This page lists open positions for activism that our movement is currently in particular need of. Please contact us stating in the subject line which of these positions you wish to volunteer for. All prospective candidates must at least be non-racist, non-Islamophobic anti-Zionists not eligible for Israeli citizenship, and preferably be Aryanists with some fluency in authentic National Socialism.

Do not be discouraged from contacting us if you do not feel suited to any of the particular positions listed below; as long as you sincerely want to help, just tell us what skills/knowledge you have to offer and we will always be able to find something for you to do!

This page is constantly under construction.


New party founders

Requires permanent residence in any country in the world except Israel (we do not intend our movement to apply here).


Requires ability to efficiently demolish ZC, BS and any other enemy ideas using Aryanist ideology (instruction will be provided if required) and ability to blog/vlog/podcast at least semi-regularly.

Single-issue propagandists

Requires specialist familiarity with relevant issue and ability to blog/vlog/podcast at least semi-regularly.

Single-issue entryists

Requires specialist familiarity with relevant issue and membership of relevant activist organization.

Neighbourhood patrol leaders

Requires familiarity with paramilitary discipline, local volunteering and preferably some combat skills.


Intentional community founders

Requires resources necessary for starting an Aryanist intentional community, ideally capable of economic self-sufficiency.

Catalonia secessionists

Requires permanent residence in Spain, preferably in Catalonia.

Hawaii secessionists

Requires permanent residence in USA, preferably in Hawaii.

Kashmir secessionists

Requires permanent residence in India or Pakistan, preferably in Kashmir.

Occitania secessionists

Requires permanent residence in France, preferably in Occitania.

Ryukyu secessionists

Requires permanent residence in Japan, preferably in Ryukyu Islands.

Scotland secessionists

Requires permanent residence in UK, preferably in Scotland.

Wales secessionists

Requires permanent residence in UK, preferably in Wales.

49 Responses to Openings

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’m a permanent Hawaii resident. Although I am not any kind of Polynesian. I am of entirely European descent. But, since I believe Europe should be a homeland for Europeans, I also believe the Hawaiians have just as much a claim to the same of their respective historical homeland. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  2. AS says:

    Hello Sebastian. I wish to clarify that our idea of Hawaiian secession does not involve treating anyone differently on account of their ethnic background. You live in Hawaii, and you should be allowed to continue living in Hawaii after its secession if you so wish, as should anyone else regardless of ancestry. The same applies everywhere else. The notion of making an entire fraction of society feel unwelcome in a country because of their ethnic background, or the notion of convincing an entire fraction of society that everyone except themselves does not belong in a country because of their ethnic background, are Zionist tactics designed to infuse countries with negativity, prevent unification among non-Jews, and at the same time make it more difficult to criticize Israel (which openly practices discrimination based on ethnic background).

    Hawaiian secession simply means ending Hawaii’s status as a US state and making it an independent state.

    Please read the following pages on the main site:

    If you are willing to abandon racism and help establish an independent Hawaiian FOLKISH state for all Hawaiians regardless of ethnic background, please send in a contact form:

    A good start would be to begin referring to yourself, indeed thinking of yourself, as “Hawaiian” instead of “permanent Hawaii resident”.

  3. Simon Elliot says:

    In the case of the European countries, succession from what?

  4. Anthony says:

    Secession from the countries they are currently part of, like all the other regions listed.

  5. AS says:

    “some of the best descriptions come from brother nathaniel”

    I suggest paying no attention to Nathanael Kapner (Jew), who is on our BS List. Why should we let a Jew tell us about Jewish crimes? This is just the old Zionist trick of letting their own agents expose their own organization, so that they retain control of the narrative. Additionally, Kapner exclusively promotes racist opponents of Jewish power while never even mentioning non-racist opponents of Jewish power, thus leading newcomers to wrongly assume that racism and opposition to Jewish power go together. Jews know they can’t stop more and more people from becoming Jew-aware, so their tactic for most of the last decade is to turn Jew-aware people racist, thereby turning non-Jews against one another. Unfortunately, this tactic has been working.

    Here is another disgusting Jewess doing her part to encourage racism among non-Jews (and, unfortunately, succeeding):

    If Kapner or any other individual of Jewish ancestry really wanted to help anti-Zionism, they should not be addressing non-Jews at all; the only things they should be doing are: 1) voluntarily refusing to reproduce; and 2) persuading other Jews to do the same.

    Regarding the Talmud, this is one of my favourite quotes:

    “In essence, every Jew is a Talmudist, even if he has never looked at the Talmud. It makes no difference when it was written; in fact, it needn’t have been written at all. The first Jew comprised all its essential ingredients.” – Dietrich Eckart

    Now that more and more people know about the Talmud, we are having to deal with a new problem, namely Gentile Talmudists. This is the true danger of the Talmud: it tempts all who read it to adopt its ideas for their own tribe:

  6. Vigilante says:

    We are currently working on secession from UK by re-birthing the concept of Albion; the pre-jew nation built upon allodial systems opposed to Usury, and all forms of slavery. We are currently working on a manifesto inspired by the NSDAP program. We are fiercely anti-zionist, and novice Aryanists, so would welcome your input in our endeavour.

  7. Alex Alexander says:

    ”Requires permanent residence in any democratic country in the world except USA (we already support an existing party here)”

    as a US citizen I need I know what party in the US are you supporting?

  8. Decebal says:

    @Alex Alexander,

    “as a US citizen I need I know what party in the US are you supporting?”

    I have removed that part about the USA. The party we supported is no longer in operation. The former leader is now focusing on creating a religious group, which will obviously have a less popular character.
    If you’re interested, you could start your own party, or take a look at this:

  9. Schus04306 says:

    I can help with combat. I have boxing expertise.

  10. Nikolai says:

    Next year -> South Africa

    Keep it up guys.

  11. Alex Alexander says:

    I plan on being a regular contributor when summer starts and so on, now, i’m planing my blog, what I will write on it, and what i’ll do on it!

  12. Decebal says:

    @Alex Alexander,

    I’m looking forward to seeing you start it up. When you’re done thinking it through, send in a contact form so we can look it over: Or you could do that now to get some ideas. It’s up to you.

    @Nikolai, you already know I’m excited.

  13. Klyne says:

    Ill be starting up my own youtube channel by summer this year, talking about topics displayed on the site but in my own words. Im also considering visiting mosques in london when i have improved my public speaking skills in order to emphasize and strengthen the similar folkish concepts that authentic national socialism and islam share. Im dilligently training myself physically,mentally and most importantly, spiritually. When i can debate, promote and defend each and every part of this ideology i will start various projects to spread information. Its important we remain mindfull in these times, its easy to become over confident or mislead. Dont go into battle if you are not prepared (along the lines of what sun tzu taught) hail victory.

  14. We should add Puerto Rico to the secessionists list; I think it would be a great idea, I live in Central Florida, which has high Puerto Rican population.

  15. JJ828 says:

    Are there any people in Germany, i can do single issues/veganism/enviromentalism/gardening (working on permaculture)
    and also some counterpropaganda
    Let me know

  16. Jesse says:

    i meant the Admins here to let me know at my email if there are any germans i could work/unite with, alternativelly Czechs or nearby countries like Denmark

  17. JJ828 says:

    can you please resend these Links, for some reason i can not find them again, about Marriage Issues, i did find the Gender Issues one, the others i can not

  18. AS says:


    “i can do single issues/veganism/enviromentalism/gardening (working on permaculture) and also some counterpropaganda”

    Go ahead, no need to wait! Send us a link to your blog/channel/etc. when you are ready:

    Hashtali will discuss the rest with you in private after you send in a contact form.

  19. Jesse says:

    @AS: ok will have to pick which i can send as i got plenty i been doing the work for years

  20. Jesse says:

    @AS: i loved your Comments under the BS List that you replied to “realist” who was not one after all!
    and i did send in a Contact Form, i guess Hashtali is busy much, but is ok as i am currently ill and must recover first.
    One Love allways.

  21. AS says:

    Thanks! Also, I was just looking at your Facebook page, and am unsure what that poster of Zionist agent Allen West (Gentile) is all about. If you are going to be quoting our enemies, at least mention they are our enemies in order to avoid any misunderstanding by visitors.

  22. Jesse says:

    @AS: let me check what you mean, i am not sure….and also please realise that i am not allways aware of everything and at the same Time…..we all make Mistakes, like i said let me check.

  23. Jesse says:

    @AS: ok i took care of the Problem in my Way, go have a Look :)

  24. Ryan says:

    I am extremely curious to learn more about your movement.
    It’s hard to come by any National Socialist movement that has not been defiled/hijacked by White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s.
    I was wondering if you could inform me on the following:

    1) A short and concise description of your movement’s values and ideals.

    2) Your position on the preservation of the Aryan/European races.

  25. AS says:



    We also have an entire main site for you to read:

    2) The Aryan race ceased to exist well before the Bronze Age began, therefore there is no currently existing Aryan race to preserve. There are only Aryan individuals to gather from around the world, from which the Aryan race can be repurified provided JJ doesn’t screw up.

    There is no such thing as a “European race”. Race demands the same selective pressure across the entire population, which has not existed since the beginning of complex economic society that offered numerous surivival strategies within the same population. At most there is European ethnicity, which is a mix of Giant (a.k.a. WHG in academic literature), Pelasgian/Vanir (a.k.a. ANE in academic literature) and Athenian/Saturnian/Trojan/New Trojan (a.k.a. EEF in academic literature):

    People with Giant or Pelasgian/Vanir blood memory (e.g. Frater Pan) will be prohibited from reproducing. People with Athenian/Saturnian/Trojan/New Trojan blood memory (e.g. Hashtali) will be paired with one another as well as with people with Aryan blood memory from other parts of the world, and we will observe which combinations come out heritably noblest. If we are going to be preserving anything, it would be these optimally Aryan combinations, whichever they may turn out to be. But even then the preservation would only be temporary, as the individuals of this repurified Aryan race would themselves surely not wish to reproduce for more generations than is necessary to rescue all other beings from the cycle of reproduction (or if they would, then they would have proven themselves to be less noble than even our present team members, which would mean JJ has screwed up!).

  26. LuciferOverZion says:

    Since this site is against British colonialism, I would suggest Quebec.

  27. Bradley Benz says:

    Hi. I’m trying to reach Lucius Rhine. Please someone ask this person to contact me. I want to get involved now, have had dialogue with Hashtali, and Hashtali recommended that I contact people here. This is all so cumbersome and secretive. I’m starting to get discouraged.

  28. Hashtali says:

    @Bradley Benz,

    If you want to contact a particular member, I can easily pass his email address along if you ask me (and I’ll send you Lucius Rhine’s address). My point was that if you want to introduce yourself to the community, this is the place to do it, as personally introducing yourself to select individuals through email is a slow process and quite likely not to produce responses (and more cumbersome, in my opinion).
    Also, comment on a public blog is about as open as it gets online.

  29. I didn’t know exactly where would be the best place to put forward a question regarding our view on supporting the independence of West Papua New Guinea from Indonesia, but seeing as this page has other secessionist movements, I thought maybe this would be the best place. It seems that this issue is seen in Australia as being of importance. I did wonder if it seemed right by promoting independence of nations such as these, it may ultimately lead to a greater harmony and co-operation between them?

    Anyway, I haven’t actually looked into the whole situation thoroughly enough myself to really be clear on our stand about it, but I wondered if maybe others may have some understanding of how we should view this. (Also on a similar note, it would be good at some point to discuss, either on this forum or privately, whichever works best, about how we should approach the whole issue of the indigenous people of Australia. This is also an issue of at least symbolic importance to Australians as far as the pursuit of justice and freedom.

  30. AS says:


    “regarding our view on supporting the independence of West Papua New Guinea from Indonesia”

    First of all, we should discourage the use of the demeaning name “New Guinea”. I personally prefer “Irian”, though I suppose “Papua” will do.

    Next, secession from (anti-Zionist) Indonesia at first glance means anti-Zionist territorial loss. Unless you are confident that a hypothetical post-secession West Papua would become more strongly anti-Zionist than Indonesia, I advise caution in supporting West Papua secession at least until after Israel has been destroyed.

    I would presently be more interested in any Irian movement to withdraw from the British Commonwealth, as this would bolster the ARNM/AFP’s call for Australia to do the same. Imagine if all Oceanian countries coordinated to withdraw from the British Commonwealth simultaneously! This would send a strong signal of an emerging Oceanian bloc.

    “how we should approach the whole issue of the indigenous people of Australia”

    I recommend no special treatment. They, like anyone else, deserve to be judged qualitatively as individuals. I look forward to the day when everyone born in Australia will consider themselves indigenous people of Australia.

  31. Kasper says:

    There are a bit disinfo on this site.


    “The only Prophet I admire is the Prophet Mohammed.” – Adolf Hitler (HITLER NEVER SAID THAT ? THE QUOTE IS FROM ZIOCON PROPAGANDA)

    when i read this sites opinion about golden dawn – because i dont know what worse “the nazi racist agenda” or the jewish bullshit claim “that there is an unholy nazi muslim alliance (and merkel is the new “hitler”) ->

    the next is : who is worse ? golden dawn or migrants ?

  32. Kasper says:

    What was colonialism? What does that word really mean? The United States was once a colony. What is a colony, digging up a bunch of minerals out of the ground? I’m ok with that. Were the Africans digging up all the minerals before the Europeans came and were like, “Alright Ndugu. Drop those minerals and put your hands up! All your base are belong to us!” Did we steal all the Africans’ oil refineries? All their steel mils? Their CNC machines?

    So the Europeans had a greater negotiating position than primitive Africans who didn’t even know what a mineral was, and used that position to avoid paying a 5000000000% White man markup. Big deal. Can’t say as I blame them. Certainly not any more than I would blame a person who haggles with a pawn-shop agent. So Europeans got the best value at the best price, and Africans learned how to pump oil and even got a few shekels out of the deal from commodities they didn’t even know existed, sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Africans would have done the same to us had the roles been reversed and they were the more technologically advanced group (a laughable conceit).

  33. AS says:


    ““The only Prophet I admire is the Prophet Mohammed.” – Adolf Hitler (HITLER NEVER SAID THAT ? THE QUOTE IS FROM ZIOCON PROPAGANDA)”

    You should complain to the ZC sites, then. As for us, we got the quote from David Myatt and confirmed it on Gnostic Liberation Front, neither of which are even remotely ZC sources.

    “What was colonialism? What does that word really mean?”

    Segregationist imperialism, such that the pre-existing inhabitants of the colony as a whole are treated differently (typically as subjects but not citizens) than the inhabitants of the colonial base as a whole, in contrast to integrationist imperialism.

    “What is a colony, digging up a bunch of minerals out of the ground?”

    A colony is a territorial acquisition of a state whose pre-existing inhabitants are not intended to be integrated with the inhabitants of colonial base.

    Digging up a bunch of minerals out of the ground is mining.

    “Were the Africans digging up all the minerals before the Europeans came and were like, “Alright Ndugu. Drop those minerals and put your hands up! All your base are belong to us!” Did we steal all the Africans’ oil refineries? All their steel mils? Their CNC machines?”

    You stole whatever you wanted to steal.

    “So Europeans got the best value at the best price”

    Yes, when you steal something, by definition you do not pay for it, and therefore you get it at the best price. In other news, Jews get Palestinian land at the best price.

    “sounds like a pretty good deal to me”

    Yes, if colonialism were not profitable to the colonizers, the colonizers would not have bothered. In other news, founding Israel was a pretty good deal to Jews.

    “Africans would have done the same to us had the roles been reversed”

    You may wish to try mugging someone and then explaining to the court: “I mugged him because he would have mugged me had the roles been reversed!” Don’t forget to mention the bit about the best price either.

    By the way:

    “primitive Africans who didn’t even know what a mineral was”

    In Central Africa, iron working may have been practiced as early as the 3rd millennium BC.[53]

    “Africans learned how to pump oil”

    Oil is a fossil fuel, not a mineral. Therefore it is you who do not know what a mineral is.

  34. AS says:


    “what about germany’s black holocaust 1890 1945 ?”

    What about it? This was going on since the 1890s in German-colonized Namibia, long before National Socialism existed. (If anything, it shows how normal racism was among Germans at the turn of the 20th century, and hence why Hitler could not move Germany towards anti-racism as quickly as he would have liked to.)

    Hitler is clearly on record as utterly despising Wilhelm II, under whose rule the German colonial era began and who was strongly pro-colonialist in outlook:

    Kaiser Wilhelm II understood and lamented his nation’s position as colonial followers rather than leaders. In an interview with Cecil Rhodes in March 1899 he stated the alleged dilemma clearly: “… Germany has begun her colonial enterprise very late, and was, therefore, at the disadvantage of finding all the desirable places already occupied.”[55]

    Hitler had good things to say only about Bismarck, who was known for his dislike of colonialism and whose work in this field was undertaken with utmost reluctance, under pressure from both Wilhelm and popular opinion:

    Bismarck’s colonial motives were obscure as he had said repeatedly “… I am no man for colonies”[4] and “remained as contemptuous of all colonial dreams as ever.”[5] However, in 1884 he consented to the acquisition of colonies by the German Empire, in order to protect trade, to safeguard raw materials and export markets and to take opportunities for capital investment, among other reasons.[6] In the very next year Bismarck shed personal involvement when “he abandoned his colonial drive as suddenly and casually as he had started it” as if he had committed an error in judgment that could confuse the substance of his more significant policies.[7]

    Moreover, Wilhelm fired Bismarck (a decision criticized by Hitler) in 1890, only following which German cruelty towards the colonized populations in Namibia began.

  35. Fake JJ says:

    why do you keep using the same symbols like the white nationalists/Neo Nazi groups, Runes/Swastika etc… and do not tell its so important to win it back ….bc it causes confusion and might turn people away from you, why not start using for example the symbol of roma the blue wheel or something more universalist?

  36. Maybe you should start by reading our F.A.Q. It answers your question pretty well.

    “Why use Third Reich imagery/quotes to promote your ideology? Why not distance it from the baggage of Nazism’s toxic popular connotations?”

    We want to recruit people who are idealistic enough to overcome the conditioning of mainstream society and academia. Many people share our abstract values but, due to the conditioning they have received, refuse to believe that Hitler stood for these values. These are not bad people, but we do not want them at this stage. Using Third Reich imagery is a way to filter them out and leave only the truly unprejudiced.

    Moreover, the swastika is too noble a symbol to languish in slander. It is our aim to redeem the swastika so that it may one day cease to be incorrectly associated with racism, and return to being a symbol of the sun and the Solar Civilization that is open to all who are noble enough to live it.

  37. John Johnson says:

    We distance ourselves from neopagan fops who place emphasis on runes.

    “and do not tell its so important to win it back ….bc it causes confusion and might turn people away from you,”

    Have you read the Aryan Diffusion series? The swastika is a sun symbol dating back nearly 10,000 years and appears in nearly every farming society across the globe. Neo-Nazis try to use the swastika as a symbol of white supremacy, but why should we allow them to pervert the world’s oldest, most recognizable, and most powerful universalist symbol? It is extremely important to win it back, and we have already proven just how unjustified White Supremacist use of the swastika is. Hopis, Buddhists, Ashantis, etc. have no confusion as to whom the swastika belongs. Why should we run away and cower when WNs don’t have a leg to stand on?

    Besides, the majority of Earth’s population is “non-white” and therefore have not had their cultures heavily tainted by Neo-nazism and WN ideas; the majority of Earth’s population also resides outside of Europe and North America (i.e. outside of nations which fought against NS Germany) and therefore don’t have as strong anti-NS sentiments as the West. If anything, our reclaiming of the swastika will numerically win us more supporters than it will turn away.

    “why not start using for example the symbol of roma the blue wheel or something more universalist?”

    We do promote the 24-spoked Asoka Chakra, although this is different from the symbol of the Roma/Gypsies (who are a tribalist group).

    But, again, the swastika is an even more universalist symbol, based on the fact that it is found throughout more locations and time periods than the blue wheel.

  38. Henrik Jensen says:

    Hi I just want to say thanks comrades.. I many months my life was systematic destroyed I was fallen deeper and deeper like an depression I have always been a man with self-respect and confidence but something happened I started following the Palestine Israel conflict and I watched some of dukes videos and the rest of these red pill videos aka “white genocide” something happened to me my mode and energy started to become angry and mad I was afraid to losing my people. I was manipulated with this white genocide shit.. These white nationalist are in reality cucks with low confidence. I started to thinking something was wrong because I’m a Dane my country was allied with NSDAP. We are strong good people the English men and Americans are jealous and has always been.. They can’t handle the fact that Germans was genius people.. nowdays they blame their own women for their fall they blame blacks and Jews and Muslims. But if we take a look on Germany today who is responsible for the low birthrates and feminism? What happened with Germany and North Europe… But thanks for clear my mind free from this red pill bull shit.

  39. Adle Wolf says:

    I’m involved in a project regarding Namibia. I cannot reveal much information at this time, but please acknowledge that I am working on converting, through force or education, people who are also involved and happen to already be on the path of enligthenment and very open minded, even if they’re, to sum it up, white nationalists.

    The project itself might seem devious (although the methods are innocent) but, much like the sole National Socialist state that has existed in this world, the ends will completely justify the means, in the long-term at least. Even if I’m not completely ardent to that statement most of the time.

  40. U. A. says:

    If only I could be an Northern England secessionist…

  41. AS says:


    “If only I could be an Northern England secessionist…”

    You can. Just write a proposal for Northern England (Northumbria?) secession and you are on your way. Remember to specify that your new state intends to rejoin the EU. This would reinforce Scotland’s post-independence intent to do the same, and would attract anti-Brexit people to your cause.

  42. U. A. says:

    I’m investigating it, hence the dots after my post. There are already petitions to secede & join forces with Scotland & remain in the EU, one is a government petition which I have signed.

    Liverpool/Merseyside also has a petition to secede on its own.

  43. Anthony says:

    Highly interested in both Section 1 and Section 2. But, display the propaganda effectively as much as I can. Need to brush up on literature and other tactics.

  44. Isaac says:

    Hola, soy Catalan NS, estoy interesado en pertenecer a este movimiento. Un saludo

  45. Good evening.

    I have previously corresponded with AS regarding a possible entryist project with the UK Labour Party. For various reasons I felt unable to do that but have begun to formulate a UK political platform entitled the Union of British Citizens (see blog URL above for more details).

    Your comments/critique would be appreciated.

  46. Pam Loria says:

    There is a real need for something different to the present right wing media Cartel. It is a fact that most of the world’s news provision is owned by right wing capitalists. Their aim is to spread the cause of capitalism and maintain the world’s gap between wealthy and poor. Left Insider promotes left wing features from reliable sites like Novara and Buzz Feed etc. Everyone has the birthright to fully exploit our own qualities and we all have the obligation to assist others maximise theirs.

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