Ideology vs Pseudoideology

“We must distinguish will and instinct. Will is always the opposite of instinct, and not identical with it. … Either one proceeds from the factual and recognises the possibility of victory of the will over instinct, or one makes a violent sweep and declares the whole world to be unfree and, as a result, gives up every possibility of purification.” – Alfred Rosenberg

It is common to highlight the difference between science (ie. the drawing of conclusions from collected data) and pseudoscience (ie. the collection of data to fit a predetermined conclusion). For example, one of the most common forms of pseudoscience is sorting data into preconceived categories and then looking solely at the differences between these categories, instead of looking at the uncategorized data first and then considering all the ways in which the data could be characterized meaningfully. Pseudoscience will always decorate itself in scientific garb, but its reversal of process will always enable astute observers to expose it for what it is.

Our movement deals not with the establishment of knowledge but with the establishment of values. Here we distinguish equivalently between ideology and pseudoideology. Ideology is the promotion of certain values, followed by a search for the people and/or conditions that make the best cultivar of these values. Pseudoideology, in contrast, is the predetermined conclusion that a certain group of people and/or set of conditions is to be the cultivar, followed by contrived promotion of whichever values happen to be associated with such people and/or conditions.

Aryanism is an ideology. We value freedom, and we value nobility as the irreducible quality of personality that alone can give us freedom. With this established, we begin our hopeful worldwide search for Aryans – people, of whatever origins, who possess nobility heritable in their blood – with the will to unite them as one Aryanist folk and one future Aryan race under the banner of the swastika and future National Socialist states. Our motto is UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

Unfortunately, the level of present-day discussion has degraded to the extent that most of our rivals are not genuine ideologies, but merely identitarian pseudoideologies, whose objective is not to discuss what values are good or what values are bad, but merely what values provide a certain pre-chosen group with an identity. Just as the pseudosciences, these pseudoideologies will always dress themselves up with impressive-sounding terminology, but are nonetheless unable to hide their origin not in will but merely in instinct. No matter how they try to say it, nothing they say justifies their values independently, but rather everything they say defends their values merely on the grounds that such values are well expressed by their pre-chosen cultivar. This is basest egoist bigotry, of the form: “Whatever quality in which I excel over others is a good quality. Whatever quality in which others excel over me is a bad quality.” It is also intellectual laziness, in that it removes the problem of having to think seriously about what ought to be valued, and why so.

Beware the pseudoideologies, and do not hesitate to call them out as such whenever you encounter them. While the genuine ideologies in competition today may be sharply opposed to one another, we should work together in the preliminary objective of eliminating all pseudoideologies from our shared midst. The sooner we clear the field of sundry bigots, the sooner we true ideologists can begin a more intelligent discussion.


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