Unity through Nobility

“That is the mightiest thing which our Movement must create: for these widespread, seeking and straying masses a new Faith which will not fail them in this hour of confusion, to which they can pledge themselves, on which they can build so that they may at least find once again a place which may bring calm to their hearts.” – Adolf Hitler

The Neolithic era saw the initial establishment and gradual spread of subsistence farming communities among human populations. It also saw the swastika sign, unique and hitherto unseen, arising in many locations across the world - in carvings, on pottery, and more. This was no coincidence, as the swastika is a symbol of the sun: the energy source on which the Neolithic farmers depended for their crops to grow. The swastika can be considered the essential symbol of what was at that point a revolutionary way of life, described in myth as the simple and peaceful Golden Age (a reference not to the metal, but to the cereal fields and the sunlight). For the first time in human civilization, we were able – unlike the gatherers – to determine our own food supply, yet - unlike the hunters, herders and plunderers - without oppressing others. All it required was willingness to do the necessary work and to reject greed.

The term “Aryan” derives from the root ”ar-” meaning “to till soil” or, more generally, to do self-sufficient labour. The same root can be found in terms such as “arable land” (= land suited for Aryans) or the Latin “aratrum” (= Aryan instrument), and even in the NSDAP (= “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei“). The Artaman League that was eventually absorbed into the NSDAP had the same idea but had decided to use the new word “Artaman” (literally “agriculture man”) coined by Willibald Hentschel before it was pointed out to them that the ancient word “Aryan” already expresses the etymological meaning they required. In an ideological sense, an Aryan is anyone who is innately inclined towards a lifestyle relying on personal effort and frugality, involving no oppression of others in any way. It is from this that arises the association of Aryans with nobility - the opposite of Jews with their concept of non-Jews as Goys, and similarly of Gentiles with their concepts of those outside their tribes as non-persons when it comes to ethics.

“The foundation of the Aryan struggle for life is the soil, which he cultivates, and which provides the general basis for an economy satisfying primarily its own needs within its own orbit through the productive forces of its own folk.” – Adolf Hitler

“Neither Jewry, alien to the soil, nor Rome, equally alien to the soil, recognizes the idea of honour. More precisely, they do not recognize this idea because there is no longing active within them for farmland.” – Alfred Rosenberg

“As agriculture was the principal labour in that early state of society when we must suppose most of our Aryan words to have been formed and applied to their definite meanings, we may well understand how a word which originally meant this special kind of labour, was afterwards used to signify labour in general. … Now in modern German, arbeit means simply labour; arbeitsam means industrious. In Gothic, too, arbaiþs is only used to express labour and trouble in general. But in Old Norse, erfidhi means chiefly ploughing, and afterwards labour in general; and the same word in Anglo-Saxon, earfodh or earfedhe, is labour … and in the English errand, and errand-boy, the same word is still in existence.” – Max Mueller

Today, notwithstanding immense changes in technology and living conditions compared to prehistoric times, the fundamental divide in society remains between non-Aryans (whoever has no problem with oppression) and Aryans (whoever is disgusted by such practice), with Aryans outnumbered by non-Aryans (be they Jewish or Gentile)  in every nation in the world. Unity among Aryans, the noble minority regardless of colour, wealth, education or other false denominational divides, in other words UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, is essential if we are to advance the ideals we value. As a movement, we therefore differ from most others which share our cause in that we place much less emphasis on trying to convert bad people to good ideas, and much more emphasis on finding and gathering the good people, as Miguel Serrano recalled: “I realized that I would only achieve limited success among a small number of those I spoke to, whom I might just be able to save before an entire generation plunged into the abyss.” This is Aryanism.

Quality, Not Ethnicity

“We do not conclude from a man’s physical type his ability, but rather from his achievements his race.” – Adolf Hitler

If the prehistoric subsistence farming lifestyle was innovated by a single group of people and then diffused geographically, then it is clear why there have been such anthropological terms as “Aryan languages” and “Aryan race”. It is equally clear why mere speakers of Aryan languages and mere (supposed) descendants of the original Neolithic Aryan root race are themselves not necessarily Aryans. Speaking a language originally spoken by noble people does not make the speaker noble. Nor does descent from people possessing noble traits guarantee that such traits are expressed in subsequent generations due to defective mutations and lineal admixture. Conversely, if one carries noble traits by blood, being raised to speak a language of another origin or possessing a certain phenotype does not cause these traits to be negated. Whichever way we choose to examine the issue, the conclusion is that Aryans can only ever be distinguished by their nobility itself.

Populism, Not Elitism

“Nobody set me over the people. Grown up among the people, I have ever remained one of the people, and to the people will I return.” – Adolf Hitler

The majority of people in present-day society lack the quality we demand of members of a noble society, and we want only the few rare Aryan individuals to lead our movement, and eventually to lead any National Socialist states that our movement succeeds in establishing. With that said, we do not support social hegemony of the supposedly ‘noble’ over the ordinary, as hegemony of any kind is ignoble in itself. Rather, the aim is a society where nobility becomes the ordinary and popular condition. We aim not at a permanent Aryan aristocracy over non-Aryan masses, but of a fully Aryanized folk yet to come.

Racial Idealism, Not Racial Identity

“Those who see in National Socialism nothing more than a political movement know scarcely anything about it. It is more even than a religion. It is the will to create mankind anew.” – Adolf Hitler

We have no reason to disbelieve that there exist heritable noble traits, and no reason to disagree that such traits should be demographically - including biologically – promoted if we wish for a less exploitative, more compassionate society. By this very goal it follows that we are wholly unconcerned with preserving present-day ethnocentric racial identities (e.g. ‘black’, ‘white’), every single one of which is merely a crude bundle containing noble as well as (far more predominantly) ignoble heritable traits. Indeed we are necessarily ideological opponents of all such “racial preservationists”, whom we consider tantamount to deliberate preservers of cruelty and injustice. We consider all historical civilizations to fall far short in moral quality compared to the new Golden Age civilization we could manifest with ease in a society unanimously composed of people like ourselves who value kindness and fairness and thus reject oppression in any form.

Triumph of the Will

“Everything is what you make of it, even yourself.” – Joseph Goebbels

Large-scale demography and breeding of future generations are things to worry about later. Our most immediate priority is to unite the Aryan individuals of today, wherever such individuals may be found and whatever skills and resources they may be able to offer, into one folk under one ideology so that we may start working together towards our common goal. In the words of Rudolf Hess: “Imbue them with the spirit of camaraderie, free from the old concepts of class and ancestry, with the spirit of community, of the sacrifice of each for the other, of the spirit to accept privation for the sake of an idea.”

At this stage, we care not whether you were born with nobility or whether you learned nobility through intellectual or spiritual study, or through personal life experiences. One who can overcome an inherited defect through exertion of will is individually (even if not heritably) as Aryan as one without that defect in the first place. We care not how you arrived here, we care that you are ready to join us and make your nobility count in the struggle for the future direction of the world.

“Things and people do not have to be what they are. We can control ourselves; we can empathize. We can do the honourable thing. But most of all we can will to be more than we are: we can consciously continue our evolution in a positive way, which means striving to avoid harming other people and the other life with which we share this planet. We can and could create a noble, free society, based as such a society must be on the concept, the ideal, of personal honour.” – David Myatt

If nobility is what fundamentally defines you and drives your actions, then you do not belong with your social class, ethnicity, religion or culture; you belong with us. Please use our motto - UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY - on your blogs, channels, profiles, signatures, and wherever else you wish to openly declare yourself part of our movement. Together we can make our vision real.

Are you one of us? If so, contact us and let us know you exist!


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