“Our present struggle is merely a continuation, on the international level, of the struggle we waged on the national level. Let everyone, in his own field, take care to do his best, with the knowledge that on every occasion we were pushing the best of us forward; that’s how a folk surpasses itself and surpasses others. Nothing can happen to us if we remain faithful to these principles, but one must know how to advance step by step, how to reconnoitre the ground and remove, one after another, the obstacles one finds there.” – Adolf Hitler

Entryism is not to be confused with espionage. Entryism is neither about gaining access to secret information with which to outmanouevre the enemy, nor to sabotage an enemy operation at a crucial timing. This page is not about creating an ‘Aryan Mossad’ or any other kind of terrorist group.

In fact, the attitude of entryism is not to treat the entered organization as an enemy organization at all, but rather as a potential future ally. Entryists are loyal to the entered organization. Entryists work with the entered organization and for the aims of the entered organization. The only difference between an entryist and an ordinary loyal member of the organization is that the entryist attempts to place the aims of the organization in the larger context of his movement’s ideological goals. For example, an entryist into a political party will try his genuine best to help that party gain power, but will also persuade that party to use its power for the sake of a more profound idea. The best example of such a project is the entryism of Dietrich Eckart and Hitler himself into the DAP, which by their influence later became the NSDAP.

The one who started it all off

Have Nobility, Will Travel

““Majorities” decide nothing as to what is true or false, right or wrong. Those who think they do might as well say that Socrates was wrong, in his day, and the Athenians right, on the ground that he was one and they twenty thousand.” – Savitri Devi

An entryism project requires at least a unit of two people: one to go inside, another to stay outside and direct. The director is responsible for strategic overview and the setting of theoretical objectives for the entryist. The entryist himself is responsible for achieving practical objectives as near to the theoretical objectives as possible without compromising his loyalty and associated responsibilities to the entered organization (which must always take precedence).

We are all Quantum Leapers now!

In order for the few to influence the many, the few must either be highly skilled manipulators (as Jews are, and as some Gentiles are learning to be), or they must be genuinely superior advisors. We aim that our entryists be the latter. Therefore we recommend that only very intelligent, knowledgeable and articulate Aryanists choose the path of entryism.

However, it takes a superior leader to recognize a superior advisor. Therefore, our entryists should, wherever a choice is available between otherwise similar organizations to enter, choose the organization with the higher-quality leadership. (This is in contrast to the manipulators who prefer to choose idiot leaders to manipulate.) In other words, the principle of UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY is as applicable to entryism as it is to the rest of our movement. Once an organization is chosen and entered, it is simply up to our entryists to prove to the entered organization – especially to its leadership – that we add value to the organization, and that the source of our value is none other than the nobility of mind and character that we bring with us and which others simply do not possess.

“The nobility contributed wisdom, something the University or the teaching profession can never do. They were the flowering of the life of Noble Lineage, the “Memory of the Blood.”” – Miguel Serrano

Entryism is a slow path of activism which may take many years to yield practical rewards for our movement, and some entryist projects may yield no practical rewards from the entered organization at all even though the entryist did everything correctly. This does not mean that this project should be considered a failure. We send out our entryists in the hope that a fraction of them will end up in the relevant place at the relevant time to make a difference; the more we send out into different organizations, the greater the overall probability of this happening. Therefore the individual entryist who winds up at a dead end still contributes to our movement by allowing his fellows to wind up where it matters. It is the individual attempt, not the individual success, which counts towards the success of the folk.

Or, in our case, send entryists into as many potentially relevant movements as possible.

Spotting Enemy Agents

“We shall create and multiply Freemasonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence.” – Protocols of Zion

Enemies won’t always be this obvious.

We will, in general, not be the only entryists into any organization. If an organization is valuable to us, it is probably also valuable to our enemies. Therefore we can expect to be in competition with them for the soul of the organization. It helps to be able to identify our competitors. Obvious clues to look for are Jewish names (though this is not 100% e.g. Alfred Rosenberg was not Jewish!!!) and Jewish phenotypes, which are elementary anti-Zionist skills that all entryists should possess. But not all Zionists are Jews, many Jews are crypto-Jews, and then there is the whole other problem of Gentile racists (of various allegiances!) that we have to deal with.

External link: Ashkenazi Names: The Etymology of the Most Common Jewish Surnames

Top NSDAP ideologist with an unfortunate surname.

Looking at the sources that others cite can be useful. This requires familiarity with enemy propagandists:

Backlash Herders

The best way to spot enemy agents is actually by noticing the rhetorical style they use in conversation or writing. A person’s choice of words, aphorisms and metaphors is a reliable reflection of his agenda, a reflection that he cannot hide without also significantly disabling his agenda itself.

As an obvious example, anyone who uses the term “anti-Semite” identifies himself as a Zionist. An enemy agent wishing to hide his loyalty would have to refrain from using the term “anti-Semite”, but without it, he has no way to distract attention from Jewish racism. (The same is true of  the functionally identical term “anti-white” to distract attention from ”white” racism.)

Gentiles think they are being clever by copying the Jewish ”Anti-Zionist is code for anti-Semite!” trick.

Meanwhile, Jews have moved it up a gear. Perhaps Gentiles will copy this one soon as well? (Update: our prediction has come true.)

As a more subtle example, whenever people say they have a “right” to something, they mean they want to be allowed it despite not deserving it. If they deserved it, they could simply say so, and explain why. It is because they know they do not deserve it that they cower behind the concept of a “right”, which however makes it easy for us to spot them and call them out. An enemy agent wanting to persuade the organization to support his group will often say his group has a “right” to its desired objective. An enemy agent wanting to hide his agenda would have to stop using the word “right”, but without it, he has no argument for why the organization should support his group.

Other dead giveaways are how they refer to different groups and their property. Observe their use of pronouns, such as who is referred to as “we”/”us”/”our” and who as “they”/”them”/”their”. Most Jews and Gentiles who try to appear respectable in public will not use offensive ethnic slurs, but they will occasionally slip up on pronouns without noticing it themselves.

By the same token, our preferred rhetorical style also gives us away as Aryanists. The difference is, we do not care. The key is to understand the moral asymmetry of this struggle. Our entryists advocate noble choices whereas the Jews and Gentiles whom our entryists compete against advocate ignoble choices, therefore whereas they have to keep their agenda covert, we do not.

“The Russians attached importance to the fact that their rocket goes off without making a noise. Our heavy rockets make such a hellish din that nobody can endure it. It has a pyschological effect in addition to the material effect.” – Adolf Hitler

We do not accuse Zionism of being ”anti-Aryan”; we HEROICALLY DECLARE that Aryanism is anti-Zionist!

Further to this point, if you have identified an enemy agent, it is generally (with circumstantial exceptions) a poor tactic to expose him in a bid to get the organization to remove him. At worst this can backfire into libel charges directed against you; at best one enemy agent removed from the organization can easily be replaced by another entering the organization anew. Instead, it is generally a better tactic to use the enemy agent as a vaccine to inoculate the organization against enemy ideas. This is achieved by consistently pointing out the flaws in the way of thinking that the enemy agent encourages, so that the more he attempts to encourage such a way of thinking, the more familiar its flaws become. This is a tactic that we can use against the enemy but which the enemy cannot use against us, for we are in possession of the truly better ideology.

Enter to Continue

“We judge by the spiritual energy which a people is capable of putting forth, which will enable it in ten years to recapture what it has lost in a thousand years.” – Adolf Hitler

If you wish to start an entryist project in any organization, please contact us so that we can coordinate with you. As a general rule, the entered organization must be an organization whose field of activism you can genuinely feel loyal to and serve with sincere commitment. Most likely these will be single-issue organizations whose issue of concern is also an Aryanist issue of concern, albeit not necessarily via the same reasoning or for the same motivations. Examples include Occupy groups, Zionist boycott groups, anti-war groups, anti-censorship groups, anti-child-cruelty groups, animal welfare groups, environmentalism groups, simple living groups, population control groups, genetic quality control groups, anti-democracy/pro-autocracy groups, pro-firearm groups, various religious and subculture groups, as well as local unity/preparedness groups and groups seeking regional folkish secessionist/independence from existing democratic states. Specific suggestions are available upon request in private discussion.


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