“As I said before, the Second World War is nothing less than a monstrous crime for which practically the whole world is collectively responsible — a collective crime of the whole world against its Saviour, Adolf Hitler.” – Savitri Devi

Aryanism was conceived not as a parochial ideology, but as an ideology that can, in principle, be implemented anywhere and everywhere in the world except Israel. On the other hand, the Aryanist movement has happened to emerge in the world at a particular timing – the beginning of the 21st century – in which highly different needs, crises and dilemmas challenge the various regions of the world, so that some regions are much more likely to be initially receptive to our ideas than others. Our interest in geopolitics consists of analyzing the global situation to figure out which regions offer our movement better chances to achieve initial ideological influence (which can then influence other regions), and subsequently outlining what broad lines of action are required if we are to realistically seize these chances.

To begin with, we must understand our enemies’ perspectives, and our own in relation to theirs.

“It was not because you were more in number than any other people that Yahweh set his love upon you and chose you, for you were the fewest of all peoples; but it is because Yahweh loves you, and is keeping the oath which he swore to your fathers. … If you say in your heart, ‘These nations are greater than I; how can I dispossess them?’ you shall not be afraid of them, but you shall remember what Yahweh did to Pharaoh and to all Egypt. Yahweh will clear away these nations before you little by little; you may not make an end of them at once, lest the wild beasts grow too numerous for you. But Yahweh will give them over to you, and throw them into great confusion.” – Tanakh

Jews are lacking in number, accounting for less than 1% of world population, therefore cannot - at present - face a united non-Jewish world head on. (This may change if Israel becomes the sole possessor of sufficiently advanced technology in future. Believe us when we suspect that Israel is working round the clock to research and develop such technology as quickly as it possibly can.) Zionist success thus depends on perpetuating a multi-denominational world while always leaving Zionist agents enough mobility to set the energy of these denominations against each other, thereby firstly ensuring that the various denominations never lower their guard against each other and thus never fully join forces against Jewry, and secondly enabling Jewish financial power to back both sides and ultimately determine (via the role of tiebreaker) the outcome of each inter-denominational conflict, giving Jewry de facto decisive control over the direction of world politics. They apply this strategy both within nations and between nations simultaneously. This is the oldest herder trick in the book, and the only reason it even works is because of the existence of our other enemy.

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-[insert Gentile tribe here].” – various Gentiles

Gentiles (who do not call themselves “Gentiles” but self-identify according to their denomination, whatever it might be), have each in their own denomination convinced themselves that their denomination can, if made into a tribe, become numerous and powerful enough to overwhelm everyone else by itself. Rejecting the idea of unification among non-Jews against Jewish domination as both undesirable and unnecessary, their strategy is to ”wake up” (ie. convert to tribal thinking) as many originally disinterested people of their own denomination as possible. This is typical hunter simplemindedness.

“It was the spirit of the front that created National Socialism. In the face of looming death at the front, ideas of social standing and class collapsed. At the front, the sharing of common joys and common sorrows led to a previously unknown camaraderie between citizens. At the front, everyone could see that the common fate towered above the individual fate. One more thing grew in front fighters, despite the bitter relentlessness of the battle: the sense of a certain inner connection with front fighters across no man’s land, who bore the same burdens, stood in the same mud, were threatened by the same death. This feeling of connectedness remains to this day. It is now true that when front fighters meet, though they were once enemies, they now share the same memories and opinions. They talk of the World War, but behind their words they hope for peace. … We front soldiers do not want incompetent diplomacy to lead us once again into catastrophe … We want to fight together to prevent a new catastrophe.” – Rudolf Hess

Aryans are at present unsure as to how many of us there are in the world. We expect that all non-Jews whom the Gentile tribes fail to recruit (ie. those who have been tempted with tribalism and refused the temptation) will join our camp eventually. We will probably outnumber Jews, but we may or may not outnumber the larger Gentile tribes. On the other hand, our greatest advantage over our enemies will be in our vastly higher quality of membership. Because our cause appeals to the higher emotions of honour and empathy rather the lower emotions of survival and power, we can expect to draw into our ranks the most biologically superior bloodlines (of all ethnicities) in the world, a UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. The best part of this is that Jews and Gentiles cannot imitate our approach without losing their tribal identity, and their tribal identity is so important to them that they will refuse to give it up, therefore the edge of quality will stay with us. Based on this, we believe we have a shot at winning this whole conflict, provided we can make it a contest of quality. This is the guiding principle behind Aryanist geopolitics.

Please contact us if you wish to join.

WMD Politics

“I have made a whole series of such concrete proposals for the purpose of eliminating that poison with which public opinion has been infected in the various countries, and to abandon those more atrocious features of modern warfare, with the ultimate purpose of reaching a condition of practical disarmament.” – Adolf Hitler

Blame the people who split the atom!

While our long-term aim is complete WMD disarmament around the world (with the promise of total destruction of Israel any state which stubbornly refuses to disarm), and while our medium-term aim is redistribution of existing WMDs so that autocratic states possess as many WMDs as possible and democratic states possess as few WMDs as possible, this is only practically feasible if we have at least one major nuclear-armed state on our side at the beginning of this campaign.

Since we wish to avoid any state – even an authentic National Socialist state – having to build new nuclear weapons (which would increase the total number of nuclear weapons in the world), we would very strongly prefer to get an existing leading nuclear-armed state – ie. US or Russia - on our side.

Zionists have anticipated this move and pre-emptively countered by promoting BS Aleksandr Dugin (Gentile) and his theory of Eurasianism, whose practical function is to create a multipolar world that guarantees the WMDs belonging to the various poles stay aimed at each other as required by Zionism. So even if we get a leading nuclear-armed state on our side, we cannot in practice use the nuclear weapons without risking return fire from the other.

“We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.” – Protocols of Zion

“A coming nuclear attack on Pakistan, ostensibly in response to alleged terrorist activity, but actually to destroy that country’s nuclear plants, would convince Russia that she would eventually suffer the same fate unless she responds vigorously to Western (NATO) encirclement and intimidation. That is the recipe for eventual world-war.” – Imran Hosein

Our response would have been straightforward: encourage anti-Zionism in the US and Russia at the same time, so that anti-Zionism becomes the point of sympathy between the two countries. In pure theory, if hostility towards Israel can become high enough of a priority in Russian consciousness, and then if Russia can see the US turn against Israel, the Eurasianist idea that “the US is the world’s problem” will be discredited, and subsequent unification around a serious (ie. non-racist) anti-Zionist ideology, ideally Aryanism, could become realistic.

External link: UN Demands End to Israel’s Settlement Building

Unfortunately, Zionists have anticipated this also, and pre-emptively diverted attention away from it by encouraging Islamophobia in both the US and Russia, implied in such as the mutual endorsements between ZC Donald Trump (Gentile) and ZC Vladimir Putin (Jew). The cunning of this move is that it beats us to the draw in giving the US and Russia something to agree on, but the wrong thing! While we will try our best to defuse Islamophobia in both countries, whichever country first ceases Islamophobia will now psychopolitically push the other country in the opposite direction, which then makes it even harder for both countries to become simultaneously anti-Zionist.

External link: How a Russian Troll Fooled America

 The world is in trouble…..

Here is where the EU (which also possesses a considerable number of nuclear weapons via the UK and France) comes into play for our countermanouevre. It must be neither the US nor Russia but instead the EU which succeeds in ending Islamophobia first, and then acts as a coordinator to end Islamophobia in the US and Russia in a synchronized manner. Only in this way is there any chance of returning to the original plan.

Zionists have anticipated this also, thus have spared no expense in making the EU the global epicentre of Islamophobia. Putin’s funding of far-right parties in many EU countries (most notably the FN in France, the country with the third largest known nuclear stockpile in the world), all of which are dedicated to mainstreaming Islamophobia, gives this away. We will examine the EU situation from another angle in the next section.


The top US priority in the meantime should be to completely shut down all its military bases and pull out all its troops from the Pacific theatre, including South America. (Restoration of Hawaii independence would be a bonus!) This would allow anti-Zionist North Korea to relax, having no longer any need to fear Zionist invasion via South Korea, and by logical extension would relax military tension from the entire region. It would allow relations between China and Japan to improve as Japan ceases to be viewed by China as a US proxy, following which – no longer viewing each other as threats – both could start turning their attention to anti-Zionism. (Restoration of Ryukyu independence to resolve disputed territorial claims would be a bonus!) It would allow Indonesia (and by extension Malaysia and Brunei) to more comfortably build on already well-established anti-Zionist foundations. It would allow Australia and New Zealand to psychologically distance themselves from the West (such as by cutting ties with the British crown, removing the British insignia from their flags, and New Zealand could moreover change its official name to Aotearoa) and improve relations with their regional neighbours, increasing the ease of them turning anti-Zionist also. Indeed, the US itself should likewise sever psychological ties with the West, as it morally ought to have done ever since achieving political independence from Britain in 1783, and instead begin to think of itself as truly American, in other words New Worlder as opposed to Old Worlder. This reset, which would implicitly side the US with other former colonies around the world, would ultimately make it much easier for the US to turn anti-Zionist. (Arguably, the US could on these grounds temporarily keep its Atlantic theatre bases, which could one day be useful against Israel and other Western powers.) Canada should take a similar approach also.

Real-life Sardaukar

What Russia needs to do is collaborate with China so as to keep the Pacific theatre stable enough for the US to pull out as smoothly as possible. Only with Russia and China working together can they help improve relations between the remaining two nuclear-armed states in the region, India and Pakistan. As long as India is kept from dominating South Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan can build on their existing anti-Zionist foundations and hopefully encourage other neighbours such as Sri Lanka and Nepal to turn anti-Zionist. Under no circumstances must Russia and China ever find themselves on opposite sides of the India-Pakistan hostility; at the same time, Russia and China must not compete for influence over Pakistan, but should rather simply help Pakistan become a regional power in its own right, capable of balancing the power of India. (A newly independent Kashmir to resolve disputed territorial claims would be a bonus!)

Zionists have anticipated this, hence Dugin recommends instead that Russia perceive China as a threat, in addition to perceiving the US as a threat. Only BS Gentiles cannot see what Dugin is actually doing, and who benefits. Unless a miraculous sudden change of heart occurs in Russia, which is exceedingly unlikely (though attempts by activists to promote such change of heart are of course still welcome), we unfortunately cannot expect Russia to be a positive force until its Muslims make up enough of its future population to change its attitudes via demographic shift alone.

China has a special task in addition to turning anti-Zionist. Being the only NNPT member that has successfully remained non-democratic, as well as an economic superpower and the pioneer of the morally commendable (albeit feeble by National Socialist standards) One Child Policy, it should focus on intellectually exporting the broad ideas of: 1) anti-democracy; 2) state control over reproduction. (The two go together, as the One Child Policy would never have been implemented had it required majority approval.) This could move the political climate to one better suited for National Socialism which promises to take these same ideas much further.

And, of course, Zionists have anticipated this also, hence they have moved first to put China on the defensive within its own territory by inciting ZC useful idiots to demand: 1) democracy; 2) an end to the One Child Policy; 3) Islamophobia. They are using the pro-democracy uprising in Myanmar led by ZC Aung San Suu Kyi (Gentile) as an example ultimately to encourage imitation in China. The obvious countermeasure is to highlight how this has led to the ongoing organized massacres of the Rohingya by Gentile gangs. However, this is where the ZC tactic 3) comes into play, discouraging empathy towards the Rohingya on the grounds that they are Muslims. Once again, everything was planned long in advance. Once again, Islamophobia must be ended before anything else can happen.

Real-life Harkonnen

Real-life Fremen

External link: Rohingya Blogger

External link: Israel Keeps Arming Myamar’s Military Massacring Rohingya Muslims

Peak Oil Politics

“When dealing with the Jews there are only two choices: to surrender to them or to fight them. We have chosen the latter. As our enemy attacks without mercy, so do we. The future will prove who is right.” – Joseph Goebbels

Blame the people who invented the internal combustion engine!

After we are done damning Western civilization for pushing virtually the entire world from the inherent order and self-sufficiency of solar-powered agrarian economies to the senseless chaos and dependence of fuel-powered industrial economies, and after we have sincerely vowed to manifest a new Solar Civilization, the unfortunate reality remains that we must win the short-term war against Jews and Gentiles alike over the rapidly dwindling oil reserves in the world. We will need this oil to power the transition to the Solar Civilization that we envision.

The dynamic significance of the fact that most of the oil is concentrated in the Middle East is that oil production will almost certainly peak everywhere else prior to peaking in the Middle East. It is reasonable to assume that Israel aims to be in control over all the oil in the Middle East and Africa well before this time; this is likely to be a prime motive of the Greater Israel project, and is consistent with the Zionist invasions of Iraq, Libya and Azawad as well as ongoing Zionist attempts to destabilize Syria and Iran, along with the pan-regional Sunni vs Shiite conflicts almost all of which are incited by crypto-Jews infiltrated into both sides. (Israel also wants other resources from Africa, hence the Zionist creation of South Sudan and Zionist agitation in Eritrea, Somalia and Djibouti.) Our top priority is to obstruct this Jewish strategy.

External link: From the “Yinon Plan” to the “Ya’alon Strategy”

“Do not think that the Old Testament tirades of their newspapers and radio are merely political propaganda. They would carry it all out to the letter, should they have the opportunity.” – Joseph Goebbels

“The Jew will never spontaneously give up his march … his instinct towards world domination will die out only with himself. … And the Jewish people preserve the purity of their blood better than any other nation on earth. Therefore the Jew follows his destined road until he is opposed by a force superior to him.” – Adolf Hitler

“Our primary assumption in our fight against Israel states that the Zionist entity is aggressive from its inception. … Therefore our struggle will end only when this entity is obliterated. We recognize no treaty with it, no cease fire, and no peace agreements, whether separate or consolidated. We vigorously condemn all plans for negotiation with Israel, and regard all negotiators as enemies.” – Hezbollah

External link: International Recognition of Israel 

(Can you recite from memory the 32 UN member states that currently do not recognize Israel? If not, you are not even qualified to read this page.)

The first step is to have on our side one or more (preferably all) countries bordering Israel and hence theoretically capable of directly launching a land invasion of Israel at short notice. These are Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. However, none of these countries possess anywhere near the required military strength to realistically invade Israel by themselves, even jointly.

External link: Days of Palestine

Do not underestimate the IDF, but do not be intimidated by them either. It will be a hard fight, but they are beatable.

The second step is to have on our side countries able to send enough additional troops and weaponry to the countries listed in the first step so as to make such an invasion of Israel realistic. A realistic invasion of Israel will require coordinated attacks via air, land and sea, along with strong air and missile defence capability to counter the favoured Jewish tactic of so-called “pre-emptive defence” (the Jewish term for ”attack”). This will require control over the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

The third step is to have on our side countries which can supply oil to the countries listed in the second step until Israel is destroyed.

The second and third steps can be achieved simultaneously if we can get the EU* on our side. For this reason, it would be advantageous to us for the EU to continue to exist rather than break up, so that we can pursue the objective of pushing it as a whole entity away from Islamophobia, away from Zionism and towards anti-Zionism. Zionists understand this as well as we do, hence their promotion of ZC Nigel Farage (Gentile) who constantly reminds people about the non-democratic character of the EU. Hitler has some salient words on this topic: “A principle which must never be forgotten is that a confederation of States can be maintained only by a continuation of the methods used to conquer them and bring them into confederation.” Thus the best way for us to maintain the EU is not to deny Farage’s claims, but to dig under them by discrediting democracy itself.

(* For the record, we obviously oppose the Euro currency.)

External link: Israel Blasts EU’s Decision to Label Settlement Products

It would be even more advantageous to us if a future anti-Zionist Turkey is part of an anti-Zionist EU, as Turkey is geographically near enough to Israel to support offensive military operations against Israel. Hitler spoke repeatedly of the importance of good relations with Turkey, with statements such as: “If … Gerede should be appointed Foreign Minister, we shall have no cause to complain. He is not, admittedly, a militant diplomat, like Oshima, but he is a man who is absolutely convinced that Germany and Turkey must go forward hand in hand.” It is for the sake of preventing EU friendship with Turkey that Zionists promote in Greece the rise of the far-right useful idiots of BS Golden Dawn, which has openly stated that Istanbul should be made into part of Greece! A poor relationship between Greece and Turkey would clog up relations between Turkey and other EU countries, so that all our work elsewhere goes to waste.

External link: Turkish Intelligence Service Targets Jewish Population

In short, Israel’s defensive strategy consists of surrounding itself with neighbours which hate Israel but which are too weak to invade it, and then ensuring that the countries strong enough to invade Israel are on sufficiently poor terms with Israel’s neighbours that Israel’s neighbours will not allow their armies onto their territory. The way to defeat this strategy is therefore straightforward: encourage good relations between Israel’s neighbours and the military powers of the world, based on shared hostility towards Israel. Relations between Israel’s neighbours and the military powers of the world must be based on such heartfelt fellowship that the former will completely trust the latter to station their armies in the former’s territory. Without this condition met, Israel cannot fall.

Therefore we must begin by creating an anti-Zionist bloc within the EU, and then making this bloc dominant in the EU. Currently, no EU member states refuse to recognize Israel, and only Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania have recognized Palestine since 1988. However, thanks to our activism, Sweden has shifted to recognizing Palestine since 2014. (Also thanks to our activism, Iceland has also shifted to recognizing Palestine since 2011, therefore Iceland joining the EU should be supported. And of course Albania, which has recognized Palestine since 1988, should also be supported in joining the EU.)

External link: Sweden Recognizes Palestine, Drawing Sharp Israeli Criticism

While as a matter of principle we should encourage every single country in the EU to turn anti-Zionist, the best way to start might be by encouraging strategic secession within EU countries: Scotland, Wales and Ulster from the UK; Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, Aragon and Majorca from Spain, Sardinia from Italy, and most importantly (though with the greatest difficulty) Occitania from France. At the same time, we must radicalize these secessionist movements – which must be folkish rather than ethnocentric - to favour an anti-Zionist foreign policy for their new states upon successful secession, so as to represent a clean break from the Zionist foreign policy of the old states from which they seceded. These newly seceded states can hence form the initial germ of an assertively anti-Zionist bloc, which can then on one hand influence other EU members to join it and help it grow, and on the other hand begin the arduous process of restoring the good name of Europe in world history through sincere friendship with the Islamic world and an immediate end to all discrimination against its own local Muslim communities.

So-called “Vichy France” during the Third Reich roughly corresponds to Occitania in territorial terms.

In particular, these seceded states would have the ability to influence their former co-states. For example, it would be in England’s interests to remain on good terms with a hypothetical post-independence Scotland, Wales and Ulster. Thus, provided the latter three are steadfast in their anti-Zionism and united with each other, they should be able to win over England to anti-Zionism also. The same applies to the other cases. Although, unfortunately, the 2014 Scottish independence referendum was unsuccessful, the panic that the mere idea of secession caused our enemies during the course of the high-profile campaign clearly indicates the potency of secessionism as a geopolitical leveraging technique.

This does not mean we rely solely on strategic secession. In parallel, we must also work on states that we intend to leave untouched by secessionist movements. The main priority is to prevent these states from falling under Gentile influence (ie. far-right politics). These states can join our side, but only if they have first faced temptation by the far-right and successfully rejected it. On the other hand, whichever such states swallow the far-right temptation must be recategorized as Gentile-held territory, to be treated no differently than Israel henceforth. Serbia has already been placed in this category for its racist massacres during the Yugoslav War (the same war in which Hezbollah supported Bosnia), and is an excellent example showing that - contrary to what BS Gentiles believe - Zionists are not in the least bothered by the existence of Gentile ethnostates, as Serbia has suffered no harassment at all following its founding (and in fact enjoys good relations with Israel). This is because Zionists know that no ethnostate would ever risk its own existence for the sake of bringing down Israel. In contrast, a folkish state such as Azawad was invaded virtually as soon as it was founded, because Zionists know that a folkish state can potentially (under charismatic leadership) be motivated by more than survivalism and thus become a genuine danger to Israel.

Real-life Harkonnens

External link: We Remember the Bosnian Genocide

Real-life Fremen

External link: Mouvement National de Liberation de l’Azawad

Germany is economically the most powerful member of the EU (accounting for ~25% of total EU GDP), and the top oil consumer. If Germany can turn anti-Zionist, it can economically leverage many other EU countries to follow suit. Zionists know this as well as we do, which is why they have made Germany a veritable Zionist gulag since the end of WWII, where criticism of Jews is more ruthlessly suppressed than anywhere else in the world (but where racism towards non-Jewish ethnic minorities – especially Germans of Turkish ancestry - is actively incited by ZC agents such as Thilo Sarrazin (Gentile), as well as of course the useful idiots of the far-right). To understand why Zionist agents are so committed to ruining relations between Germany and Turkey, one need only refer to Hitler’s geopolitical vision of the Danube: “The river of the future is the Danube. We’ll connect it to the Dnieper and the Don by the Black Sea. The petroleum and grain will come flowing towards us. The canal from the Danube to the Main can never be built too big. Add to this the canal from the Danube to the Oder, and we’ll have an economic circuit of unheard-of dimensions. … The Danube is also the link with Turkey. And it’s only when one’s lines of communication are safe that one can build a world empire.” (Incidentally, this vision is precisely the Aryan blood memory of Neolithic migration from Turkey to Germany following the Danube. As Miguel Serrano theorized, Jewish strategy on the mystic level involves sabotaging any route that could lead to us recovering our blood memory.)

Bifroest a.k.a. Asbru

Rather than try to turn Germany anti-Zionist in a single step, we could first encourage Germany to focus on using its economic leverage to crush Islamophobia throughout the EU and to vigorously promote Christian-Mohammedan solidarity to lay the implicit diplomatic foundations necessary for anti-Zionism but to possibly allow other, less legally restricted EU states to actually lead the anti-Zionist rhetoric. This would make sense anyway considering Germany’s lack of military power such that its troop contribution to an actual military invasion of Israel is likely to be insignificant.

“We know what we are doing. Just don’t let some ZC/BS political retard barge in now and ruin it all!”

Norway (which is not itself an EU member), Scotland and Denmark are the biggest oil exporters to EU countries. However, signs suggest that both Norway and Scotland have already passed peak oil, and Denmark is currently going through its peak oil. This implies a steady future decrease in exportable oil, but does not necessarily mean that all countries importing oil from them must steadily receive less oil. Instead, provided the oil exporters are won over to anti-Zionism, they could maintain oil exports to other anti-Zionist countries by ceasing oil exports to enemy countries. Scotland has already been discussed, but Norway and Denmark should take this as a chance to emerge into a more leading role in regional politics. In particular, Norway should emphasize its historic struggle for independence from Sweden (achieved in 1905), so that Norway self-identifies with the anti-colonialist camp in world history (just as Ireland and Scotland do, and as National Socialist Germany did) and thus feel spontaneous rapport with the peoples of other former colonies around the world.

Outside of the Middle East, South America is the region with the most oil, the bulk of which is concentrated in Venezuela. Before she was made to disappear, Aisha Gaddafi specifically singled out Venezuela as one of the most important countries to future anti-Zionism, and was optimistic because Hugo Chavez was still in control at the time. Now with Chavez dead, Venezuela should be considered a key battleground.

Besides building on the existing anti-Zionist foundations in Venezuela itself, we must also promote good relations between Venezuela and its neighbours, especially economic power Brazil, and between North America as a whole and South America as a whole. We should encourage homegrown pressure in Colombia for the removal of all US troops from its territory so that Colombia ceases to be viewed by Venezuela as a US proxy, only following which there can be serious hope for improved relations between Venezuela and Colombia. Border disputes involving Guyana must be put behind the discussion as soon as possible.

The main cultural link between the North and South Americas is Christianity; to develop this link, it is necessary to dissolve the Catholic-Protestant false dichotomy that divides the North and South Americas. (The most elegant way to do this would be by emphasizing that the true distinction to worry about is Gnostic Christianity vs Judeo-Christianity.) Zionists have anticipated this. The real reason why they are trying to kill off Christianity altogether in the US is to remove the element that could bring the North and South Americas closer together. In radical opposition to this, we must more than merely defend Christianity in the Americas – we must positively counterattack by promoting a vision of the Americas as the continents that will intellectually lead Christianity in the future. (Such a vision could prompt the demand for theological divergence of “New World Christianity” from “Old World Christianity”, which would allow us to lead the former in a Gnostic direction.)

Similarly positively, we should imagine Europe as the location where Mohammedanism can be renewed along Gnostic lines. As a region where many new Muslims are young converts from a wide variety of backgrounds, Europe offers by far the best potential environment for Mohammedanism to separate from tradition and return to its original pure condition. Thus, in radical opposition to the Zionist tactic of encouraging Europe to shun Mohammedanism, we must more than merely defend Mohammedanism in Europe – we must offer a vision of Europe as the continent that will intellectually lead Mohammedanism in the future.

With both Christianity and Mohammedanism thus radically revitalized, we would be almost set for the appearance of the Second Christ and the Mahdi, who are destined to join forces against the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah, and to win.

When the Sun Rises From the West

“Too much emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of having one geographic centre as the chief seat of the movement. Only the existence of such a seat or centre, around which a magic charm such as that of Mecca or Rome is woven, can supply a movement with that permanent driving force which has its sources in the internal unity of the movement and the recognition of one head as representing this unity.” – Adolf Hitler

Caladan, the “Water World”, home planet of House Atreides

Eschatology has postulated that the final battle against the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah will not occur until ”the Sun rises from the West”. Interpreting this as a postulate not of astronomy but of ideology, traditional Western civilization must be destroyed, and the swastika rise in its place, before we can play our anti-Zionist endgame. What too often goes unmentioned is that, had Western civilization never existed, Jews would never have attained even a small fraction of the power that they were in fact able to amass throughout the centuries (especially during the colonial era) and still possess today. Jews have as much power as they do not in spite of Western civilization, but because of it. Western civilization alone made Jewish domination possible. Western civilization must die before the Jewish problem can be solved.

For the simple reason that most of our propaganda is in English language, it is reasonable to assume that Aryanism and the wider True Left will find quicker reception in Anglosphere countries. This is consistent with the pattern that, by comparison, the Gentile far-right (which wants Western civilization to survive) is at present having more success in countries in continental (ie. non-Anglosphere) Europe, such as France. Therefore, while we in principle do not mind where the geographical centre of our movement is created, it is likely in practice that it will be created in an Anglosphere country. This would be advantageous for us, as people in most non-Anglosphere countries learn English as a second language, thus facilitating subsequent reception of our message in non-Anglosphere countries.

Wherever our geographical centre might turn out to be, for it to be imbued with inspirational value, it must rapidly achieve one or more significant ethical breakthroughs that demonstrate its indisputable cultural superiority. For example, it could become the first vegan country, or the first country to ban vaccines (and eventually phase out Western medicine altogether), or to dismantle all nuclear power plants, or to phase out private cars, or to vastly reduce luxury products, or to outlaw parental violence (non-physical as well as physical) against children, indeed preferably all of these and much more. Then, having set this new and higher ethical standard, it would automatically become an exemplary beacon for any other countries which might wish to reach this standard themselves, and which will be encouraged to reach this standard via demographic means. As Hitler put it: “A genuine revolution that arises from profound ideological insight will always lead to a transformation which is strikingly impressive and is manifest to the outside world.” The world dichotomy would then no longer be “East vs West” or “First World vs Third World” or any other such nonsense, but simply countries willing to Aryanize vs countries unwilling to Aryanize, whichever these may turn out to be. The former group of countries will be the prophesized Fourth Reich.

Community of Nations

“No matter what others may say, I assert this: a time will come when all the elite nations of the world will have such a leadership; and then everyone will be astonished to see that, instead of grating on one another as has previously been the case, they will treat one another with respect and consideration.” – Adolf Hitler

The Fourth Reich need not be directly governed from its geographical centre. Rather, it could be a community of nations whose respective autocratic leaders are guided by shared ideals, as Hitler dreamed. This authentic National Socialist vision is quite the opposite to the tribalist version of nationalism (properly known as National Anarchism) whereby each nation follows the principle of putting its own interests first (implicitly at the expense of others as pragmatically necessary). Instead, like a folk community in which each member treats others as he would wish to be treated by others, but applied on the scale of nations, thus a community of nations would see each nation committed to the principle of treating other nations as it would wish to be treated by other nations, including risking or sacrificing itself without hesitation to help other nations during crises, in the faith that other nations would do the same for itself in their turn. Globalists are skeptical that this can be done by goodwill alone, which is why they would rather create transnational economies and treaties to bind dependent nations into pragmatic cooperation motivated by self-interest. In opposition to this, National Socialists are determined to trust in goodwill rather than dependence.

“The inner readiness to seek and find an understanding is more important than the finely woven attempts of statesmen to ensnare the world in a legal net of pacts that are not clear as to the obligations they involve.” – Adolf Hitler

What we acknowledge is that a community of nations is unrealistic under democracy, as the majority in each nation will tend to elect governments which put the interests of its own people first. Instead, a community of nations is only feasible when all the nations in the community apply Fuehrerprinzip. The dictator of one nation can feel for the dictator of another nation with empathy unmatched by that of the masses of one nation for the masses of another nation, since the relationship between the former is a direct connection between feeling individual personalities, whereas the relationship between the latter is a noisy muck of ill-informed rumours, prejudices, stereotypes and caricatures, mostly promoted by Jews to different groups of non-Jews about one another. Thus a community of nations is only feasible as an organic extension of a community of individual Aryan leaders of these nations.

“World peace will not come with the disarmament of armies and fleets, but with the complete destruction of dishonourable democracy and faceless ideas of the state.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Having said that, if one among these many leaders is truly outstanding, the other leaders might spontaneously end up deferring to him (officially or unofficially) in the governance of their nations also. This is always a possibility within Fuehrerprinzip, and should be welcomed should the rare charisma arise. We are not fundamentally opposed to imperialism in this pure sense, just as we neither deny that National Socialist Germany became imperialistic from the 1938 Anschluss onwards, nor berate it for becoming so, because the absorbed peoples were given citizenship and considered part of the folk. What we despise is colonialism as practiced by post-Renaissance Western civilization, which segregates the colonized peoples as a group and treats them as ethical lessers (“subjects but not citizens” ie. Goys) compared to the colonizing peoples as a group.

In any case, Israel and any Gentile nations cannot be part of the community of nations nor even be permitted to exist alongside it, as they – dominated by tribalism - are incapable of self-sacrifice. No nation unwilling to die for others can be trusted to live among others. It would be the duty of the Fourth Reich to phase them out of existence, and with deep-rooted unity achieved among all the high-quality nations in the world, it could fulfill this duty with ease.

“They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that which men “against Time” have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging Comrades whom the Five Thousand of Verden called in vain within their hearts at the minute of death, upon the bank of the Aller River, red with blood; those whom the millions of 1945 — the dying; the tortured; and the desperate survivors — called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters “against Time” called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic Struggle.” – Savitri Devi


“In the end, the Fuehrer’s prophecy about World Jewry in 1939, which they laughed at then, will come true.” – Joseph Goebbels

The moment non-Jews stop fighting each other, Jews are finished.

If the plan as laid out above is adhered to in good time, Israel will fall. The Second Christ and the Mahdi will join forces as prophesized, and the Antichrist/Dajjal/Jewish Messiah will not stand a chance. And then, once the international Jewish diaspora have no sovereign state of their own that they can flee to, we as one world can at long last proceed to the endgame coined by the old OWNP as Solar Zionism

However, we only have a limited amount of time in which to pull it off. If we make inadequate progress, eventually almost all the strategic ideas presented here will become outdated and irrelevant. Every delay gives Israel more time to build up its technology, while bringing the rest of the world nearer debilitating resource shortage. Every conflict between non-Jews creates delay and wastes resources. Jews and Gentiles share a desire to bring on conflict between the various non-Jewish denominations - Gentiles because they each think their tribe can win, Jews because they can influence which tribe actually wins. It is the duty of Aryanists and all other serious anti-Zionists to do everything we can to prevent any outbreak of conflict between non-Jews, which we define as any organized motion by non-Jews to negatively generalize other non-Jews according to denominational identity instead of judging them and treating them as individuals. But in the sad event that conflict nevertheless occurs and we are forced to join in just to defend the innocent, Gentiles would force us to make them our first targets. And yes, Gentiles deserve nothing better. But then let us only hope that we will have enough strength left to deal with Jews afterwards…..


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