“It is time for a genuine new beginning, away from the West of today and yesterday. Time for the crimes, the oppression, the tyranny, of the West – of The White Hordes of Homo Hubris – to be exposed, to be understood, and for Western ways, values and abstractions to be rejected. … It is time for other peoples to cease to regard and cease to view the West, and The White Hordes of Homo Hubris, as examples to followed and admired, and for the so-called progress and the current prosperity of the West to be understood for what it is: the bloody result of centuries of colonialism; the result of centuries of exploitation of the peoples and resources of the world; the result of centuries of blackmail, extortion, plunder, war, and atrocity after atrocity.” – David Myatt

The content presented on this site is intended for the few, for those who understand Zionism, and understand what is needed of a genuine revolution that seeks to defeat it without replacing it with something worse. Our aim in putting this site together was to recruit only the intellectual core for our revolution from all over the world, an incorruptible inner-circle of idealists who have digested Aryanism well enough to exercise trusted judgement on how best to adapt it to gain political followings of their own from different groups and in different countries, diverging in form if necessary but staying united in spirit. As Hitler advises: “The thing that matters here is not the vision of the man of genius who created the great idea but rather the success which his apostles achieve in shaping the expression of this idea so as to bring it home to the minds of the masses.”

A platform differs from an ideology. Whereas the latter applies cosmically, the former is tailored to a specific country at a specific time. Our noble destination is one, but depending on each country’s starting point, the directions it must follow towards the destination could be very different.

Blood and Soil

“Faith moves mountains, but only knowledge moves them to the right place.” – Joseph Goebbels

Countries of the world by land area

Countries of the world by Jewish population

Authentic National Socialism rejects the “one-size-fits-all” approach to politics, about which Hitler had to say: “They imagine that it’s better to have a regulation which is bad, but uniform, rather than a good regulation that would take account of particular circumstances.” We consider it self-evident that the distinct gene pools and distinct territorial factors of different countries, and the mutually influential relationship between the two, create unique situations that require correspondingly unique political solutions. All platforms must be tailored to suit its target people and target location as best they can. First-hand familiarity with a country’s history, geography and pop culture is hence a necessary prerequisite to drafting a platform for that country.

And this is all that is meant by the phrase “blood and soil”. It does not mean opposition to multiethnic society. If a society happens to be multiethnic, it will likely require different initiatives to unite into an integrated folk than a monoethnic society, but unity – not division - remains the objective. As Hitler said: “We cannot often enough renew our confession of faith that it is our desire to belong to this nation and to serve it; that it is our desire to do all that we can to understand one another, so that we may overcome all that tends to separate us from one another and thus to defeat foolish doubters, mockers and the everlasting petty critics.” Only Jews, who have proven over thousands of years to be incapable of abandoning their Jewishness, and who moreover actively encourage division between everyone else, are not welcome in our society. The same also applies to other racists regardless of ethnicity.


“Each of you is as unique in history as National Socialism itself.” – Rudolf Hess

In addition to the factors of habitat discussed above, it is perfectly proper that the style of the platform be shaped by the personality of the leader charged with advocating it. This is not vanity, contrary to what democrats, republicans and constitutionalists would like to suggest. A compelling platform must feel personal, almost like an extension of the leader’s soul, so that agreement with the platform transposes to trust in the leader, who himself embodies the values he espouses for the country. Our platformers will inevitably be smeared as promoting a “personality cult”, but better a personality cult than a bureaucracy, for at least one can relate to the former empathically as one living being to another, whereas the latter is mechanical and without emotion.

“I am often urged to say something in praise of bureaucracy—I can’t do it.” – Adolf Hitler

“NS – or something based upon or evolved from it – could only ever become a significant political force if there arose a leader of sufficient nobility to lead a new movement. For such a leader would be the movement – just as Adolf Hitler was both the NSDAP and NS Germany.” – David Myatt

Adolf Hitler, The Leader

Such a leader must never be a divider of society by promising to place the interests on one subgroup in society ahead of those of another. On the contrary he should be a folkish unifier who speaks before each subgroup on behalf of another, so as to increase solidarity. Alfred Rosenberg recalls what made Hitler so unique among politicians: “He was not at all like the representatives of other parties. Where the latter appealed to the interests of their listeners, who all belonged to a certain definite group, by promising to press their interests before all others, Hitler invariably spoke for the absent ones. In other words, before an audience of Red workers he spoke about the need for a healthy farmers’ class, or he defended the German officers. Facing officers he criticised the attitude of the intelligentsia which had ignored the workingman and left him to his fate. The time for self-criticism had come, he would say, and the way from man to man had to be found despite all obstacles.” This approach is needed today more than ever if we are to hold society together as conditions worsen and our enemies increasingly push tribalism into psychology and identitarianism into politics.

Applied Nobility

“An educated man who is present and who finds fault with an address because he considers it to be on an intellectual plane that is too low, though he himself has witnessed its effect on the lower intellectual groups whose adherence has to be won, only shows himself completely incapable of rightly judging the situation and therewith proves that he can be of no use in the new movement. Only intellectuals can be of use to a movement who understand its mission and its aims so well that they have learned to judge our methods of propaganda exclusively by the success obtained and never by the impression which those methods made on the intellectuals themselves.” – Adolf Hitler

Based on the above considerations, we expect and indeed encourage wide presentational variety among country-specific political platforms inspired by our movement. The aim of a platform is to garner as much support among like-minded people as possible, irrespective of their level of knowledge. Therefore our platformers should not be afraid to tone down certain ideas that require specialist knowledge to fully appreciate, so long as we do so in a way that leaves manoueverability to tone them back up later. Certainly we do not insist that all such platforms call themselves “Aryanist” or “National Socialist”, or use the swastika as their logo, or insert Hitler quotes into their writings. On the contrary, we recommend choosing whatever names, words and symbols are locally effective, so long as none of these suggest Zionist sympathies.

“Among a hundred men who call themselves orators there are scarcely ten who are capable of speaking with effect before an audience of street-sweepers, locksmiths and navvies, etc., to-day and expound the same subject with equal effect to-morrow before an audience of university professors and students. Among a thousand public speakers there may be only one who can speak before a composite audience of locksmiths and professors in the same hall in such a way that his statements can be fully comprehended by each group while at the same time he effectively influences both and awakens enthusiasm, on the one side as well as on the other, to hearty applause.” – Adolf Hitler

On the other hand, in order that Aryanist platforms in different countries can recognize each other, and distinguish themselves from ideologically incompatible rival platforms, we recommend a few broad common elements.

An Aryanist platform anywhere must at least attempt to:

- offer a radical and more noble alternative to all other available political options in its vicinity

- prevent fragmentation of society into mutually hostile tribes along ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic or religious lines

- direct a united folk against the tribes that already exist (e.g. Jews, other racists)

An Aryanist platform should either advocate immediately, or at least leave room in its present wording to advocate in future, the following ideas:

- autocracy (with emphasis on idealism, folkism and mandatory firearm ownership)

- autarky (with emphasis on local subsistence agriculture, state-issued fiat currency and simple living)

- autonomy (but inclined to voluntarily support all enemies of Israel)

- state control of reproduction (with emphasis on quantity decrease and quality improvement)

- a new system of ethics based on universal compassion (with emphasis on duties instead of ‘rights’)

An Aryanist platform anywhere must not promote, or even leave itself open to be interpreted as promoting, any of the following ideas:

- racism

- Islamophobia

- the existence of Israel

- development of sentient machines

- settlement of outer space

Aryanist platforms should make frequent use of the words “folk“, “unity” and “nobility“, as well as “True Left” (see below). Another word with excellent potential that we recommend is “citizen“, as Jews and Gentiles (being tribalists) by definition cannot be citizens.

“On the occasion of conferring a diploma of citizenship the new citizen must take a solemn oath of loyalty to the national community and the State. This diploma must be a bond which unites together all the various classes and sections of the nation. It shall be a greater honour to be a citizen of this Reich, even as a street-sweeper, than to be the King of a foreign State.” – Adolf Hitler

An Aryanist platform must not whitewash the sordid elements of any national history. It should strongly extol as rolemodels all the noble heroes that have arisen within a national history, but must emphasize that these heroes have always been the exceptional few, never the norm or the majority. Thus it must present an Aryan narrative of history: a narrative of rare superior individuals, struggling – often unsuccessfully – to raise the moral level of a local culture in courageous opposition to an inferior but much more populous traditional flow. This is in contrast to both the traditionalist narrative of history that praises the tradition-bearing norm and disparages the work of noble personalities as “unwanted social engineering”, and the progressive narrative of history that believes that the norm somehows enlightens itself over time and that noble personalities are a side-effect rather than the cause of this process.

“Among the broad masses there is instinctively a definite antipathy towards every outstanding genius. … Whatever has happened in history above the level of the average of the broad public has mostly been due to the driving force of an individual personality.” – Adolf Hitler

Beyond these rough guidelines, it is entirely up to the platformer how to proceed. If you have drafted a platform, feel free to send it in to us for review.

Which Support Base?

“The future of a movement is determined by the devotion, and even intolerance, with which its members fight for their cause. They must feel convinced that their cause alone is just, and they must carry it through to success, as against other similar organizations in the same field.” – Adolf Hitler

A platform that attempts to appeal to everybody will end up appealing to nobody. A consequential platform must plan to appeal to a particular mentality within the society in question, and then faithfully adhere to this plan.

We have time to give Occupiers a chance to correct their fatal weakness. We do not have time to give Tea Partiers a chance to change their entire worldview.

Firstly, we believe that an Aryanist platform will have the greatest chance of success by becoming the voice for Positive Statism in opposition to the currently building libertarian wave. In response to libertarian criticism regarding the lack of transparency in big government, we can readily point out that all their criticism applies only to democratically elected states, for it is only such states which are susceptible to the influence of wealthy lobbyists on elections. By contrast, any state where all power is concentrated in the hands of a single, unelected absolute ruler guarantees both perfect governmental transparency and total immunity to lobbyism. Once we get this through enough heads, that democracy – not statism – is the culprit, the rest is downhill. 

Secondly, we believe that an Aryanist platform will have the greatest chance of success if it can fill the void being created by the gradual failure of the strawman PC False Left to counter the rise of the reactionary ZC/BS far-right. Hitler summarized our current situation perfectly when he said: “At a time in which the one side, armed with all the fighting power that springs from a systematic conception of life – even though it be criminal in a thousand ways – makes an attack against the established order the other side will be able to resist when it draws its strength from a new faith, which in our case is a political faith. This faith must supersede the weak and cowardly command to defend. In its stead we must raise the battle-cry of a courageous and ruthless attack.”

In other words, our platformers must become the leaders of the currently scattered and leaderless True Left. Today there are millions of caring people who defend egalitarianism out of a confused sense of duty because they know in their hearts that racism is wrong, but who are becoming increasingly demoralized in such defence because they know in their minds that egalitarianism is indefensible. We must deliver to them the simple and magical revelation which they have been subconsciously waiting for, namely that rejection of egalitarianism need not imply acceptance of racism, but on the contrary can – through non-ethnocentric racial idealism - genuinely serve the noble goal that egalitarianism claimed to serve but in fact never did.

ZC/BS platforms sell themselves on their willingness to discuss the significance of genetics to society. In the long-term, effective opposition to racism cannot be based on continually denying the significance of genetics (as egalitarians choose to do), but must be based on embracing it and then turning it against our enemies. A favourite line of the far-right is: “A country is its people; if you change the people you change the character of the country.” We must agree with them, but then retort: “Change in the character of the country is exactly what we need! ” Once we establish that the traditional character of the country has been largely ignoble, our enemies’ belief in genetics becomes the ultimate indicting blow against themselves. The old gene pools have had more than enough time to prove that their genes can build ethical societies; history shows they have utterly failed, even despite the most valiant attempts of their respective heroes to guide them. Now it is our turn to find a new genetic unity – a UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY - that at last possesses the quality required to succeed.



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