This page lists open positions for activism that our movement is currently in particular need of. Please contact us stating in the subject line which of these positions you wish to volunteer for. All prospective candidates must at least be non-racist, non-Islamophobic anti-Zionists not eligible for Israeli citizenship, and preferably be Aryanists with some fluency in authentic National Socialism.

Do not be discouraged from contacting us if you do not feel suited to any of the particular positions listed below; as long as you sincerely want to help, just tell us what skills/knowledge you have to offer and we will always be able to find something for you to do!

This page is constantly under construction.


New party founders

Requires permanent residence in any country in the world except Israel (we do not intend our movement to apply here).


Requires ability to efficiently demolish ZC, BS and any other enemy ideas using Aryanist ideology (instruction will be provided if required) and ability to blog/vlog/podcast at least semi-regularly.

Single-issue propagandists

Requires specialist familiarity with relevant issue and ability to blog/vlog/podcast at least semi-regularly.

Single-issue entryists

Requires specialist familiarity with relevant issue and membership of relevant activist organization.

Neighbourhood patrol leaders

Requires familiarity with paramilitary discipline, local volunteering and preferably some combat skills.


Intentional community founders

Requires resources necessary for starting an Aryanist intentional community, ideally capable of economic self-sufficiency.

Catalonia secessionists

Requires permanent residence in Spain, preferably in Catalonia.

Hawaii secessionists

Requires permanent residence in USA, preferably in Hawaii.

Kashmir secessionists

Requires permanent residence in India or Pakistan, preferably in Kashmir.

Occitania secessionists

Requires permanent residence in France, preferably in Occitania.

Ryukyu secessionists

Requires permanent residence in Japan, preferably in Ryukyu Islands.

Scotland secessionists

Requires permanent residence in UK, preferably in Scotland.

Wales secessionists

Requires permanent residence in UK, preferably in Wales.

56 Responses to Openings

  1. Sun of the Isles says:

    A West Papuan state was, and still is, a neo-colonialist project anyway.

    Indonesia annexed West Papua in 1963, as per Lebensraum:

  2. Fatih Dion says:


    Like what I said, if we control the government, prepare our military to defend our southern region/invade Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji Island

  3. Guest says:

    Who started the conflict between jews and germans `?

    Der Stürmer in 1924 or judea declare war on germany 1933 ?

  4. Lucius Rhine says:


    The Treaty of Versailles, in 1919.

  5. John Johnson says:

    Jews, being a tribalist group, were at war with all out-group members since the very day they created the in-group/out-group distinction between Jews and non-Jews, thousands of years ago.

    “A key lie concerning tribalism told by present-day racists – Jews as well as Gentiles – attempting to portray themselves as harmless people is: “We can be for our own group without being against other groups.” In a world of finite (never mind diminishing!) resources, it should be obvious why this is absolute nonsense.

    It would be delusional to believe that only Jews are capable of such attitudes, as history is replete with non-Jews behaving in exactly the same way. The oppression of countless Native American societies by Anglo, Spanish and other Western colonialist settlers, for example, was no less brutal than that of the Palestinians by Israeli settlers. (The popular ethnoseparatist lie that “good fences make good neighbours” is best refuted by pointing out that even a fence as good as the Atlantic Ocean did not keep the Native Americans safe from colonization.) Similarly, the worst massacres committed by Jews against the Ukrainians and the Armenians or the worst tortures masterminded by Jews in communist gulags cannot even begin to compare in either scale or cruelty with the daily routines of abbatoirs, dairy/egg/fur/silk factories and vivisection labs worldwide, all economically supported by ordinary humans. The very moment one decides to view others as Goys rather than as fellow victims of existence, no cruelty is off-limits.

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