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The main website has a PDF archive. The books contained therein are not all from an Aryanist perspective or even directly related to Aryanism. However, the page should facilitate any research non-Aryanists wish to embark on in order to understand Aryanism, as well as for Aryanists to formulate content on the various topics included in the library.

We are taking suggestions for PDFs. If there is anything not featured there which you think is relevant, contact us with all the details you can (include the PDF if possible). Also, if you notice any broken links, or broken PDFs, notify us.

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6 Responses to PDF Archive

  1. Christian Bethel says:

    I have several relevant PDFs and I would contact you but someone on the site has graciously removed the contact form.

  2. Mza9 says:

    @Christian Bethel:

    Most Aryanists, from what I can tell, have already moved on to the ‘True Left’ forum. Aryanism.net, for the most part, is abandoned. That is my understanding.

  3. William Eastfield says:

    The contact form was removed? That is stupid.

  4. SS-Oberst-Gruppenf├╝hrer Daniel says:


    Have you moved all focus on Aryanism onto true left boards?

  5. AS says:


    “The contact form was removed?”

    The Contact page:


    now links to the Activism forum:


    which is intended to replace contact form communication. We have found over the years that people who promise in private to do things for us rarely deliver, whereas people who promise in public have a slightly better (though still unreliable) chance of delivering.


    “Have you moved all focus on Aryanism onto true left boards?”


  6. UPDATE: the forum has moved to this location: https://trueleft.createaforum.com/

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