Aryan Diffusion (Roundup)

“So much beauty, promise, gentleness; so much to presence and feel of the numinous. But even more the sadness of tragedy and of sorrow; the suffering inflicted by so many for so long, and still without any ending in sight. And why do so many of those fragile ones – the good, sensitive, ones who for whatever reason could find no answers, no hope, no way to end their inner torment and pain – die by their own hand, month after month, year upon year, decade upon decade, century upon century, when those who cause so much suffering continue, and mostly enjoy their life? There is no fairness, here; no large movement toward a better way. Only the perpetuation of suffering, since each person, blankly-born, struggles as others have struggled millennia upon millennia, learning very little through the beauty of Art, music, literature, education, the suffering of the past. … It is all a test, we are told to believe – and the innocent ones; the suffering ones; the good, taken from us, will be redeemed, somewhere, after their death and be rewarded, while the others will suffer for their deeds. It is after all a test, of us, for us, by God. And if it is not? If there is nothing: no life, no existence, beyond; no punishment of those who have caused harm; no reward for good deeds done? What, then?” – David Myatt

Archaeological research related to Aryan prehistory is still ongoing; new sites continue to be found, and more material from old sites continue to be dug out over time. Some of these will verify what existing theories predict, others will demand modifications to existing theories. Uncertainty is never eliminated, as there is no way to tell whether lack of a specific type of object at a given location is because such objects were never present or because they have been destroyed. Absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence.

External link: Kuk Swamp – Early Evidence for Agriculture in New Guinea (We might write Aryan Diffusion Part 8 in future.)

“In a graveyard we discovered and excavated a stone urn. We also unearthed some pitchers, armlets, and rings. For the first time Spreckelsen told us about the great migrations of nations that had taken place long before those recorded in writing.” – Alfred Rosenberg

“The fragments of our prehistory are perhaps merely reproductions of objects belonging to a more distant past, and it is by means of these, doubtless, that the road to civilisation was discovered anew. What is there to prove to us that the stone axe we re-discover in our parts was really an invention of those who used it? It seems to me more likely that this object is a reproduction in stone of an axe that previously existed in some other material. What proof have we, by the way, that beside objects made of stone there were not similar objects made of metal? The life of bronze is limited, and that would explain that in certain earthy deposits one finds only objects made of stone. Moreover, there’s no proof that the civilisation that existed before the disaster flourished precisely in our regions.” – Adolf Hitler

Your guess is as good as mine.

We never said we had all the answers.

The intention of this series is only to provide a broad gist of Aryan diffusion worldwide, just enough to help us imagine how some of the stories of myth might really have played out. In each case we started by assuming that the culture-founding characters of myth really existed, and proposed essentially that they were not – as often presumed – supernatural beings, but entirely human - albeit racially superior to almost all historic and present-day humans – prehistoric leaders and/or teachers of the Neolithic Revolution who were subsequently embellished as gods in popular superstition. By theoretically reiterating their trail of influence, we have achieved a comprehensive vocabulary with which we can henceforth refer to region-specific Aryan racial types around the world.

Sinosphere Aryan types:

  • Shennongshi type (pure Aryan) - culture founders (original leader: Shennong)
  • Yue type - Mekong-Red-Pearl-Yangtze region, Taiwan islands
  • Hiva type – Indonesia-Micronesia islands
  • Shinshi type – Yellow-Songhua region, Korea peninsula
  • Kunlun type – Himalaya region
  • Yayoi type – Japan islands

Indosphere Aryan types:

  • Suryavanshi type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Rishabha)
  • Harappan type – Indus region
  • Sakya type – Ganges region

Persisphere Aryan types:

  • Dilmun type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Enlil)
  • Samarra type – Tigris-Euphrates region
  • Iranian type - immediately east of Tigris
  • Cainite type – immediately west of Euphrates

Egyptosphere Aryan types:

  • Puntian type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Ra)
  • Sabaean type - Arabia peninsula
  • Nekhbet type – Nile region
  • Bafur type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Olorun)
  • Ife type – Orimiri-Volta-Senegal region
  • Kabaka type – Nalubaale-Nyasa region
  • Luyi type – Zaire-Zambezi-Limpopo region

Romasphere Aryan types:

  • Byblos type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Ilus (“Kronos”))
  • Athenian type – east Mediterranean region
  • Saturnian type – west Mediterranean region
  • Trojan type – Danube-Vistula-Rhine region, Scandinavia peninsula
  • New Trojan type – Britain islands

Atlantisphere Aryan types:

  • Zana type (pure Aryan) – culture founders (original leader: Evenor)
  • Balsas-Oaxaca type (pure Aryan) - culture founders (original leader: Leucippe)
  • Atlantean type – Andes region, Parana region
  • Mokaya type - Guatemala-Madres region
  • Taino type – Caribbean islands [note: not defined by Taino languages]
  • Capacha type – Central American Pacific coastline
  • Pueblo type – Colorado-Rio Grande region
  • Muscogean type – Mississippi region [note: not defined by Muscogee languages]

“‘The Sons of the Sun’ would not be literary or poetic but factual.” – Miguel Serrano

Present-day Aryanists are encouraged to self-describe as required, and more importantly to inwardly believe in our original aristocratic descent using this convention of nomenclature (e.g. “Hitler has Trojan blood.”). Alternatively and more modestly, we can simply refer to ourselves and think of ourselves as belonging to the major river basin nearest our homeland (e.g. “Hitler is from the Danube Valley.”), as geography in terms of river basins de-emphasizes ethnic stereotypes and emphasizes the common experience of all the prehistoric valley cultures around the world, which is a basis for recovering Aryan blood memory. Multiethnic Aryanists can be considered to be bearers of several Aryan bloodlines, but should still declare belonging to the major river basin nearest our current homeland (rather than any ancestral homelands).

We aim for our riparian geographical worldview to eventually replace the continent-based geographical worldview of Western civilization. To do so, we must not only avoid using continent-based descriptions wherever practicable (we understand that in discussions of present-day geopolitics this might be unavoidable), but also remind people as often as possible that the vocabulary of continents is based on Eurocentrism. Prior to colonialism, Japanese were Japanese, Chinese were Chinese, Indians were Indian, Persians were Persian, and so on; none of these ever thought of themselves as “Asian” – a Eurocentric term. That so many people today unthinkingly accept the blanket label “Asian” for themselves is an indicator of how Eurocentric they have become without even being aware of it. The same is true of those who today unthinkingly accept the blanket label “African” – another Eurocentric term – instead of citing a relevant classical empire (e.g. Axum, Ashanti, etc.) or even a relevant present-day country (e.g. Ghana, Kenya, etc.). So-called “Afrocentrists” are nothing of the sort; every time they use the term “Africa” they are reinforcing Eurocentrism. The very terms ”Asia” and “Africa” downplay the numerous and distinct civilizations that appeared within each of these supposed continents, emphasizing instead only their uniaxial foreignness as compared to ”Europe”, hence already implying European exceptionalism. “Europe” too is seen to be a Eurocentric term upon considering that for most of history the north Mediterranean coast had much closer relations and many more cultural similarities with the south Mediterranean coast than with Scandinavia, yet the notion of “Europe” excludes the former while including the latter, even though both are part of a different landmass. We hope that in future these terms eventually become recognized as offensive relics of the colonial era, with no appropriate contemporary use.

We do not claim that the Aryan bloodlines from geographically distant regions are identical; of course regional differences exist, such as immunity to different diseases. But such differences are minor compared to the far greater differences – moral differences - between Aryan bloodlines and non-Aryan bloodlines regardless of region. We have no doubt, for example, that a Cainite has much more in common morally with a Yue than with a Sethite, or an Athenian with a Mokaya than with a Pelasgian, or a Nekhbet with a Sakya than with a Wadjet, just as nobody would dispute that Jesus has much more in common morally with Mozi than with Moses, or Pythagoras with Nezahuacoyotl than with Aristotle, or Akhnaten with Siddhartha than with Thutmose. In short, we claim UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, nothing more and nothing less.

On Modern Abuse of the Term “Aryan”

“The peoples of the west are a consequence of racial mixtures and inferior systems of political education.” – Alfred Rosenberg

The term “Aryan” did not begin to be used in Western discourse until the late 18th century as a linguistic term, and not until the 19th century as a Eurocentric term. Unfortunately, most present-day English-language websites (other than those in our network) use the term “Aryan” in the Western sense. It is important to emphasize that, when such sites refer to “Aryans”, they are not referring to the same people as we are. Also, they are wrong.

Error 1 (18th century):

Western linguists correctly identified PIE-derived languages as being related. These same Western linguists incorrectly called the PIE-derived languages “Aryan” languages based on reading Vedic sources (in PIE-derived Sanskrit) which refer to the Vedics as “Aryans” and Avestan sources (in PIE-derived Old Iranian) which refer to the Avestans as “Aryans” and jumping to the conclusion that “Aryan” refers to any speaker of any PIE-derived language. They completely ignored that the Vedics and the Avestans constantly referred to each other (and anyone else they disliked, including other PIE-derivative speakers nearby) as ”non-Aryans”, implying that linguistic relatedness had nothing to do with either’s notion of “Aryan”. Thus the word “Aryan” abused to mean PIE-derived-language-speaker* is solely modern and Western, and would have been considered absurd by anyone living in the ancient world.

Present-day inheritors of this error claim that ”Aryans” originated from this place, and still do not see that the joke is on them…..

Error 2 (19th century):

Building on the foundations of Error 1, Western racial theorists posited that all PIE-derived-language-speakers represented an ancestral racial category called “Aryan”. Observing a wide range of skin colours in India and the preference for fair complexion among most Indians, the same racial theorists further posited fair complexion as an “Aryan” trait. Thus they inferred that only fair-complexioned PIE-derived-language-speakers should be considered racial “Aryans” whereas tan-complexioned PIE-derived-language-speakers should be excluded. Being Eurocentrists For some reason, these same racial theorists never felt a need to also exclude all the ruddy-complexioned PIE-derived-language-speakers as commonly found in Europe…..

Error 3 (late 19th century – early 20th century):

Building on the foundations of Error 1 and Error 2, subsequent Western Eurocentrists suggested downplaying language and simply using fair pigmentation as the determinant factor for “Aryans”. Since their real motive was Eurocentrism, they further suggested fair hair/eyes in addition to ”fair” (by which they include both ruddy and pale…..) skin as defining features, so as to ensure the exclusion of fair-complexioned ethnic groups from other parts of the world. Now trapped inside their own narrative, they had no choice but to posit that “Aryans” originated in Scandinavia (where average hair/eye pigmentation is fairest). According to this theory, known as Nordicism*, Scandinavia is the only place in the world where there remain “unmixed Aryans”. As foppery ensued, Nordicists attempted to place the supposed “Aryan” origin as far geographically north as possible. Some known as Thuleanists posited Iceland as the location of Thule, while others known as Hyperboreanists posited the North Pole as the location of Hyperborea, where both Thule and Hyperborea were proposed as the ”Aryan” origin (other candidates include Greenland and Svalbard). Then, unable to go any further north on the surface of the terrestrial globe, they started proposing extraterrestrial “Aryan” origins located in outer space ’upwards’ of the North Pole…..

(* The term “Nordic” in physical anthropology is a misnomer, as the physical traits popularly associated with the Trojan “Nordic” type such as long limbs, slender torso, etc. are traits adaptive to Troy a.k.a. Asgard warm climate (absent from the latitudes of the far north) by maximizing the body’s surface-area-to-volume ratio. The truly indigenous populations of Scandinavia, such as the Sami, are not at all Trojan “Nordic” in appearance, but possess genuinely northern-latitude and hence cold-climate-adaptive traits such as shorter limbs, thicker torso, etc. that reduce the body’s surface-area-to-volume ratio.)

Also, Eurocentrists who think red-haired mummies are “Celtic” need to take a high school Chemistry class…..

Error 4 (late 20th century – early 21st century):

Building on the foundations of Error 1, Error 2 and Error 3, post-WWII WNs, who find Nordicism too restrictive but who are nonetheless Eurocentrists as well as being virtually illiterate, have simply used “Aryan” as a synonym of “white”**. Worse, due to their frequent encounters in daily life with people less barbaric than themselves who are nevertheless categorized as “white” in official statistics, some WNs decided that only publicly racist “whites” deserve the title of ”Aryan”. For example, a “white” YouTuber who makes a video bashing ethnic minorities might be praised as “Aryan” by them, while another “white” YouTuber who makes a rebuttal video will never be called “Aryan” by them. (Sometimes the racist YouTuber turns out to be Jewish.) Worse still, similarly  illiterate antifas have taken to using the term “Aryan” in the same way, but as a mocking slur against the far-right. For example, a photo of Golden Dawn street thugs will be posted on an antifa forum and then antifas will laugh at these “Aryans”…..

(** Etymology alone suffices to prove that “Aryan” cannot be a synonym of “white”. The ”ar-” root in “aristocracy” is the same as that in “Aryan”. So “aristocracy” originally meant “Aryan rulership”, which implies that the people being ruled over are non-Aryan (just as the term ”plutocracy” implies that the people being ruled over are non-wealthy). Use of the term “aristocracy” in ancient Europe indicates awareness by the ancients themselves that much of the population of ancient Europe was non-Aryan.)

““Whites”—not necessarily and not always Aryans.” – Savitri Devi


We – the real Aryans - hereby declare that we are taking back this ancient name that justly belongs to us and none other than us, irrespective of what the illiterates think. Hitler is in no way responsible for introducing the Eurocentric prejudices attached to the term “Aryan”; it is Arthur de Gobineau (Gentile) (published and promoted by Oscar Levy (Jew)) who deserves the blame for this. It comes as no surprise that Gobineau was also outspokenly pro-Jewish, in his own words: “What were the Jews? A people dextrous in all they undertook, a free, powerful, intelligent people, who, before losing bravely, and against a much superior foe, the title of independent nation, had furnished to the world almost as many doctors as merchants. … The Jews in all countries for 2000 years are still Jews.” While Hitler was probably acquainted with Gobineau’s writings, he certainly did not agree with Gobineau. (That Hitler never associated PIE-derived-language-speakers with Aryans in the first place is obvious from his views toward Russians (despite Russian being a PIE-derivative language no less surely than German). The weak retort that Hitler’s low opinion of Russians was due to his (supposedly) even more extreme Eurocentrism (with Russia being considered of “Asiatic” blood) is readily debunked by noting Hitler’s high opinion of even more ”Asiatic” (and altogether non-PIE-derivative-language-speaking) populations such as Chinese and Japanese.)

Even critics of National Socialism admit that National Socialism is incompatible with Gobineau.

On the contrary, Hitler if anything deserves acknowledgement for boldly opening the door to the possibility of a non-Eurocentric conception of Aryans, thereby beginning the process (which we have now completed) of restoring it to its original meaning. It is all the more impressive that he had the will to do this in an era when Eurocentrism was at its peak, when not only did the Western colonial powers openly take for granted that non-Western populations were inferior, but also the non-Western populations had largely been persuaded by Western propaganda to believe this about themselves.

“In the whole of Northern Europe, the level of civilisation cannot much have surpassed that of the Maoris.” – Adolf Hitler

When Hitler used the term “Aryan” in the prehistoric racial sense, he defined them as the people who are to be credited for beginning civilization all around the world, in his own words: “The Aryan alone … laid the groundwork and erected the walls of every great structure in human culture. Only the shape and colour of such structures are to be attributed to the individual characteristics of the various nations. … It will be the task of those who set themselves to the study of a universal history of civilization to investigate history from this point of view instead of allowing themselves to be smothered under the mass of external data.” The one and only people who realistically fit this definition (and who, by no coincidence, are indicated in the etymology of the term itself) are those responsible for the Neolithic Revolution, the lifestyle change which for the first time in human existence singlehandedly produced the territorial sessility, economic regularity and labour surplus that made civilization possible in the first place. And, by no coincidence, these same people were the original bearers of the swastika.

“According to Wirth, Paleolithic civilization extended from 17,000 to 12,000 B.C. The “Reno Civilization,” from 12,000 to 7,000 B.C. Here arises the great hiatus between the civilization of the Magdalenian hunters and what appeared thousands of years later, an agricultural civilization.” – Miguel Serrano

Neo-Nazi useful idiots and Zionist historians alike who claim that Hitler was a Eurocentrist have no answer as to why, given no shortage of exclusively European symbols that he could have easily chosen for his flag, Hitler instead chose the swastika, a symbol famous for being found all over the globe.

If you are a linguist, please desist from using “Aryan” as a linguistic term. Instead, recognize the etymology of the term itself, which refers not to a language but to a lifestyle.

If you are a WN or an antifa, please desist from using “Aryan” as an ethnicity-specific term, or worse, associate it with racism and other far-right views. Instead, recognize that there are Aryan bloodlines and non-Aryan bloodlines in ethnicities from around the world, and moreover that all individuals of sufficiently dominant Aryan blood will surely be moral universalists and therefore staunch opponents of tribalistic attitudes.

Those who choose to disregard our demand will not be able for much longer to plead ignorance of who the real Aryans are. Sooner or later, any impostors who continue calling themselves “Aryans” will have to fight us over ownership of the name.

Mezine Paleolithic mammoth tusk engraving “swastika” (according to innumerates who do not understand rotational symmetry) vs real swastika.

On Gentiles Worldwide

“Suffering — primordial in the eyes of the true Jain or the Buddhist — does not seem to be, to the average Hindu, as important as … his own bodily purity … And when he refuses to take to a meat diet even if it is supposed to save his life, he just puts the interest of his soul before that of his body — or the purity of his body before its conservation. It is still his own interest that he primarily seeks. … Everyone knows that the Egyptians in general were meat eaters and fish eaters, and often mighty hunters. Records of successful chases, in which the court scribe has carefully exalted the skill and courage of the King, are common in what has come down to us of their annals. … One would hardly expect much mercy towards all creatures from men who treated their prisoners of war with as much appalling cruelty as the Assyrians often did. And in fact, from the numerous and splendid bas-reliefs that they left, it appears that hunting of big game was, apart from war, the pastime that these ruthless fighters enjoyed the most. … And at the other end of the Ancient World, no idea of ethical wrong was ever attached, so far as we know, to the slaughter of animals for food or sport, or to other forms of exploitation of them by man, in the books of Confucius and of other wise thinkers, held in reverence by the Chinese … As for … Greece and Rome — there is in their literature, or in the tangible data that reveal their civilization, nothing to indicate that they had any greater respect for animal life than the nations which they looked upon as “barbaric,” … We cannot but experience a sad amazement when we contrast man’s progress in technical matters as well as in purely abstract pursuits with his stagnation on an appallingly low level of love; when we think, for instance, of men acquainted with the nature of the stars or with the intimate texture of atoms feeding on sentient creatures’ flesh like the coarsest and most ignorant of their hunting ancestors of paleolithic times. … Had we not remembered those rare men — by no means hunters — who lived to show us what man can be, we would have felt utterly ashamed of being ourselves afflicted with a human body. … We let the reader judge for himself. And we invite him to study what hunting really is.” – Savitri Devi

External link: Whale Hunt in Faroe Islands Turns Sea Red with Blood

While we freely admit that the word “Gentile” is indeed a loanword from Judaism, this series has shown that the concept behind it is not at all exclusively Judaic. Aryans arriving in each region had their own names for the primitive hunting populations that inhabited each region. “Gentile” is merely a convenient term for the root race as a whole.

There is much scope for classification of Gentile types. The following would be a partial list of the vocabulary we would use:

Sinosphere Gentile types:

  • Fuxishi type
  • Asli type
  • Jomon type

Indosphere Gentile types:

  • Vanavasi type

Persisphere Gentile types:

  • Zarzian type

Egyptosphere Gentile types:

  • Congo type
  • San type

Romasphere Gentile types:

  • Giant type
  • Capsian type

Atlantisphere Gentile types:

  • Paleo-Indian type

It is vital that we incorporate such vocabulary in discussion, as it provides us with non-ethnic but nevertheless racial labels for primitive behaviour, which are key to our bid to counter ethnic stereotyping and prejudice without abandoning hereditarianism. When we encounter ”black” individuals lacking in empathy, we should not assume that “black” people as a whole necessarily lack empathy, but should instead attribute the displayed lack of empathy to dominant Congo blood among those individuals. Similarly, when we encounter “white” individuals lacking in empathy, we should not assume that “white” people as a whole necessarily lack empathy, but should instead attribute the displayed lack of empathy to dominant Giant blood among those individuals. And so on.

“Great areas of France, Switzerland and Germany already show the stigmata of Alpine influence, which is inimical to all that is great. … Classical France displayed only intellect without greatness of soul.” – Alfred Rosenberg

With the continuing rise of the multiethnic demographic, ethnicity-based racial classifications are doomed to unmanageable clumsiness, but our quality-based racial classification is assured to beome ever more elegant for practical use. Ethnicity-based racial classifications must create more and more categories based on sundry fractional combinations (e.g. “sambo”, “mulatto”, “quadroon”, “octoroon”,  ”quintroon”, “mestizo”, “castizo”, “cholo”, “pardo”, etc.). In contrast, our quality-based racial classification will not complexify but simplify: for example, a Giant-Congo multiethnic of any ratio is simply a Gentile, whereas a Trojan-Luyi multiethnic of any ratio is simply an Aryan. Most importantly, we will know which of these an individual is by his traits, not by his geneaology.

It would be a mistake, especially in light of seeing the ease with which Gentiles are manipulated by Jews, to caricature Gentiles as simplistically slow-witted. Actually, Gentile blood does not preclude technical intelligence, as we see both from Paleolithic crafts and from the capacity of Gentiles to learn our Neolithic crafts. What Gentile blood precludes is empathy, as this would make hunting impossible. It is for this reason that Gentiles learned our crafts but without adopting our attitudes. With their lack of empathy comes their inability to detach from self-centredness, and hence their susceptibility to Jewish manipulation. Gentiles cannot ever visualize their own group as anything other than the centre of attention in whatever conflict is occurring. In Gentile eyes, any action by anyone else that produces a negative effect on their own group (or even merely the lack of an action that produces a positive effect on their own group) has to be a categorically and consciously hostile attack on them. It is impossible for Gentiles to consider that their group might just happen to be in the crossfire, that whatever conflict is occurring might not even be about them in the first place, that – to put it bluntly – they are really not as important as they fancy themselves to be.

Due to their hunting blood memory, Gentile psychology fundamentally perceives only two outgroup relationship dynamics: predator-prey, and predator-predator rivalry over the same prey. It is hence extremely easy for Jews to make other groups appear to Gentiles variously as prey, rival predators, or predators preying on them, and hence incite predictable reactions from them. Jew-awareness is no antidote for Gentiles against such illusions, but merely causes them to add Jews to their long list of forces deemed hostile to themselves, while never prompting them to reconsider the validity of the list as a whole. Indeed, Jew-awareness by Gentiles only mires them deeper in Jewish manipulation, as it convinces them that they (being Jew-aware) are now immune to Jewish manipulation while everyone else (including other Jew-aware groups!) remain under Jewish manipulation. In short, the only practical effect of Jew-awareness by Gentiles is to convince themselves of their own infallibility, since anything that does not fit their model henceforth they can now attribute to someone else being manipulated by Jews. When several Gentile groups think this about one another, the result is total confusion and impossibility of productive communication by anyone (even well-meaning individuals caught in the mess) about Zionism – exactly as Jews planned. It is for this reason that it is so vital to cut out all Gentile voices from serious anti-Zionist discussion. This too depends on discarding the old vocabulary and adopting our vocabulary in its place. Anyone today who is still using such inane terms as “black”, “white”, etc. without putting them inside quotation marks is simply unqualified to discuss anti-Zionism, period.

On Turanians and the Jewish Connection

“It is difficult to know the true origin of this people. In the visit I made to professor Herman Wirth, … I asked him about the Jews. He gave me a strange unexpected answer: “Nomadic people, from slaves, who lived on the periphery of the great civilization of the Gobi…”" – Miguel Serrano

The steppe was the optimal habitat for herding, as it provided a practically unlimited supply of grazing fodder. The flocks possessed by steppe herders were orders of magnitude larger in number of animals than the flocks possessed by pre-steppe herders, requiring correspondingly more advanced herding skill to manage, thus it was the steppe that selected most strongly for herder traits, culminating in the Turanian archetype. It should be noted that in some aspects Turanians are similar to Gentiles, such as their shared preference for bows and other ranged weapons. Indeed, while Turanians were economically supported by pastoralism, hunting remained one of their favourite recreational activities, and hunting skill was socially revered in all steppe cultures. Turanian diffusion certainly also occurred and also altered the character of every region visited by Turanians. Compared to Aryan diffusion, Turanian diffusion followed grassland rather than rivers and has tended to cover more land in a shorter time, but left relatively little hard archaeological evidence due to the superficiality of their infrastructure. Hitler describes: “It is much easier to build quickly than to carry through the tough task of settling a territory with farmers and establishing farmsteads. But the former is more quickly destroyed than the latter.” Evidence of Turanian diffusion is instead mostly linguistic and theological. (We believe that later-era leaders of Gentile tribes are likely to possess, on average, more Turanian blood than their followers. They have embraced Gentile identities, but their Turanian blood would facilitate them in attaining leadership positions among Gentile tribes, or as Hitler put it: “Stalin is half beast, half giant.” We even believe that Turanian blood memory, or influence by leaders with Turanian blood memory, is part of why some present-day Gentiles are so eager to claim steppe origins.)

“1″ = Aryan diffusion; “2″ = Turanian diffusion

The common literary motif of sky and earth as a pair - man existing between the two - derives from the steppe panorama of Turanian blood memory. A rival literary motif, and the correct pairing according to Aryan blood memory, is sky and ocean as a pair, respectively the source and sink of the water cycle linked by rivers and driven by sunlight. In the Turanian view, sky and earth are complementary opposites (hence often portrayed as different genders), whereas in the Aryan view, sky and ocean are two forms containing the same content. Which blood memory do you have?

Turanian blood memory views Aryans as cowards for holing ourselves up inside citadels and castles unlike themselves who scorn fortifications. Aryan blood memory conversely views Turanians as cowards for relying on hit-and-run tactics and avoiding honourable combat. The Turanian image of the ideal warrior is a horse archer who never misses a single shot and at the same time evades every shot aimed at him. The Aryan image of the ideal warrior is a duellist willing to take a fatal wound in order to deliver his own killing blow upon his opponent. Which blood memory do you have?

Jews/Israelites, on the other hand, can be viewed as a particular subtype of Turanians that had decided to distance itself from hunting (considering it unrefined) and focus on psychological predation, as summarized in the Esau-Jacob racial split in the Tanakh. As herders exclusively henceforth, the descendants of Jacob are a further evolution of the Turanian archetype with an increased emphasis on mental development. While initially still nomadic, they were fast to transition to urban life whenever opportunity was presented for them to do so. In urban life among a non-Jewish majority, Jews throughout history have proven consistently successful at acquiring wealth and social influence out of all proportion to their numbers and especially out of all proportion to their labour contribution. The reason for this is simple: they had discovered that many of the same psychological techniques effective in herding their flocks were readily transferable to the herding of non-Jewish humans. Therefore it is wrong to say that Jews stopped being herders when they became urbanized; it is more correct to say they simply switched from four-legged flocks to two-legged flocks.

It is incorrect along the same lines to believe that the regular eruptions of anger against Jews (often leading to expulsion of Jews from host countries) throughout history constituted genuine threats to Jewish power; it is more accurate to view them as part of the herding schedule. Certainly Jews have never become less powerful by being expelled, but have steadily accumulated wealth over time as they have moved from one country to the next through the millenia. Indeed, keeping their wealth in perpetual transit is one way by which they conceal the extent of their wealth by not allowing it to remain in stationary assets long enough for it to be surveyed in detail by non-Jews. And when Jews were apparently expelled from a given country, it has never even been the case that all of them were expelled, but every time crypto-Jews were left behind in small but sufficient numbers to continue the Zionist agenda – often enough it was the crypto-Jews already embedded in positions of authority masquerading as “anti-Semites” and doing the (show-)expulsion of the rest of the Jews! Thus expelling Jews has only ever aided the Zionist network in expanding its territorial coverage, and at the same time keeping crypto-Jews better hidden by diverting attention away from them.

“Everything that relates to Stalin is strange. According to Joaquin Bochaca, the Catalan writer, his maternal name is Jewish, Josif Vissarionovitch Djugaschvili. This latter name, in Georgian, means “son of Jews.” His three wives were Jewesses, his successor, Nikita Salomon Khrushchev, was also a Jew, as were Beria and Andropov. Yet the Stalinist Great Purges were against Jews.” – Miguel Serrano

From the Aryan perspective, expelling Jews is not only strategically moronic, but more importantly unethical to other countries no different than cleaning one’s garden by dumping trash into the garden next door. Had but this elementary consideration – so obvious in Aryan eyes - been given due attention in the past, Jews would have not even a tiny fraction of the power they possess today. But it had not. Instead, Jews have thrived on division among non-Jews, on the Gentile tribalistic tendency of each country to think only about its own welfare and not about the welfare of others no less than one’s own. This is why we maintain that true solution to the Jewish problem must be founded on devout universalist ethics and a spirit of sincere worldwide fellowship cutting across denominational boundaries. This requires Aryans, not Gentiles (or crypto-Jews), in charge.

“The leaders who carried out, or who will carry out, some phase of the eternal fight “against Time” after the point when the last great rectification would have still been possible—after what Virgil Gheorghiu calls “the Twenty-fifth hour”—have not and could not leave anything behind them in this visible and tangible world, apart from a handful of clandestine disciples. And those do not have, and will not have, anything to hope for—save the arrival of Kalki; or the Saoshyant of the Zoroastreans, the Maitreya Buddha of the Buddhists, the glorious and militant Christ whom the Christians await at the “Second Coming”; the Mahdi of the Muslims; the immortal Emperor of the Germans, surging forth, armed, from his enigmatic Cave at the head of his avenging Knights. He who returns for the last time during our cycle bears many names. But He is the Same, under each of them.” – Savitri Devi

Jews have even learned to manipulate the shallower levels of blood memory in order to incite interethnic hostility between different groups of non-Jews, including by (ironically) projecting Turanian evils onto non-Turanian groups. For example, as a consequence of repeated Turanian invasions into the Danube region (and beyond), from the prehistorical Funnelbeaker and Yamna expansions to the historical Hun and Mongol incursions (plus countless smaller-scale raids through the millenia), the valid fear of an aggressive Turanian east is vividly embedded in Midgard blood memory. Zionist propaganda, however, has managed to rewire this into a fear of the so-called “Oriental” civilizations by downplaying the Turanian component and focusing attention on the eastern component, leading to popular memes such as ”Yellow Peril”, “Turban Tide”, “Islamofascism”, etc. and hence misguided hostility towards people from the regions south of the Turanian steppe who were in reality fellow historical victims of Turanian aggression, and hence who (in a sane world) ought to have been regarded as obvious allies in any genuine anti-Turanist – including anti-Zionist – movement.

“The son of Yesugei entered the prosperous and populous city of Bokhara — the hallowed seat of Islamic learning … For a few days, the Mongols gave themselves without restraint to feasting and to lechery. Then, they turned to Samarkand … The famous “city of gardens and of palaces” had no choice but to surrender and to be plundered. … Genghis Khan “deliberately turned the rich belt of Islamic civilisation into a no-man’s-land. He put an end to the agricultural working of the country, creating an artificial steppe here, on the frontier of his new empire; making it — he thought — suited to the life of his own people.” … Soon afterwards, the last resistance of the Kin (whose Emperor had gone south) was broken, Nan-king stormed, and the whole of China down to the River Yang-Tse definitively brought to submission. … Kubilai, Tuli’s second son, “was ordered to march against the Sung Empire in southern China, that had never been invaded by Barbarians” while, at the other end of Asia, Hulagu, another of Mang’s brothers, started the campaign that was to make him the master of eastern Asia Minor, Syria and Iraq, extending the limits of the domination of the Golden Family to the shores of the Mediterranean and to the Arabian sands. In 1258, Mostasem, last Khalif of Baghdad, was captured in his city. Hulagu had him wrapped in felt and trampled under the hoofs of the Mongol horses.” – Savitri Devi

Where have we seen this attitude before?

This is why it is worth viewing anti-Zionism as part of a broader anti-Turanism, which includes extirpating from culture not only all ideas rooted in formal Judaism but more generally all ideas rooted in Turanian blood memory, be it Pelasgian, Vanir, Hyksos, Cush, Bedouin, Scythian, Vedic, Huaxia, Emishi, Na-Dene or Turanian by any other name. Before we can truly defeat the most devious Turanian form of all, we must have erased every thought process from every other Turanian form in our own minds.

Different ancient folklores offer otherwise vastly divergent methods of defeating vampires, but there is wide agreement that vampires’ greatest fear is sunlight.

This Time, the World

“The old Cross of the Stone Age, — the Wheel of the Sun … — stands above victory and defeat. One day, — I hoped — it would bind the present and future Aryan faith in Blood and Soil to the older aspects of the eternal cosmic Religion, and — I also hoped, — unite all Aryans into one Greater Reich, under the supremacy of the best.” – Savitri Devi

The notion that leftist attitudes are an exclusively modern phenomenon is a lie. Leftism is as old as civilization itself, indeed insofar as the state is the foundation of civilization and insofar as leftism is advocacy for statism, we could say that leftism is civilization itself. That most rulers throughout history have been traditionalists and that only the best and most exceptional few rulers have been anti-traditionalists merely demonstrates rightist subversion of statism for traditionalist ends, along with rightist demographic predominance in all historical populations. It nonetheless remains sociological regularity that tradition requires no state supervision to perpetuate, whereas anti-traditional revolution almost always demands state support to realistically achieve. The Amarna period was possible not just because Akhnaten was an idealistic personality, but also because he was an absolute monarch able to impose his idealism on an entire country using state authority. Siddhartha (who renounced the palace to focus on asceticism) was no doubt the philosophical genius behind Buddhism, but without Asoka (who stayed in the palace and fought his way to the throne) to promote his teachings we today might not even know that such an ideology as Buddhism ever existed. For those not born into royalty, revolution is still possible, but requires the even more arduous preliminary of making oneself dictator from scratch, as Mohammed did, and even more recently as Hitler did.

But even those revolutions which succeeded never lasted long enough to matter. Manco Capac won his war while Xiang Yu lost his, but in the long-term the former was no more successful than the latter: each remains only as a lonely heroic memory in otherwise traditional societies which had been degenerating before their time and which continued to degenerate after their time. Julius Caesar did not destroy the idea of democracy despite becoming dictator in the formerly democratic Roman Republic, nor did Nebuchadnezzar II destroy Zionism despite routing the Kingdom of Judah. The inspiring truth that a single outstanding individual can change an entire society for the better is accompanied by the sobering truth that such changes tend to fade very quickly after the passing of the outstanding individual who made them. The reason is obvious: most people in every society are too ignoble.

“A waste of those lost lives; a waste of the suffering, the creations, the joy, the passion, the deaths, of others and myself, thousand year upon thousand year; a waste of the quest which has brought me thus far, from street to field, from battlesong to plainchant to rural silence, conveyed as I have been into and beyond the light and the dark.” – David Myatt

The main theme of Aryan mythology is that the Golden Age ended when the prehistoric Aryans encountered their non-Aryan neighbours in every region of the world and mixed their bloodlines with them, following which two noble individuals of mixed blood could sometimes give birth to ignoble offspring due to the non-Aryan blood they carry (even if not expressed in themselves). Some are hence misled into the notion that the prehistoric Aryans could have avoided decline had they but refused to mix with the non-Aryans. But the real point to glean from Aryan mythology is that the prehistoric Aryans were characterized by a tendency to mix with those whom they lived among, or else mixing would not have been such a consistent pattern of their behaviour wherever they went. So the question is: were the prehistoric Aryans foolish to have mixed their blood with non-Aryans? Certainly doing so hastened the fall of the Golden Age, but had they not done so, the Golden Age would ultimately still have fallen as a consequence of Aryans being increasingly outnumbered by non-Aryans. And if the Golden Age had fallen via this latter process instead, then Aryan blood would have disappeared from the world altogether. By mixing, the prehistoric Aryans actually ensured that Aryan blood would last indefinitely beyond the end of the Golden Age by being carried amidst non-Aryan blood such that it could not – unlike a population - be easily isolated and exterminated. This in turn ensured that Aryan individuals would continue to arise around the world (albeit irregularly) and serve our mission wherever and whenever we so arise, for the same hereditary mechanism by which two noble individuals of mixed blood can sometimes give birth to ignoble offspring guarantees conversely that two ignoble individuals of mixed blood can sometimes give birth to noble offspring. Thus beneath the apparent foolishness was a concealed wisdom that is only slowly being recognized for what it was. Whether we believe the prehistoric Aryans were sages who had already foreseen the inevitable onset of the Dark Age, and hence deliberately sent their bloodlines ahead so that heroes would be present during the end times to fight the apocalyptic evil, or whether we believe they were simple people who simply followed their spontaneous feelings marked by a lack of in-group/out-group discrimination, the fact that Aryan blood exists today at all is not in spite of their mixing, but thanks to it. And as long as Aryan blood exists, it can be re-purified, and the Golden Age return.

“For a certain time there will be a conflict between the different mentalities, and it may be that a nation which is in a state of progressive degeneration will at the last moment rally its cultural creative power and once again produce striking examples of that power. But these results are due only to the activity of elements that have remained over from the superior race or hybrids of the first crossing in whom the superior blood has remained dominant and seeks to assert itself.” – Adolf Hitler

So the ultimate value of those outstanding individuals around the world throughout history who tried to introduce Aryan ideals into society rests not in the success or failure of their particular revolutionary projects, but that, just by making the valorous attempts, they showed us that people like them existed, and hence that Aryan blood is still alive and well, somewhere in the mix. Thus there is hope. All we need now is a movement dedicated to re-purifying Aryan blood from the mix and shifting demography in its favour, which is what the Aryanist movement is.

“We all suffer from the disease of mixed, corrupted blood. How can we purify ourselves and make atonement? The eternal life bestowed by the Grail is only for the really pure and noble!” - Adolf Hitler

As present-day activists, we should want to believe not only that the stories of myth really happened, but moreover that the heroes of these stories were people like ourselves in many ways: people who shared our broad ideals, who possessed much the same personality types as our own, who must have felt much as we feel in face of our enemies who were also around then and who are still around today. We should want to believe that we are the ones carrying their bloodlines, and that it is because of this that we see ourselves in them, or them in ourselves. And thus we should be in no doubt that we are of an aristocratic lineage second to none, indeed the only ever aristocratic lineage which truly lives up to the meaning of the term. Try as we might to humanize them, names such as Shennong, Rishabha, Enlil, Ra and Kronos cannot even now be pronounced without the feeling of awe that comes with invoking the names of gods, such is the aura of blood memory that surrounds their images.

“I am not interested in personal biographies. Like the ancients, I only value the archetype, Myth, Legend. … Only those who repeat here below the archetypical and mythic life of our Gods are included within the eternal, those who happen to be their interpreter or celebrant.” – Miguel Serrano

If you are an Aryanist today (especially one who wears our swastika), you are no less than a stateless prince/princess, with a duty to conduct yourself as such at all times, and to treat every other Aryanist as such also. In intellectual discussion, in practical collaboration, in friendly or romantic relationships, in empathy for one another’s plight as individuals of varied life circumstances yet sharing a common ideological vision, demand of yourself the high standards you would expect them to demand of themselves, and demand of them the high standards you would expect them to demand of you. Be not embarassed about displaying your incompetence, fear or weakness before them, but be ready to lend them your expertize, courage and strength during their moments of need. On the other hand, expect absolutely no forgiveness from them, and offer them none, for ignoble behaviour. Last but not least, rejoice in being able to do the one thing that the prehistoric Aryans around the world were not given the chance to do: join forces with one another. Imagine a dream team of Vichama, Partholon, Thor, Menhit, Siamak, Mallinath and Ninigi fighting side by side on the front lines of battle, advised by a strategic council including such figures as Chisongzi, Aganju, Nisaba, Athena, Saleh, Inti and Piltzintecuhtli. Imagine if the Spider Woman’s trek had managed to pick up Astraea, Kintu, Odin and Auco, or if Brutus’ voyage had picked up Cavillace, Hunghienvuong, Hwanung and perhaps even the Serpent, and if they had settled in one location to build a new Solar Civilization there: a place of refuge for all beings of goodwill. For it falls to us as their heirs to do all this in their place.

The story of Aryan diffusion has ended. The story of Aryan union has begun.

“From the depth of my heart I tell you: the song of triumph was not a lie; still the stupendous dream will become true. … ‘For Germany is ours today, and tomorrow, the whole world.’” – Savitri Devi