Beyond Propaganda

“Formerly nobody knew anything about propaganda: now it was overdone and credited with entirely too great a power in shaping public opinion.” – Alfred Rosenberg

The primary purpose of this site is propaganda warfare. We present Aryanism as an alternative to both the Zionist status quo and the reactionary Gentile barbarism that has for far too long plagued the discussion among would-be dissenters. We promote resistance against Jewish domination but also sincere unification among non-Jews regardless of ethnicity, religion or any other false denominational categories. Our task here is to demonstrate to detractors and rivals that Aryanism is intellectually sound, morally superior and strategically sensible, and thus to gather committed Aryanists with the view of establishing a well-defined deep ideological movement against tribalism in general and Zionism in particular.

However, this is as far as we can go with online activism. Persuasive propaganda on its own, just like factual information about enemy crimes on its own, will not lead to realistic victory. We expect our activists to take the ideology of Aryanism (combined with your existing knowledge of Zionism) and apply it at whatever societal level and on whatever scale may be accessible to yourselves, to the best of your individual circumstances and capacity. We encourage formation of local chapters worldwide which can then network and collaborate with each other under a noble shared vision. In the words of Joseph Goebbels: “Weapons cannot produce ideas, but, as Germany has shown, ideas can produce weapons.” It is up to everyone who support our ideas to produce from these ideas practical weapons suitable for use in every theatre of this war.



“There are no activities in “modern” life which are not futile, save perhaps those that aim at satisfying one’s body’s hunger: growing rice; growing wheat; gathering chestnuts from the woods or potatoes from one’s garden.” – Savitri Devi

Aryanists must be prepared to outlast societal collapse under various scenarios, including war in our own countries. You should secure for yourself an alternative supply (ie. independent of Zionist money) of basic necessities. Either emulate the Aryan ideal of our Golden Age forebears by growing your own crops, or keep reserve stocks that you can switch to should retail be cut off. Investigate setting up a local barter system, which could help unite the local community and prevent fighting over supplies between different groups of non-Jews (as our enemies would like to see happen).

Intentional Communities

“I have travelled the world from end to end, searching, consulting, looking deep into the eyes of every pilgrim I meet to see whether he is one of my comrades, to receive some sign or indication that would help me find the path that leads to the gates of the City of Dawn.” – Miguel Serrano

An Aryanist way of life can be initiated on a small scale at once (without need for political victory) provided we can find a number of like-minded and suitably skilled non-Jews willing to migrate to a designated private location, and there build an Aryanist intentional community from scratch. Such a community would also have immense propaganda value as a real-life example of Aryanism in action. Just one such community set up anywhere in the world will greatly increase the power of our movement, and – through positive folkish example – inspire others to imitate it.


“Anything is possible in this war, excepting only that we ever capitulate.” – Joseph Goebbels

Entering an existing institution with the objective of turning it towards one’s own ends can be done in many ways. To do so by corrupting its existing members via bribery or blackmail is a dishonourable tactic used by Jews on their Zionist puppets, and unlikely to be an effective tactic against them, hence not recommended for Aryanists. What we recommend for Aryanists is to try to win over colleagues within these institutions to implicitly Aryanist viewpoints, which will cultivate in them sympathy towards our objectives and disgust towards the objectives of Jews and Gentiles, which could translate to practical advantages at a later time.


“Every attempt to combat an ideology by means of force will turn out futile in the end if the struggle fails to take the form of an offensive for the establishment of an entirely new spiritual order of things.” – Adolf Hitler

A country-specific Aryanist-friendly political platform is the bridge between the pure theory of Aryanism and its large-scale application in a particular country, whose unique history, conditions and character must be taken into account. A key National Socialist principle is not to require wholesale discard of any culture, nor to support wholesale preservation of any culture, but instead to demand rigorous elimination of the ignoble elements and cultivation of the noble elements in any given culture. (Jewish culture would be entirely eliminated as it is wholly ignoble.) 


“What is fundamental to Vindex is that he or she is a charismatic and revolutionary leader who inspires absolute loyalty; that he or she fights, in a practical way through force of arms, the forces of the Old Order.” – David Myatt

Paramilitary order is necessary to develop the interpersonal structure necessary for efficient activism, and may be the avenue from which worthy leaders of the movement will emerge. An Aryanist chapter of any size greater than two people should establish a clearly defined chain of command. Training should emphasize team skills and following orders as well as individual skills and locally relevant general knowledge, with a running thread of Aryanist ideological roots across all chapters.