“It is senseless to encourage man in the idea that he is a king of creation, as the scientist of the past century has tried to make him believe.” – Adolf Hitler

More and more serious environmentalists are understanding that a considerable fraction of people, probably a majority, simply do not care about the environment and are incapable of being educated to care about the environment. Therefore solving environmental problems realistically requires action by an autocratic state. Those who arrive at this view are popularly known as “ecofascists”.

National Socialists possess a keen environmental awareness on account of our recognition that what has been called “civilization” throughout history is in fact engorgement: constant increase both in population and in consumption per person, whose only possible consequence is ever-increasing strain on the entire planet and untold environmental misery. This in turn has been one of the most obvious hints that humanity as a whole has been going down the wrong path for a very long time – not decades, not centuries, but at least as long as recorded history itself.

With that said, the last five hundred years have been particularly spectacular in demonstrating the ugliness of human greed. While without doubt the foremost blame is to be placed on Western civilization for the development and spread of industry and unnecessary technology all over the globe, it is equally clear that previously non-Western countries around the world which have since eagerly appropriated these ideas and become their new bearers are no better. Our only allies are those ready to start over with a different outlook altogether.

“If the “Whites” indeed were, until the middle of the twentieth century, the pitiless destroyers of the forests, like the fauna … the “Blacks,”  … have, with a sinister enthusiasm, hastened to follow. … It is all humanity that is guilty … all, except the few individuals or groups, always in the minority, who protested against it all their lives and proved, by all that they said, wrote, or did, that they …, in this war as odious as it is old and apparently interminable, clearly took the side of the animal and the tree, against man, of whatever race.” – Savitri Devi

In addition to Hitler’s belief in eventually phasing out use of fossil fuels, Rudolf Hess recognized at an early stage the importance of including radical environmentalism in NSDAP policy, and was key to carrying through a wide variety of initiatives on issues ranging from limitation of industrial development to a return to slower, less yield-intensive methods of farming. As such, most of the practical ideas promoted by present-day green parties were at least partially pioneered by National Socialist Germany and actually implemented until WWII forced a shift in priorities.

Aryan and Non-Aryan Environmentalists

“Over this Paradise conjured up by a dreaming human race, dreamless conquerors passed, destroying everything. They consumed the fruits of the land but did not understand the living dream. The canals silted up, the water turned stagnant … The forests were crippled, the wheat fields vanished … As soon as races of a dreamless kind took over and attempted to realize the dream, reality vanished with the dream.” – Alfred Rosenberg

The ineffectuality of the present-day green campaign is rooted in its refusal to admit that the entire historical conception of a progressing civilization has been a mistake, even as it grapples with the symptoms of this mistake. The conservationists in particular are a case in point: they speak of the green planet itself as a consumer product that humanity must learn to enjoy over other consumer products, in other words they appeal to hedonism to solve a problem created by hedonism. The conservationist attitude towards biodiversity is identical to the consumerist attitude towards commodities: the more variety the better. (These are the people who, for example, defend systematic rape of giant pandas to force them to reproduce against their will.) It is no coincidence that conservationist ideas are largely Jewish in origin, indeed their original source is the Judaic story of Noah’s Ark.

Any environmentalist whose ideas involve the concept of sustainability is non-Aryan. Sustainability means nothing more than refraining from working a slave so hard that the slave dies. Its motive is wholly pragmatic: to keep the slave alive so that the slavery can continue. A sustainable planet is a plundered planet where the plunderer has a plan in place to ensure the plundering never needs to end. Sustainability is ecological Zion, where the planet is the Goy.

“Man, having at last ceased to prey on his own kind, would prey on the whole of creation with unprecedented efficiency.” – Savitri Devi

Keeping seals sustainable

Aryan environmentalism, in contrast, is not merely about being calculating rather than reckless in deriving our pleasure from the planet, but about ending its exploitation at our hands altogether. Our motive is not pragmatic, but conscientious. In our eyes, any quantity of plunder is repugnant (and hence sustainability the most repugnant idea of all since it would imply a theoretically infinite quantity of plunder, spread out over time). The Aryanist aim is to eliminate all plunder as quickly as possible.

We reject the idea that consumerism and environmentalism should co-exist in some ridiculous perpetual balancing act. The very concept of consumerism, along with its parent concept of hedonism, must be completely devalued, and all their derivative institutions abandoned. We are not conservationists: we mourn not for extinct species, but for the many more species deliberately kept alive for human enjoyment as per the Tanakh: “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.”) As a matter of fact, more than 99% of species that once existed on the planet have already become extinct, most of this occurring before the human epoch, therefore species extinction in the present day is no evidence of poor environmental management by humans. What is evidence of poor environmental management by humans is the ever-worsening quality of life of the species which remain.

Recycling after use is better than not recycling, but better still is to use less - and therefore generate less material needing to be recycled – in the first place. The ascetic value of frugality must be restored, so that our use of energy and resources is not limited by our ability to generate them (sustainably or otherwise), but solely by the minimum requirements of our noble purpose.

“Everything that we really need can be made by hand … Everything that we do not need requires industry, commerce, business, factories and exploitation.” – David Myatt

External link: Environmental Impact Calculator

The debate over whether or not evidence is sufficient to conclude that human activity contributes to global warming is, in our eyes, a Zionist red herring designed to mire the environmental discussion in non-Aryan thinking. Such a debate is a false dichotomy consisting of the following two choices:

A: “We are causing global warming, therefore we must reduce consumption!”

B: “We are not causing global warming, therefore we need not reduce consumption!”

While each side accuses the other of trying to deceive the world, neither side notices that the actual deception is the entire debate itself, whose effect is to train people to presume that we should reduce consumption only if it can be established that our current consumption levels are the cause of global warming, in other words making the motivation to reduce consumption contingent on a certain empirical outcome. This obscures the only position that truly threatens Zionism: that we should minimize consumption as a matter of moral principle, irrespective of the validity/invalidity of man-made global warming.

The Real Oil Spill

“We have desecrated the world … transforming her into a dead heavy sphere, a composite of aggregated atoms, of rock, metals and lime, or at most oil, without knowing what this substance is truthfully. We extract it, exploit it, dirty the earth, destroy everything, with a materialist Judaic criteria, without knowing that the earth is still a living being with body, soul and spirit, with a vîra, eager for transfiguration.” – Miguel Serrano

Can you see where most of the oil spill is? (Hint: look inside the red ring.)

The most fundamental factor in consumption, however, is not consumerism, but population. World population was able to reach its current size because of our use of fossil fuels, especially oil, to power agriculture, industry and settlements. We are, literally, a human oil spill. Why does society mobilize to deal with oil spills in the sea (e.g. Gulf of Mexico), but not to deal with the far larger human spill flooding the land? The depressing answer is that its very motive for containing oil spills in the sea is in order to save the oil so that the oil-fuelled human spill can continue for a longer time.

The oil itself is not to blame for the human spill, any more than it is to blame for the spills in the sea. The problem is population. Indeed, every other problem grows (and, more often than not, introduces new complications) in proportion to population size, in Hitler’s words: “If five hundred thousand cigarette ends are thrown away in Berlin on a Sunday, one of them will start a fire somewhere.” Whereas non-Aryan environmentalists at best talk about sustainable population (or even sustainable population growth!) and at worst ignore the population issue altogether, Aryan environmentalists are unequivocal on the issue: the lower the world population, the better. And it must be up to the state to bring it down in a controlled way by preventing births, not resource shortages to bring it catastrophically crashing down by mass starvations and/or war. Any ‘green’ proposal that does not place immediate, state-controlled depopulation at the centre of its ideas does not deserve a voice in serious environmentalist discussion, let alone an audience. Slogans like “Solar panels on every roof!” are good in principle, but how many roofs are we talking about? The fewer roofs we have to put solar panels on, the more realistic such an initiative would be.

On this note, we must never refer to ourselves as “Nature-lovers” or to the environment as “Nature”. Nature, which in our usage refers to natural selection, is the force responsible for our problems, for it is Nature which has continually favoured fecund bloodlines and eliminated non-fecund bloodlines, so as to create species with a natural tendency not to stop increasing their population until reaching the (sustainable) carrying capacity of the habitat. Until we as a world cease to perceive Nature as a benign force and instead recognize it as the Devil itself, holding the entire biosphere prisoner and forcing us to compete with each other under its rules that are rigged in favour of fecundity, we will not be ready to correctly implement the National Socialist solution.

Solar Civilization

“So, this is all that there is: only the bright Sun; the slight breeze in bush and tree; the verdant, living, green of grass; the yellow Buttercups that are profusely sprinkled here where, now, The Numinous lives, on another beautifully warm and Sunny day, bright with light remembered…” – David Myatt

We will not wait for fossil fuels to run out, nor be tempted to maintain the current human spill via nuclear energy or migration to other planets, which are nothing more than the next Judaic credit cards in the ever-perpetuating ponzi scheme of plunder. The Aryan symbol is the swastika – the Sun Wheel. Ours is a Solar Civilization in which the sun would be our only energy source, as it once was during the mythical Golden Age. By ideologically insisting that solar energy must suffice, our state will make it incumbent upon itself to both immediately reduce consumption per person to subsistence level, and – much more importantly – to constantly reduce population over time. Ours will be a culture that despises Western civilization and ensures that those who speak well of it never be allowed to decide anything about the future of our world. We will replace engorgement by refinement, expansion by purification, exploitation by compassion. We will not be a spill. We will be those who will clean it up once and for all.


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