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President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel is drawing wide-ranging reactions from jubilant praise to heated criticism.

Trump’s choice, David Friedman, holds distinctly conservative views in direct opposition to long-standing U.S. policy positions. Friedman opposes a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, actively supports Israeli settlements and advocates for Israel’s annexation of the West Bank, maintaining that the occupied Palestinian Territories are not occupied.

Friedman, who has no career experience with either policy or diplomacy, is an Orthodox Jewish lawyer who advised Trump during the campaign. A close friend and confidant of Trump, he specialized in bankruptcy law and represented Trump in his investments in Atlantic City casinos.

He serves as one of the co-chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to Trump, alongside Jason Greenblatt, another Orthodox Jewish lawyer from New York City.

In an op-ed Friday in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, its U.S. editor Chemi Shalev argued that Friedman “makes Netanyahu seem like a left-wing defeatist.”

Netanyahu’s main political rival, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, wished Friedman good luck Friday, describing him as “a great friend of Israel.”

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely “welcomed” the nomination of Friedman on her Facebook page Friday, describing it as “good news for Israel.”

Among those who have also congratulated Friedman is the Zionist Organization of America, whose president, Morton Klein, said Friedman has “the potential to be the greatest U.S. ambassador to Israel ever.”

Matt Brooks, executive director of the lobbying group Republican Jewish Coalition, tweeted “great choice!”

“David is someone who understands the President’s vision and will strengthen the US-Israel relationship,” Brooks wrote.

Friedman, as the president of the American Friends of Bet El Institutions, associated with the Jewish settlement of Bet El, has consistently and actively supported the construction of new settlements. Friedman, already a frequent visitor, also owns property in Jerusalem.

“I think the West Bank was captured from Jordan in a defensive war,” he told ABC News at an October Trump rally in Israel. “The Jordanians haven’t sought to repatriate that land so I think; I’m a lawyer, under international law I don’t think these settlements are illegal.”

Trump’s take: In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, Jason Greenblatt, co-chairman of the Trump campaign’s Israel Advisory Committee, said, “It is certainly not Mr. Trump’s view that settlement activities should be condemned and that it is an obstacle for peace, because it is not an obstacle for peace.”

“The view is that the Israeli electorate is a peace-loving electorate, a very informed electorate,” he said. “They choose their leaders very carefully. It’s a very robust democracy and ultimately they have to live with the consequences. And so the position of the Trump Administration will be to support the decision of the Israeli people to achieve peace as they see fit.”

“The era of Palestinian State is over,” right-wing politician Naftali Bennett declared after the election.

He may be right.

Western civilization must die. If you want to help make this happen within our own lifetimes – trust me, it can be done; we just need enough people willing to do the work – please send in a contact form:

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ZC freefall

I warned about this years ago, and people called me paranoid:

Other than the bullying itself, what is most disgusting is the neo-Nazi appropriation of the swastika and Hitler’s name for bullying, which then turns good people away from National Socialism. At the same time as we support victims of bullying, let’s see if we can use this chance to inform more people than ever before about the difference between neo-Nazism and authentic National Socialism:

Also – and this is an order - every Aryanist in the US must wear a safety pin, starting today:

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This is why we oppose democracy

Because it is only ever a matter of time before this happens:

And then this can happen:

No doubt this will create a knock-on effect in other countries also: far-rightists everywhere will be doing their best to ride on the coattails of Trump’s success to push their views even further into the mainstream. We might have thought Islamophobia and racism have been big problems ever since 9/11, but they are about to get much bigger.

(Not to mention that the US will soon have a First Lady who doesn’t even have an American accent FFS! Sure, we have more important things to discuss, but I consider this to have symbolic significance: Trump’s US will be a more Western, less American US (as if his proposed border wall, attitudes towards Putin, etc. had not already indicated this…..).)

And this is the point. You believers in democracy really thought the past 50 years of anti-racist education had any real use at all? Racism is genetic and anti-racism is genetic! Racists cannot ever be reformed through anti-racist education, and anti-racists like us never needed it in the first place! By believing that people can be educated, and thus can be trusted to vote ethically, you set up yourselves to crash headlong into this mess.

To our team members, now what? Now is the time to go among all the people shocked by the election result to let them know in no uncertain terms that the False Left has failed them and will continue to fail them henceforth because it had been deliberately designed to fail since the very beginning. Now is the time to to teach them as much about the True Left as they are able to learn, as this is what it will take to win back the ground that they are losing to rightists day by day and will continue to lose until they shape up. Now is the time when they will be most receptive to what we have to tell them, so it will be our fault if we do not seize this opportunity.

Lucius, my advice to you is that you launch your party site ASAP, even if it is not fully ready, and market it specifically to #notmypresident Americans. If you can strike while the iron is hot, posting links to your site at every location wherever #notmypresident Americans hang out, you could recruit new members rapidly and establish your party as the centre of the anti-Trump insurgency before others do so.

With the GOP in control of both the House and the Senate (and soon over the Supreme Court), the first two years of the Trump presidency will basically be unconstrained. Excepting the possibility of an anti-Trump military coup by heroic American soldiers, I say again what I have been saying for years now: if you are someone who might potentially be targeted by Trump, BUY FIREARMS (sniper rifles would be especially useful), TRAIN IN COMBAT TACTICS, and ORGANIZE PARAMILITARILY. If the Rehabs (Robocop 3 reference) start coming in to deport locals by force, what will determine whether they succeed is whether locals have the means – and the will - to stand their ground and shoot the Rehabs as soon as they so much as set foot in the neighbourhood. This is Ahimsa.

I want to close by replying to Van Jones:

“You tell your kids, don’t be a bully. You tell your kids, don’t be a bigot. You tell your kids, do your homework and be prepared,” Jones said on CNN. “Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight. They’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of ‘how do I explain this to my children.’”

The mistake was in associating ethical behaviour with worldly success. The truth is that if unethical behaviour were not a massively advantageous competitive strategy in the real world, no one – not even Trump – would bother with it. Bullies and bigots proliferate because they tend to be financially, socially and above all reproductively rewarded by natural selection over superior types, especially within Western civilization where reproductive success is based on largely free-market competition for reproductive partners. The PUA blogs never tire of telling their readers: ”Nice guys finish last!” – they are very much correct, especially within Western civilization. Or as someone else once put it infinitely more eloquently (shortly before he was crucified, which proves his point):

“If ye were of the world, the world would love its own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” – Jesus

We do what is ethical not because we expect to be rewarded with worldly success as a result of being ethical, but because we care about ethics. Of course we care about ethics so much that we also want worldly success with which we can finally build civilization according to our ethics. But we know that we cannot win by competing against bullies and bigots on their terms while retaining our ethics. There are therefore only two possible ways for us to win. The first way is by becoming bullies and bigots ourselves, and outdoing our rivals in bullying and bigotry. The second way is by using ruthless retaliatory violence to eliminate the bullies and bigots from the competition altogether before the competition has time to reach its natural result, including on the genetic level, thereby eliminating the need to ever again compete against them on their inferior terms. The first way – the PUA way - we will always refuse as a matter of principle. The second way is National Socialism:

“Since the inferior always outnumber the superior, the former would always increase more rapidly if they possessed the same capacities for survival and for the procreation of their kind; and the final consequence would be that the best in quality would be forced to recede into the background. Therefore a corrective measure in favour of the better quality must intervene. … The pacifist-humanitarian idea may indeed become an excellent one when the most superior type of manhood will have succeeded in subjugating the world to such an extent that this type is then sole master of the earth. This idea could have an injurious effect only in the measure according to which its application would become difficult and finally impossible. So, first of all, the fight and then pacifism.” - Adolf Hitler

Western civilization must die.

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A review of refugee resettlement by numbers

While we have since last year already covered the laudable settlement of much larger numbers of refugees (especially in proportion to their existing populations) by countries as such as Lebanon and Jordan than by considerably richer EU countries:

On a more serious note, the level of dishonesty among rightists on the issue is staggering. One of the most common talking points I hear from rightists is the bald-faced lie that only Western countries are required to take in refugees. In fact, 86% of all current refugees are taken in by non-Western countries. Lebanon alone (citizen population 4 million) has taken in over a million refugees in recent years ie. 20% of its population are refugees. Jordan (citizen population 6.5 million) has taken in more than 2.6 million refugees ie. 40% of its population are refugees.

In comparison, the far-right notion that a million refugees in Germany (citizen poulation 80 million, not to mention its higher GDP/capita – Germany ~$46000 vs Lebanon ~$18000 or Jordan ~$12000) is already too many deserves to be met with utter derision. Germany could take 20 million refugees WITH EASE if it had the will to do so. But you won’t hear Merkel say this, because she is a coward who can’t even crush PEGIDA.

we had not previously covered refugee resettlement efforts by other poor countries which similarly put the EU’s meagre efforts to shame in comparison. On this topic, the following article provides much good information:

Admittedly, a record 1.3 million refugees sought asylum within the European Union last year, with thousands more applying for asylum every month. Yet what of Sub-Saharan Africa, home to 4.4 million refugees and a whopping 19.5 million “people of concern” to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees?

Where is the rolling coverage of Kenya’s Dadaab camp, for example? Dadaab is the largest refugee camp in the world, but in a move that could displace as many as 300,000 people, Kenyan authorities are in the process of closing it down. It puts the recent British media frenzy over the so-called “Jungle” camp in Calais, France, with its 10,000 migrants, into some perspective, doesn’t it?

Compare and contrast Uganda and Denmark. The latter’s GDP per capita is about 77 times larger than the former’s. Yet in January, the enlightened Danes passed a law allowing the authorities to seize the jewelry of refugees, supposedly in order to cover the costs of hosting them.

Uganda’s 2006 Refugee Act, however, allows refugees in that country to work, travel and even start their own businesses. Is it any wonder that the law is, as a World Bank article put it, “considered one of the most progressive and generous in the world”?

Much has been made of Germany’s “open door” policy toward Syrian refugees, with more than a million migrants and refugees arriving in the country across the course of 2015. These newcomers, however, have struggled to find work given what an investigation by Der Spiegel called “the jumble of individual [immigration] laws and ordinances . . . completely impenetrable for foreigners” and the “17 different types of ‘residency permission,’ ‘residency permit’ and ‘tolerance’ for refugees and migrants.”

Tanzania, on the other hand — with little fanfare in the West and with a GDP per capita nearly 48 times smaller than Germany’s — began the process of granting citizenship to 200,000 refugees from Burundi back in 2014, marking, in the words of the UNHCR, “the largest group in UNHCR’s history to which naturalisation has been offered.”

Yet Europe’s refugee crisis continues to suck up all the oxygen of global publicity. The UNHCR fundraises for a whole host of “special situations” involving refugees. As of the end of October, the “Central African Republic situation” was 17 percent funded; the “Somalia situation” 21 percent funded and the “South Sudan situation” 25 percent funded. The “crisis in Europe,” however? Fifty-six percent funded.

The double standard is as brazen as it is shameful. Remember: The European Union accounts for 17 percent of global GDP; Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for a little more than 3 percent.

By the way, Uganda and Tanzania, and to a lesser extent Kenya, include the arable Nalubaale region:

the location of Kintu’s mythical kingdom, so we can expect Kabaka blood memory to be playing a role in this. Part of me imagines that perhaps Kintu might still be alive and volunteering in a refugee centre somewhere in the area…..

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What a Zionist hatchet job looks like

As if there had ever been any doubt as to which candidate Jewry prefers…..

In-depth coverage:

As Gordon wrote yesterday, in his coverage of the Alex Jones attempt to boost Trump’s shattered credibility, Israel and the Zionist cabal are getting desperate, time is running out for them to influence the election in favour of their candidate. We have been expecting some kind of ‘October Surprise’ to happen, some kind of attempt to fatally undermine the Clinton campaign just as they did in 1979 to Jimmy Carter

Israel, via their Mossad disinfo operation Wikileaks have released more and more emails taken from Hilary’s email server. Invariably these emails have been modified, ‘sexed up’ in order to make Hilary look bad, all in an attempt to influence the US election in favour of Trump. As we have written several times already, there are no white hat hackers passing this info to Wikileaks, rather, the NSA has been monitoring all communications, passing the raw data to Tel-Aviv where the Mossad have filtered and vetted it in order to find anything they can use against Hilary, always with something added to make them seem more damning.

This makes the NSA guilty of treason, they are aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power in it’s attempts to exert a nefarious influence over US politics. Today, with this new set of emails, the FBI has joined them in committing treason; make no mistake, the timing and nature of this latest ‘revelation’ is a most cynical attempt to swing things in favour of Trump and in announcing this investigation with just 10 days to go until polling day, the FBI have acted on behalf of Israel.

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Support Klaus Vogel!

Here is a civilian sailor with one ship doing what, in a sane world, the navies of every EU country would be doing with every spare ship they have:

I began coordinating the first rescue missions in February, and I have to say that the thing that has most deeply affected me has been my experience with people who are in grave danger and live in mortal fear. One cannot begin to imagine what that is like. It changes a person. It is clear to me and those that I work with that we have an obligation to rescue these people and to help them as best we can.

I am in fact devastated by the direction that the discussion in Europe has taken over the last year. At the same time I realize that those who talk like that simply don’t understand the situation – and cannot imagine it. But I hope that our work will help people to better understand it. We invite those who are in doubt to simply come along with us and experience it for themselves.

They would meet people who have been living in mortal danger for months, even years, and have no other options. They are people that have experienced the unimaginable in Libya. In the end, they put all their money on one card and have taken the risk of setting out to sea in a tiny inflatable. To make matters worse, most of these men and women can’t swim. When you see people like that, you suddenly understand that we have to find another way to let these people come to Europe rather than making them risk their lives. We must open our borders for people that are fleeing and are in danger.

If we create legal paths for these people to come to Europe, then they will not have to risk their lives in the hands of smugglers … The more open we are, the less dangerous traffickers there will be. But we must be fundamentally prepared to accept more refugees in Europe for that to happen.

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Third debate reviews

I’m glad the debates are over. Making myself sit through them all probably had a negative effect on my health…..

And one older article:

But I think this passage is what really sums up this entire series of debates:

it’s provided many occasions to engage in a thought experiment called “Imagine Mitt Romney. …” Imagine Mitt Romney being captured on tape bragging about grabbing women “by the pussy.” Imagine Mitt Romney staying up until 3 am frantically tweeting about a sex tape. Imagine Mitt Romney defending the time he called a woman fat.

Imagine if Romney had dodged a question about his Supreme Court philosophy with a personal attack on a justice. Imagine if Romney had threatened NATO as if it were a protection racket. Imagine if Romney had accused President Obama of being Putin’s puppet. Imagine if Romney had been unable to lay out a coherent policy on the single issue that launched his campaign.

Trump’s bizarre debate performances have so adjusted our expectations that we’ve forgotten what a normal election even looks like.

Now I need to go and heal myself with some 90s retro pop culture…..

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This tweet deserves a post of its own

Debate quote:

“Because there is a problem, whether we like it or not — and we could be very politically correct, but whether we like it or not, there is a problem and we have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on. When they see hatred going on, they have to report it.” – Donald Trump



More detailed reviews of the second debate:

This article is good too:

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Support Cedric Herrou!

This is the Occitan spirit:

On a recent sunny Sunday, about a dozen young men, women and children sat around a wooden table belonging to Cédric Herrou, a 37-year-old farmer, laughing about who would cook that night. It could have been any family-like gathering in the pastoral setting high in the French Alps, just above the border with Italy. But it was not.

A local hero to some, a scofflaw to others, Mr. Herrou, who was arrested in August, had helped his guests — all migrants from Africa — to cross the border into France illegally.

people like Mr. Herrou, who has become the de facto leader of a low-key network of citizen smugglers, are countering police efforts in a quasi-clandestine resistance, angered by what they see as the French government’s inhumane response to the crisis.

“Either I close my eyes, or I don’t,” he said. “These are people with no papers at all. That means they have no protection. I don’t see how we can be inert.”

He takes the migrants to his property, where he has set up two small campers at the back so they can sleep and hide among the silvery olive trees of the Roya Valley. They wander his property with a rare sense of security.

Mr. Herrou estimates that he has helped more than 200 migrants this way. His accomplices in the loose network he informally leads have helped dozens more, sometimes picking up migrants as they straggle up the steep mountain railroad tracks from Italy to France, flattening themselves against the walls of the dark tunnels as the trains pass.

In Breil-sur-Roya, an old French-Italian village of ocher houses in the valley by a quiet lake, Mr. Herrou is something of a celebrity. At the Friday night local council meeting, townspeople clapped him on the back, greeting him warmly. That afternoon he had shared a beer with the town’s Socialist mayor in the main square.

“Yes, of course, we know,” the mayor, André Ipert, said in an interview. “Yes, of course, he is outside the law. This happens in France.”

That very day, three Sudanese migrants had straggled into Breil’s tiny town hall. The mayor did not turn them over to the police.

Others agreed with the assessment, and have done the same.

“We think we are doing what we should do, as citizens,” said Françoise Cotta, a well-known Paris lawyer who lives part time in Breil. She is part of the smugglers’ network. “Down there I am a citizen, and what I do is illegal,” she said. “And I help them.”

In the past I have stated that France is predisposed towards Islamophobia and general xenophobia due to its Carolingian literature. Occitania’s positive attitudes, in contrast, are explicable by not only the fact that Occitania followed Arthurian rather than Carolingian literature, but additionally by the fact that it had a few outright anti-Carolingian legends of its own (which portray Charlemagne as the villain). This had also been a theme of NSDAP literary research:

“The battle these children and their horse Begard waged against Charlemagne impressed me greatly, but I was especially touched by the fate of the horse itself. The noble animal would not sink even under the heaviest load. As long as his master kept on looking at it, the beast could always hold itself above water. But then Reinhold was forced to turn his tear-filled eyes away, and Begard sank. I cried when I thus first discovered how fidelity is rewarded in this world.” – Alfred Rosenberg

What I want to share this time are the Carcassone legends:

In this period, the best known legend of Carcassonne came into existence. The story of Madame Carcas, the wife of the Saraceen Balaak.

“When Charlemagne stood before the gates of Carcassonne with his troops, the castle army existed of only one person, Madame Carcas. She gave the illusion that many men were still on the walls. When Charlemagne wanted to starve the castle, and Dame Carcas heard of his plans, she threw a pig over the wall, filled with sweet corn. This made Charlemagne believe that there was still enough food left, so he packed up and left. On the site of his retrieve, she triumphantly blew her horn (Carcas sonne).”

Another story tells of the presence of sun temples or sun churches, which would have been responsible for the name Carcassonne (Karke Sonne). However, it is more likely that its name is based on the name of the Roman fortress, Carcasso. The connection with the sun temples and a possible Egyptian influence in its Celtic history is now a discussion between scholars.

I believe that people like Herrou and his associates subconsciously see a shadow of Charlemagne in France’s cruelty towards refugees: *

and intuitively feel that Occitania is meant to stand against this, hence their willingness to ignore French laws in order to follow their conscience. And, just like Lady Carcas, despite tiny numbers they are making a difference. We need more people like this. If you are out there, please contact us!

(* Note that terror attacks on refugee accomodation have by now become too frequent for us to keep up with, let alone post all the links about, anymore. Our recent lack of blog coverage on far-right terrorism across the EU reflects not absence of incidents, but the overwhelming quantity of them.)

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Anti-Zionist harvest: US Presidential Debate version

So I watched the first Clinton vs Trump debate. The following reviews pretty much summarize how I thought it went as a whole:

But my main reason for writing this post is to point out is that, during this debate, Trump was the only candidate who mentioned his good relations with Israel. The word “Israel” was absent from Clinton’s speaking throughout the entire event. This is a superficially insignificant but profoundly seismic rhetorical shift from the standard format in past debates when both ‘opposing’ candidates were guaranteed to each try to outboast the other regarding the importance of Israel as an ally to the US (including when the debate question had nothing to do with Israel). I am guessing Clinton has become aware that a large enough fraction of the Democrat grassroots are now anti-Israel enough - as we have documented previously – that it would be better for her campaign to leave Israel unmentioned unless specifically asked.

A tiny step, admittedly, but we were the ones who made it happen. Now the Democrats need to be rewarded for this shift with election victory in November. This would facilitate us in subsequently pushing the shift even harder, and finally splitting the US two-party system into a pro-Israel (Republican) side and an anti-Israel (Democrat) side and thus a genuine bifurcation in foreign policy vision, as I have long maintained is wholly possible to achieve.

The alternative election outcome would be too disastrous to contemplate:

Republican candidate Donald Trump pledged Sunday in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s “undivided” capital if he is elected president.

Netanyahu met privately with Trump at his residence in Trump Tower a day before the New York billionaire faces off against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for their first presidential debate.

“Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for over 3000 years, and that the United States, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel,” his campaign said in a statement.

Israel captured the Arab eastern half of Jerusalem during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, and annexed it in 1980, declaring all of Jerusalem Israel’s unified capital.

The United States — and most other UN member countries — do not recognize the annexation and consider Jerusalem’s final status to be a key issue to be resolved in peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

The US Congress passed a law in October 1995 calling for an undivided Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel’s capital and to authorize funding for moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

But no US president — Democrat or Republican — has implemented the law, regarding it as an infringement on the executive branch’s authority over foreign policy.

The Trump statement said he promised Netanyahu that the United States would provide Israel with “extraordinary strategic, technological and military cooperation” if he is elected.

“Mr Trump recognized Israel as a vital partner of the United States in the global war against radical Islamic terrorism,” it said.

“They discussed at length the nuclear deal with Iran, the battle against ISIS and many other regional security concerns.”

The campaign said they also discussed Israel’s experience with the security fence” used to wall off Israel from the West Bank.

Trump has made building a wall along the US-Mexico border a signature campaign promise.

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