Preventing World War III

“To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us.” – Protocols of Zion

“History surely will give more laurels to men who in difficult times find the way to bring understanding between peoples, thereby rescuing culture, than to men who believe they can win victories by political and military aggression, or even those who achieve real victories.” – Rudolf Hess

“We should be inspired by people … who show that human beings can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful, strong – even in the most difficult circumstances.” – Rachel Corrie

The world is moving towards a situation of global material shortage, involving some countries with huge weapons arsenals and not enough basic resources, and other countries with more resources but fewer weapons. Elementary economics dictate that, at some point not far in the future, the former will use their plentiful weapons to acquire scarce resources from the latter. The only uncertainty is whether (as we hope)the former are willing to trade their weapons in exchange for resources from the latter, or whether (as we are determined to prevent) they will plunder these resources by deploying their weapons.

Many anti-Zionists have speculated on the possibility that Jews will try to dupe us into a hypothetical WWIII as the ultimate measure to take our attention off themselves, as well as to psychologically, economically and militarily weaken all countries involved and hence gain more control over us in the aftermath. While there is only one way to find out whether this will occur (by which time it will be too late), a war that involves any lineup other than Israel and international Jewry alone on one side and everyone else on the other side will surely advance Zionism. As such, activism to reduce the likelihood of any war between non-Jews must be a top priority for all anti-Zionists. Never underestimate the difference we have already made; if not for the work done over the past decade, a Zionist US invasion of Iran (which was being pushed for ever since following the invasion of Iraq) might already have happened.

External link: ANSWER Coalition

The Usury of Power

“Men forgot that the world could not be reconstructed by the slave-work of a violated nation, but only by the trustful cooperation of all, and that for this end the primary necessity was the destruction of the war psychosis.” – Adolf Hitler

Jews promote wars among non-Jews whenever Jews cannot militarily dominate non-Jews by themselves. If they could, they would; we need look no further than the IDF and its treatment of the Palestinians to be convinced of this. But because they cannot, they must manipulate non-Jewish forces to work for their ends.

Jews are not afraid to do their own fighting against weaker opponents.

The essence of manipulating someone into war is to convince them that they themselves will benefit from the war. The best way to convince them that they will benefit from the war is for the benefit to actually be real. Whenever possible for Zionists to arrange such benefits for their pawns, they will do so. As long as they benefit from the war more than you, why would they not happily throw you some scraps from their table? By throwing scraps to different groups at different times, they can maintain a perpetual condition in which at any given time there is at least one group easily persuadable to war.

Therefore it is not enough to suspect Jews of lying to us about the benefits to us of a war which they want us to fight. It is necessary to cultivate a mentality of rejecting their offer regardless of whether or not the supposed benefit is real. We advocate a paradigm shift such that the decision of whether or not to go to war is determined not by “Is this war in our interests?” but by “Is this war in Jewish interests?” If a war could conceivably be in Jewish interests, it must be rejected, no matter how much we might also gain from it. (For Gentiles, who are tribalist by nature, this is virtually an impossible precept to follow, since their motive for opposing Jewish domination is itself based on collective self-interest rather than universal compassion. Thus, once again, it is imperative that Gentile voices be excluded from the anti-Zionist movement.)

The Rings were not fakes, they really did bestow strength to their wearers.

International War and Civil War

“The children of Israel have always let deluded Gentiles do their dirty work, particularly where danger was involved. Besides, they would not have been strong enough to subdue the peoples to whom they were opposed, without the bellicose enthusiasm of their brutalized comrades.” – Dietrich Eckart

The neocons are the Zionist front group focused on pushing for international war between major powers in the world. The identitarians are the Zionist front group focused on pushing for civil war between various ethnic and religious groups inside individual countries. These two groups publicly claim to be opposed to each other, but are they? When we consider that international war could soon lead to a response of civil interethnic clashes (as in the case of Iraq), and that civil war could soon lead to a response of international ‘peacekeeping’ intervention (as in the case of Libya), it  makes more sense to treat them as two methods of the same aim to start war. Whichever succeeds first, the result is the same: non-Jews fighting non-Jews, with Zionist agents in position to fund both sides and influence the outcome according to Jewish interests.

Geert Wilders (Jew), professional fear-feeder

The similarities between neocon propaganda and identitarian propaganda are remarkable.

Peter Brimelow (Gentile) and Ilana Mercer (Jew), professional fear-feeders

Theoretical similarities:

1) Both instill fear (the quickest path to irrationality) in their target audience by spinning a tale of existential threat from easily visible groups, and claim war is inevitable (the quickest path to creating a self-fulfilling prophecy).

Daniel Pipes (Jew) and Melanie Phillips (Jew), professional fear-feeders

2) Both inculcate in their target audience an arrogant, exceptionalist view (the quickest path to double-standards) towards their own group.

Ron Prosor (Jew) and Marine Le Pen (Gentile), professional fear-feeders

3) Both promote to their target audience negative prejudices and stereotypes (the quickest path to sabotaging positive communication between groups) towards everyone else, including those who simply disagree with them even in a well-meaning way.

Mark Steyn (Jew) and Pamela Geller (Jew), professional fear-feeders

Applied similarities:

4) Both view Islam as a threat.

Bat Ye’or (Jew) and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (Gentile), professional fear-feeders

5) Both identify themselves with Western Civilization.

Marcus Epstein (Jew) and Jared Taylor (Gentile), professional fear-feeders

6) Both despise the “Third World” and “leftists”.

Dan Roodt (Gentile) and Avigdor Eskin (Jew), professional fear-feeders

7) Both advocate learning from the policies of Israel.

Robert Spencer (Jew), professional fear-feeder

The only difference between the two is their geographical emphasis: neocons focus abroad; identitarians focus home. But ultimately they attract similar personalities – barbaric personalities - into their camps. This means that similar techniques can be applied to counter the propaganda of both groups. In fact, they should not be referred to as separate groups, but collected under one label, such as fear-feeders or any other term that can highlight their common psychological foundations of using fear to drive their support.

Paul Fromm (Gentile) and Norman Lowell (Gentile), professional fear-feeders

Richard Spencer (Gentile) and Sam Dickson (Gentile)

“The nations will hear and tremble; anguish will grip the people of Philistia. The chiefs of Edom will be terrified, the leaders of Moab will be seized with trembling, the people of Canaan will melt away; terror and dread will fall upon them.” – Tanakh

John Derbyshire (Gentile), professional fear-feeder

And those who listen to them should be referred to as cowards, for that is precisely what they are: people whose fear for their own safety is greater than their empathy for others. The fear-feeders often make rhetorical appeals to “courage” in calling for action. The truth is that those motivated to action merely because they fear the greater negative consequences of inaction are not courageous at all, but frightened. True courage – which Jews and Gentiles cannot understand - consists in resisting the temptation to put others in harm’s way as a means to divert harm from oneself.

“One who really feels international has as much regard for the rest of the world as he does for his own nation. Were our so-called international swarms really like that – fine. But I fear that they are secretly more concerned with the attitude of the rest of the world toward themselves than with their own attitude toward the world. Internationalism requires basically good intentions. But the Jew fundamentally and completely lacks these. He hasn’t the remotest idea of classifying himself with the rest of humanity. His aim is to dominate others in order to extort from them at his leisure. Were he really interested in comradeship, he has had the longest and most abundant opportunity for it.” – Adolf Hitler

External link: Concerning the 2011 Massacre in Norway

Deconstructing the War Machine

“I firmly believe that I shall return from the flight I am about to make and that the flight will be crowned with success. Should I not return, however, the goal I set myself was worth the supreme effort. I am sure you all know me: you know I could not have acted any other way.” – Rudolf Hess

A war need not be supported by a majority in order to proceed. Conversely, a war need not be opposed by a majority in order to be prevented. A war will or will not proceed based primarily on the psychological condition of those who would actually be doing the fighting. To prevent war, it is sufficient to break the chain of command on which effective combat can occur. An outbreak of soldiers who turn their weapons on their own officers when commanded to fight an unjust war can completely destroy the confidence of a military hierarchy, and is a more effective deterrent to war than a million civilian protestors. We call this conscientious insubordination, and strongly recommend it in the event of any war that could be in Jewish interests.

This is not to say that civilian voices are unimportant, but our voices should be directed towards the troops at least as much as towards the politicians. The fashionable rhetoric of damning the Zionist politicians for ordering war while simultaneously lauding the troops for ”bravely” fighting the war must end. Instead the troops must be considered terrorists or racketeers who do the Zionists’ dirty work. Individual troop members should rethink your loyalties. Politicians and bankers cannot force you to follow their orders; they have no real power over you. All it takes to avert war is your willingness to refuse to fight. There is no honour in killing and dying at the behest of so-called ‘leaders’ who are themselves unwilling to die for the same cause.

On the other hand, our anti-war rhetoric (unlike Gentile anti-war rhetoric) must never be based on the notion of non-interventionism in the sense that a war elsewhere is “none of our business”. Actually, non-intervention rhetoric is not anti-war rhetoric at all, but merely anti-participation rhetoric (in the same way that Jainism is not anti-violence but merely anti-participation). This is because non-interventionism would mean turning a blind eye in the event that Israel itself invades other countries. Our anti-war rhetoric must, in contrast, be based solely on attacking diplomatic relations between Israel and our own countries. It should advocate refusal to recognize Israel as an entity that should be allowed to exist at all, and hence encourage solidarity with the enemies of Israel, which would instantly remove the motivation for war between non-Jews, while still allowing us to come to the aid of any country that Israel attempts to attack.

Do not listen to Zionist agent Ron Paul. Anti-war means anti-Israel, not “non-intervention”. 

External link: Anti-War Means Anti-Israel

On the international level, this applies to all Zionist troops (most notably US troops) occupying other countries, not only those countries where war is currently ongoing (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq) but also all countries where they have bases (e.g. Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Cuba, etc.).  These countries should be referred to as Zionist colonies. As much as possible should be done by local residents to ostracize the occupation troops from local economy and society, thereby lowering the morale and increasing the inconvience of their stay.

On the national level, this applies to all far-right street gangs (EDL, Generation Identitaire, Golden Dawn, etc.) which target non-Jewish ethnic/religious minorities. (It can also potentially apply to the local law enforcement, but only if they are consistently siding with these gangs, such as is the case in parts of Greece where corrupt pro-Golden Dawn police more often than not turn a blind eye to violence perpetrated against ethnic minorities. Otherwise, we should still be trying to win them over.) These gangs should constantly be pointed out as useful idiots and ignition fuel, and considered most directly accountable for any civic chaos. Bystanders should, wherever possible, physically aid anyone subjected to violence by these gangs. The functionality of a street gang is contingent on bystanders staying neutral when the gang attacks its targets. To see bystanders prepared to risk personal injury for the sake of physically defending their intended victims (especially ethnic majorities defending ethnic minorities in this way) could be all that is required to deter them from escalating their operations. It will also deny governments an excuse (which gang violence conveniently provides) to increase surveillance of the entire population ”for our safety”.

The best answer to street gangs are organized citizen neighbourhood patrols. In the 1920s when the Bolsheviks in Weimar Germany sent their RFB to attack innocent bourgeois homes and businesses, the NSDAP sent out the SA to protect them. In the 2010s, it will be the ZC/BS gangs attacking innocent ethnic minority homes and businesses. We will need neighbourhood patrols ready to protect them.

If the police will not defend the innocent, we (Hezbollah fans) will!

Under One Sun

“And the dream we were conceived in will reveal a joyful face.
And the world we once believed in will shine again in grace.” -
Michael Jackson

Though we do not call for war, we believe there will probably be a war in the near future. The choice the world faces is whether it will be a war in which Aryans of every ethnicity, religion and country join together to overthrow Jewish domination (and crush assorted Gentile opportunism) once and for all, in which case we will surely win, or a war in which we yet again draw the lines of opposition not by nobility but by the same conventional and meaningless abstractions with which Jews have kept non-Jews fighting each other for thousands of years, in which case it will not matter who wins, for the winning side will not deserve the victory anyway. The choice is not between whether or not to fight, but between what to fight for: survival of your own tribe in darkness, or a new dawn for all who prove themselves worthy of it.


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