ZC freefall 2017


Alexander Bissonnette, a student at the city’s Laval University … his likes on Facebook included President Donald Trump, French politician Marine Le Pen and the Israel Defense Forces.

Pandorastop, as leader of Lion’s Shield, please provide your input. This is the kind of attack that we feared would come sooner or later, and that Lion’s Shield was formed to protect against. Now that Canadians see that our predictions were well-founded, it would seem like a good time for you to try to recruit more widely and expand your organization as much as possible.

So, will Trump now ban everyone with a Canadian passport from entering the US in order to keep the American people safe from Canadian terrorists? If not, why not? We all know why not.

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2 Responses to ZC freefall 2017

  1. Pandorastop says:

    This was a shock to all of us. I will not go into specifics on this site.

    It is clear that expansion is a priority and always has been.

    Never to be lost to the memory hole



    (For those engaged in projects with me – my vacation is over).

  2. Hypnotix says:

    Germany bashes Israel over law that allows for the (official) expropriation of Palestinian land.
    Not that “bashing” them will actually do anything, but it’s a step in the right direction, at least.

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