Fellow Travelers

On this page are two lists of prominent genuine (i.e. non-racist) anti-Zionists. The first list includes mainstream politicians who have taken a stand against Zionism for the same ethically sound reasons as ourselves, as well as politicians who have not yet taken an official stance in regards to Zionism but who resonate with us on other urgent issues. Consequently, we are willing to collaborate with them if such a chance arises and may find future members from their fans, though we do not necessarily agree with them on all issues. The second list includes post-WWII heads of state who have likewise taken a stand against Jewry and Israel, possibly in addition to other similarities with us such as support for autocracy (which they would have implemented). On this list can be found leaders who have passed away and have proven a life-time commitment to anti-Zionism, as well as current leaders whom we support in their current struggles and who we hope to support us in turn in our struggles (or even better become Aryanists themselves).

The individuals are listed alphabetically in each category. Please leave a comment with a suggestion for additional fellow travelers (and, if possible, relevant material regarding the individual). The page is constantly under construction.

Political Knights

Bilal Ag Acherif

http://www.france24.com/en/20121127-interview-bilal-ag-acherif-president-national-movement-for-the-liberation-of-azawad-tuareg-mali/ (English)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL3zd9BIpaU (French)

Gerry Adams

Ajamu Baraka

Jeremy Corbyn

George Galloway


Domenico Lucano

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Cynthia McKinney

Hassan Nassrallah

George Lincoln Rockwell

Alex Salmond

Jenny Tonge

Margot Wallstrom

David Ward

Sayeeda Warsi

Malcolm X

Taro Yamamoto


Salma Yaqoob

State Champions

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Idi Amin

Bashar al-Assad


Hafez al-Assad

Hugo Chavez

Deng Xiaoping

Muammar Gaddafi

Saddam Hussein

John F. Kennedy


Ruhollah Khomeini

Kim Jong-il

Nelson Mandela

Mahathir Mohamad

Evo Morales

Gamal Abdel Nasser


Daniel Ortega

Park Chung-hee

Thomas Sankara



126 Responses to Fellow Travelers

  1. Christopher Herring says:

    Nope, scratch that. But not completely as evil as other communists. God, waiting for the backfire here. Don’t accuse me, I am just trying to figure all this out like the rest of us. :)

  2. LuciferOverZion says:

    + Well I would say that it’s better to have a unified pan-nationality rather than many small tribes and Yugoslavia was that.
    - It came at the expense of Germans, Hungarians etc.
    + He didn’t join neither side in the cold war.
    - Commie.

  3. LuciferOverZion says:

    Many of us are tired of living a bullshit life. Is joining Hamas and Hezbollah a good idea? I want to die under the swastika though but perhaps Hamas and Hezbollah are going to be good practice.

  4. Addekempe says:


    I’m interested as well, I feel like I want to kill myself again, but I think this is a better alternative, I can put my death to better use.

  5. Has any here seen the work of Chris Hedges? This is an interesting interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0LOYvk0y3o

    He’s openly socialist and despises Israel. That said, he’s not totally, or at least openly, in line with Aryanism, yet I think it is such people who call out imperialism and capitalism and profiteering wars who’d be best in Aryanism. His heart may not be in the exactly right place, though it seems to be pointing in the right direction. I had similar views to Hedges before discovering Aryanism.

  6. AS says:

    I would like to nominate Margot Wallstrom:

    On 30 October 2014, Wallström was the first EU foreign minister to recognise the State of Palestine, in view to “facilitate a peace agreement by making the parties less unequal”,[24] resulting in that Israel the very same day recalled its ambassador for consultations.[25] Although a visit by Wallström to Israel had been planned for January 2015, Israel’s foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined to receive her.[26] Wallström’s diplomatic immunity status in Israel was also revoked which meant that if she vistited Israel she would do as an individual rather than an official of a foreign state which normally enjoy protection by security services.[26]


    She used the Bataclan false flag to talk about Israel:


    and she at least (refreshingly!) understands the importance of military deployment to help refugees:


    Though regarding this last point I would suggest that refugees themselves be conscripted, as per the Auxilia system:

    To complement the legions, Augustus established the auxilia, a regular corps with numbers similar to those of the legions, but recruited from the peregrini or non-citizen inhabitants of the empire. … Auxiliaries were required to serve a minimum of 25 years, although many served for longer periods. On completion of their minimum term, auxiliaries were awarded Roman citizenship






  7. Hashtali says:


    I’ve seen some of Hedges’ work before, and I agree with you that he’s broadly on our side. I would not recommend Hedges for ideological training, but he is certainly helpful when it comes to information. (As he’s a journalist primarily, though, he’s not meant for the list.)


    Thanks for the nomination! Wallstrom has been added. I haven’t had a chance to expand the list much lately, so if anybody has any other nominations, please comment.

    “Though regarding this last point I would suggest that refugees themselves be conscripted, as per the Auxilia system:”

    I agree with you on state conscription, but what do you think about refugee involvement in paramilitary groups not sponsored by the state? My own position is that paramilitary involvement would prove risky, especially for those still waiting for asylum to be granted, so it would be better to have supporters who are refugees involved with non-military assistance to refugees (this includes initiatives run by the paramilitary group and its affiliates). Of course, those supporters should first be financially independent themselves.

    By the way, the last email I sent you got pretty long, so I don’t mind waiting longer for a response, but could you send a response specifically to the last part (the one about migration within Canada) soon? It’s more urgent than the rest.

  8. AS says:


    “Wallstrom has been added.”


    “what do you think about refugee involvement in paramilitary groups not sponsored by the state?”

    I agree that it would be better for them not be involved in such groups. This is precisely why it would be such a good idea for the state to conscript them.

    “By the way, the last email I sent you got pretty long, so I don’t mind waiting longer for a response, but could you send a response specifically to the last part (the one about migration within Canada) soon? It’s more urgent than the rest.”

    I’ll be as fast as I can.

  9. Hashtali says:


    “This is precisely why it would be such a good idea for the state to conscript them.”


    “I’ll be as fast as I can.”

    Thank you.

  10. Cat says:

    Is there ANY former Jews who abandoned their Jewishness and became Part of the Folk, especially in Recent Times?
    And how about Gentiles especially in Recent Times?
    Unfortunatelly many of the People listed here are no longer allive.
    What can one do to help the World become a better Place if one is very ill and can hardly moove?

  11. Wondering about Max Igan:


    Also Ken O’Keefe:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px-mmxtUgmU (A bit of a long video – could find others by him that are shorter)

    It’s been suggested that they could come and speak at a fundraising event, which would include myself speaking on behalf of our Party here in Australia. Thought it would be worth knowing if any of us here have thoughts about these men and their ideas.

  12. @Isaac: Both are high-grade honorable individuals in my experience. I know both to be anti-racist. Ken is not as particular as to who he is willing to meet with, as we are for instance. He did meet with John Friend not that long ago, who I am no fan of because his closeness to ‘white nationalism’, and the fact that he was pushing Christian Identity back in the day.

    (Not sure what Ken says about Trump in the following interview with John, however. Have not watched it yet.) http://therealistreport.com/ken-okeefe-911-global-war-on-terror-jewish-supremacy-donald-trump/

    I believe Ken when he claimed to have disarmed two Israeli Commandos on the Gaza flotilla, the MV Mavi Marmara, whilst they were murdering his comrades. It is also a fact that he organized the human shield action to Iraq group, and served with the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society of Paul Watson. Ken also saved some Green Sea Turtles on his travels as well. He is a hero in my eyes. If he decides to help you with a fundraiser next time he’s in Australia, you might want to warn people that there’s going to be a lot of colorful language being thrown around, but then again from what I can tell you Australians are a pretty rowdy bunch yourselves…

    I also relate to Ken as it was my military service that ultimately led me in search for the truth, as it did himself.

    I used to listen to Max’s show, ‘The Crow House’ I believe it was called, a long time ago. Very interesting person.

  13. Sam says:

    I strongly endorse Ahmed Rami of radioislam.org. A great man who is anti-racist and anti-zionist.

  14. Humza Yousaf? https://twitter.com/HumzaYousaf

    Scotland says Palestine must be recognized as an independent state
    Scotland’s external affairs minister Humza Yousaf said, “Palestine should be recognized as an independent state, enabling it to open its own UK embassy”.

  15. What do you think of dr Nicholas Kollerstrom?


    He’s a British academic and an anti-Zionist leftist who belong to groups like the Green Party, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Respect party. He is also a Holocaust revisionist and author of a great book “Breaking The Spell: the Holocaust Myth & Reality”.

  16. @AM

    Holocaust revisionism is out of the bag so to speak, many people rightfully support it, but not all for our cause. Kollerstrom, while intelligent and someone whose work is worth checking out, was interviewed on Non-Aligned Media by Brandon Martinez (who’s on the BS list) and he spoke negatively of National Socialism and Muslims (though rather mildly compared to others).

    Still, the Jews gave him hell for daring to question their Holy Word, and he had to move into a Muslim neighborhood in London… maybe he’ll come to appreciate his new hosts one of these days.

  17. U. A. says:

    I would be interested to know why Angela Merkel doesn’t feature.

  18. Hypnotix says:

    @ U.A.

    She’s PC, and she’s too much of a coward to do anything meaningful, as evidenced by her impotense in dealing with PEGIDA. She also not only failed to treat the refugees she welcomed folkishly, but also, in her incompetence, contributed immensely to the rise of the far-right in Germany. Consequently, she belongs neither here, nor in the BS or ZC lists.

  19. U. A. says:

    I wasn’t suggesting she should be on the list. She always appeared to me a staunch zionist [although she did attempt a ban on circumcision for non-medical reasons].

  20. Julian says:

    I would like to denominate Nicolas Maduro, since his (and Chavez) government is a liberal marxist one, aligned with fidel castro’s comunist vision. i accept chavez staying because of his anti-zionist activism. but Maduro is simply a Stalinist version of chavez and has nothing to do with the movement.

  21. Gallery Guy says:

    Are there any other American figures that we could put on this list who were prominent before 60′s, like Joe Kennedy?

  22. Kevin Barrett who runs TruthJihad and contributes to Veterans Today is worth considering for this list.

  23. Legion says:

    Why is Deng Xiaoping on this list? What exactly are the requisites for individuals to be added to this list, and how are they apparent in Deng?

  24. Ganbaru says:


    Opposition to Jews, reproduction control (one child maximum policy), “strike-hard” anti-crime campaigns, raising the country from a darker era, his approach to agriculture, and probably many other things I can’t think of right now

  25. Legion says:

    I can’t find any substantial Jew-wise material from Deng… perhaps I am not looking in the right places. I did find this one quickly: “a 1953 document, in which Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping fretted that the Kaifeng Jews might be subversive. “The Kaifeng Jewish community is disclosing secrets to the overseas communities and causing trouble,” the leaders wrote in the memo, which I verified with some scholars of Jewish life in China. That’s a pretty powerful history of concern that Jews really are loyal to Israel, not China” https://blogs.wsj.com/chinarealtime/2014/05/14/is-china-anti-semitic-one-jews-reflections/
    However, Mao remains absent from this FT list. Among the criticisms I have gathered about Deng are that he restored capitalism, allowed FDI, opened a stock exchange and deregulated the job market in favor of employers.

  26. John Johnson says:

    “However, Mao remains absent from this FT list.”

    Mao turned China communist. We are anti-communists.

    “Among the criticisms I have gathered about Deng are that he restored capitalism,”

    Deng moved China away from communism, calling his policies “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, and never considered his beliefs to be capitalist.

    He also opposed attempts in 1989 to turn China democratic. The quote below is regarding the Tiananmen Square protests:

    “the entire imperialist Western world plans to make all socialist countries discard the socialist road and then bring them under the monopoly of international capital and onto the capitalist road” -Deng Xiaoping

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