“Practising my art had enriched me, and had sharpened my faculty to differentiate between the genuine and the imitative.” – Alfred Rosenberg

Hitler placed much emphasis on Aryan aesthetics as a way to unite people and give them sense of purpose, thereby turning them into a folk. In his own words: “Admiration for everything that is great is not only a tribute to one creative personality but that all those who feel such admiration become thereby united under one covenant.” This includes not only the formal arts, but also aesthetics in daily life. In line with the positivity of National Socialism, aesthetics should not offer escapism from ordinary activities, but should try to complement them.

Human Beauty

“A Jew is for me an object of disgust. I feel like vomiting when I see one.” – Joseph Goebbels

Honesty is the basis of Aryan appearance. All cosmetic products and cosmetic surgery should be regarded as deception and hence unacceptable. Similarly, the healthy require no exercise beyond ordinary physical activity to maintain their physique, whereas the unhealthy have to constantly ‘keep fit’ in order to stave off obesity and other negative conditions. Effortful or costly upkeep of physique is also deception. Appearance should reflect honest health, not contrived vigour.


“There is a world of difference between chanting a Mass in Latin and receiving an income-tax demand in the same language.” – Adolf Hitler

Clarity is the basis of Aryan dialogue. Whether speaking, writing or otherwise presenting content, the quality of the content should stand up for itself, and not be embellished by pompous or obscure language. The meaning of each statement should be as clear as possible, leaving no room for ambiguity. Politeness is best conveyed by a respectful attitude, not by ritualized manners. Indeed it is infinitely more respectful to be concise and to the point than to waste someone else’s time with tedious decorum, just as it is infinitely more respectful to criticize openly (but without meanness) than to feign praise.


“The warriors were all there, dressed in black and carrying their swords. I, too, carried mine.” – Miguel Serrano

Simplicity is the basis of Aryan clothing. Designs should aim not for fashion, but for timeless appeal. Styles should be neat and practical, and not show off wealth or distort physique. Commercial brand names and other irrelevant labelling/accessories (including jewellry) should not be visible. Uniforms are encouraged for professions. For casual wear, we recommend elementary outfits in plain black and white, with discretion advised regarding garments traditionally linked to hostile factions (e.g. neckties - Freemasonry).


“It’s known that the ancient philosophers already regarded the change from black gruel to bread as a sign of decadence.” – Adolf Hitler

Austerity is the basis of Aryan diet. Meals should be quick and easy to prepare, using common, locally available ingredients, and served simply. Gastronomy should not be an issue. Health considerations should be addressed by avoiding what is toxic rather than by pursuing what is tonic. As a general guideline, any food that would make you sick if you had to eat it and nothing else for every meal is better not eaten at all (this includes alcohol). When eating out, cafeterias are preferable to restaurants, non-chain outlets preferable to chain outlets, and inexpensive meals preferable to expensive meals.


“To be modern only means to fill new forms with eternal truths.” – Joseph Goebbels

Integrity is the basis of Aryan edifice. Conceptually, one theme should be reflected throughout all construction; it should not be possible to receive different impressions of the construction via viewing different parts in isolation. Motivationally, construction should not function to partition us away from the unpleasant aspects of life, but should rather keep us in touch with these aspects so that empathy is cultivated. Luxury and ostentation of wealth are unacceptable.


“Poets do not matter, for no one takes them seriously.” – Adolf Hitler

Sincerity is the basis of Aryan artwork, be it visual, musical, literary, dramatic or any other field. Artwork should be driven neither by desire to impress viewers with one’s talent or erudition (Gentile tendency), nor by desire to experiment with or manipulate viewers’ reactions (Jewish tendency), but purely by the intent to eternalize emotions. From the perspective of the artist, the viewer should not be visualized during the process of production. From the perspective of the viewer, the artist should not be visible in the finished product. Furthermore, emotions that are temporal in character are inherently incapable of being eternalized, thereby are automatically excluded from consideration.