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Racial Jewishness (archive from True Left forum)

1) Jewish intelligence: A newly released multivariate polygenic score for educational attainment, cognitive ability, and self-rated mathematical ability in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study was examined as a mediator of the group difference between Jews (n = 53) and 2 … Continue reading

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Anti-Zionist harvest: AIPAC edition at least eight Democratic hopefuls are deliberately snubbing the AIPAC conference, … That includes Bernie Sanders, who in 2016 said he “would very much have enjoyed speaking at the AIPAC conference” but now accuses the group of providing “a … Continue reading

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VK Clark on ‘Table Talk’ fraudulence

[Admin disclaimer: The following article represents the views of Clark only. Our movement does not necessarily endorse these views.] Genoud, Heim & Picker’s “Table Talk”: A Study in Academic Fraud & Scandal By Weronika Kuzniar     Hitler’s Table Talk … Continue reading

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The most important historical revisionism of our time

New JAM video: For those who have read this post: you may recognize the new video as a condensed version of the older video that also contained information about Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty. Nevertheless, for sharing, please … Continue reading

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People of the Sun, Unite!

A new JAM video, including a refresher on the USS Liberty incident: Watching this video felt like returning to the beginning of our activism days back in the mid-2000s, when the focus was on spreading information about Jewish crimes, including 9/11 false flag, … Continue reading

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Gentiles and Jews – Brothers in the common cause of tribalism and ignobility

Thank you New Dawn for this article. Though two decades have passed since the issue discussed, the connection between Jews and WNs still exists. In fact, we can go even further back to their colonial predecessors working hand-in-hand with Jews. … Continue reading

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Special request: Support ANSWER!

Please read and pass on the following letter from the ANSWER Coalition, a grassroots group which has rallied a huge number of committed activists since its founding in 2001 in response to the 9/11 political aftermath: One thing I can say about … Continue reading

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Keith Mann and his battle with cancer

Please share my best wishes for the recovery of Keith Mann, who is one of the most ardent and militant heroes of the animal welfare movement in the United Kingdom and the World. A little background on Keith: Keith Mann … Continue reading

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New chatroom

A message from new team member FL: We now have a chatroom #aryanism at the IRC network freenode. You may join to discuss Aryanism and UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY and how to best activate ourselves and make a difference. Popular clients … Continue reading

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mandrake needs your help!

mandrake has a petition he wants as many people to sign as possible, details here: Of course, petitions are absolutely useless as a weapon against the enemy and we should never be under the illusion that petitions on their … Continue reading

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