ZC Weapons: Vilification and Demonization

Posted by Miecz Elizejski.

The Zionist machine’s most active set of gears would have to be the one that spouts information. It is active everyday all day all the time. The information that this massive contraption produces is its own special brand of information we call “Zioninst Correctness” (ZC) and it completely engulfs the more known type of information known as “Political Correctness” (PC), which is meant to be spread by servile Gentiles. The corporate-owned news networks, cable channels, popular newspapers, and major entertainment producers are all subject to ZC. Entertainment most often manages to break PC for the simple reason of it being the easiest to excuse (“it’s just a movie”), but despite this, even most hard edge and darkly humored satire (eg. Fight Club) is still bound by the shackles of ZC.

The “correctness” in ZC is only “correct” in that it is subservient to the Zionist agenda and in agreement with their view of history. Political Correctness is just about not offending anyone. However, the truth behind the curtain is: not offending anyone whom ZC doesn’t want to offend. That is the hidden string.

Upon examining war films from the late 40s to the late 60s we can see whom the ZC puppeteers were ok with offending. Aside from rare, semi-honest portrayals, the soldiers of the Wehrmacht were mindless killing machines that were deservedly gunned down by heroic Americans. This increased dramatically with the birth of the action film genre that was basically an offshoot from war films. In order to make things just a bit more exciting, the filmmakers took creative license and effectively departed from reality. This was the start of all the action film cliches we know so well: guns that don’t run empty, badguys who can’t aim, exaggerated explosions and physics, and so on.

After the Germans become too much of a retread, it was by the 1970s that some new groups started to also appear as “the bad guys.” These included Soviet and Vietnamese Communists as well as Arab Terrorists. The first two groups were just convenient propaganda for the American side of the Cold War. Notice that after the Cold War ended, so did the action films exploiting it for the most part. However, the portrayal of Arabs was part of a scheme already in place long before, but now there was fresh wood for the fire, so to speak.

The following documentary goes into detail about the portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in US cinema. It was first a book by the narrator, Dr. Jack Shaheen, before being made into this short documentary film that was only released online as far as I know. Note the section on the production company called Cannon starting at the 23 min mark and the part on the film Rules of Engagement.


The documentary makes many good points, even some against Zionist crime, but seeing that it was so far from the mainstream and does its little mandatory share of comparing National Socialists to evil, it was most definitely under the reins of ZC. But still, only truly intuitive viewers managed to find it and see it when it first came out, while most just ate up the daily cable news bulletins.

This brings me to the main point here, the ZC weapons of Vilification and Demonization. These are essentially increments along the ZC-hate-meter. Vilification is the first stage; it is achieved by repeated negative and/or antagonistic portrayals of a group. Once the association of a group with villainy becomes automatic and second nature from an audience, the conditioning has worked. Demonization works the same way, but the demonized subject is only shown as an antagonist (villains may be shown as protagnist anti-heroes such as MacBeth or Scarface) and they are almost always responsible for premeditating some awful crime that their villainous henchmen go on and carry out.

Can the reader guess to whom I might be referring?

Of course… who else, but Adolf Hitler. The man has repeatedly been portrayed in a way best summed up as “the incarnation of absolute evil” – a phrase that appeared in this TIME magazine article by Elie Wiesel. A very similar phrase describing Hitler was used in the game Wolfenstein 3D where the player destroys a very cartoon looking version of Hitler at the end of Episode 3. More on this highly influential game coming up in a later post. The first time Hitler was shown in a German film played by an actual actor (as opposed to stock footage or implied prescence) was in the 2004 film Der Untergang. However, even this dramatic and very detailed reenactment of Hitler’s last days succumbs to common myth and ZC: the Soviet war crimes in Berlin were ignored and the “six million figure” is reiterated at the end despite not having anything to do with the film’s story. Interestingly, the only numbers given at the end are 50 million (as “total dead during WW2″) and 6 million (as “exterminated Jews”), yet the other groups who suffered don’t seem to be worth mentioning. Seeing that the film is about Germany’s defeat from the German point of view, why not mention how many Germans died? Because that would be a “heresy.” Demonization carries the “heresy virus.” Meaning, any positive notion that someone gives about a “demon” makes them a “heretic” and a more-than-likely victim of character assassination, or as they used to do in the medieval times, burning the stake, or as the story of Christ goes, public crucifixion. In fact, “public crucifixion” is a phrase sometimes used to mean “character assassination.”

Now, why do the Jews unleash the ZC Hounds whenever their worldview is perceived by them to be threatened? Simply because “the myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism” as the narrator states in the documentary Who Brought the Slaves to America?

Here are slight elaborations from two famous minds:

“In the Aryan mind no religion can ever be imagined unless it embodies the conviction that life in some form or other will continue after death. As a matter of fact, the Talmud is not a book that lays down principles according to which the individual should prepare for the life to come. It only furnishes rules for a practical and convenient life in this world.” ~Adolf Hitler

“While all other religions endeavor to explain to the people by symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of the Jews is entirely immanent and furnishes nothing but a mere war-cry in the struggle with other nations.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

The Jewish mind is completely empirical and that is why they fabricate demons in this world from the likeness of their opponents and sanctify their fallen kin and make demi-gods of their martyrs before arrogantly projecting these delusions unto all. Like all inhabitants of this Earth, they also have this need for the metaphysical, but cannot (or choose not to) break out from their Talmudic prison; like a pitiful child too afraid or too stubborn to be independent in the world beyond home. Gentiles are their prisoners, their herd, either bought out or successfully connived into being goys.

We Aryans know that the human mind cannot live healthily as such and thus we explore the Greater and the Metaphysical with eagerness, but without forcing our subjective viewpoints onto others.

“Belief is a matter for each one to resolve in the light of his own conscience.” ~Rudolf Hess

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  1. Christian Bethel says:

    Why is Rudolf Heß quoted throughout the site when he went against Hitler’s wishes and flew to England? Hitler wanted peace, but apparently he didn’t like what Heß did. Hitler even ordered him shot upon his return and gave his position to Martin Bormann.

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