must be faster than the rate at which resources are running out if it is to be truly effective.

“The best course for those who sincerely desire a just and lasting peace would, therefore, naturally be to do all they can to give over the world to those men of vision, as soon as possible; at least, not to try to prevent them from conquering it. Unfortunately, most pacifists either do not really want peace at all, but merely pretend to, or else, want it, but only under certain ideological conditions which are incompatible with its establishment.” – Savitri Devi

The Aryan conception of peace – founded on universal compassion – is the starkest opposite to that of so-called “pacifists”. We do not claim that peace will bring prosperity, but accuse the desire for prosperity as the culprit for ever preventing peace. We do not perceive peace in the quiet intervals between wars, no more than we perceive safe driving in a car accelerating towards a wall but yet to impact. Above all we do not say “Make Love, Not War”; insofar as sex leads to reproduction (which in itself is violence towards both the child being born and everyone else already here) of those ultimately killed in war, breeders have more innocent blood on their hands than soldiers.

A problem which multiplies itself

Demography Is Destiny

“I really did believe that such things as Art, Music, Literature, Natural Philosophy, can if not save us from ourselves at least aid us, upward toward a better understanding. And now? Now I must admit I am not so sure. Five thousand years of such things: and have we, as a species, changed?” – David Myatt

Our position on the importance of heritable traits is simple: for individuals, it means quite little; for populations, it is almost the only thing that matters. We certainly despise individuals who blame their ignobility on their genes and hence make no attempt to compensate for their inherited flaws through conscientious effort. On the other hand, where it concerns a population through many generations, compensation through effort is the very process that permits inherited flaws to continue to accumulate by cheating any selective pressure that could otherwise have removed them. Nothing is more counterproductive to any selection process than candidates trying to ‘game the system’.

In Hitler’s words: “It is less a matter of artificially improving the existing generation – which, owing to human characteristics, is impossible in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred – and more a matter of securing from the very start a better road for future development.” We should give due credit to those individuals who compensate for inherited flaws through conscientious effort, but more importantly we must seek to relieve the need for such effort as soon as possible. This can be achieved only by demographic planning.

Better than no policy at all, but scarcely scratches the surface of the full potential of state control over reproduction.

Population Problem + Demographic Problem

“Since the inferior always outnumber the superior, the former would always increase more rapidly if they possessed the same capacities for survival and for the procreation of their kind; and the final consequence would be that the best in quality would be forced to recede into the background. Therefore a corrective measure in favour of the better quality must intervene.” – Adolf Hitler

If population size were our only problem, the solution would be trivial: we could simply educate people against reproduction. In fact, overpopulation has been an issue in contemporary consciousness for many decades, with numerous advocates of depopulation doing exactly this, and gaining a large number of volunteers. The problem is that the likelihood of volunteering for non-reproduction correlates negatively with heritable fecundity. In other words, a voluntary depopulation movement leaves behind a population comprising the offspring of those who did not volunteer, which is more likely to be more heritably fecund than the original population, and hence less likely to produce new volunteers. Thus, in the long-term, a voluntary depopulation movement structurally sets itself up to run out of volunteers. In short, by failing to address the demographic problem simultaneously with the population problem, we will not even solve the population problem.

“On thousands of occasions, there was always the call for volunteers and again for volunteers. And the result was always the same. … Tens of thousands, indeed hundreds of thousands, of such men came forward, so that that kind of human material steadily grew scarcer and scarcer. … Their loss was something far more than merely numerical. With their death the scales, which were already too lightly weighed at that end of the social structure which represented our best human quality, now moved upwards rapidly, becoming heavier on the other end with those vulgar elements of infamy and cowardice – in short, there was an increase in the elements that constituted the worst extreme of our population.” – Adolf Hitler

External link : The Tragedy of the Commons

If you are serious about this, then first get rid of the people who won’t.

It is therefore clear that solution to this double problem must depend on state authority: to prohibit the reproduction of those who would not have volunteered not to reproduce, and to keep around for a while longer those who would have volunteered not to reproduce, so that not only does the raw population go down, but also heritable fecundity at the same time. National Socialism begins by recognizing that the role of the state in population and demographics is indispensable, and indeed that control of population and demographics is the single most important long-term function of the state.

“I recently read an article from the pen of some Herr Doktor advocating the prohibition of the sale in the occupied territories of contraceptives. If any criminal lunatic should really try to introduce this measure I’d soon have his head off! In view of the extraordinary fertility of the local inhabitants, we should be only too pleased to encourage the women and the girls to practise the arts of contraception at all times. Far from prohibiting the sale of contraceptives, therefore, we should do our utmost to encourage it. We should call on the Jews for help! With their unrivalled sense of commerce, they are the very people for the job!” – Adolf Hitler

But National Socialism is not alone in recognizing such truths, and more care than ever must be taken to distinguish us from our enemies who also advocate state control of reproduction, for they are not allies, but enemies at the most profound level. When state-controlled reproduction becomes a necessity, they are the ones against whom we will be fighting in an ideological contest over demographics that will determine – irrevocably – the fate of the world.

Aryanization, Not Eugenics

“Great philosophical changes need many generations to turn them into pulsating life.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Another great lie told about National Socialism is to falsely associate it with the early 20th century eugenics movement. Firstly, eugenics was being advocated in Britain and America, based on the writings of Francis Galton, long before National Socialist Germany existed. Secondly, National Socialist selective breeding is not eugenics at all, but Aryanization ie. racial idealism based on Aryan ideals. The eugenicists themselves quickly became aware that National Socialist concept of selective breeding was startlingly at odds with their own; as early as 1934 (ie. well before America was officially hostile to National Socialist Germany), Madison Grant explicitly warned Harry Laughlin against endorsing Hitler for this very reason, while Lothrop Stoddard (who had personally interviewed Hitler) found the National Socialist vision confusing and incomprehensible from his own perspective.

In fairness, many in the NSDAP itself – most notably the traitor Heinrich Himmler – either did not understand or did not care about the difference between eugenics and Aryanization, and caused confusion in the matter. As Hitler recalled with distate: “I was shown a questionnaire drawn up by the Ministry of the Interior, which it was proposed to put to people whom it was deemed desirable to sterilize. At least three-quarters of the questions asked would have defeated my own good mother. One I recall was: “Why does a ship made of steel float in the water?” If this system had been introduced before my birth, I am pretty sure I should never have been born at all!”

The only commonality between eugenics and Aryanization is opposition to indiscriminate reproduction. The easiest way to understand their differences is to call indiscriminate reproduction genetic liberalism. In which case, eugenics is genetic conservatism, and Aryanization is a form of genetic radicalism.

Eugenics is supervised promotion of Darwinian fitness within the framework of an established culture. It is commonly divided into negative eugenics - preventing reproduction of those with traits detrimental to the established culture - and positive eugenics – encouraging reproduction of those with traits beneficial to the established culture. The key point is that eugenics locks its subjects into the established culture. The more eugenic a population, the less capable it will be of transcendence. A eugenic population can only “progress” with ever greater competence along its existing track.

“One error was in adhering to and striving to apply the un-ethical, and un-numinous, principle of eternal struggle, or what is now commonly, vulgarly, and rather incorrectly called the survival of the fittest. This was an error because we have now … reached the stage of not only being able to consciously, rationally, understand the processes of change and evolution as they apply to us, as human beings, but also of using our understanding and our abilities of will and empathy to change ourselves for the better in an ethical way.” – David Myatt

Old-fashioned eugenicists speak of maximizing “human capital”, revealing their subscription to the conception of people merely as drivers of endless activity or progress (economic, academic, technological, etc.). They are typically fixated on IQ test scores and other measures of ability to ”compete” in a society devoted to making itself ever more complicated. Such eugenicists might as well favour Jews over non-Jews, considering that Jews get significantly higher IQ test scores than non-Jews on average, and who indeed use their intelligence to compete for power with a success far out of proportion to their numbers. Some even warn that IQ test scores are important for maintaining democracy, and then they wonder why National Socialists – the most avowed opponents of democracy in history – are not impressed by their arguments. As a matter of fact, IQ testing was banned in National Socialist Germany, on the grounds that placing importance on IQ test scores reflected a materialistic worldview, which it wished to discourage.

“Though the impression may easily be created that the intellectual powers of the Jew are at least equal to those of other races, the Jews completely lack the most essential pre-requisite of a cultural people, namely the idealistic spirit.” – Adolf Hitler

More imaginative eugenicists speak of ”transhumanism” or “posthumanism”, in whose very terminology is embedded evidence of this same point. In describing their desired evolution as “human to transhuman/posthuman”, their very conception of the transhuman/posthuman is implied to be based on humanistic values (ie. pushing themselves further down a fallen path), and – like all believers in “progress” - with no idea when to stop, instead of recognizing that humanistic values themselves are the problem.

Transorcism! This must be a good idea too, right?

Aryanizers, in contrast, acknowledge above all the threat of ignoble fitness. The overwhelming majority of traits that improve survivability (including the very desire to survive without purpose) are morally negative. Nature favours the rapist over the non-rapist during war, the coward over the martyr during tyranny, the wealthseeker over the truthseeker during prosperity, and so on; in each case the former will be on average either more prolific or more materially secure than the latter. To use Savitri Devi’s favourite case studies, Nature favours Genghis Khan (16,000,000+ genetic descendants alive today), not Hitler (0 genetic descendants). We would add that Nature favours also Genghis Khan’s sex slaves over Hitler. The notion of making ignoble people more intelligent is horrifying in our eyes, as it would enable such people to apply more intelligence to the pursuit of ignoble goals, thereby worsening our problems.

Indeed, the logical conclusion of natural selection, including eugenics, is genetic Zion, in which slavemasters too genetically sadistic to ever show mercy dominate slaves too genetically servile to ever rebel, in a world without end. (“Surely there is no need to seek further proof that our rule is predestined by God?” – Protocols of Zion) The consequence of ignoble fitness is sustainable evil.

As determined opponents of such a future, National Socialism is about fixing Aryan traits (ie. heritable qualities of nobility) as our target, and changing environmental factors in such a way as to facilitate their demographic promotion. Relative to the existing culture, Aryanization is actually a dysgenic process, as it would surely lead to the end of the existing culture. But that is exactly what we are aiming at.

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen vs Paul Atreides


1) Eugenics identifies the selective pressure criteria required to genetically advance the established culture, and then enforces such criteria in reproduction. (“The unnatural and increasingly rapid rise of the feeble-minded and insane classes, coupled as it is with a steady restriction among the thrifty, energetic and superior stocks, constitutes a national and race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate. I feel that the source from which the stream of madness is fed should be cut off and sealed up before another year has passed.” – Winston Churchill (Jew))

2) Aryanization determines the selective pressure criteria required to genetically manifest a new culture of nobility, and then enforces such criteria in reproduction. (“We believe man is not yet, as a whole, a really superior species, but just a creature applying its greater intellect to the same selfish ends as any animal would: to its personal interest and, at the most, to the interest of its own kind. And we are convinced that it is not intellect alone that can ever bear witness to any true superiority in him. What can, and what does — be it up till now, only in a few individuals — proclaim real human greatness, is sympathy for all that lives; it is not the mere intellectual admission, but the feeling of the unity of all life.” – Savitri Devi)

3) Both cannot proceed simultaneously, therefore one or other must be chosen.

Racial Hygiene

“There is only one shame: despite one’s own sickness and deficiencies to nonetheless put children into the world.” – Adolf Hitler

Concerned solely with quality measured against the Aryan ideal, and understanding that the mixture of Aryan with non-Aryan blood occurred in prehistory, we categorically reject ethnocentric descriptions of any present-day reproductive pairing between non-Jews of different ethnic backgrounds as “miscegenation”, a flippant and wholly non-National Socialist term that originated in the US prior to the 1864 election as a propaganda scare hoax by David Goodman Croly, and which is ultimately a Judaic concept originating in the Tanakh. As Hitler recognized: “The Mosaic Law is really nothing else than the doctrine of the preservation of the Jewish race.” Hitler moreover emphasizes that this Jewish attitude is absolutely not something we should be tempted to imitate: “We see how enormous the differences are between the ethics, the philosophy of life, the attitude toward others between the Jews and the settled peoples … They really are two completely different races. In the same way, the concept of ‘keeping the race pure’ can never be transferred from the Jewish example to, for example, the Aryan.”

Consistent with this view, the Nuremberg Laws singled out Jews only, not non-Jewish ethnic minorities. Hitler was clear on this issue: “There is one cardinal principle. This question of the Germanisation of certain peoples must not be examined in the light of abstract ideas and theory. We must examine each particular case. The only problem is to make sure whether the offspring of any race will mingle well with the German population and will improve it, or whether, on the contrary (as is the case when Jew blood is mixed with German blood), negative results will arise.” Hitler even humorously recalls the (over)enthusiasm with which this principle was put into practice by his troops: “The number of requests [for marriage between German soldiers and foreign women] submitted to me is enormous. … Most of the women concerned are either malformed or ugly, and from the racial point of view the results could not be satisfactory.” Hence there are recorded instances of pairings (including at least one leading to offspring) between Hitler Youth members and their Japanese youth group counterparts whom they had met during exchange programs. Emilie Schenkl was never castigated for her pairing (leading to a daughter) with Subhas Chandra Bose. Hitler personally encouraged Franz Wimmer-Lamquet to marry Princess Tamilla of Mauritania. Walther Wuest’s wife was an Iranian student. And, contrary to lies by Zionist sellouts such as multiethnic Hans J. Massaquoi about mandatory sterilization for children of interethnic pairings, no attempt was ever made to sterilize Massaquoi himself. Similarly multiethnic Editha Horn was moreover able to have a successful acting career in National Socialist Germany. The term “Rhineland Bastards” (endlessly cited by Zionist historians as supposed evidence of “Nazi racism”) was not even introduced by National Socialist Germany, but was in fact coined and popularized during the Weimar Republic. And the sterilization campaign pertaining to them that is often blamed on National Socialist Germany was in fact a rogue local initiative of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (a private organization which was funded not by National Socalist Germany but by the US-based Rockefeller Foundation – can you figure out what is going on?), hence never spread beyond the Rhineland.

Massaquoi (right) at an Aryan-only public park. Later he joined the Aryan-only Bramfeld Boxing Club. He also dated local girls, including the daughter of an SS Officer, without problems. After WWII, he became a Zionist author complaining about (mostly fictional) ”Nazi racism”. Massaquoi complains that he was not allowed to join the Hitler Youth, but similarly multiethnic Werner Egiomue could and did join, therefore this is no evidence of ethnic discrimination on the part of National Socialist Germany.

As a matter of fact, it was the negative effects of inbreeding that caused Hitler more concern, in his own words: “Our duty is methodically to pursue a racial policy. We’re compelled to do so, if only to combat the degeneration which is beginning to threaten us by reason of unions that in a way are consanguineous.” It was on account of this open-minded approach that independent racial theorists of the time such as José Vasconcelos (who predicted the eventual formation of a “Cosmic Race” in the North and South Americas based on supervised blending of all the ethnic groups who had found their way there) hoped for the victory of National Socialist Germany in WWII, and in return received funding from the German embassy in Mexico for his publications. (And these were ideas pioneered in an era when ethnocentrism was the norm in both academic and popular discourse. Therefore one can only imagine how much less constrained such anti-ethnocentric ideas could have been in absence of such background pressure.)

Here is someone who actually knows Third Reich history.

We think only in terms of racial hygiene, based on the quality of Aryan traits as well as overall physical and mental health of the two individuals involved (who may be of any combination of colours or ethnic origins) and biological compatibility on the microgenetic level (e.g. recessive defects). An intraethnic pairing can be hygienic or unhygienic, just as an interethnic pairing can be hygienic or unhygienic, thus the issue of ethnicity is redundant. For example, a carrier of the Tay-Sachs disease is unhygienic irrespective of whether he reproduces with a non-carrier or with another carrier, therefore should not be allowed to reproduce at all. (Even then, a future National Socialist state would not prohibit marriage of unhygienic couples, but only prohibit reproduction by such couples.)

Aryanization can thus be viewed as a form of reconstructive breeding. Pilot projects endorsed by National Socialist Germany to demonstrate the power of reconstructive breeding were the Heck cattle and Heck horse, respectively reconstructions of the auroch and the tarpan of antiquity, achieved by backbreeding a number of modern breeds with each other. Such concepts are largely transferable to Aryan reconstruction by re-assembling the prehistorically dispersed Aryan traits from wherever they may be found around the world.

“The Weltanschhauung which bases the State on the racial idea must finally succeed in bringing about a nobler era, in which men will no longer pay exclusive attention to breeding and rearing pedigree dogs and horses and cats, but will endeavour to improve the breed of the human race itself.” – Adolf Hitler

Racial idealism in action


“The immediate step to take, therefore, all over the world, in order to raise the standard of human life everywhere and to avoid useless wars, would be, logically, to stop the indiscriminate production of babies.” – Savitri Devi

The solution

While population must start going down absolutely as soon as possible, it must go down in a demographically sensible way. In the final analysis, the only people who should be reproducing are those who would most willingly volunteer not to reproduce, indeed those with least inclination towards reproduction in the first place. They, by their attitudes distinguished as more selfless, heroic and untainted by natural conditioning than the rest, in other words as Aryans, are precisely the people we demographically need a greater proportion of, in order for depopulation to succeed in the long-term.

Additionally, only those who innately perceive reproduction as violence towards the child being born (e.g. those who would intuitively rather adopt orphans than have children of their own) possess the nobility and spirit of service necessary for subsequently treating the child with kindness. This is well exemplified by Hitler’s own decision not to reproduce, stating that he regarded all the children of National Socialist Germany as his own. In contrast, those who view children as mere tools to secure their own posterity reveal their selfishness and lack of empathy that is also bound to manifest in their treatment of children, another reason why they should not be allowed to reproduce (even in absence of any population emergency).

Alien Queen vs Ellen Ripley

Those who can be motivated to reproduce by rewards of money, prestige or other benefits are, by definition, non-Aryans, therefore such rewards may be useful to eugenicists but are useless for Aryanizers. The one and only ethical way to motivate Aryans to reproduce is to set up a system such that the more they reproduce, the fewer the total number of children being born. For example, the state could set an initial maximum limit of total births for each year. But then the state could add a rule that, for each one birth by the pre-designated Aryan subset within the population, it will lower the limit for the following year by two births. This would mean that each Aryan birth produces a net effect of preventing one child from being born. Hence the more enthusiastic we are about depopulation, the more we would reproduce. (The incentive can be amplified by increasing the arithmetic gradient as required e.g. each Aryan birth could prevent 10, 100, 1000, etc. children from being born.)

Pandora’s Box

“Of the exploration and settlement of Outer Space – there was a time, not that long ago, when I came to the conclusion that we human beings were too ignoble, too barbaric, too uncivilized, to do this, and that, if we did undertake such adventures beyond the Earth, we would only be spreading dishonour: spreading our disease of hubris.” – David Myatt

External link: Israeli Moon-Bound Craft to Carry Holocaust Survivor Story

Settlement of space presents a uniquely grave threat to depopulation. If technology reaches the level of permitting habitation beyond this planet before we are fully Aryanized, we will lose control of reproduction, because those who do not care could simply settle elsewhere and multiply their numbers. The sheer size of outer space and the almost endless possibilities for settlement would make it virtually impossible to ever regain control of reproduction thereafter, and the attempt to do so would be a nightmare of unimaginable scalar proportions. As such, it is crucial that we do everything in our power to prevent the advent of such technology at the same time as we pursue the populational and demographic objectives discussed above with utmost urgency.

In mythology, Pandora was given a box by the gods but told not to open it. Succumbing to her curiosity, she opened the box and thus released all the evil plagues into the world that were previously confined to the box. Once released, these plagues flew off in all directions, and Pandora immediately realized her folly. In her horror, she then slammed the box shut just before Hope – the only force that could counter the evil – could exit also, hence consigning the world thereafter to ravage by the plagues without a chance of salvation. Pandora is stated to be the first human woman in the world, and the box is stated to be her wedding gift, therefore it is implied that the plagues which she released were none other than humanity itself.

Thousands of years down the line, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Aryans have found the box and released Hope under the name of National Socialism, for if we can control population and demographics, there is no reason why we cannot finally return the plagues to whence they came, once and for all. The bad news is that Jews and Gentiles have found a bigger box whose lid - space travel – they now want to open in order to access the territory which lies outside.

Do not make us spend the rest of our cursed existence chasing down our enemies all over the universe in a virtually hopeless attempt to do damage control.

The prospect of settling outer space and all enemy rhetoric that promotes this Jewish temptation to Gentile curiosity must at every turn be exposed for what it is: a call to open a second Pandora’s Box that will unleash an uncontrollable human pandemic – this time not merely across the planet, but across space. Human population increased from the millions to the billions in a matter of centuries, and this was just on Earth. We do not want to deal with the numbers we would reach if given the volume of habitat that space potentially offers. Only National Socialism can prevent this, only National Socialism sees the brewing danger, and only National Socialism dares to stand in the way of the torrent. Are you with us?


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