What Is Nobility?

“I fight with my folk for undoing injustice, while others fight to maintain it.” - Adolf Hitler

Arya is the Way of Nobility. The Aryan - the innate pursuer of Arya - is the Noble Person.  Both terms are meaningless unless the concept of nobility itself is clearly understood.

Nobility is best characterized as refusal to accept slavery.

Genuine refusal to accept slavery includes not only refusal to being enslaved, but also refusal to enslaving others, and refusal to acquiesce others being enslaved.

The slavemaster is no more noble than the slave, but merely stronger. The indifferent observer to slavery is also no more noble than the slave, but merely less affected. Actually, it could be deduced that the slavemaster is himself a slave to his own strength, being compelled by it to enslave others, and that the observer is himself a slave to his own unaffectedness, being compelled by it to remain indifferent. Thus nobility implies refusal to accept not merely slavery of one person by another, but also spiritual slavery by any natural tendencies within ourselves.

But is the Aryan not, by the same argument, a slave to his own nobility, in that he is compelled by it to overcome slavery? No, because if he is successful, the compulsion ends. In contrast, the success of the slave, the slavemaster or the observer only results in continuation of their compulsions. One can only be enslaved by that which seeks to keep you in slavery. As such, one can never be enslaved by freedom.

Nobility is, in other words, devotion to freedom. Arya - a term most often seen in Dharmic literature but highly comparable to the Christian Gnosis, the Mohammedan Jihad, the National Socialist Kampf - is, profoundly understood, the active struggle for freedom. Whoever is innately driven to fight for freedom, whoever refuses to rest while oppression in any form is still occurring anywhere, such a person is an Aryan. (The English word “noble”, deriving from the root “gno-” (meaning “to know”), shares an etymological root with “Gnostic”; “noble” can hence mean “possessing the capacity for Gnosis”. It is no coincidence that a Gnostic worldview has been inseparable from Aryan thought throughout history, and indeed continues to inspire our movement today.)

Truth will set us free. Nobility will destroy all that ever sought to enslave us.


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