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AS will be in charge of contact forms from now on, as I will be shifting my focus to real-life activism. (For practical reasons, I will keep the details of this private for now.) This is not to say that I will no longer be involved with Aryanism; I will still be around and in touch with quite a few of you. This will allow me to see how Aryanism is developing. I believe we’re nearing the point when the movement finally takes off, and I certainly hope to be proven right this time. So give it your all, everybody!

All the best,


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  1. Although I obviously do not agree with everything in the following video, I’ve always loved the ending!

    I’ll be at the base camp drying my socks a little longer, see you at the summit! ;)

    The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street

  2. AS says:

    “AS will be in charge of contact forms from now on”

    Actually, only until we find someone else for this position. Anyone interested?

  3. Ingrid B says:

    @The Noble Wolf, good video. I wish I could be more positive, see more clearly the path which must be taken. The day may come when everything suddenly becomes clear..

    re. big pharma, am looking into the properties, and procurement of hemp oil..

  4. Would you say its a big job? Would it take away from being Leader of our Party?

  5. Chosun Fox says:

    @The Noble Wolf

    “Although I obviously do not agree with everything in the following video, I’ve always loved the ending!”

    The video looks like another planet or, somewhere in space. Also, there is a recommended Communist song for me. What? Communists make really catchy music. What is the National Socialist equivalent of the Internationale? Horst Wessel Lied?

  6. @CF: Not interested.

    @Ingrid: I will respond later, when I have more time.

  7. AS says:


    Please focus on your current project; it deserves your undivided attention. Thanks for asking, though.

  8. @AS Thanks… I imagined that would be your answer, but I’m always willing.

  9. LuciferOverZion says:

    I propose a part from the piece Parsifal for a future official anthem.

  10. Chosun Fox says:

    @The Noble Wolf
    Why did you take the time to reply with “Not interested” to my comment when, you could simply ingnored it? Simply ignoring a comment means that you are not interested. Thats what people usually do on the internet when they are not interested in somebody’s comment. Simply not replying to a comment is enough to show that you are not interested.

  11. Fred says:

    What are your thoughts on Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told documentary?

  12. @CF: “Why did you take the time to reply with “Not interested” to my comment when, you could simply ingnored it?”

    Because you irritate me and I felt like being an asshole, I hope you die soon.

  13. Yasmina says:

    “Because you irritate me and I felt like being an asshole, I hope you die soon”.

    My God, i thought you were noble. Wonder what he did to you that you wish him death.

  14. @Yasmina: I never claimed to be noble, and lastly “I hope you die soon” would be a compliment to me.

    It’s simple! I don’t have time for milk toast luke warm anti-Zionist’s, you either see Zionism as a threat and want to defeat it, or you don’t. If you don’t, then you DO NOT BELONG HERE!

  15. I think she was referring to the fact that your name is “Noble Wolf” on here…. Maybe you need to learn more diplomacy?

  16. @Isaac: ‘Noble Wolf’ is synonymous with the name Adolf, which is whom my website is about, not me.

    I am a soldier, not a diplomat. I know how to attack an enemy, and lite fire under peoples asses. I see people who waste our time by repeating over and over again their points regardless of what is said to them as ideological enemies, as in the case of Chosun Fox, and people who support Putin and Trump as the same…

  17. Yasmina says:

    Vielen Dank, Mr Isaac Wakeman. That was exactly what i meant.

    When somebody wishes you dead, that may be a compliment to you. But that would not be the case for me. You may argue that i am not spiritually developed like you, that is your privilege to think so.

    Where i am concerned, i have not seen here anything wrong in what CF has written.

    I do not know if he is luke warm or not. I do not have a crystal ball in front of me.

    I thought that this is a website that we would deal with one another gently, even when we may not agree on some issues.. We cannot always agree about everything. Could we not agree to disagree kindly without being unkind? Don’t we already have enough wickedness in this world? I thought is a platform where we could speak our hearts out and exchange our thoughts. I was wrong………….

    I am definitely anti-Zionist. Not all of us are soldiers like you, NW. But we are not unkind.. We request that you treat us nicely. Otherwise there is no reason to hang around here anymore.

  18. To be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with the multitude of comments in the blog recently, but felt urged to get involved with these last few comments that are more getting into the personal realm and also seemingly only promoting misunderstanding. In time, I’ll read back over CF’s comments and see if I have any thoughts.

    (Yasmina, just remember that most important on the blog here are those who have the swastika by their names.)

  19. Yasmina says:

    Thank u Mr. Wakeman, i shall remember next time.

  20. Yasmina says:

    NW did not have the swastika by hisname yesterday.

  21. Hashtali says:

    Hello all. I am writing this message as my resignation from the movement. Over the last few months my own personal doubts have come to the surface, and I have had to confront them. I’ve realized that I do not believe in many of the tenets of the movement (though I acknowledge the nobility of members) or am otherwise too ignorant of too many things. As such, I can no longer continue participating in this movement (or, for now, any other). (The party I led will nonetheless continue, under different, much better leadership.) Take care everyone; I hope you’ll do.

  22. Hypnotix says:

    First Numinous Sun, now Hashtali

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