Our Staff

Abu Haydar

Position – Leader of Die Faziste Wehrmacht (Philippines, party)

Expertise – Poetry


Position – Leader of intentional community project (USA)

Expertise – Vegan issues, Intentional community planning

Aryan Militarism

Position – Artykuly Aryjskie

Expertise – Latin, Ancient history, Vegan issues


Position – Main Site, Contact Forms

Expertise – Ethics, Mythology

Isaac Wakeman

Position – Leader of Australian Revolutionary Nationalist Movement (Australia, party), Feder’s Genius

Expertise – Economics


Position – Blog

Expertise – Physical anthropology, Archaeology


Position – Sword of ElysiumArtykuly Aryjskie

Expertise – Film, Modern history

Miles Saturni

Position – Aryanesimo

Expertise – Law

Numinous Sun

Position - Numinous Sun YouTube Propaganda

Expertise – Visual Arts, Sound Arts


Position – Lion’s Shield (neighborhood patrol), SPWP (Canada, party)

Expertise – Public speaking, Project coordination, Politics, International commerce

Everyone on this list is expected to be available to respond promptly to everyone else on this list in private communication at any time to discuss movement-related topics. If you expect to be unavailable for a certain duration, please notify us in advance.

Everyone on this list is expected to help respond to blog comments posted by guests, faithfully representing the Aryanist perspective and Aryanist jargon (referring to the main site as necessary) but as far as possible in your own rhetorical style.

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