“One may regret living in a period when it is impossible to form an idea of the shape the world of the future will assume. But there is one thing I can predict to eaters of meat: the world of the future will be vegetarian.” – Adolf Hitler

Veganism (“vegetarianism” in pre-WWII language before gradations were standardized; its dietary aspect was in fact more commonly referred to in pre-modern writings as the “Pythagorean diet”), a lifestyle that generates no demand for animal products, has always been a hallmark of an authentic National Socialist – a sign of genuine empathy and a level of nobility beyond presently popular norms. In addition to representation by Hitler himself (“The Fuhrer is a convinced vegetarian, on principle. His arguments cannot be refuted on any serious basis. They are totally unanswerable.” – Jospeh Goebbels) , Rudolf Hess and an indeterminate number of others in the NSDAP (“Between 11 and 12 o’clock, we had to taste the food, and only after all of us had tried it was it driven to the headquarters by the SS. It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads. … There was no meat and I do not remember any fish.” – Margot Woelk), National Socialist Germany – the first state in the modern world to ban vivisection, hunting, trapping, kosher slaughter and various other cruelties - aimed to eventually move towards a full end to animal exploitation. The importance of kindness towards animals has continued to be emphasized by post-WWII ideologists, especially Savitri Devi and David Myatt.

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Our veganism is a direct consequence of the Aryan instinct of universal compassion. Far from its misassociation with the pacifistic hippy caricatures presented to us by the Jewish media, its most accurate spiritual association is with the archetypical heroic warrior, for only those who have thoroughly renounced initiatory violence can be reasonably entrusted with the means to inflict retaliatory violence. Hitler notes: “There is an interesting document, dating from the time of Caesar, which indicates that the soldiers of that time lived on a vegetarian diet. According to the same source, it was only in times of shortage that soldiers had recourse to meat.”

The issue of veganism is pertinent in the context of our movement by allowing currently non-vegan anti-Zionists to see in themselves a direct equivalence of the Jewish attitude they so despise, and hence understand that such an attitude is far from limited to Jews alone. Humanism is to non-humans what Judaism is to non-Jews; each has its Goys, and both treat them cruelly beyond description. Many anti-Zionists have pointed out that external revolution must be preceded by internal revolution, in this case that overthrowing Jewish domination cannot occur until the rest of humanity first defeats what they call the ”inner Jew”. We agree, and propose that the most obvious step in defeating the ”inner Jew” is to cease having Goys of our own! It is disgraceful for non-Jewish humans to complain about their treatment by Jews while ignoring their own treatment of non-human animals, and such hypocrites do not deserve to defeat Zionism. It is also clear that expansion of the anti-Zionist movement into a general anti-tribalist movement cannot proceed without stressing humanism as one of the most prevalent forms of tribalism.

“Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to living creatures cannot be a good man.” – Arthur Schopenhauer


Is humanism any better than Judaism?

To be perfectly honest, humanism is probably worse.

“One should go to a slaughterhouse just one time, and observe how the frightened animal is dragged to the butcher, the poor victim!” – Rudolf Hess

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“We are astonished that so many Indian vegetarians seem to take the milk problem so lightly. As far as we know, only a number of strict Buddhists from the Far East actually exclude milk from their diet as an “animal product.”” – Savitri Devi

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Veganism is also totally compatible with National Socialist economic principles, which are strongly committed to independence and non-wastefulness. Since a longer food chain involves more thermal waste, minimizing the length of one’s food chain and hence one’s waste is a National Socialist duty. A state-directed economy could speed up this process along considerably, in Hitler’s words: “The consumption of meat is reduced the moment the market presents a greater choice of vegetables, and in proportion as each man can afford the luxury of the first fruits.” A mass switch to veganism on the level of entire countries would be an extremely practical response to the problem of avoiding chaos in face of the global food shortage that we will be facing in the near future, and would give us an extra buffer during the time we need to bring down the human population in a controlled way.

Aryan and Non-Aryan Vegans

“We should treat animals as we ourselves, as individual beings, would like to be treated. Would we wish to be subject to pain? To suffer? Would we wish to be captured, and held in captivity, and experimented on, and bred for food and for slaughter? … Thus, there is no need to debate, for example, whether some or all animals are sentient, or whether they are “intelligent” according to some abstract criteria, for such questions are irrelevant, from the perspective of empathy.” – David Myatt

We acknowledge that, as a matter of inherited biology dating back to prehistory, some individuals may have more metabolic difficulty with a vegan diet than others. We believe that gustatory preference for meat and dairy products may correspond to genetic dominance of traits evolved in hunting or herding bloodlines, and gustatory preference for vegetables (especially cereals) to genetic dominance of traits evolved in farming bloodlines. Hitler describes his own Aryan metabolism: “When I … gave up eating meat, I immediately began to perspire much less, and within a highly fortnight to perspire hardly at all. My thirst, too, decreased considerably, and an occasional sip of water was all I required.” This certainly does not excuse individuals belonging to the former category for not being vegan, as what is ethical is not determined by what is physically comfortable, but it does mean that the latter category should be demographically promoted over the former under National Socialist government via state control over reproduction. It is no accident that the latter exhibits correlation with higher neoteny in physique, as Hitler notes: “One has only to keep one’s eyes open to notice what an extraordinary antipathy young children have to meat.”

Some non-vegans additionally have intellectual difficulty grasping what is vegan and what is not. Magda Goebbels once said to Hitler: “I thought you ate fish, my Fuehrer? Fish isn’t meat, you know.” Hitler replied: “I suppose then, that fish, in your opinion, dear lady, is a plant!”

Not plants

Not plants

This is not a plant either.

“If it be “just the same,” ultimately, to cut an animal’s throat and to pluck a cauliflower, then surely it must be all the more so to cut a baby’s throat, or a lamb’s. (We speak of babies because we remember that “in nature” carnivorous animals, especially felines, do sometimes eat the young ones of their species, but not the old ones. And we know how seriously our meat-eating friends insist on being “natural.”)” – Savitri Devi

Veganism is a necessary but not sufficient condition of Aryanism. While non-vegans who call themselves Aryans are unlikely to be taken seriously, there are also many present-day vegans who arrived at their choice for reasons other than universal compassion, who are hence not to be mistaken for Aryans. These include those who are vegan due to considerations of health, fashion, superstition, etc., in other words for selfish reasons. We suspect that those motivated to good behaviour for selfish reasons can equally be motivated to bad behaviour for selfish reasons, therefore are unreliable for the tasks that lie ahead.

An easy way to distinguish Aryan from non-Aryan vegans is that the latter, even when as strictly vegan themselves as the former, do not morally despise non-vegans as the latter do, and have far less interest (if any at all) in establishing veganism as a universal practice, instead merely demanding that their own choice of being vegan be ”respected” by non-vegans, and sometimes even claiming that they reciprocally “respect” the choice of others to be non-vegan!

“We have yet to come across any nation having spontaneously, as a matter of course, in ancient or modern times, lived up to the law of active love preached, as regards all creatures, by the world’s greatest seers. Ancient India, even after Buddhism had left its stamp upon it, was no exception; otherwise what need had Harshavardhana (seventh century A.D.) to be so drastic in his punishment of cruelty to animals? Ancient Egypt, with all the attention her people paid to sacred animals of various sorts, was no exception either; otherwise hunting and meat-eating would have disappeared there, from earliest times. Active — and impartial — kindness to all that lives was never looked upon as a duty but by the better few, and never practiced, even in Hindu or Buddhist countries, save when enforced or particularly encouraged by a ruling elite.” – Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi pointed out that non-Aryan vegan societies were heavily influenced by belief in karmic justice, so that those people refrained from cruelty merely out of fear of retribution. We propose that the converse condition defines the Aryan: if you would refrain from cruelty despite certainty that you would be punished for your kindness, then you are one of us. For only then are you spiritually ready to stand up to our enemy in whose very nature it is to do just that.

“My fame, if Providence preserves my life, will consist in works of peace, which I still intend to create.” – Adolf Hitler (Providence did not preserve his life)


In explaining our veganism to others, it is crucial that we do not talk about so-called “animal rights”, since one of the broader aims of Aryanism is to shift all ethical discussion away from so-called ”rights” in general. We are vegan not because animals have “rights” (nor, for that matter, do we consider humans to have “rights”), but because we have a duty not to exploit anyone, and indeed a duty to actively help all victims of exploitation from their plight to the best of our ability. The term “animal welfare” is preferable, as it implicitly emphasizes our duty to provide such welfare. This further allows our activism to eventually expand beyond veganism - which is after all merely refrainment from exploitation – and towards works of active compassion and mercy towards animals, such as saving them from exploitation at the hands of Jews, Gentiles and even other animals. It should be noted that National Socialism is the only system able to realistically and ethically accomplish this, as the state will control the reproduction of non-humans as well as humans, and hence be able to terminate the bloodlines of predatory animals just as we would terminate the bloodlines of cruel humans.

“I shall be interested to see whether my dog eventually becomes a complete and confirmed vegetarian.” – Adolf Hitler

While we applaud all efforts to educate people about the arguments of ethical veganism, we believe firstly that not everyone can be persuaded through argumentation to be an ethical vegan, and secondly that even those who can be so persuaded remain racially inferior to those who became ethical vegans without the need for external persuasion. When it comes to Aryanization, we must distinguish not only vegans from non-vegans and ethical vegans from other-reason vegans, but also spontaneous ethical vegans from persuaded ethical vegans.

Emergency Standards vs Eternal Standards

“An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Fuehrer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat eating is wrong. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also.” – Joseph Goebbels

As anti-Zionists, our most immediate priority is to take back the world from Jewish control. This will require wide recruitment of and wide collaboration with other anti-Zionists around the world with valuable skills and resources, many of whom are likely to be non-vegan. This is something we will just have to expect to tolerate for now, sad as it is. Hitler himself spoke realistically on this topic: “Supposing the prohibition of meat had been an article of faith for National Socialism, it’s certain our movement wouldn’t have succeeded.”

In order to minimize counterproductive social friction but also in order not to demoralize ourselves while working with non-vegan anti-Zionists, we strongly recommend a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach to the issue. Other anti-Zionists will probably already know by our reputation that Aryanism as an integral movement demands veganism among its members, but as individual Aryanists working in purely anti-Zionist contexts (as we often do) we should not preach veganism to other anti-Zionists and indeed should not even ask whether or not they are vegan unless they bring up the topic first, in which case we should of course speak honestly. Conversely, if other anti-Zionists working with us on anti-Zionism happen to be non-vegan, we suggest they do not tell us about it, much less try to debate us about it. Let us first work on what we came together to work on.

If we want to stop this, we need to win first.


The above applies to working relationships between activists during this apocalyptic era. In contrast, for personal relationships and especially marriage, we expect Aryanists to rigorously maintain our standards of racial idealism. If compassion towards animals has a heritable component, then it is vital for long-term triumph of veganism that ethical vegans only reproduce with other ethical vegans in order to maximize the chances of maintaining (and with luck further purifying) Aryan blood. Even reproducing with a health-motivated vegan is not good enough; only another sincere lifelong animal-lover will do.

Cain and Abel

“The only God they can think of, if any, is a man-loving God who created no master race save mankind itself, to which he gave as a birthright domination over the whole scheme of life. … We cannot think of anything more disgusting, more vulgar, more mean, than this attitude.” – Savitri Devi

Cain & Abel / Aryan & Jew

Cain and Abel are respectively the mythical originators of farming and herding, the prehistoric lifestyles respectively associated with Aryans and Jews. The story goes that Yahweh (the Jewish god, not the Christian-Mohammedan god) rejected Cain’s sacrifice of grain but accepted Abel’s sacrifice of lambs, which led to Cain killing Abel and Yahweh subsequently punishing Cain.

Jews would have us believe that Cain killed Abel out of jealousy, and that Cain was the first recorded murderer. In fact, the first murderer was indisputably Abel, who slaughtered sheep for a living. Only by obliviously considering the murder of Goys not murder at all is it possible to arrive at the Jewish interpretation, which attests to the tribalism ingrained in Talmudic thinking (“If a Goy killed a Goy or a Jew he is responsible, but if a Jew killed a Goy he is not responsible.”). Once this is taken into account, it makes more sense to speculate that Cain actually killed Abel out of righteous fury towards Abel’s treatment of Goys. And for this Yahweh punished Cain (“Yahweh himself studies the Talmud, standing; he has such respect for that book.”), proving that Yahweh has been from the beginning the supreme enemy of nobility.

With such barbaric cultural foundations (which the Gentiles, being associated with the even more primitive hunting lifestyle, had no trouble accepting), Freemasonic and Marxist platitudes attempting to feign idealism by envisioning a “brotherhood of man” sound disgusting in comparison to the Aryanist demand for an end to all enslavement, non-human as well as human. As Savitri Devi put it: ““Human solidarity” … is, to us, but a partial expression of a far broader and more fundamental solidarity: the solidarity of creatures brought forth and nourished by the same Life-energy, reaching them all, ultimately, through the same Sun.” When Zionist agents are rejected not because we see through their deceptions but because we are repulsed even by what they claim to offer, only then are we truly ready for a better world.




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