David Icke: Zionism, lizards and Jews

Another article by Mandrake:

A lot has been written about David Icke, the controversial conspiracy theorist who emerged from being a former TV sports journalist, presenter and ex-soccer player.

An interesting combination of all different manner of conspiracies have been pieced together by Mr. Icke over the last 20 years. He’s written many books, given many talks and lectures all across the globe and made a substantial amount of money doing so. To many he’s of the same ilk as Alex Jones, the very well known American conspiracy theorist, and Mr. Icke has appeared on Alex Jones’ show numerous times although not always in agreement.

David Icke postulates that there is a Reptilian race that is in control of the World, our lives and everything within it. We don’t know it since we can only see, as mainstream science states, 0.005% of the actual Universe. It’s plausible that we are indeed so completely blind to the ‘real’ Universe out there, that we simply can only live in this Universe with its laws of Physics and there exists multiverses which are simply tuned to a slightly different frequency. This is pretty much a standard these days with M-theory, string theory and all the rest of the theories to try and explain ‘the equation of everything’, but when Icke said this he was pretty much ‘out there’.

Icke states that this Reptilian race are from the lower 4th dimension and that they, through such ‘artificial’ constructs as the Moon, exercise their total control over our planet – something akin to the Matrix movie trilogy. These Reptilians are, Mr. Icke says, capable of shape shifting into human form but to sustain this form they need human blood sacrifices in the form of Satanic rituals. These shape shifters include the British Royal family, George W Bush and many, many others. They are also partial to pedophilia for some obscure reason and Icke has named many people in the British and World establishment as practicing pedophiles. Some of these claims have recently turned out to be true, from the Jimmy Savile, to Lord McAlpine and other TV and political famous faces.  The Freemasons and the ‘Illuminati’, Jesuits such as Opus Dei, are he states actively trying to secure a New World Order from where they will launch depopulation protocols and merge every sovereign state into a Global government of ‘fascist’ tyranny.

He also says that we are ultimately not this crude flesh but we are spiritual beings who have been trapped in the World of matter by the Reptilians. Much of his musings are very far fetched such as Adolf Hitler being a Jew and a Rothschild, which echo Henry Makow’s views.

Mr. Icke has done a phenomenal amount of research and regurgitated a phenomenal amount too. From the Rothschilds to the New World Order, UFOs, ghosts, CIA/Mossad assassinations, he’s concocted a Worldview that encompasses all these into a highly readable and darn right entertaining read. His more mainstream ‘conspiracies’ we Aryanists would readily agree with. Where we differ vastly is over what he calls ‘Zionists’ and we call ‘Jews’. We believe that all Jews are Zionists, whether they admit it or not.

He believes that the Zionists are singled out especially for these Reptilians to operate through, although it’s no fault of the Jew or Judaism, they just happen to be the favorite chosen people to do so, the Ashkenazi Jews are mentioned time and time again.

Earlier in David Icke’s career prior to his writing and activism, he contracted Arthritis, which led to him to being unable to play soccer anymore and he became a sports pundit for the BBC. When he joined the Green Party in the later 1980s he received an epiphany to travel to Peru where he met a Shaman who gifted him the ‘real’ World vision. When he returned he was subsequently ridiculed in the press in the UK, the most famous example being a disgusting piece of absolute humiliation on the then hit TV talk show ‘Wogan’. He was obviously going through some kind of mental breakdown but the ridicule continued and he was forced to quit the Greens and the BBC in effect disowned him.

In the early ‘90s he was in vogue with the neo-Nazi Combat 18, which had passed from Charlie Sargent (who was sent to jail) to the stewardship of David Myatt. Many neo-Nazis went to hear Icke speak on the subject of global domination by Ashkenazi Jews.

Towards the mid 90s Icke grew in popularity. His books were starting to sell and he was given applause for his unflinching belief that he was spreading the truth he’d uncovered regardless of the ridicule he initially faced. Many of his books exposed the Freemasons, Satanic covens, Pedophilia practiced by the global ‘elite’. Much of these theories turned out to be true. As Icke’s popularity grew there was a change. The Jews became ‘Zionists’ and he wrote one of his most popular books, the ‘Reptilian Agenda’ which introduced his audience to shape shifting Reptilians who needed human blood to sustain their artificial human constructed shapes. Think of  1980s Sci-Fi show ‘V’ and you’ll get the general gist.

The shift then started, no longer was the Jew the source of humanity’s woe, and it was the Reptilians. Many theorized that Icke simply substituted the word ‘Jew’ for ‘Reptilian’ but he has on many occasions refuted that speculation and said his Reptilian view was something that he knew all along but people weren’t ‘ready’ for the truth of it in his earlier works. Keen to abandon his neo-Nazi following he courted many extreme left wing elements by constantly deriding fascism and throwing the word around that he obviously knew would stoke up the ignorant masses. His work is important and does highlight the facts of Jewish usury and mass subconscious brainwashing through the mainstream media. He has also stated that he believes that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are authentic yet, these days distances himself from his previous support of their authenticity. In his earlier works he also touched on the ‘Holocaust’ but after severe Jewish led intimidation in Canada, from both the Jewish Congress and Foxman’s ADL he subsequently withdrew any commentary from the subject. He was also dropped by his then publisher for touching on the subject.

Obviously Mr. Icke took the goy biscuit, not wishing a fate similar to David Irving and Ernst Zundel, also to making a good living from something he enjoys doing.

Summing up, I’ve read Icke’s books since 1995. I remember as 9/11 happened I said to a female Muslim co-worker ‘The Jews are behind that, David Icke said there’d be a huge false flag attack’, to which she replied ‘You sound just like my Dad, he said the same, but I think Bin Laden is a madman’. Icke had initially opened my eyes to the Jew and their scheming for which I’m eternally grateful.

Read his books by all means, but keep in mind the fact that he could have been such a potent force against Zionism but chose the easier road instead of the one less travelled.

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118 Responses to David Icke: Zionism, lizards and Jews

  1. Afzal says:

    And your constant relapses into personal insults whenever you don’t feel like replying to an argument rationally, is beyond childish.

  2. Simon Elliot says:

    Personal preference?! You fucking liar! There are many things you state would be outlawed and forbidden just because they reflect “material desires” rather than your spitutual transcendental tripe. You would be forcing your “personal beliefs” onto tons of other people who don’t believe this crap, people who actually VALUE their lives, because they realise they only have ONE!

    If I was going to do something I wanted to do for myself, that didn’t harm anyone else, and you told me I’m forbidden to do it because of YOUR beliefs, I would tell you to blow it out your arse and get the FUCK out of my way.

  3. “We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic volk.”

    Point 24 of the 25 point program of the NSDAP.

    Simon, I’m neither christian, muslim, hindu or buddhist, but I have a deep respect for the true practioners of these faiths. Pantheism ‘feels’ right for me, but that does not put me in opposition to monotheists, nor do I feel the need to force my beliefs on folk who have a different religious predilection. It seems that atheists are most concerned with trying to snatch people’s beliefs away from them while offering nothing in return. Atheism hijacked science and has tried to destroy the spiritual elements of that also, keeping humanity in the dark and impeding progress. It should be fairly obvious that the way forward is a combination of science and spirituality, a fusion that could well be instrumental in humanity’s evolution.

  4. Afzal says:

    No one here has stated that atheism ought to be outlawed/forbidden and that belief in reincarnation is a must. I myself don’t believe in reincarnation, and who the fuck cares whether I believe in reincarnation or not? I repeat, “belief is a matter for each one to resolve in the light of his own conscience.”

    No one here has forced you to believe in reincarnation. What’s been discussed here is merely the possibility of reincarnation, there’s never been a fucking inquisition trying to convert you. Can’t you just accept the fact that some people don’t agree with you? You’re the one who’s forcing your “personal beliefs” onto us like it was a fucking Gospel.

  5. Simon Elliot says:

    I never said you wanted to outlaw atheism, you idiots. I said that you want to outlaw “materialistic” pursuits, such as cosmetic procedures, for example, simply because you believe in all this “spiritual and honest beauty” nonsense. Therefore, you ARE forcing your personal bullshit on other people, because you are taking personal decisions out of the hands of people who you don’t even know, and who don’t believe your New Age cosmic crap. Decisions made by the individual, so long as the choice affects only themselves, should not be infringed upon because of SOMEONE ELSE’S LOONY BELIEFS.

    Science and spirituality cannot be given equal status in our lives, simply because science is based in reality and spirituality is not. On the contrary, I have not been forcing “my beliefs” on anyone here, because I don’t have any. Beliefs are ideas people cling to despite lack of evidence, or in spite of evidence. I have been imploring you to accept the harsh scientific reality, not curl up in your spiritual comfort zone.

    Unfortunately I’m starting to lose hope in you folks, and I think you will become just like your heroes Devi and Serrano. Completely fucked in the head.

  6. mandrake says:

    ‘Unfortunately I’m starting to lose hope in you folks, and I think you will become just like your heroes Devi and Serrano. Completely fucked in the head.’

    Considering that this site constantly references both Devi and Serrano I think it’s YOU who is ‘fucked in the head’. Again I ask why do you even post here if there’s nothing you find in common. You’re a troll with a huge chip on your shoulder.

  7. Anthony says:

    The policy on cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with religion. It’s a measure to help people identify genetic flaws in potential partners more accurately and hence improve the health of future generations. Having said that, it’s one of the things I may change my mind about in the future.

  8. Simon, are you at all familiar with the concept of diplomacy? I doubt very much that you actually believe wholeheartedly in what you are conveying. Resorting to petty insults and offhand judgements indicates a lack of confidence in ones convictions. Why not think of yourself as an ambassador for atheism instead of an attack dog? Perhaps keeping a cooler head on things would demonstrate your faith in yourself, if nothing else.

  9. Afzal says:

    “I have been imploring you to accept the harsh scientific reality”

    But you have presented insufficient evidence. Religion has not been disproved by either rationalism or empiricism. There’s evidence to back up spirituality in quantum mechanics (which I linked you a small sample of earlier) and string theory for example. If there was sufficient evidence for either side the debate would be dead, not continue on and on and on (pointlessly), as it has for centuries. But you keep going, forcing the Gospel unto everyone else. Are you 100% sure that you weren’t a Jehova’s Witness in your former life?

  10. Simon Elliot says:

    Well I’m glad to hear it, Anthony. Common sense has prevailed at last.

    Mandrake, I think it’s obvious that at first I did like this site and a lot of what it said, but digging just a little beneath the surface has revealed the absolute depths of depravity. I can only say that the reason I’m still here talking to such a wilfully superstitious bunch is because I want to try to crack through these thick as fuck skulls of yours. I don’t know whether to say you are extraordinarily wilful, or brainwashed beyond salvation.

    Northern Dawn, you know very well the reason I swear and insult is because I am exasperated with your dogged stupidity. The debate continues on and on and on because religious people are of a particular mindset, very stubborn, very wilful, very fanatical. It’s a phenomenon called escalation, which goes something like this: an individual with a predetermined conviction is confronted with facts that compromise their position, but instead of changing their mind to accommodate the newly learned information, it has the opposite effect; they become more convinced than ever of their irrational position, because they WANT to believe.

    Religions can be disproved by common sense alone, without the use of science. The Bible is not taken seriously at all anymore, because it’s full of incoherent nonsense. God loves you but he also hates your fucking guts, even though your imperfections where his own making. I always say, if there was a god he would have to be a troll screwing with us for his own amusement. I certainly wouldn’t worship a prick like that.

    What’s more, if you don’t believe in god because you are a rationalist then you can’t believe in souls either, because that’s metaphysical dualism, just as bad as an unfalsifiable claim like god. Technically, the mind doesn’t even exist as a discreet entity. Buddha himself did once say, “where does a flame go once its fuel is exhausted?”

    Even if you want to squirm, twist and turn down the empirical path and try to find a scientific loophole in which to place your whacky hokum, you still have to deal with the philosophical conundrums inherent with the concept of an afterlife. Another video, and don’t be a lazy, watch the whole thing and listen to what he says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXCIlsaHh8

  11. Anthony says:

    Simon, from some of the nonsense you’re posting and the length of time you’ve dragged out a pointless argument that obviously isn’t going to change anyone’s views, I’m starting to believe that you’re here for the sole purpose of sowing discord.

    ‘an individual with a predetermined conviction is confronted with facts that compromise their position, but instead of changing their mind to accommodate the newly learned information, it has the opposite effect; they become more convinced than ever of their irrational position, because they WANT to believe’.

    I don’t think this is how the argument has been going at all, except on your side. I’ve raised several valid points here and in private, and the reason I still disagree with you is because I think your counter-arguments are inadequate, not because you’ve disproven them. Here is a very simple example of how it is you, not us, who has this attitude. A couple of days ago, I confronted your idea that religion is based on some kind of fear of death with the argument that the aim of Buddhists is to achieve nothingness, and that they would prefer your belief that the soul is extinguished upon death because that’s what they want, but just don’t think it is true. You never replied to this comment, despite constantly scolding us for not bothering to reply to every single comment you raise, and then continue to accuse religion as being a way of escaping from the ‘harsh realities of life’ and being a ‘fairy tale’. This is a clear refusal to change your views in the light of new evidence.

    ‘Religions can be disproved by common sense alone, without the use of science. The Bible is not taken seriously at all anymore, because it’s full of incoherent nonsense. God loves you but he also hates your fucking guts, even though your imperfections where his own making. I always say, if there was a god he would have to be a troll screwing with us for his own amusement. I certainly wouldn’t worship a prick like that’.

    Maybe you should read the relevant sections of the site before arguing against us, especially if you want to make that aspect of our ideology the focus of your criticism. A quote from the page on Christianity:

    ‘A god of both creation and salvation is a god who offers a solution to a problem that he himself set up in the first place, and then expects to take credit for it. Such a god may exist, but demonstrates by his actions that he is fundamentally an enslaver, in the sense that he places his own creations in captivity from which release is contingent on subjugation. Thus such a god cannot be worshipped by Aryans’.

    Not a single person here is a Catholic or Protestant, since these religions are not compatible with the ideas expressed on this site. You remind me of your idol Dawkins in the way you criticise aspects of a very narrow and specific interpretation of Christianity then say ‘therefore, all religion is false’, as if that version of Christianity is the only religion in the world.

    Finally, you do not have a ‘lack of belief’, however strongly you might believe (wrongly) that some of your beliefs are so obvious they do not require proof and are the default position. You have this in common with Muslims, by the way, who believe that every baby is born a Muslim because the truth of Islam is so obvious and are only corrupted by false teachings later.

  12. Simon Elliot says:

    An agent sent to sow discord, oh no you’re on to me! Obviously I empathised with this site at first, but as my understanding of your beliefs has grown, I have become very disillusioned with you also. It’s too whacky and out there for me, so I’m going to call it quits.

    I’m sorry but I didn’t see any comment from you about Buddhists or nothingness, but I’ll tell you what, if you are so convinced that you’re “essence” will exist no matter what, demonstrate your faith to me and take your own life. Don’t worry! Remember, death is just the beginning!

    I’ll tell you what transformation we go through. We go from a living, breathing human being to a jar of ashes to be tossed on the flowerbed. So yeah, you are right, we do go from one state to another. There’s your “nothingness”, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

  13. mandrake says:

    “I’m sorry but I didn’t see any comment from you about Buddhists or nothingness, but I’ll tell you what, if you are so convinced that you’re “essence” will exist no matter what, demonstrate your faith to me and take your own life. Don’t worry! Remember, death is just the beginning!”

    Your ignorance of Buddhism and Nothingness is remarkable.

  14. TheCreativeism says:

    @Simon Elliot

    Your views seem wholly incompatible with National Socialism so the question seems to be why are you here? I understand your use of derogatory language is merely a reaction to something that you can not understand and it’s nothing to be ashamed of either – it’s quite common in today’s society, I’m just amazed to find it here.

    Nevertheless I will attempt to explain the obvious flaw in your argument even within your own logic. Your concept that this is the only life that we have may very well be true – yet you fail to recognize the very point of National Socialism, Aryanism, Religions and this site. The point is not to live our lives driven solely on our own materialistic short term gains, not because we find them utterly abhorrent but simply because it is illogical; As by doing so we would create nothing short of misery for the next generation and so on. Surely if this life is the ONLY one we have, the greatest thing we can do with that life is put it to good use and create a better life for those that come after us – not due to some misplaced sentimentality or religion but simply because by perusing such goals we also create a better quality of life for ourselves.

    It is a moral degree of selfishness – an oxymoron for those who can not understand it. Your way of thinking would resort mankind back to nothing more than a complicated form of bacteria who’s entire life revolves around self fulfillment, breeding and consumption having no regard for the environment which caters for it. In many ways mankind currently already acts in such ways – that itself too is an oxymoron, as the more we seek to indulge ourselves the less we leave ourselves to indulge with. It’s akin to a man gorging himself to death.

    All animals on the planet have established an equilibrium with their surrounding environment – a cycle of give and take. Not because they are idealist or religious but because they have the common sense to realize that it’s in their best interests to do so. Mankind arrogantly think themselves more intelligent yet we somehow fail to recognize even this simple concept?

    I would implore you to re-think your views.

  15. Bianka Sonlief says:

    Good article. I always thought of these scaly creatures as a representation of Jewish domination over the subconscious. I am bookmarking this site and passing it on. Keep up the good writings, I am inspired.

  16. Yeah, I started my journey with “Children of the Matrix”. Fascinating stuff, but I cannot escape the sneaking suspicion Icke is in league with the Jews.

  17. Counter Tribalist says:

    I’ve been visiting this site and reading certain articles here for some time. Just wanting to know you people/aryanists thoughts on this David Icke’s new video about immigration.

    Link: https://youtu.be/Shhb-qMrtuM

  18. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    @Counter Tibalist:

    One word: Capitalism
    More accurately: Judeo-Anglo Capitalism

    I noticed David Icke never even mentioned either once.

    Nor does David Icke realize that the true aim of just letting “anyone” in to a country was to create a right-wing backlash, which was one factor in helping Trump win the U.S. election. Now Jared Kushner (Jew) is reading the president’s intel briefings that Trump himself does not even bother reading….

    The right-wing backlash was the intended aim of just letting “anyone” into Europe. It was the fastest way to get ethno-nationalists into power in the west who would be sympathetic to the rightism, and ethno-nationalism\tribalism of Judaism, and the Jewish state, Israel.

    It obviously worked like a charm.

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