Intentional Communities

“As landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self-sufficing in the resources upon which they live. It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land.” – Protocols of Zion

Building an Aryanist intentional community should be the primary activism of choice for Aryanists who lack interest or talent in propaganda and politics. It is the only line of activism which does not necessarily involve direct conflict with our enemies in and of itself, and which does not involve dealing with large numbers of idiots. Instead, it involves working primarily with other committed Aryanists.

This is not to say that building intentional communities is a form of escapism from Zionism. On the contrary, the establishment of Aryanist intentional communities will significantly aid all other fronts of the movement, be it reclaiming the good name of the swastika through living demonstration, functioning as academies for Aryanism and authentic National Socialism, or – should civic chaos descend upon mainstream society as Jews have long planned (and as Gentiles also want) - acting as emergency refugee centres to which non-Jews and non-Gentiles of all denominational categories can retreat. In this last scenario, the people whom we could save in this way – not just physically but also spiritually, by showing that even in such dark times fair and kind treatment of the innocent can still exist – may well be the ones helping us build a new society according to these same values after it is all over.

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“It is a consciously-made – an evolutionary – decision to honourably co-operate with others who feel as we do in order to slowly bring-into-being new rural and clan-based communities. … It is a consciously-made – an evolutionary – decision to restrain and control ourselves, and control our lust for comfort and for luxury, and to place empathy with and compassion for all Life at the centre of our own lives. It is a consciously-made – an evolutionary – decision to distance ourselves, internally and externally, from the profane, materialistic, egotistic, profit-worshipping, machine-worshipping, societies of our age.” – David Myatt

The founding members of an Aryanist intentional community must be devoted Aryanists living in (or able to migrate to) the same country, who have already spent some time getting to know each other without experiencing serious personality clashes, and who between them possess the finances, knowledge and skill set necessary to launch such a project. The founding members should unanimously nominate one among them as the community leader before the community is opened to new members. All material property associated with the community commons will be legally owned by the community leader alone, and will be inheritable downward along the chain of command one person at a time. Legal ownership of the community must never be split by shareholding or other method of division.

An Aryanist intentional community must not accept anyone who is in any way eligible for Israeli citizenship (including by marriage), or with known connections to Zionist organizations (including political parties/lobbies, media, banks, corporations, Freemasonry, etc.). It must similarly not accept anyone with known connections to equivalent Gentile tribalist organizations. They are the enemy, the ones responsible for the world being as sick as it is in the first place.

Excepting these restrictions, an Aryanist intentional community must be welcoming to all who agree to contribute to it through their labour and follow its contract (see below), regardless of ethnic background, gender, sexual preferences, religion or other denominational categories. Top priority should be given to Aryanists, anti-Zionists and advocates for other noble causes with a record of activism, especially those who can no longer work in mainstream society as a consequence of their activism.

Lack of skills or experience required to contribute to the community should not exclude an applicant to the community from joining, provided he is willing to learn these skills from existing members and acquire experience “on the job” once he is here. A community is arguably made stronger by cultivating its own trainees than by relying on skills brought in from elsewhere. On this account, priority should be given to younger applicants.

An Aryanist intentional community should aim to project a confident Aryan culture that spontaneously draws Aryans and spontaneously turns away non-Aryans. Its veganism will attract universalists and repulse humanists; its paramilitary order will attract autocrats and repulse democrats; its quality-based demographics will attract racial idealists and repulse ethnopreservationists; its childcare principles will attract empaths and repulse torturers; and so on. Consistently implemented, the community can be expected to gather to it some of the most noble people in its vicinity. (If my predictions are correct, they will be significantly above average even in physical appearance.) On the other hand, an Aryanist intentional community that finds itself attracting mostly barbarians (either ZC or BS varieties) should review whether its culture is incorrect or whether it is failing to project its culture with clarity.


“For a man of the soil, the finest country is the one that yields the finest crops.” – Adolf Hitler

It is unlikely in the near future that we will have the luxury of choosing perfect sites for Aryanist intentional communities, and much more likely that we will have to make the best of whatever is available and affordable. Ideally, the location should have an off-grid water source (collecting rain on its own will almost certainly not provide enough water). Existing buildings that can be converted for our uses would be most convenient, but if we have to build new buildings, ease of obtaining legal permission to build will be an important factor.

While a rural village is the stereotype for intentional communities, suitable urban or suburban locations can also be considered. An urban Aryanist intentional community would have the advantage of higher visibility to passers-by, which could help to spread our movement.

External link: Urban Agriculture


“The toil of earlier times was often much harder than it is now; but the toil that is necessary, now, to live simply, frugally, is not that hard – although it will be so for those who have never done such work!” – David Myatt

External link: The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency

An Aryanist intentional community will demonstrate the principles of Solar Civilization on a small scale. As far as possible, the community should be off-grid, and fuel machines should not be used (with the possible exception, in the case of a rural community, of a fuel vehicle for travelling to and from the community). The only energy source for all internal community needs should be the sun. Both active and passive solar energy techniques can be used as appropriate. Wind and water energy generation also count as solar, as the energy they carry also originates from the sun.

External link: Solar Cooking

Besides solar-powered electricity and heating, the community should aim to grow as much of its own food from sunlight as it can. Acquisition of skills in subsistence farming and classic food preservation methods will be a principal necessity for community members as a whole, and in so doing will reconnect us to our Neolithic roots, and hence be part of our personal Aryan development. As Hitler assured us: “Work on the land is a schooling which teaches energy, self-confidence and a readiness to make swift decisions.”

Note that we must never use the term “sustainable” when describing our communities. We are not interested in sustaining anything indefinitely; we are interested purely in holding out long enough to finish our mission.

In order that the community need not be subjected to state taxation (until we succeed in establishing National Socialist states), the value of its products must never be measured by money. Its products must never be sold for money, but only bartered for other products if traded at all, and preferably traded with other intentional communities rather than with mainstream society. It can accept donations of money from either members or outside supporters, but should prefer donations of needed items directly.

The fiat currency of all Aryanist intentional communities (and, later, all National Socialist states) will be the Aryan Ration. Its value will be peculiar to each community depending on its unique conditions (therefore non-transferable between two communities), and will be named after that community (e.g. the “Hitlerville ration”). One Aryan Ration is defined as the labour required – without use of fuel machines – to grow one day’s adequacy of food for one person, and can be calculated as a moving average using the population of the community, the total food per day consumed by the community (which will be rationed by the community leader guided by Aryan ideals, hence the name of the unit, and hence its fiat character) and the quantity of labour required to produce this total.

For example, if one Aryan Ration requires three man-hours to produce, then a community member will earn one Aryan Ration for three hours of any labour within the community. The underlying assumption here is that any kind of labour is as valuable as any other kind of labour. As a descriptive assumption this is obviously false, but an economy based on this prescriptive assumption is ideologically pressured to discourage unnecessary or non-productive labour, which is exactly our National Socialist intention.

Accurate valuation of the Aryan Ration will provide perfect transparency as to the community’s labour surplus at any time that can be directed towards folk idealism.


“The soil costs us nothing; we have only the house to build.” – Adolf Hitler

As far as possible, any new buildings required by an Aryanist intentional community should be personally built by community members. The ideal style of construction for our circumstances is one that minimizes both financial expenditure on building materials and the need for complex engineering consultancy.

External link: Earthbag Structures

Where possible, furniture and appliances should be pooled from community members’ former homes. The community leader should also be alert for opportunities to acquire old items at low cost from nearby junk clearances, garage sales, etc.. Repair, restoration and conversion of items will be an important skill.

Official accounts for all Aryan Ration earnings by community members should be established, from which all spending will be debited. Note that the human effort required to manage the accounts must not count as labour, or else we would in effect be charging money for managing money, which would be the start of the dreaded slide back into the banking fiasco. Instead, accounts management will have to be a volunteer duty.

All Aryanist intentional communities will display our banner at prominent indoor and outdoor locations on its territory, and use our motto – UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY. Each Aryanist intentional community will design a community uniform practical as a working outfit in local conditions (therefore will generally be different for different communities), to be worn by all community members. The common uniform feature across all communities will be an armband with a white swastika on a black background, worn on the left upper arm. (If it is illegal to publicly display the swastika in the country in question, the armband should be worn inside-out so that the swastika is not visible.)

All Aryanist intentional communities will store both electronic and paper archives of key writings on both Aryanist ideology and practical knowledge relevant to intentional community operation for safekeeping, reference by members and distribution to interested guests.

Along the lines of genres such as “Cyberpunk”, “Steampunk”, “Biopunk”, etc., I hereby officially declare intentional-community-based Aryanists as Sunpunks. It should be the aim of Aryanist intentional communities over time to develop an integral Sunpunk visual decor that reflects 21st century Aryan ascetic beauty.


“Farmers and soldiers stand hand in hand to give the people its daily bread and to protect the freedom of the Reich.” – Joseph Goebbels

All members of an Aryanist intentional community must be trained for drill, combat and first aid, and must be familiar with the local terrain from a perspective of guerilla warfare. A martial arts gym and a marksmanship range should be high-priority construction projects. A sense of duty to guard the community in person, rather than expecting the police and other emergency services to keep us safe, must be the mindset of all community members.

Paramilitary order will apply in an Aryanist intentional community, thereby forming all community members (excluding guests) into a folk militia. It should be an aim of the community leader to standardize militia equipment and training methods as much as possible, for the sake of uniformity.

Spirituality must be incorporated into all combat training, with emphasis on Ahimsa, respect for militarism and contempt for survivalism.

For the record, this site does not endorse militias doing anything illegal.


“The idea of a folk-community does not impose any obligations on the one side that are not imposed on the other.” – Adolf Hitler

An Aryanist intentional community should try to abide by the laws of the country in which it is located. (Regarding “Holocaust denial” laws, we do not need to deny the “Holocaust” any more than we need to deny that Daleks fought in WWII. So don’t. However, we should ask – and it is legal for us to ask – why there are no laws requiring people to believe that Daleks fought in WWII.)

Since an Aryanist intentional community is under paramilitary order, our paramilitary code of conduct applies in its entirety. Additionally:

- Departure from and return to the community must be announced in advance. All items brought into or out of the community must be declared.

- Every community member must own a legal weapon (community standard issue weapon if available).

- Disputes between community members that cannot be resolved by polite, sincere discussion between the affected members must never be settled by lawsuits or police intervention. Instead they will be settled by duelling. Whoever refuses to duel when challenged must leave the community.

- No addition of new inhabitants to an Aryanist intentional community (including by reproduction) will occur without prior approval by the community leader. In the case of reproduction, prospective parents must be tested for absence of hereditary illness before they are even allowed to submit an application.

Common courtesy such as not littering, etc. that applies in mainstream society should obviously also apply in the community. Particular emphasis should be placed on cherishing of community objects and non-wastefulness of community materials. As Hitler fondly recalled: “Nothing is wasted. When a mounted column passed through, the children would be on the alert, and the moment it had passed, out they would come and pounce on any manure that might have fallen.”


“One of the distinguishing features of a numinous culture – of a living culture – is its smallness.” – David Myatt

The smaller the land area required for an Aryanist intentional community, the more efficient it is generally likely to be. At most, the entire community should be within walking distance.

Some psychology experiments demonstrate that a community ceases to be empathic once it exceeds roughly 150 members. Certainly there is no reason not to believe that population has an inverse relationship to empathy, since increase in population leads to increase in complexity of interpersonal relationships and thus increase in difficulty of communication. This is a manifestation of the fundamental principle that increase in quantity cannot occur without loss of quality as measured according to Aryan values.

During the early Neolithic era, farming villages were each organized around a single communal longhouse, which limited the village population to a low number. An even more obvious limit occurs when the village land simply cannot produce enough food to feed the village population! Either way, excess people would have to start a new village further along the river basin. In the same way, if too many newcomers wish to join an existing Aryanist intentional community, they should be encouraged to start a new community instead. A few experienced members from the old community can volunteer to go with them to help set it up.


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