Anti-Zionist harvest: France

As a commenter over at the original post remarks, Hitler would be proud:

France: Soon with No Jews?

French Jews live in constant insecurity. The men who murder them evidently do not hesitate to break into homes and attack elderly women; they seem to know they can threaten their future victims without fear of arrest. More often than not, the police do not even record the complaints of Jews who go to the police station, but simply note in the daybook that a Jew claiming threats came and went.

In all the uncountable number of books on the danger and the consequences of anti-Semitism published in France since World War II, only one deals specifically with the hatred of Jews in the Muslim world. The author, Philippe Simonnot, a former journalist for the daily Le Monde, actually justifies this hatred. He alleges (incorrectly) [CORRECTLY, DAMNIT!!! - AS] that Jews who lived in Muslim countries were well treated, but then betrayed Islam by not fighting alongside Muslims at the time of Western colonization; that the creation of Israel has been a crime against the poor “Palestinians”, and that Muslims have the right to collectively punish Christians and Jews. These ideas are not marginal. In France, they are widespread. [BECAUSE THEY ARE LONG OVERDUE!!! - AS]

When a criminal leaves a message stating that he acted to avenge the suffering of “Palestinians”, French politicians and journalists almost unanimously repeat that what happens in the Middle East must stay in the Middle East, and then that a “just solution” must be found to “Palestinian suffering”. They ignore that, despite all of Israel’s efforts to treat Arabs humanely [LOL - AS], every French report on Israel starts with denouncing Israeli soldiers as ruthless killers, supposedly happy to humiliate Arabs. [THEY ARE!!! - AS]

In two decades, more than 20% of French Jews have left the country. According to a survey, 40% of the Jews still living in France want to leave.

French Jews see that what remains of the Jewish presence in France is being erased. They know that they have to hide their Jewishness and that even if they are street-wise and carefully lock their door, risks are everywhere. They also know that what happens to them does not interest the rest of the French population. The French National Assembly has 577 members. Only one of them tirelessly and courageously draws attention to what is happening: Meyer Habib. He represents the French living in the Middle East and was elected thanks to the support of the French Jews who now live in Israel but still have their citizenship. Without them, he would have no chance of being elected.

After the murder of Sarah Halimi, a tribute to her was organized in the street where she lived. Only Jews attended. They were welcomed with insults, and bottles thrown from the windows of buildings.

When Jewish institutions called for a silent march in memory of Mireille Knoll, more people came. Again, most were Jews. Gilles-William Goldnadel, president of Lawyers Without Borders, and the Knoll family’s lawyer, said that Mireille Knoll’s late husband had been a survivor of Auschwitz and their children had lived with the memory of the Holocaust constantly in their minds [LOL - AS], and how “terrible” it must be for them to see their mother murdered and her body burned. One of Mireille Knoll’s sons, Daniel, said that “Muslims must react”.

French Muslim organizations condemned the murder, but not the Jew-hate.

A study conducted for Fondapol (Foundation for Political Innovation) in 2014 showed that 25% of the French population have anti-Semitic sentiments, and that among practicing Muslims, the proportion is 42%. According to the study, 28% of French Muslims are strictly hostile to the teaching of the Holocaust in schools. Many say that the Holocaust is a Jewish invention. [IT IS!!! - AS]

Will the French finally revolt? A poll published on March 29 shows that 83% of the French are in favor of the expulsion of all foreigners who have an “S file” with the intelligence services, whose holders are considered to be a threat to national security. The poll also showed that 87% of the French are in favor of sending French citizens with a “S file” to jail. The French government, however, has shown no interest in any of it.

The last paragraph shows what I have been saying all along: the real danger is democracy. The better few individuals in media and government are gradually – yes, far too slowly and reticently for our liking, but nevertheless gradually – acknowledging our anti-Zionist narrative because we won the information war more than a decade ago. The inferior majority, in contrast, do not acknowledge our narrative because they are too selfish to care that we won the information war more than a decade ago. But if the government makes the mistake of listening to the majority, all our previous victories will have been for nothing.

For comparison, here is the situation under true democracy, as our enemy blogs love to emphasize for us:

And when we see such things and see such pictures, its worth remembering that while this is what is happening in Western Europe, in the meantime the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Serbian Prime Minister are handing over — in Szabadka [Subovica] — the freshly-renovated synagogue, built with Hungarian money. With the tearful thankfulness of the local Jewish community. If there is one place in Europe where neither the Jews nor others would have to be fearful, that’s with us! You know… Central and Eastern Europe, they can come here, because here nobody would threaten them.

I hardly need to refer to the despicable results of the recent elections in Hungary that our enemies have been celebrating:

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Brief check-in

I have just recovered from having been locked out of my own private email account basically throughout March. (At first I didn’t realize that I was locked out; after I stopped receiving alerts for new mail, I initially assumed that nothing was coming in. It wasn’t until last week that I found out my password, security questions, etc. had all been changed.) I will get round to responding to the accumulated emails soon. To all who have been waiting for a reply from me, sorry for the delay!

Things are looking worse and worse. The Rutuli success in the Italian elections last month foreshadow further expansion of Turandom unless something is done:,_2018

(Is MS around? If so, please post below to update us on the situation on the ground.)

And now everyone is discussing the Freedom Caravan headed towards the US border (in a scene that reminds me of the Atlanteans in Aryan Diffusion Part 7 - read the caption, they are literally coming from Oaxaca!):

Our enemies are behaving TO THE LETTER as I almost a decade ago predicted they would:

On March 30, approximately 30,000 Gazans marched to the Israeli border demanding a return to the land they presumably fled during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence. They tried to breach the border fence, and the Israel Defense Forces opened fire.

Though he is facing both legal and health troubles, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not backing down. He congratulated the IDF on its actions, even as the United Nations Security-General demanded an investigation. Israel is far more forthright about demographic threats than European nations, with the prime minister declaring non-Jewish migrants a greater threat than terrorists. He is right. What American reporters would call “undocumented immigrants” Israelis call “infiltrators.”

President Trump has taken a strong pro-Israel position since entering office. The best way he can put “America First” is to learn from Israel’s example.

We need martyrs. I am being serious. This is what it has come to. If Trump is going to put troops on the border, those troops need to be filled with Ahimsa bullet holes by American militias, consequences be damned. This is the kind of situation the Second Amendment was designed for. This is why all the US False Leftists calling for a ban on civilian firearm ownership precisely at a troubled and distressing time like this are beyond retarded and an embarassment to the rest of us. How do they intend to protect their fellow Atlanteans? If the troops open fire on the refugees, are the False Left going to deflect the bullets back at the troops using their cardboard protest signs?!?!

Just now we have a crazy willing to shoot up the YouTube office over petty private issues, but well over a year and still no martyrs willing to shoot Rehabs even though the future of the whole world hangs in the demographic balance??? Please prove me wrong…..

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Support Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts!

Someone who deserves to be called American:

His state agency in Montana would have to send labor data to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And as a legal secretary for the state’s labor department, Dyrdahl-Roberts would have to help process those documents — information that he said would no doubt be used to track down and deport undocumented workers.

So he talked to his wife, and without much debate they agreed on what he had to do, he said.

He quit the following day.

“My uniquely dysfunctional childhood made me deeply empathetic. … I understand what it’s like to be kicked in the teeth by life.”

Hence his swift decision to submit his two weeks’ notice Wednesday and refuse to take part in what he sees as kicking someone in the teeth.

Dyrdahl-Roberts’s resignation won’t have any impact on the subpoenas; the agency will continue to process them.

But, he said, he hopes his decision to quit — and to do so publicly — will result in something far bigger than himself.

“I want to find some way to keep this going in such a way that maybe more people will do something,” he said.

The correct ’something’ is #FightICEwithfire. Until ICE agents are getting shot dead faster than they can be replenished, deportations will continue. Only retaliatory violence can defeat initiated violence. In RoboCop 3, yes, Sgt. Reed quit the police to avoid working with Rehabs, but he didn’t stop at that. He drove straight to Cadillac Heights and prepared to shoot the Rehabs.

I have also seen other leftists calling on Dyrdahl-Roberts to run for office, even for the US Presidency in 2020. I support this in theory, as here is truly someone who indubitably is not from the elite and does not serve elite interests, the kind of person whom rightists used to say they wanted for a candidate. So supposing Dyrdahl-Roberts ran in 2020 and rightists still choose to support Trump for re-election instead (as they surely would), they would thereby prove once and for all what I have been saying for many years: rightists are not populists. Nativists, perhaps. Racists, probably. But not populists.

I repeat: populism = anti-elitism. As such, how can ANY anti-refugee/undocumented politician call themselves “populist”??? I mean, seriously, do refugees/undocumented look like the elite to you???

Finally, some useful idiot in the comments was recently complaining about the actual populist poem The New Colossus. I am of course no fan of Emma Lazarus (Jew) either, since she was an active Zionist, though I admit she was a skillful poet. OK, so how about we remove The New Colossus and replace it with this simple and similarly populist quote instead?

“I understand what it’s like to be kicked in the teeth by life.” – Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts

In my opinion, this would be perfect for a plaque inside the Statue of Liberty.

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Anti-Zionist harvest 2018 contd.

Student governors at the University of South Florida recently called for a vote to pass a “Hands Off” resolution, which would officially declare the Student Senate in opposition to Israel and condemn President Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. After much controversy, an amended version passed this week.

Spencer Tate, the only Jewish senator, resigned after receiving threats for opposing the original “Hands Off” resolution.

A Facebook account allegedly linked with the Arab League sent Tate (translated), “You will die by our hands and we will take Jerusalem and fill Palestine with your impure blood. Jerusalem is for us, and death for you.”

In his resignation letter, Tate stated, “It is clear to see that being Jewish and a zionist comes with repercussions in Student government ranging from death threats to being alienated in all aspects… I have experienced so much hatred spearheaded by senate leadership in the past few months and I will be doing everything in my power to hold you accountable, it is clear to see that it’s simply not possible to do this in senate.”

If only these young people alone represented the future, then the future would be ours without trouble. Unfortunately, in reality they represent only a fraction of the future, the other fraction being represented by Generation Identity. Thus the only certainty for the future is war between these two sides, from which only one side can emerge victorious. Everything we do now must go towards preparing our side to fight and win.

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Anti-Zionist harvest 2018

We now have Amnesty International on our side:

The panel was to discuss the role of the UN human rights council in Israel, and included a speaker from UN Watch, an organisation that is highly critical of UN policies on Israel’s 50-year occupation of Palestinian territories and claims the global body is biased against Israel.

On Friday Amnesty wrote to the JLC saying it was “currently campaigning for all governments around the world to ban the import of goods produced in the illegal Israeli settlements. We do not, therefore, think it appropriate for Amnesty International to host an event by those actively supporting such settlements.”

Jonathan Goldstein, the JLC’s chairman, said Amnesty’s decision was disgraceful. “By withdrawing their offer to host an event on the role of the UN human rights council, it is clear that Amnesty International UK’s claim ‘to protect freedom of expression’ is only on their terms,” he said.

The next step for Amnesty International is to ditch the very concept of “human rights” (False Left) and rework its entire ideology in terms of Ahimsa (True Left) instead. We of course would be happy to offer their staff our expert consultancy in such a project.

In other news, our enemies remind us once again why our demographic approach is the correct one:

Anti-Semitism’s profile has changed now: Jew-hostile manifestations are Israel-connected. Accordingly, I see the chief danger for Jews in the explosive growth of Jew-hatred among European Muslims.

In Austria too, at demonstrations and soccer games, Muslim young people shout “Annihilate Israel, slaughter the Jews!” In the summer of 2017, there was a demonstration of Muslim women in front of the Opera, supported by the socialist youth movement. A speaker called stridently for the destruction of the state of Israel, so that the Palestinian state could emerge.

The present problems for Jews will come from Israel-connected hostility to Jews and concomitant manifestations of anti-Semitism. What must be done today is to prevent the beginnings and not close our eyes to the creeping Islamization of Europe and the dangers it brings with it. Only then can security be created for Europe’s Jews. I believe that the present Austrian government has recognized this danger and should be fully and completely respected by Austrian Jews.

To the remaining (and fortunately shrinking) False Left everywhere: it is well past time for you to concede that your ideology is untenable. Jews are not victims, but part of Western civilization, thus our enemy! Switch to the True Left today!

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Shithole countries?

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Trump recently referred to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries in general as “shithole countries”, and stated a preference for immigrants from Norway:

The Alt-Right has since been heaping praise on Trump non-stop for telling the “truth”.

But which countries are the actual shithole countries? Looking for an answer to this question, I quickly found this map:

Not only do Haiti, El Salvador and every African country except South Africa do relatively well, which should come as no surprise, but it ironically turns out that two of the biggest shithole countries in the world are the US and Norway.

So, another day, another tidbit to remind us that Trump is a dotard “stable genius”.

Other relevant maps already on the main site:

And, for completeness, the two interactive maps that regulars will have seen many times by now but which I will repost anyway:

Did I mention that Western civilization must die?

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Can 2018 start any worse?

If we had thought 2017 was bad (which indeed it was), unfortunately it’s looking like 2018 will be even worse.

1) Austria has fallen to Turandom:

The far-right Freedom Party has secured the key posts of foreign, interior and defence in Austria’s new coalition government for its nominees.

The opposition has expressed concern that the police and the security apparatus are now all firmly in the hands of the Freedom Party.

In recent years, the party has toned down some of its more extreme rhetoric. But many analysts believe that, in or out of government, it has helped set a right-wing agenda, not just in Austria – but in other countries across Europe as well.

When the far-right Freedom Party last entered a coalition in Austria in 2000, its fellow EU member states froze bilateral diplomatic relations in response.

They were lifted months later, and such measures are unlikely to happen again, as resurgent right-wing populist groups have been promoting anti-immigration and Eurosceptic agendas across much of the EU.

And the first thing this new government does is:

According to the new Austrian government’s work plans, they will give citizenship to the relatives of Austrian victims of the Holocaust.

The government’s work plan also added that Austria recognizes Israel as “a Jewish state” and supports Israel’s security interests. Before his appointment to the position of vice chancellor, he said that he will support moving the Austrian Embassy to Jerusalem

which, just like everything else, we had already warned about well ahead of time:

but, just like on everything else, were ignored on. Regardless, Austria from now deserves to be treated no differently than V4, which hardly comes as a surprise considering Austro-Hungarian history. And by “treating no differently” I do not mean empty threats that V4 knows are empty threats and that Brussels knows V4 knows are empty threats (but will say anyway):

I mean all-out military invasion ASAP, Third-Reich-style. Nothing less has a realistic chance of defeating Turandom, mark my words.

2) Atlanteanism remains stuck in the cellar:

Democrats reneged on their promise, declining to fight for a DACA replacement in a year-end spending bill to avert a government shutdown — the only real opportunity they had to force the Republicans’ hand on the matter.

In the meantime, DACA recipients are losing their status, according to some estimates, by the hundreds every day; those who do can no longer legally work in the U.S. and are at constant risk of deportation.

The one serious proposal Republicans have put forward, the Secure Act, traded a weak DACA replacement (with no path to citizenship) for heavy investment in border security. It also called for a law that punishes sanctuary cities (which help protect immigrants from deportation), measures to allow ICE to detain immigrants indefinitely, and steep reductions to legal immigration. United We Dream called the bill a “white supremacist Trojan horse.”

The two likeliest scenarios, then, are a DACA replacement with major enforcement provisions, or no DACA replacement at all.

It’s been almost a year since Trump turned ICE loose on innocent Americans, yet not even one ICE agent has been shot dead so far, despite widespread firearm ownership in the US. (At least Palestinians fight back against the IDF driving them out of their homes, even though outmatched in weaponry.) If Americans had taken #FightICEwithfire seriously, things might be different. But they didn’t, so they aren’t.

I understand perfectly well that the Democrats are aiming at midterm elections, but if they are trying to be successful by compromising their positions, it is a worrying sign as it indicates a rightward shift of the entire political spectrum, as opposed to the healthier sign of the left pulling harder left in response to the right pulling harder right that I had hoped to see. The only thing Democrats could prudently compromise on is building the wall, because as I have said before, the wall even if built can be quite easily re-demolished later. On the other hand, it is much harder to regain the trust of people enough for them to want to re-immigrate to the US after having once connivingly stood by while they were subjected to the violence of deportation, so there should be absolutely no compromise on opposition to all deportations.

3) And, if the above were not already bad enough, now comes the rise of the useful idiots in Iran. Only a few days ago Ayatollah Khamenei was setting one of the last few remaining examples of positive autocracy in the 21st century:

‘Reagan was smarter than you, and he lost!’ Iran’s leader slams Trump, praises Black Lives Matter

U.S. police murder black women, men, & children for no justifiable reason, and the murderers are acquitted in U.S. courts. This is their judicial system! And they slam other countries’ and our country’s judicial system,” added Khamenei, ending the post with the hashtag #BLM – Black Lives Matter – to signal Iran’s support for the grassroots minority rights movement.

Then, as I predicted earlier:

and as RP further elaborated on:

the Zionist herding has promptly commenced to punish Khamenei:

and no prizes for guessing which side Trump is on:

Our message to the Iranian regime is simple. Do not be intimidated by Western opinion. Look what has happened within the last decade to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia and others, because all of them failed in dealing with rioters with sufficient ruthlessness early on. Even China back in 1989, although successful in maintaining its regime, was nowhere near ruthless enough, which is why it continues to be plagued by pro-democracy movements to this day. It would be nice for Iran to set a better example of autocracy than China.

Our message to the Iranian rioters is equally simple. Don’t like the autocratic regime you are living under? Don’t riot, EMIGRATE FFS!!! Then you won’t have to pay taxes to the state whose policies you do not support, while those who do support the state can continue to do so, as they wish to.

And this goes back to why unrestricted migration is essential. There will never be societal peace so long as inhabitants of a country who dislike its regime try to overthrow it and replace it with their own (by which I include via democratic elections no less than via rioting), because then there will be other inhabitants who dislike this new regime and will by the same logic try to overthrow it and replace it with THEIR own, and so on, over and over (all the while wasting vast quantities of resources in one internal upheaval after another). No regime will be unanimously liked by those born in its territory, because no one chooses where they are born. But it is also wrong to demand anyone to support a regime they dislike. The incredibly simple solution is to keep the regimes in place*, and let people migrate without restriction to live under a regime of their own preference, whichever it may be. Every regime will thus, over time, be automatically matched up with its folk. It is not the duty of a regime to change itself so as to become popular with those who merely happen to have been born on its territory; rather its duty is to attract from around the world the kind of citizens compatible with its own ideals. (#MakeReplacementGreatAgain)

(* This applies to autocracies only. Democracies by their structure encourage regular replacement of one regime by another via elections, and thus are antithetical to folk-formation. The very form of democratic governance must first be eliminated worldwide.)

Those who initiate violence against those wishing to migrate, and thus who perpetually hold back this otherwise spontaneous process, are the problem. They are the ones against whom all war is automatically justified, and today more than ever needed, as (long overdue) retaliatory violence. Let this be the message going forward into 2018.

Happy New Year? In a more ethical future (hopefully one which we will manage to see within our lifetimes, and this will depend on the quality of our activism), perhaps, but not this year. For now, Western Civilization Must Die is all you are getting from me. Want to help make it happen? Send in a contact form:

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The last word on Marxism

I recently added a link to this page on the main site:

but I feel it is important enough to also post here for extra emphasis, the reason being that over the years I have been (as regular readers will have surely witnessed) slandered as a “Marxist”/”communist” more times than I can count, both by sundry uneducable useful idiots and by occasional deliberately trolling Zionist agents, whereas I myself have been insisting the entire time that the racist far-right are the true Bolsheviks of the 21st century, also on this page:

and in many blog comments (not to mention at times having to resort to pointing at pop culture Soviet caricatures such as Ivan Drago(!) and Zangief(!!) to get my point across…..)

Finally, a renowned Marxist scholar has taken the trouble to write an article which, in effect, declares me to have been correct all along and those who call today’s leftists “Marxists”/”communists” to have never had the slightest clue what they are talking about. He himself is significantly sympathetic to the Alt-Right, which just further rests my case as to where 21st century Bolshevism is to be found:

Marx Would Line Today’s Leftists Up Against the Wall and Shoot Them

Slavoj Zizek, the world’s most famous living Marxist theorist, wrote an interesting column in the Independent the other day. He defended the alt-right and populist right-wing figures like Steve Bannon by saying that they represent a genuine form of class consciousness, in other words they understand that their primary enemies are the bourgeois globalist elite who currently control the establishment of both parties.

In Marxist thought, the lumpenproletariat are proletarians (that is: workers) who lack class consciousness … Black Lives Matter activists are often deployed against the alt-right and other working class whites to instill violence and shut down their pro-worker rallies — does this not make Black Lives matter the very definition of lumpenproles?

As for the LGBT movement, … they focus exclusively on homosexuality, transsexuality, and other non-hetero sexualities that were illegal in most Marxist countries because they were considered a form of bourgeois sexual deviancy. And judging by today’s society, it seems the Marxists were right about that. …

Immigrant rights groups, which represent a powerful faction within today’s left, don’t give a damn about worker’s issues. …

Lastly, we have violent far-left groups like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). Who are they made up of? Go into any working class community and try to find a chapter of either of these groups — good luck.

This, overall, holds true for the rest of the left: none of them have a class consciousness, they are all either rich boujee kids from the suburbs or lumpenproletariat who have been fooled into believing that hating whitey or straight people is more important than class struggle. If anything, if a modern Marxist revolution actually happened in the West, all of these groups would be lined up against the wall and shot as traitors to class struggle. So how could any truly class-conscious movement like the alt-right or the populist right take the modern left seriously?

You may recall that I made virtually the same assertion long ago when I invited readers to imagine what Stalin or Mao would think of today’s leftists. Frankly, it’s not a difficult thought experiment.

The most important thing to remember is that Hitler, who should indeed be remembered  for his fight against Marxism, was fighting against the real Marxism as is accurately depicted by the above article, not what Red Pill junkies erroneously call “Marxism” today. It is precisely those useful idiots who imagine that Hitler was fighting against Red-Pill-hallucinatory ”Marxism” who necessarily presume that Hitler’s ideology was the same as neo-Nazism. On the other hand, it is those who understand that Hitler was fighting against the real Marxism who have an easier time beginning to understand authentic National Socialism.

In short, I wholly agree with the title of the linked article: yes, Marx would line today’s leftists up against a wall and shoot them. I only add: fortunately, Hitler would shoot Marx before Marx could shoot today’s leftists.

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I hate how accurate my predictions are

Last time:

More about the victim here:

We need to hold out for DECADES in order for the antidote to have time to work. Far-right terror attacks like these will continue through these decades.

This time:

Andreas Hollstein, 57, mayor of Altena, was treated in hospital after he was attacked by man who criticised his refugee policy

And again I say, there will be more such attacks ahead (to say nothing of the countless arson and other vandalism attacks on refugee centres) unless the government makes it its ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY to crack down on the far-right in Germany without any further delay, before they gain even more momentum than they already have.

Germany’s justice minister, Heiko Maas, tweeted that “we must never accept that people are attacked because they help others”, adding that there was no place for hate and violence in Germany.

Spineless government officials like Maas are the reason far-right terrorists do not fear attacking other government officials. Indeed we must never accept that people are attacked because they help others, but this means there must be an EMINENT place for hate and (retaliatory) violence in Germany against such attackers. To truly not accept something implies being willing to declare total war upon its perpetrators. To fail to do so (as Germany already failed after the 2015 stabbing) is already to implicitly accept, and by such acceptance you will surely see more of that which you accept (as we now see in 2017, and will undoubtedly see again soon).

The rightist blogs say that pro-refugee government officials deserve to be attacked because they have committed “treason” by acting against the wishes of the (anti-refugee) majority. We must never fail to point out that only democrats think like that. The duty of a government official is not to obey the majority, but to impartially serve his designated community as a whole. The duty of a mayor, for example, is to impartially serve his town as a whole, which certainly includes those who take refuge in his town, no matter that the majority may dislike them. It is the anti-refugee majority that is truly committing treason by making it harder for the mayor to serve the town as best he can, be it by stabbing him, or by vandalizing asylum centres, or by blocking vehicles transporting refugees to asylum centres, or by interrupting conferences about how to help refugees.

In general, an autocratic conception of treason understands it to mean individuals betraying the state. Such individuals can indeed be government officials (e.g. embezzlers of state funds), but it can just as much be civilians (e.g. vandalizers of state-run asylum centres, assassins of pro-refugee government officials, etc.). It is only with the rise of democracy that the term ”treason” has been perverted to mean the state itself(!) (and, by implication, perfectly loyal servants of the state) “betraying” the majority by merely doing its elementary statal duty of looking after everyone in its territory! At the same time, democracy makes it impossible for the majority to ever be accused of treason, irrespective of how selfish its actions. Democracy thus abuses the term “treason” no less than does a tyrant who claims that using state funds to enrich himself alone is not treasonous, but that those who oppose him doing so are treasonous. Just because this tyrant consists of the majority of the population rather than a single person does not make it any less unethical.

State funds come from taxpayers. It is not only the majority who are taxpayers. Whoever does not like that taxes are being used to serve the community as a whole can at any time cease contributing their own taxes simply by moving elsewhere. Nobody is forcing them to stay and continue to pay taxes for a cause they themselves do not support. But to choose to stay, and then to deliberately WASTE tax money - everyone else’s along with their own - by sabotaging state-organized refugee relief efforts? That is treason. And unless the government learns to openly call it treason, to explain in plain, concise language (as I have just demonstrated) why it is treason, and finally to ruthlessly crack down on it as treason deserves (ie. with concentration camps and public executions for groups such as PEGIDA, Generation Identity, etc.), they should expect no more success in destroying the far-right than they have had thus far. Which is probably their intention, considering that they are just following the Zionist script:

Our democracies in the Western half of Europe have been subverted. Their goal is no longer to do what the people want. On the contrary, our political elites often do exactly the opposite. Our parliaments promote open-door policies that the majority of the people reject.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has denounced the EU’s pro-immigration agenda as a means to eradicate the culture and Christian identity of Hungary. Czech President Miloš Zeman is an outspoken opponent of immigration and the Islamification of the Czech Republic. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said that “Islam has no place in Slovakia” and warns that “migrants change the character of our country.” Polish Prime Minister Beata Szyd?o staunchly defends Poland’s refusal to accept the EU-imposed immigration quotas. “We are not going to take part in this madness,” she says. In the Eastern part of Europe, anti-Islamification and anti-mass migration parties see a surge in popular support.

Three decades ago, the countries in Central Europe witnessed a Velvet Revolution: Democratic, political and peaceful. They took to the streets. They decided that enough was enough. Thanks to their Velvet Revolution, they have leaders today who truly represent the people and who are not afraid to stand up for their nation and its identity.

We, in Western Europe, can learn lessons from the Velvet Revolution in the East. We, too, urgently need to make clear that enough is enough. In Western Europe, too, it is time to drain the swamp and to drive the elites from power. Peaceful and democratic, but thorough. We have to make our so-called democratic systems truly democratic again.

But this is hardly the first time that I have pointed out what Wilders (Jew) has been orchestrating…..

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America’s Founding Principle: Refugees Welcome

The narrative of the New World since the arrival of Christopher Columbus (Jew) has primarily been one of ethnic cleansing, slavery, and racism on an unprecedented scale; however, one peculiar meeting between New Worlders and Old Worlders stands out in stark contrast.

The story of the First Thanksgiving is arguably the most important founding myth of America. As one of the first pieces of history and culture that most American children are taught, the holiday and the story behind it holds a fond place in the hearts of Americans as they grow older. Many may be surprised to discover the story they learned in school was not merely another feel-good lie told to children, but that the historic encounter held all of the necessary elements to make it into the perfect myth.

It is often said that America is a nation of immigrants. While this isn’t wrong, the wording of this statement overlooks a much more humbling truth about the origin of America—the Pilgrims were refugees escaping from a Western Civilization which would not accept them, and Squanto was murdered for welcoming them with open arms.


During the late 1500s and early 1600s, a number of religious groups which rejected the corruption of the Church of England found themselves under severe persecution. Prominent “heretic” leaders were executed, while minor ones (and even simple church-goers) faced stiff fines and constant surveillance by state authorities. Rejected by their society, one group decided to seek refuge elsewhere. In 1607, this congregation attempted to illegally flee to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they were betrayed by the captain of their ship, who turned them over to English authorities! After serving a brief prison sentence, they tried again the next year, now determined to leave at any cost.

This time, they were successful and found safety in the Netherlands. As most of these refugees were unable to speak the language and had spent all their money in order to travel, they were relegated to the poorest neighborhoods and took any job they were able to find. As the years went by, some individuals who came from wealthy backgrounds or were talented at their new jobs were able to live in relative comfort. Thankfully, those who were less fortunate were able to count on their community for support. (Although, not everything was perfect—for example, the Dutch government did not recognize marriages conducted by their church, so these refugees could only engage in ‘civil partnerships’).

However, despite finding new homes for their families and no longer having to worry about being executed for their faith, many were not satisfied with life in the Netherlands. Their immediate safety and material necessities were secured, but in the long term it was not a welcoming place for foreigners (for example, they faced limited career advancement, exclusion from many guilds, suspicion from natives due to their differing religion, etc.). Moreover, Dutch culture shared many of the ignoble elements of Western Civilization which the Pilgrims had attempted to leave behind in England!

Forced to make a decision wrought with uncertainty and terror (no different than the one which present-day refugees face), the Pilgrims decided to undertake a harrowing journey across a formidable body of water to set up life in a new land–the New World.

102 individuals crammed into an old and overcrowded ship named the Mayflower. (Originally, there was a second ship called the Speedwell, but it developed a leak before the voyage began—William Bradford would later accuse the Speedwell’s captain of ordering his men to sabotage the ship so that they wouldn’t have to make the grueling trip across the Atlantic.)  Half of the passengers aboard the Mayflower were members of the religious congregation which had originally fled England, and half were sympathetic tradesmen who possessed the necessary skills to start a new city (some of whom shared similar religious beliefs to the congregation, and some of whom did not). These 102 individuals would later become known to Americans as the Pilgrims.


In 1620, the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower and traveled to America to found a society based on idealistic religious principles. Although their religious beliefs were far from perfect, their hope that the New World could become home to a genuinely new society which was morally superior to anything in the Old World was in contrast to the colonies founded in Virginia and the Caribbean—which were profit-seeking endeavors meant to benefit the colonial powers. (This idealism has been present in American culture ever since, but the Founding Fathers missed a crucial opportunity in 1776 to create a true New World civilization, preferring instead to cling to their ties with Western Civilization and the Old World.)

The first winter was harsh for the Pilgrims, with half dying from disease and starvation. When spring arrived, they were weak and worried that hostile natives may attack at any time. One may imagine their great surprise when they were greeted by friendly, English-speaking locals named Samoset and Squanto! Squanto introduced the Pilgrims to New World farming techniques and crops, including the ‘three sisters’ (corn, beans, and squash) which are commonly grown to this day. He also served as a diplomat who fostered positive relations between the Pilgrims and the nearby Wampanoag Confederacy.

Squanto, friend of the Pilgrims.

With Squanto serving as translator, King Massasoit of the Wampanoag Confederacy signed a treaty of friendship with the Pilgrims. Sadly, only a few weeks after this treaty was signed the Pilgrims’ leader, John Carver, died from sickness. William Bradford quickly emerged as their new leader. Bradford was only 18-years-old when he fled from England to the Netherlands. Now—13 years later—he and the other Pilgrims had finally found permanent homes and could begin a new life in America.

William Bradford.

Before encountering the Pilgrims, Squanto had interacted with English people many times before. In his youth, Squanto was kidnapped and taken to England as a slave. Over the next 14 years he crossed the Atlantic at least 6 times, serving as an interpreter and guide for English explorers. At one point, he was released by an explorer only to be captured and re-enslaved by one of the explorer’s officers!

When he finally managed to return to his home in the region which is now known as New England, Squanto found that the area had been wiped out by a plague the previous year. The Pilgrims and the Mayflower would arrive only one year later…

Considering the cruelties which Squanto had lived through, he could have easily convinced Massasoit of the alleged threat these foreigners posed, and then told him to send a group of warriors to wipe out the English newcomers in an act of revenge. However, he chose to treat these strangers in need with impartial kindness.

King Massasoit and Squanto: “Refugees Welcome.”

After a successful harvest in the fall, a celebration took place where the 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags feasted together. This celebration is known as the First Thanksgiving.

Tragically, Squanto died the next year. Some historians believe he was poisoned by a treacherous faction of Wampanoag leaders because they thought Squanto was too trusting and friendly towards the newcomers. Regardless, Squanto’s friendship and diplomacy was able to keep peaceful relations between the Wampanoags and New Englanders for 50 years before competition for scarce resources from an ever-increasing number of Western colonists (who rejected the idealistic vision of America forged by Bradford, Massasoit, Squanto, and others) led to war.

Squanto is a unique figure in American history. He stands out because his role in the First Thanksgiving is one of the few well-known stories where a Native American is the central hero—not a sidekick or misguided antagonist. In this case, he was the teacher, the civilizer. He introduced new crops and farming techniques to the Pilgrims when they had little knowledge on how to farm in their new environment, and likely would have starved without his help.

More importantly, he is a real American hero—Squanto is regarded, alongside the Pilgrims, as being one of the first Americans. The story of the First Thanksgiving shows us what it truly means to be an American: it is not something that is tied to ethnicity or skin color, and it will forever be a thorn in the side of US-based White Nationalists who regard the United States as a bastion of “whiteness” and Western Civilization.

Unfortunately the sun has set on the new dawn that Squanto tried to usher in, and the United States has forged a legacy of racism and inter-ethnic discord. Due to this legacy, not everyone views Thanksgiving in a positive light. Some Native American groups have used Thanksgiving as a day to protest against the massacres and plunder which took place in the New World, calling their protests things like ‘Unthanksgiving Day’ and ‘National Day of Mourning’. While these feelings are not unjustified, choosing to protest Thanksgiving is a poor choice.


“Why do I call the Indians fools? Because they should have let the Pilgrims starve… The Indians were thanked: their land was stolen from them, they were massacred, and many lived out their lives in slavery. The consequence is that less than one percent of Americans have Native American blood, contrasted to 90 percent of Mexican Americans with indigenous blood.” Rodolfo Acuña, professional empathy destroyer. One of many pessimistic historians attempting to dupe leftists into deepening inter-ethnic discord instead of repairing it.

While the constant calls from rightists to build walls to keep immigrants out (modeled after Israel’s apartheid wall), to deport Dreamers who have spent the majority of their lives living as Americans (many of whom are not even aware that they were never given documents as infants), to open fire on boats transporting refugees, and even actual instances of arson on refugee centers, are utterly repulsive to anyone with an ounce of morality in their heart, it is not only the right-wing which has been attempting to erode the value of empathy.

In the tidal wave of cynicism that has been sweeping over much of the left, many have been pushed too far and have begun to look with suspicion towards even those critical values which serve as a beacon of light and bring hope to the world. In times as despairing as these, we must more than ever hold tightly those values and principles which restore hope and resolutely reject those temptations which urge us to bitterly turn a cold shoulder to others in need and increase the amount of despair in society (while perhaps selfishly alleviating the despair for us personally, or for our arbitrarily-defined in-group at the expense of the out-group).

The American Spirit is about helping those in need. To group the Pilgrims (who were innocent refugees) together with the (admittedly countless) bearers of Western Civilization who did steal, murder, enslave, and plunder just because they were of similar ethnic background is literally no different from when Trump repulsively says that immigrants from Mexico are rapists and criminals or when Islamophobes say all refugees from so-called “Muslim countries” are terrorists. (Moreover, treating all Native Americans as if they were some unified entity in mutual agreement, simply due to their ethnic similarity, is highly disingenuous…)

For over a century, it has been leftists who have inspiringly advocated for the cosmopolitan “nation of immigrants” narrative of American history—much to the disdain of rightists who wanted to keep the US a “white” and Anglo-centric outpost of Western Civilization. Sadly, some people who outwardly claim to be left-leaning have become increasingly intoxicated by identitarianism and compartmentalization in reaction to the upswing in rightist identitarianism and bigotry. This dangerous tendency promises to undo all of the inter-ethnic good-will that has been gained in America in recent decades, and indeed, since 1620. This is not acceptable. In order to defeat rightists, leftists cannot adopt a mirror image of rightist rhetoric which divides society across arbitrary ethnic lines (which individuals never chose to be born into in the first place). To defeat tribalists who seek to divide us, the left must unite society by extending empathy across the arbitrary lines of ethnicity, class, and all others which too often prevent one individual from fully empathizing with another. Specifically, we must achieve UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

Squanto (who had been kidnapped and enslaved by the English multiple times) and other Wampanoags who personally met the Pilgrims were able to discern that these individuals were innocents sincerely in need of a helping hand, and not Westerners bent on colonial plunder. Seeing the destruction which ethnocentrism and utter lack of empathy has wreaked on the New World, our response should not be to fight ethnocentrism and stereotypes with more ethnocentrism (as Rodolfo Acuña urges us to do), but instead overcome ethnocentrism by judging each individual and their character, quality, and intentions as an individual on a case-by-case basis!

Encouragingly, present-day descendants of the Wampanoags are well aware of the true value of Thanksgiving and the compassion of their ancestors. In May 2017, King Massasoit and a dozen other Wampanoags were reburied in Rhode Islandtheir remains had previously been plundered collected by grave robbers Western “archaeologists” and scattered in various museums and private collections since the 1800s. Instead of following Acuña’s advice to cynically dwell on the past, those with Wampanoag heritage today have decided to focus on the light which Massasoit brought to the world, and look towards a healed future.

“Ousamequin [King Massasoit] is a significant figure in our shared history. He stands at the crossroad between the indigenous people of this land and the origins of what would eventually become the United States of America. In the 17th century, when the Wampanoag first encountered the early settlers, Ousamequin had a vision of how we could all live together. There was 50 years of peace between the English and Wampanoag until he died in 1665.

This ancestor is so much about peace — way beyond what we’ve been able to pull off as a country and maybe as individuals. We as a human race haven’t even gotten up to speed to where Ousameequin was.” Ramona Peters, Wampanoag leader who coordinated the repatriation effort.

Instead of further crushing the embers of hope through cynicism and divisiveness, Massasoit’s reburial has instead offered an opportunity for a renewed conversation about the true spirit behind the First Thanksgiving and its significance as one of the earliest examples of E PLURIBUS UNUM in American history.

Americans overcoming ethnic tensions.

To give a final example of why rejecting Thanksgiving as a Western atrocity is not only factually incorrect, but frankly dangerous (by erasing the fact that Thanksgiving is about the American values of unity and impartial kindness), let us read the treaty of friendship between the Wampanoags and the Pilgrims, as recounted by Edward Winslow and William Bradford:

1. That neither he nor any of his should injure or do hurt to any of our people.

2. And if any of his did hurt to any of ours, he should send the offender, that we might punish him.

3. That if any of our tools were taken away when our people are at work, he should cause them to be restored, and if ours did any harm to any of his, we would do the likewise to them.

4. If any did unjustly war against him, we would aid him; if any did war against us, he should aid us.

5. He should send to his neighbor confederates, to certify them of this, that they might not wrong us, but might be likewise comprised in the conditions of peace.

6. That when their men came to us, they should leave their bows and arrows behind them, as we should do our pieces when we came to them.

Lastly, that doing thus, King James would esteem of him [King Massasoit] as his friend and ally.

The treaty paid lip service to King James of England, but it was his ignobility which had caused the Pilgrims to flee England in the first place!!! English settlers loyal to him would have respected the Pilgrims’ vision of society little more than they respected the Wampanoags; and in turn, the Pilgrims likely had little respect for these ignoble Englishmen who eventually turned their Wampanoag friends into enemies.

It is an unfortunate truth that the goodwill established between the Wampanoags and Pilgrims was quickly overshadowed by subsequent settlers from England who were intent on bringing Western Civilization along with them (and in the process exploiting the land and killing or enslaving those who stood in their way). We cannot change the past, but we can work together to ensure that in the future the same mistakes and evils will never again be unleashed on this soil. It is our duty as Americans to judge individuals as individuals and extend compassion to all who are in need of it. Anyone who advocates deepening animosities between ethnic groups, or decreasing the amount of compassion and empathy in society through any other manner, is not only unqualified to call themselves a leftist, but incapable of being an American.


While the United States government did not come into existence until 1776, American culture started much earlier than that. America began during the First Thanksgiving. This understanding of history presents us with an all too often overlooked conclusion: America is not merely a nation of immigrants, but, more precisely, a nation of refugees. American True Leftists are proud of this heritage and we consider it our duty to help those looking for a friendly face to turn to—just as Squanto and King Massasoit were willing to do.

It is essential to recognize the significance of Thanksgiving—not only is it not about ethnic cleansing or conquest (like Columbus Day and similar celebrations), but it is about sincere inter-ethnic unity and impartial kindness (something which is relatively lacking in American history!). Thanksgiving romantically represents the Atlantean civilization that could have been: a New World built not upon murder, plunder, and deceit, but on friendship, unity, and higher ideals. Of all the evils that the post-Columbian era has unleashed, Thanksgiving is one thing that Americans should certainly be thankful for.

The true meaning behind Thanksgiving.

This has been a very traumatic year. Despite this, we must not lose sight of the small things which can give us hope. This Thanksgiving, we should be thankful that Americans (from Squanto to many of us living today) have been able to open our hearts to refugees and others in need. We should be thankful that so long as individuals willing to offer impartial kindness to strangers walk this Earth, you will never be alone.

“I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” –Jesus

But prayers and reflections are not enough. In order to usher in the new dawn envisioned by Massasoit, Squanto, and the Pilgrims, we must act. It is the minimum duty of every American to, without hesitation, correct False Leftists when they outrageously claim Thanksgiving is a celebration of Western plunder and treachery; and to lambast rightists for their bigotry when they make the anti-American assertion that America is a “white” nation (while ignoring the fact that every schoolchild knows Squanto is one of the first Americans), and when they advocate to halt all immigration, arbitrarily deport anyone without proper documents, and gleefully shout that refugees should starve (while gorging themselves on their turkey dinners). All despite the fact that the Pilgrims had no immigration documents and would have starved if it were not for the compassion of strangers who could have easily let them die.

We must not merely lend our thoughts to the less fortunate amongst our communities, but also our voices and our hands. This is the principle America was founded on; this is the principle Squanto died for.

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