Human Beauty

“It is shameful, but nevertheless a fact, that while there are numerous aesthetics, the unavoidable prerequisites of aesthetics in general, the representation of the development of racial ideals of beauty, has not yet been written.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Racial standards are ubiquitous in film industries around the world, whose leading actors are selected not solely by acting ability (which can be learned), but significantly by physical appearance (which is mostly inherited). This is not a bad thing in itself, as fans want to aesthetically idealize the leading characters, and it is the actors’ job to portray characters convincingly, so it is a necessity that leading actors look the part, additional to their ability to play the part. The same is true of fashion and advertizing, as a good-looking model is required to idealize the clothes on display or the product/service offered.

Of course this does not apply to the membership of the Aryanist movement. Just as the NSDAP inner circle was far from flawless in physical appearance, we have no objection at all to physically unremarkable non-Jews joining us. But this does not mean we should set no standard for appearance as a racial ideal, as some other movements do. What we ourselves look like does not matter, but what type we consider to be beautiful reflects our idealism, and therefore matters a lot. In short, we seek for the members of our movement not necessarily uniformity in appearance, but agreement in vision on human beauty. As Alfred Rosenberg said: “Scarcely one in a thousand among us is shaped completely in accordance with this ideal. … The longing, however, which created and shaped, sought always to review itself in the same direction.”

What mattered was Joseph Goebbels’ eye for human beauty and ability to apply it to propaganda.

On a related note, while this page includes numerous photos of celebrities with Aryan phenotypes, these photos are not to be taken as character endorsement; for all we know, some of them may even be Zionists. They are solely face/body models, not necessarily rolemodels. That inner beauty has ceased to consistently correspond with outer beauty (though some correlation still exists – one theory proposed to explain why famous actors/models/etc. are, on average, more left-leaning than comparably wealthy people in non-looks-dependent occupations is that the former group is simply more biologically advanced), along with the overall rarity of beauty, are unfortunate but expected consequences of of an expanding population under natural selection, but which could be remedied with ease by National Socialist state control over reproduction. 

“Those who have a beautiful physique should be brought into the foreground, so that they might encourage the development of a beautiful bodily form among the people in general.” – Adolf Hitler

Try playing a game of “Spot the Aryan Phenotype” next time you are on the street!

Also try the side view variant of the game! Best played on public transport, at spectator events, or scenarios involving linear seating arrangements.

Physical appearance depends on how closely a person represents a racial archetype. Plain people are nowhere near any archetype; striking people approximate some archetype. Which archetype we aspire towards reflects our racial idealism. We can recognize nearness to an archetype, hence have our attention drawn to that person among a crowd of plainer people, but if we dislike the archetype itself, we will feel disgust rather than admiration. This is no different than when we read a well-written essay promoting ignoble ideas; the skillful language only adds to our revulsion towards the barbaric content. Only those whose type approximate an archetype that we like will be found beautiful by us. As Aryanists, we like Aryan archetypes and dislike non-Aryan archetypes.

To see racial type, all ethnocentrism must first be discarded. As cat expert Savitri Devi put it: “A black Angora cat and a white Angora cat are both Angora cats—cats of the same breed, with a slight variation. A black Angora cat and a black “gutter” cat are not of the same breed, even if they both be also entirely of the same color (of hair and skin). I hope I make myself clear with this simile.” Racists who talk rubbish about how people of the same ethnicity “look like each other” and how people of different ethnicities “look nothing like each other” should either learn to use a ruler and a protractor, or shut up.

Two people of similar ethnicity: spot the Aryan phenotype!

Two people of similar ethnicity: spot the Aryan phenotype!

Aryan phenotypes (ethnicities irrelevant)

Non-Aryan phenotypes (ethnicities irrelevant)

In order to hammer home the point that the Aryan racial ideal of human beauty is absolutely not ethnocentric, but purely concerned with racial type, this page deliberately includes photos of Aryan phenotypes using varied ethnic examples. In Hitler’s words: “The differences between the various peoples should not prevent us from recognizing the community of race which unites them on a higher plane.” Racial idealism is about quality, not ethnicity.

It’s easy to spot once you get used to it.


“The body expresses our very being. The striving for beauty is inborn among the Aryan.” – Baldur von Schirach

Which face looks more Aryan?

Consider the ape child and adult (same species) in the picture above. Clearly the child’s oval skull shape is far nearer the Aryan ideal. The adult’s crown is depressed, forehead sloped, brow ridge, nose, jaw and chin heavy and prominent. In fact, the ape child has a higher crown and forehead, and a lighter brow, nose, jaw and chin than many non-Aryan human adults [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page)]. This shows that, by Aryan standards, physical maturation is biological degradation to an inferior level, consistent with Original Nobility and subsequent corruption. (The same is actually true of non-primates also, though this requires more skill to perceive.) In the words of David Myatt: “Young children, free of future forms as yet undreamed, unborn, lived as they lived in such Spaces as became, made, began to shape them.”

Even adults with exemplary Aryan facial angle cannot match young children in forehead amplitude.

“The will of the great leader directs millions from the centre. Accordingly, in art forms, the head alone is drawn into prominent position. … The forehead, nose, eyes, teeth and chin all become bearers of the will, of the direction of ideas.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Some describe the “Aryan look” as being as far removed from the “Neanderthal look” (ie. low crown, sloping forehead, heavy brow ridge, heavy nose, heavy jaw and chin) as possible. This is incidentally true, but only insofar as Neanderthals are on average less neotenous than Homo Sapiens. The qualitative reason why we value a high crown, high forehead, minimal brow ridge, light nose, light jaw and light chin is because these approximate the condition in which we were born, when our crowns and foreheads dominated our skull and were actually open - the only condition that supposedly allows the “halo” and the “third eye” (both aids to transcending the material world) to operate freely. While this condition is lost as soon as the skull sutures close, having a high crown and forehead at least leaves marginally more room inside the skull in the corresponding locations.

Once these close, we start accepting the world. Maintaining our idealism hereafter requires active struggle.

Note that cranial capacity is a different measurement, and irrelevant to us. What matters to us is not the total volume, but rather the layout. A skull with a sloping forehead can have a larger cranial capacity than a skull with a high forehead, but whereas cranial capacity correlates merely with IQ test scores and other non-moral attributes, it is the high forehead that is believed to correlate with nobility. Similarly, the entire plethora of miscellaneous skull traits constantly talked up at HBD foppery forums but which are unrelated to neoteny are irrelevant to us.

Prior to association with foppery, the term “high-brow” (ie. non-sloping forehead with no brow ridge) originally referred to Aryan skull shape and its association with moral idealism.

Aryan skulls are more convincing for royal roles in sci-fi/fantasy movies. [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE of Jewish attempts (too disgusting to include on the page)]

Aryan skulls are also highly valued in fashion modelling.

In some film circles, the Aryan skull is simply called the “heroic look”.

A more flippant name for the Aryan skull is the “daytime soap hero look”.

Neoteny is not to be confused with paedomorphy or “baby-faced” appearance. Many adults described as “baby-faced”, usually with shorter round or square face shapes, look very different from how they looked as children, and in many cases only started looking ”baby-faced” after puberty [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE]! Such types are paedomorphic but not neotenous. The neotenous, usually with a longer oval face shape, are those who as adults retain to a greater extent the look they had as children, in other words those upon whom maturation had a relatively light effect (which also implies lower sexual dimorphism).

Batman is definitely not ”baby-faced”, but he retained Aryan bone structure from childhood to adulthood better than most people.

The difference between neoteny and paedomorphy becomes most obvious at middle age when the paedomorphic start appearing visibly worn out while the neotenous still look youthful. It is notoriously difficult to guess the age of people with Aryan bone structure.

Aryan skulls sometimes enable adults to pass for tweens.

More generally, Aryan skulls make CD covers look timeless.

Aryan skulls look good as intergenerational advocates.

Aryan skulls are the best choice for LOTR elves.

The opposite error is to assume that a long face is automatically an Aryan face. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of long faces with heavy, non-neotenous facial features [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page)], which are most definitely non-Aryan! Such faces are usually oblong in shape, as opposed to the Aryan oval – a huge difference impressionwise.

 The Aryan oval virtually leaves no room for the possibility of heavy features.

Genuine neoteny is associated closely with ectomorphy. The ectoderm is the original germ layer of the embryo, with the endoderm and mesoderm being subsequent corruptions. Ectomorphy, which is predominance of the ectoderm over the endoderm and mesoderm after birth, is thus neoteny at a very fundamental level. Here too appears the parallel with low sexual dimorphism: whereas mesomorphy is archetypically masculine and endomorphy is archetypically feminine, ectomorphy represents biological repudiation of both these archetypes in favour of Original Nobility. (It is on this account that ectodermic healthcare systems (e.g. chiropractic, acupuncture) are more therapeutic on Aryan patients, whereas mesodermic or endodermic remedies are more therapeutic on non-Aryan patients. We encourage Aryanists to at least look into ectodermic remedies for any health problems you may be experiencing.)

Which germ layer looks more Aryan?

“The Emperor was studying Feyd-Rautha, seeing the heavy shoulders, the thick muscles. He turned to look at Paul — a stringy whipcord of a youth, not as desiccated as the Arrakeen natives, but with ribs there to count, and sunken in the flanks so that the ripple and gather of muscles could be followed under the skin.” – Dune

A strong ectoderm subdues the mesoderm and the endoderm. A subdued mesoderm produces gracile (as opposed to robust) bones, higher proportion of slow-twitch/Type I (as opposed to fast-twitch/Type II) muscles and low muscle mass. A subdued endoderm produces low, evenly distributed body fat. The strong ectoderm itself produces focused scalp hair (as opposed to body hair) growth. All these are neotenous traits. The combined result is a lean, long-limbed, fine-boned physique (ie. high surface-area-to-volume ratio) that looks youthful through most of life, and which is by no coincidence ergonomically suited to the Neolithic subsistence farming lifestyle that involved repetitive, stamina-based labour in a wider variety of sustained physical positions and demanding faster heat dissipation than would have been required for the more primitive hunting and herding lifestyles, in exchange for availability of regular meals and hence no need to store large reserves of chemical energy in the body. Miguel Serrano describes: “Large fingers, fine legs, hands with fine veins, firmly arched feet. … Moreover, it was said of Buddha his extended arms reached below his knees and they sculpted him with a bump on his head (the lost “organ”?).”

 Aryan facial proportions suggest ectomorphy to the viewer even though the body is out of the picture.

The Aryan skull is balanced by corresponding limb length and hand size.

More examples of the Aryan face/hand correspondence. Aryan fingers do not ‘taper’. CLICK FOR EXAMPLE of non-Aryan fingers (notice the ‘fattening’ of the digits nearest the palm).

Aryan digit ratio tends high (low sexual dimorphism). Notice the Aryan skull in the background.

When non-Aryan hands appear next to an Aryan face, the phenotypical gulf is startling.

A particular example highlighting the importance of balance between the body parts is the trait commonly known as Morton’s Toe, in which the second toe is slightly more prominent than the big toe. While this is a racial ideal of human beauty consistently portrayed in the visual arts, in reality it causes chronic walking pain (in the worst cases requiring surgical treatment) among ~80% of people who carry the trait, which indicates that the rest of their body is not balanced to it. Therefore, instead of saying that Morton’s Toe is automatically an Aryan phenotype, we propose that only the ~20% of carriers for whom it causes no pain can be properly considered to have the Aryan phenotype. Again, the point is not to jump to conclusions based on any body part in isolation, but always to consider integral quality.

Aryan feet 

On the issue of height, neotenous faces are rarer among taller people, due to more overall bone growth during puberty leading to a heavier brow ridge, nose, jaw and chin. But this means that a person who manages to have a neotenous face despite being tall (more common with ectomorphs, involving proportionately longer legs) is a particularly outstanding specimen of Aryan phenotype, and superior to a shorter person with a similarly neotenous face. In other words, we value height only among the neotenous, not as an independent factor. Emphatically, tallness in combination with heavy facial features (more common with mesomorphs or endomorphs, involving a proportionately longer torso) [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page] is of no aesthetic value at all.

Finally, the rumour (endlessly promoted by the Jewish-owned media) about “Nazi” obsession with blond hair/blue eyes is a vicious distortion. If two people had blond hair/blue eyes as children but one retains it as he grows up while the other loses it, then the former is more neotenous and therefore superior to the latter. This and nothing else is the authentic National Socialist proposition. On no account could this possibly extend to comparison with a person who never had blond hair/blue eyes even as a child, because in this case absence of blond hair/blue eyes as an adult is no indication of non-neoteny. To counter the Zionist propaganda, Walter Gross released an official NSDAP clarification in 1939:  “A serious situation arose through the fact that other people and States … felt themselves attacked and defamed … For example the whole world of the Far East remained for a long time under the impression that the Germans had designated them as non-Aryan … Just after we had carefully made clear to some people or other that we respected and honoured … their racial qualities, some wild fool manufactured his own ideas about race and declared that these same people were racially inferior and stood somewhere below the cow or the ass, and that their characteristics were degrading or impure and lord knows what else! By such idiotic assertions were repelled and offended … even friends of National Socialist Germany bound to us historically and in destiny.”

Thanks to websites like ours, the truth is finally spreading.


“Teach people, for goodness’ sake, to live more beautifully — when they still happen to be able to live at all — instead of concentrating so much intelligence and wasting so much time and money in order to find out, no matter at what cost, means to keep them from dying!” – Savitri Dev


 Aryan skulls look more convincing for health promotions.

Ironically, Aryan skulls are also used to advertize unhealthy foods, perhaps because our high metabolism can break it down better and therefore minimize the unhealthy effect.

The Aryan skull convinces you that he was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, really.

Whether or not we are personally lucky enough (and most of us are not) to possess the Aryan phenotype, we should present ourselves in daily life as though we do possess it. By this we mean that we should be wholly honest about our physical appearance and not try to enhance it through artificial means. Cosmetic products or cosmetic surgery must be understood as aesthetic deception and therefore unethical to all onlookers (in addition to being economically wasteful). A National Socialist state would outlaw all cosmetic surgery except for facial reconstruction following disfiguring accidents, and even in such cases surgery should only attempt to restore the pre-accident appearance rather than opportunistically alter it. By similar reasoning, makeup would be available only to actors who need greasepaint to look on stage/screen how they ordinarily look without makeup. The truth is that contrast-increasing makeup (e.g. eye shadow, lipstick, rouge, etc.) only improves the non-Aryan face; the Aryan face is so well-proportioned that increased contrast only makes it look worse.

Trying to improve an Aryan face using makeup is like trying to improve a statue using paint. 

The beauty of an Aryan face comes from superior geometry, not superficial shading.

Even among celebrities, Aryan beauty is extremely rare. And even professional makeup cannot raise other celebrities to this level.

Even a grainy picture cannot make an Aryan face look worse.

But makeup can, and does, make an Aryan face look worse, instantly.

The same is true of the body. If one’s body shape changes over time in spontaneous adaptation to genuinely necessary changes in lifestyle, that is fine, but slimming or bodybuilding regimens undertaken for the conscious sake of changing body shape from its ordinary equilibrium state is again aesthetic deception (unless you are an actor preparing for a role, in which case it falls under lifestyle). A National Socialist state would outlaw all steroids and weight-loss drugs. The only aspect of our bodily appearance that should require any active attention is posture, which does not change body shape but indeed minimizes changes to body shape brought about by factors of lifestyle.

“The lower part of the noble Aryan does not oscillate when he walks. When gazing he does so straight on. He sits with composure, without relinquishing balance. He makes no useless movements with his hands or feet.” – Miguel Serrano

 Relaxed posture is all that is required for Aryan skeletal composition to be fully expressed.

Relaxed posture looks untidy on non-Aryan body types, hence the traditional cultural development of rigid posture that achieves a tidier look for a wider variety of body types. But on Aryan body types, relaxed posture looks better than rigid posture.

Aryan skeletal proportions combined with good posture makes the photographer’s job easy.

External link: Alexander Technique

In tribute to our Neolithic farming roots, we need not deliberately suntan, but at the same time we need not deliberately avoid suntans under ordinary outdoor conditions. How tanned we are should simply reflect our current practical lifestyle, neither exaggerated nor disguised. All artificial tanning products and all skin bleaching products are aesthetic deception and would be outlawed by a National Socialist state.

Aryan skin is able to both tan and untan rapidly as necessary, without sunburn, due to high metabolism.

Anti-aging (including hair loss) products and treatments, an even more blatant aesthetic deception, would also be outlawed by a National Socialist state. Everyone who lives long enough physically breaks down towards the end, but how long we can retain our youthful appearance and how gracefully we age are among the most easily recognized indicators of genetic health, which should not be obscured by interventive means.

If you have an Aryan face, people will remember you young even when they see you old. (Also, Aryan hairline does not significantly recede.)

Moreover, we need not spend too much time worrying about decor, such as hair, clothes and accessories. Whereas the aesthetic appeal of non-Aryan phenotypes are heavily dependent on their accompanying styles, the Aryan phenotype is so well-proportioned that it spontaneously makes its accompanying style look good, whatever that style may be. A person with Aryan physiognomy can wear a T-shirt or pajamas and still project an impression of being better-dressed than a person with non-Aryan physiognomy wearing formal attire – a phenomenon known as “biological aristocracy”.


All hair stylists and portrait photographers know that the oval face shape produced by the Aryan skull is objectively superior to all other face shapes, able to go well with almost any hairstyle.

Even though men’s faces are more angular, the hairstyle-enhancing visual effect of the Aryan skull is still in play. Facial hair is also enhanced.

Did we mention that glasses look best on an Aryan skull?

If you have Aryan biological aristocracy, you can look good in the simplest outfits.

Whether you like dressing down, or you want to romanticize peasant life, or you want to look heroic while undead, having Aryan biological aristocracy makes it a lot easier.

Ultimate biological aristocracy: an Aryan skull can even make the Power Rangers costume look good.

Finally, and most importantly, we should never become conceited about our own appearance no matter how beautiful it is, but should only strive to match or exceed our beauty in body with our beauty of spirit, by practicing nobility in our lives. And we should never look down on others purely because of their sub-ideal appearance. Nobody can help what genes, and thus what phenotype, they are born with; some are lucky, others are not so lucky, and the dice could easily have fallen the other way round. We should always be kind, considerate and respectful towards ugly but good-hearted people, especially those who suffer low self-esteem as a result of their appearance. The only people who deserve our disdain are Jews and Gentiles who, though being both ugly on the outside and ignoble on the inside, nevertheless reproduce. None of us can help the genes we are born with, but all of us can help prevent another generation from being born with these same genes. Those who can so help, but who yet refuse to help, have declared themselves enemies of Aryanism, and should be treated as such.

Why Bother?

“The most sublime beauty owes its nobility of shape, in the last analysis, to the fact that the most beautiful form is the form that is best suited to the purpose it is meant to serve.” – Adolf Hitler

Adapting real-life Aryan faces to create faces for video game characters doesn’t affect gameplay, but nonetheless improves the game experience.

Some ask why our ultimately spiritual and anti-material movement even takes time out to study physical beauty. Is it not our belief that personality is more important than appearance? Is our motto not UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, rather than unity through beauty? Such queries can be addressed on three accounts.

Aryan physical beauty is a means to an end.

Firstly, re-introducing the Aryan racial ideal of beauty is part of anti-Zionism. Centuries of colonial-era propaganda, which deliberately stereotyped people of the colonized ethnicities as inferior in appearance compared to the colonizers, has inculcated across most of the world a Eurocentric* bias in aesthetic perception, resulting in judgements of appearance based on pigmentation instead of geometry. Not only does this cause cognitive blindsiding to the truth that the vast majority of fair-pigmented people are just as inferior in appearance [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page)], but more specifically it has allowed fair-pigmented Jews to distract visual and mental attention away from their heavy features so as to be widely considered “beautiful” by the undiscerning masses [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page)]. Only with the Aryan ideal restored in culture will the world learn once again to see a single Aryan standard of beauty that cuts across ethnic lines, thereby ending ethnic stereotypes once and for all, and be able to effortlessly spot Jewish and Gentile phenotypes in contrast to this standard.

(* The word “Europe” derives from the roots ”eur-” + “op-” meaning “broad-faced”. The only faces which can be described with etymological accuracy as “European-looking” are the archaic (ie. Gentile) types [CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page) CLICK FOR EXAMPLE (too disgusting to include on the page)]. Eurocentrism, however, inaccurately calls the narrow, oval, neotenous (ie. Aryan) faces “European-looking” despite such faces being only a tiny European minority in reality (and despite the oxymoron), instead of recognizing that Europe too - as elsewhere - owes its occurrence of Aryan faces to absorption of migrant Aryan blood into its indigenous populations. Having thus misappropriated Aryan faces as “European”, then upon seeing Aryan faces occur in other ethnic groups, Eurocentrists often wrongly accuse them of having partial “European” ancestry! Hans Guenther tried to persuade Hitler to this belief and thus to replace the word “Aryan” with the word “Nordic” in all official NSDAP publications; fortunately his proposal was rejected.)

When the world sees a face like this and the first word that comes to mind is Aryan instead of “white”, we are succeeding.

When the world sees a face like this and the first word that comes to mind is Aryan instead of “black”, we are succeeding.

Secondly, while personality is indeed more important than appearance, appearance provides an eloquent visual analogy. As Alfred Rosenberg memorably pointed out: “An image of the hero linked with an undersized, broad shouldered, bow legged, thick necked and low foreheaded man represents an impossibility.” We exalt the Aryan racial ideal of beauty not because we want anyone to fixate on it to the extent of forgetting about nobility, but because we want to send a message about the potential that Aryanization offers. We want everyone to take a moment to imagine an entire society populated by people with faces and bodies like the Aryan phenotypes presented on this page. And then we want readers to think: if this is the level of improvement National Socialism could (if it wanted to) achieve on the outside through state control over reproduction, imagine the level of improvement National Socialism could (as it actually aims to) achieve on the inside!

While werewolf symbolism refers mostly to personality, some consider Aryan skulls to look werewolf-like.

Thirdly, physical appearance is evolutionarily related to spiritual quality. People lacking in empathy often also have trouble distinguishing between faces – it is for this reason that ethnocentrists (who severely lack empathy) spread the notion among each other that people of other ethnic backgrounds all look alike. Moreover, in feelings of sexual attraction, idealists are sexually attracted only to those of near-perfect beauty, whereas most people have much lower standards, so that while they too would doubtless prefer a sexual partner of great beauty, it is not a necessary condition for them to feel sexual attraction. This implies that, in any society where individuals of great beauty are unavailable as spouses to idealists, idealistic bloodlines would quickly go extinct (because idealists would rather stay single than lower their standards), as has in fact been steadily occurring throughout history. The full solution to reverse this demographic problem requires a highly specialized application of state control over reproduction, but a prerequisite for this solution is a considerably higher proportion of individuals of great beauty than is currently possessed by any society in the world. Thus, in the rigorous world of National Socialist methodology, the demographic improvement of physical appearance goes hand in hand with the demographic improvement of spiritual quality.


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