Will The Guardian embrace True Leftism?


A controversial cartoon of outgoing BBC chairman Richard Sharp has been taken down by a national newspaper after being widely condemned as antisemitic.

Critics argued the depiction of Mr Sharp, who is Jewish, would not have looked out of place in Nazi-era propaganda sheets.

The cartoon showed a heavily-featured Mr Sharp departing with a box marked Goldman Sachs, the investment bank where he used to work, containing a squid and what appears to be a puppet of Rishi Sunak.

The Jewish “puppet master”, secretly controlling the economic and political world order, has been a long-standing narrative and antisemitic trope used by conspiracy theorists.

Author Dave Rich, who has written on antisemitism, wrote on Twitter the cartoon “falls squarely into an antisemitic tradition of depicting Jews with outsized, grotesque features, often in conjunction with money and power”.

Highlighting the symbolism within the cartoon, on the squid, Mr Rich said: “Yes, Sharp worked for Goldman Sachs, which was famously described in @RollingStone as ‘a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money’”.

But he added: “The problem is that a squid or octopus is also a common antisemitic motif, used to depict a supposed Jewish conspiracy with its tentacles wrapped around whatever parts of society the Jews supposedly control. Especially money. Are those gold coins in the box with Sharp’s squid?”

Unfortunately it appears as though The Guardian is backing down instead of standing up for itself:

Responding to criticism, The Guardian said in a statement: “We understand the concerns that have been raised.

“This cartoon does not meet our editorial standards, and we have decided to remove it from our website.

“The Guardian apologises to Mr Sharp, to the Jewish community and to anyone offended.”

Still, it is a milestone for us that such a cartoon appeared (albeit briefly) in The Guardian at all. This shows once again that, as we have long asserted, hostility towards Jews is a fundamentally left-wing sentiment:


given that The Guardian has been for many years practically a rightist euphemism for leftism:

Suella Braverman blames ‘Guardian-reading, tofu-eating wokerati’ for disruptive protests – video | Politics | The Guardian

Speaking of whom:


Her husband is Jewish.

Anyway, T-shirts are available here:


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