Aryanism’s Future


Aryanism is not a movement and has arguably never been one. However, one can consider ideologies such as National Socialism as interpretations of Aryanism. The reason for Aryanism’s failure is because it is not a movement, an organisation, or an entity in any sense. More precisely, Aryanism has no definition, no common vocabulary, no parameters, very few of its own literature, as well as no hierarchy or leadership. Here lies the reason for Aryanism’s failure in either its purest form or any interpretation such as National Socialism, or to a lesser extent, Fascism.

I propose, for the near future, that Aryanism must first be defined. From this definition, all those who consider themselves Aryanists by this new definition should be brought together. With this group, those with suitable attitudes, abilities and characteristics shall form the movement’s Elite. To do this, an extensive list of definitions and vocabulary should be created in order to clarify misunderstandings and to better understand dissenting opinions. Moreover, this glossary should be used to set borders, or parameters, on what is Aryanist and what is not. From here, a leader or leaders should be chosen to form the highest level of the new hierarchy. Then, an organisation must be formed which acts as a centralised authority for Aryanists.

Once the above is accomplished suitable literature must be produced and disseminated. High-value targets should be prioritised. We should all know by now that the masses are next to worthless. We should start with integrating and converting the websites, organisations; but more importantly, those running them, into the centralised organisation. This will naturally increase exposure and sway many of the devout followers of these people towards our sphere of influence.

The most important aspect of this must be stressed. With a common vocabulary, leadership, hierarchy, centralised authority and adequate planning, the rest will come in time.

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  1. What happened to Elysium? Why don’t I see any of his posts anymore?

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