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A fundamental component of any revolutionary movement is an overall Weltanschauung. For a movement, this is derived from its outlook on history. This should not be confused with an improvised or impromptu refutation of sections of history which are only incomplete applications of the historical component of Aryanism. This historical outlook must stem from the movement’s Weltanschauung and must not be empirical. In due course, the completed historical outlook will be applied to history itself and the movement’s views of the eras and periods will be formulated using its Weltanschauung and historical outlook.

The Aryanist movement already has the foundations of a Weltanschauung. All that is remaining is the removal of contradictions and confusing concepts and its general improvement in quantity. The historical outlook should be a general, overall and firm view through which history can be interpreted. This will ensure that we form more accurate views of the past and thus the present and future.

The most obvious need for this is shown with the abundance of focus directed at “Jewish crimes” such as the attack on the USS Liberty. It should be stressed that these should only be employed for propaganda purposes. Focus on these events is only beneficial for causing emotional reactions as they are evidently insignificant on a historical scale. And this is what the Aryanist movement is lacking, insofar as it views particular events through a vague Weltanschauung and does not apply this Weltanschauung – and thus a historical outlook – to history in general for meaning and understanding.

A symptom of this lack of historical outlook is shown in the “truther” crowds. I do not use the word ‘movement’ for movement requires a direction, which the “truthers”, particularly those of Alex Jones, lack because of the absence of any paradigm shift in worldview upon awakening. Quite often the truthers will place Adolf Hitler alongside George Bush, Mao Zedong or a Rothschild. This is solely due to a lack of historical understanding. They claim that the Reichstag fire and the various American financiers of the NSDAP are evidence enough to view Adolf Hitler (and others) as another tyrannical puppet under the direct control of the Financial Elite. They make similar assumptions with numerous historical figures simply because they view each person as an individual, while ignoring their actions in the context of history.

However, if someone you already disliked stole a loaf of bread from you and then another person, whose identity you did not know, also stole a loaf of bread, your first reaction is to assume that their motives are similar or identical. Sometimes, you may even assume that they are working together. Without knowing the second person, you merge the person into the first because of the evident similarities. However, the inaccuracies become apparent when you consider that a rich man stealing a loaf of bread is completely different from an impoverished man stealing a loaf of bread. This can, and must be, applied to history. In the case of the Reichstag fire, it would have been impossible for anyone of that period to gain enough power to remove the Financial Elite, which is apparently so dreaded by the truthers, without the fire and the subsequent Enabling Act. Thus, a two-part conclusion is reached: firstly, that the truthers and their leaders are indeed not a movement, instead they are a chaotic crowd of motion without direction; and secondly, a historical outlook must be developed for a better understanding of past, present and future.

Another symptom of the lack of historical outlook is the overly pessimistic group of “truthers” and their affiliates. These types generally feel that the Financial Elite is far too powerful for them to defeat. The fatalistic of these are generally inclined towards Apocalyptic and Doomsday beliefs. Nevertheless, this also stems from a lack of historical understanding and scale. Without much difficulty, one can see when and where there existed no Financial Elite which had the same traits as its modern counterpart. However, the focus on particular events in history gives the impression that this Financial Elite has dominated all the civilisations of the world from time immemorial. In turn, this can either lead to a surrender to this power or a naive and dangerous fight against this Elite and all that ever existed, driving these types towards believing in absurdly radical forms of “progress”.

However, while this historical outlook can and should be applied to the larger groups from which we will eventually gain a support base, it is far more important to focus on the historical outlook of the Aryanist movement. While we do not suffer from the same degree of naivety and ignorance as the truthers, we nevertheless lack a vital organ of any revolutionary movement. Particular instances of this lacking are few amongst Aryanists. However, this is only due to a historical outlook of each individual instead of a more central, and perhaps more general, historical outlook and Weltanschauung. The aim is to complete the Aryanist Weltanschauung and develop a historical outlook. From here, a more cohesive and precise movement will emerge.

Adolf Hitler said:

The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes

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  1. Well Spoken , Elysium . This is the sort of wisdom I enjoyed when you and Rass interacted . I will not lie , but some of it was a bit over my head , but now I am awake and watching , I understand much more now . Applauds , I await your next lesson . Regards .

  2. Staff and Administrators

    I put forth a petition to personally create a History page on the main blog. History is my forte, and I am good at sorting fact from truth and organization. If you will allow me, I would like to assemble a team of sorts that can gather non-Jewish/non-Zionist historical facts and compile them into the aforesaid page. The archives on this site with help us greatly. I am actually surprised that there is no History page aside from the Aryan Diffusion series. Hitler, National Socialism, and Germany must be chronicled if people want to know how Arya works. The quote you put up sums it up perfectly. And while we are on the subject of quotes, I would also like to take all of the quotes on this site and list them on their own page, as to create inspiration and insight from true Aryans.

  3. Hypnotix says:



    Petitions are democratic in nature, but I assume (and hope) you didn’t sincerely mean you want a vote on the matter.

    “to personally create a History page on the main blog.”

    One problem with your idea, aside from now being the wrong time to focus on revisionism, is that this is an ideological site, not a historical one. We assume the people who come to us are already informed, at least basically, on Third Reich history, and the broader WW2 period in general, so the page in your idea would seem redundant, especially given that there already are good enough sources outside of this site.

    “If you will allow me, I would like to assemble a team of sorts that can gather non-Jewish/non-Zionist historical facts and compile them into the aforesaid page.”

    We can’t stop you, and this would certainly be better than doing nothing at all, but, as was recently pointed out, we can no longer afford to waste time on historical revisionism when we are supposed to be fighting an ideological war (especially against enemies who are getting more and more dangerous by the day, in contrast to the continued lack of organized resistance on our side).

    I therefore recommend that for the foreseeable future you devote your time to the issues we face now, not those of the past.

    “Hitler, National Socialism, and Germany must be chronicled if people want to know how Arya works.”

    It is necessary only for the leaders of the ideological revolution to know with high precision and understanding how Arya works for it to be successful. We cannot (and should not) expect the same from followers, so we do not need Hitler and NS to ensure Aryanist attitudes become widespread. What we do need is to devote our attention to present-day issues, and to the war that we face here and now.

  4. We National Socialists can definitely win this struggle

  5. @Hypnotix Understood. I was using the term loosely, not democratically, moreso “petitioning the leader(s) of the state to begin this undertaking.” I personally feel I have to know correct history and origins of NS if I’m gonna help in the fight. Were I to get into a debate with someone on real NS, I would be made a laughingstock. This cannot happen – Arya is no laughingstock and I will not treat it like it is. Religion means imitating the founder’s spiritual journey, correct? This is my way of doing that via kampf. A part of my kampf is learning the truth and garnering ideologies from that truth, not just from this site, but from everywhere. If I do this, I know I can properly instruct others in the fight for an Aryan State.

  6. @Christian Bethel

    “Arya is no laughing stock and I will not treat it like it is”"

    Well if that’s the case, you have my backing on it for sure, because this is a kampf for authentic National Socialism to take full acknowledgement from the masses. And I admire your determination for the creation of a National Socialist state.

  7. AS says:


    “this would certainly be better than doing nothing at all”

    Actually, it would be worse than doing nothing at all, because it would turn other people’s attention onto topics which will waste their time as well. Just like the recent comments have turned this blog into a foppery club, doing considerable damage to our image in the eyes of new visitors (notice how new contact forms have virtually dried up?).

  8. @Daniel *Bow*
    @Hypnotix Understood. Sorry for the distraction.

  9. Another great quote this time from Wilhelm Brückner ‘The day is coming when I cannot hold the people. If nothing happens now, then the people will slip away.”

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