BS List

On this page are two lists of prominent enemy propagandists pushing Boromir Syndrome (BS), the Gentile countermeasure to Jewish domination. As Aryanists, it is our task to thoroughly crush this phenomenon so that it does not distract potential anti-Zionists from the true solution – UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY – which we offer. Any source which positively promotes any of the listed individuals or ideas similar to theirs can be safely counted as an enemy source.

The only difference between BS and ZC is that BS considers Jews as an outright enemy. Otherwise, they are broadly similar attitudes. As a result of this difference, there are relatively few Jews directly promoting BS, thereby making it a largely Gentile movement. Nonetheless, as all self-interest ultimately makes one manipulable, so BS must never be mistaken for or confused with serious anti-Zionism. Some BS proponents dabble in autocratic political theory, which must never be mistaken for or confused with authentic National Socialism. (Also, BS Jews must not be confused for genuine anti-Zionists of Jewish ancestry such as Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein or Bobby Fischer.)

Names are arranged in alphabetical order. Feel free to suggest other BS Jews or Gentiles whom you think should be included. If you can provide information showing that any of the individuals currently listed as Gentiles have Jewish ancestry, we would be happy to reclassify them as Jews.This page is constantly under construction.


Gilad Atzmon (Jew)

Christopher Jon Bjerknes (Jew)

Frank Collins (Jew)

Paul Eisen (Jew)

David Gelernter (Jew)

Nathanael Kapner (Jew)

Ben Klassen (Jew)

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (Jew)


Andrew Anglin (Gentile)

Zsolt Bayer (Gentile)

Andriy Biletsky (Gentile)

Harold Covington (Gentile)

Mike Delaney (Gentile)

David Duke (Gentile)

Dmitry Dyomushkin (Gentile)

John Friend (Gentile)

Paul Fromm (Gentile)

Angelo John Gage (Gentile)

Matthew Heimbach (Gentile)

E. Michael Jones (Gentile)

Ilias Kasidiaris (Gentile)

Marian Kotleba (Gentile)

Lana Lokteff (Gentile)

Kevin MacDonald (Gentile)

Brandon Martinez (Gentile)

Tom Metzger (Gentile)

Merlin Miller (Gentile)

Kai Murros (Gentile)

John de Nugent (Gentile)

Henrik Palmgren (Gentile)

William Pierce (Gentile)

Robert Ransdell (Gentile)

Makoto Sakurai (Gentile)

Jim Saleam (Gentile)

Jack Sen (Gentile)

Kevin Alfred Strom (Gentile)

Tom Sunic (Gentile)

Lazlo Toroczkai (Gentile)

Udo Voigt (Gentile)

James Wickstrom (Gentile)

Christian Worch (Gentile)

Kazunari Yamada (Gentile)

Carolyn Yeager (Gentile)

Haku Zynkyoku (Gentile)

122 Responses to BS List

  1. Fred says:

    BS list can also mean Bullshit list! anyone one on the BS list is Bull shit!!! (Gentiles) cough cough**

  2. Fred says:

    Ann Coulter is a ZC author

  3. Fred says:

    And Robert Spencer to name a few

  4. eternal scandinavian says:

    This website had me lured in by it’s mention of Veganism. Yet of course, this website is disinformation nonsense run by J’s.

  5. Fred says:

    Would about Evalion?

  6. Smitty says:

    What? No Alex Jones?

  7. @Smitty:

    Alex Jones doesn’t belong on either the ZC or BS list.

    He gets mentioned here though: Alex Jones, professional confuser

  8. David says:

    Some truthful history which should be noted.
    The Japanese who were put in concentration camps during World War Two were Canadian and American citizens. At no time did these Japanese declare war on the United States and Canada. That is to say, these Japanese American and Japanese Canadian citizens had never once betrayed their American and Canadian homelands to Japan, yet they were imprisoned, and were never compensated for wrongful imprisonment and confinement, and the withdrawal of their liberties.
    On the other hand, the Jews living in Germany, at the good will of the German people, had never once thought of themselves as German citizens, but only as international Jews who wanted a state of their own in Palestine. Hence, they betrayed Germany to her enemies in World War One, at a time when Germany was clearly winning the war. And the reason they did so was to obtain Palestine for themselves. They could not care less about Germany. This is what the Germans call the” stab in the back” when the traitorous Jews living in Germany, promised to bring America into the war on the side of Britain, if the British would give to them the land of Palestine for the Jews of the world. This treachery was agreed to by the British, by means of the Balfour Declaration.
    Now Hitler and his fellow Germans had fought valiantly in this war, Hitler himself being decorated for courage and bravery with several decorations including the Iron Cross One and Two, as a German war hero. Thus the Jews brought America into the war, causing the defeat of Germany, when Germany was saddled with the Versailles Treatu, whereby Germany was required to make massive reparation payments to her enemies, Britain and France and
    the loss of vast amounts of her land, which was given to Poland, Belgium and France. All of this was caused by the treachery of the Jews living in Germany, who had no love or respect for the German people. In fact the Jews hated the German people. This fact was underlined by a Jewish book publisher whose name was Theodore Kaufman. Kaufman wrote a book entitled: Germany Must Perish. In it he advocated that all German males must be sterilized so that the German nation could not reproduce itself. Today, we see that the destruction of the German people is based upon a new strategy,whereby large numbers of non-white people from Asia and Africa invade Germany, and through race-mixing to destroy the purity of the Germanic race and since massive non-white invasions are happening all over Europe, to destroy the white race in general.The Jews see white people as the greatest stumbling bloc to communize the entire world, just as Hitler stood in their way.
    Now one very important fact that revisionist historians ignore is this. When Hitter saw how the Jews were portraying the National Socialists to the world in their massive anti- Hitler propaganda, even before the actual shooting started, he sent a memorandum to all NS Party members instructing them that ” not one hair on the head of a jew must be harmed”. He knew that the Jews would use any anti-Jewishness shown by the Germans, to declare war on Germany. In spite of this, however, the Jews declared war on Germany in March of 1933, and told the big lie that Hitler started the war. From this we can see why the German enemy, the Jews, had to be imprisoned in concentration camps. If they were allowed to run free, they would certainly have undermined the German war effort as they had done in World War One.
    It is an understood practice, the world over, that when one’s enemies are captured, they are imprisoned. This is normal practice, and the German nation was no different from any other, by imprisoning its enemies, the Jews.
    I have noticed that you do not use the word Jews for some reason, but Zionists. It seems, like most people, you are reticent to use the word Jews, when the people who rule this world for their own selfish ends, are in fact Jews, whether they are Zionists or not.

  9. @ David – If you read our mainsite, you’ll see that your thinking that we use Zionist instead of Jews is ill-founded. Just read our page on Judaism itself, or our whole section of anti-Zionism. Zionism is an ideology of Jewish supremacy. All Jews by definition are Zionists by maintaining their Jewish identity (few rare individuals have abandoned this identity and actually fought to expose it for what it really is), whereas there are many Zionists who are non-Jews. These are just as much our enemy, as they promote the same thing.

    This page is about people who claim the Jews as their enemy, but only as fellow predators in a dog-eat-dog world, where they are looking out for their own tribalist interests in similar fashion to how Jews do. They seek to emulate the Jew and by doing so make themselves Jewish. White Nationalists are a classic example of this, but they are not the only ones.

    Anyhow, I hope that if you take the time to first read our site, you’ll see that we are not afraid to call out the Jews. We just see that they are not our only enemies at this time.

  10. Smitty says:

    Brother Nathanael contradicts himself so much it’s ridiculous. Glad to see somebody calling these shills out for the BS once and for all!

  11. @Smitty – True, but one thing I wonder is if you’re thinking BS list is the usual colloquial meaning of the acronym, or if you understand the concept of “Boromir Syndrome,” based on the Lord of the Rings character, who presumed to use the power that belongs to the Enemy but for their own side, thinking that they were noble enough to not be corrupted by it.

  12. Smitty says:

    Call it a play on words

  13. Kasper says:

    David duke admits he is anti Hitler

  14. Kasper says:

    David Duke worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency in SE Asia during the Vietnam War. He was teaching English to Laotian Govt. military officers.

    David Duke’s father procured this job for him. His father was working for the U.S. State Dept. in SE Asia during this time period.

    David Duke could be a lifelong U.S. Govt. intelligence agent, working either for the C.I.A. or the D.I.A.. He certainly fits the profile.

    Here’s the article where I located this information:

    In 1966, when Duke was 16, his father moved out, taking an engineering job with the State Department in Laos. … After his junior year Duke left school for 18 months, spending part of that time in Vientiane, Laos. His father had set him up with a job teaching basic English to Laotian Army officers. … Although Duke had a student deferment from his draft board, he boasted that he often volunteered to travel behind enemy lines in support of anti-communist forces.?

  15. Sam says:

    @ Kasper.
    Good info on David Duke. Plus he still believes that Arab Muslims did 9/11 and never mentioned the fact that israel was behind it.

  16. Roman Melnychuk says:

    You forgot one Ukrainian who calls for the EXPULSION of all Jews, Zionist and not — I am by far 1000 times worse than my Ukrainian brother, Andriy and people like zhirinovaky, gladly want to deport from Russia. The Jews are sickness and need to be destroyed along with ISRAHELL. I always will hate the Jews.. yes, even Pravy Sektor in Ukraine is run by Jew Dmytro Yarosh (Ukraine is run by filthy Jews). The war against the Jew is starting..

  17. Atmajyoti says:

    It’s about time Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth is put on here!

  18. Sam says:

    I wouldn’t put Mark Glenn. He has some flaws, but he’s also anti-racist and anti-zionist as well.

  19. Atmajyoti says:


    An “anti-racist” who voted for a racist? Secondly, Mark is obviously the type of person who would vote for a candidate who promises ‘lower taxes’ even if it means immigrants and refugees must suffer. Or, to put it in context, Mark would vote for a candidate who he believes will protect his group; gentiles, from Jewry, even if it means other innocent groups must suffer.

  20. Sam says:

    good point.

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