When history is written by leftists contd.

The next step of our WWII views getting representation in mainstream academia has arrived sooner than I expected:


UCT to probe lecturer’s comments that Adolf Hitler committed no crimes

CAPE TOWN – The University of Cape Town (UCT) on Friday said it had been alerted and was looking into controversial comments made by one of its lecturers in which he said German dictator Adolf Hitler committed no crimes. Political studies lecturer Lwazi Lushaba allegedly made the comments recently during an online lecture.

Other media have reported that Lushaba further said that what Hitler did to white people was what white people normally reserved for black people.

In other words, Hitler was practicing Ahimsa against the actual criminals.

Initiated violence:

Retaliatory violence:

And this is why Hitler is beloved by victims of Western colonialism around the world. This is also why:


However, Hitler did not succeed. Therefore it is up to us to pick up from where he left off:


Join us!

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10 Responses to When history is written by leftists contd.

  1. RP says:

    WNs often point out how Hitler was not a “WN” because he attacked other “Whites” in Poland, Russia, etc. They are correct.

    The only hurdle in the propaganda war now is the PC False Leftists who claim the pro-Duginist alt-right is “pro-Hitler”, and the BS Duginists who claim Hitler as one of theirs.

  2. Twin Ruler says:

    Hitler, in truth, actually hurt the cause of White Supremacy by attacking Great Britain. After the war, the British could no longer hold on to their overseas colonies anymore. Ergo, to link Hitler with Racism is laughable.

    Of course, I used to consider myself to be an Anglophile. One day, I realized that the British Empire, as it is called, was merely a puppet, a sock puppet, for International Jewry. It is all run from The City, a City within the larger area of Greater London.

    What really changed my worldview, forever, was learning about how the Jews were heavily behind the Transatlantic Slave Trade of Blacks to America, and other places. It was a real epiphany!

  3. Twin Ruler says:

    I wonder! Have you ever noticed? When Black Militants talk of Whites, they make Whites sound eerily like Jews. At any rate, they talk about Whites precisely like how anti-Semites talk about Jews. I have always found that to be really fascinating to ponder.

  4. AS says:


    Recently this Duginist useful idiot on the forum has been accusing all anti-Duginists of being Anglophiles:


    If Anglophilia means liking British colonialism, I am of course not an Anglophile:




    But if Anglophilia means liking the British Counterculture (one of whose own themes was ridiculing colonial-era British “whiteness”), then I could be described as Anglophile:


    Similarly, with regard to Germany, it is perfectly consistent to both hate Wilhelm II and love Hitler (who himself hated Wilhelm II). Furthermore, it is my belief that the reason why Hitler was more merciful towards Britain than towards Russia was because Hitler sensed (accurately!) potential in Britain for leftism:


    The Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM), was a British organisation that was at the center of the international movement opposing the South African apartheid system and supporting South Africa’s non-White population who were persecuted by the policies of apartheid.[1]

    which even now is not (yet…..) completely dead:


    the handbook describes how “a Labour Party member posted online the details of an email they’d sent which presented emotive, personal views including that the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour for Israel groups had no validity and should be disbanded. They refused to retract those views.”

    Lord Austin of Dudley, a former Labour MP and chairman of the anti-extremism campaign Mainstream, said: “The new Labour leadership need to do much more to tackle Jeremy Corbyn’s terrible legacy.

    This kind of potential is what I believe Hitler saw to be nonexistent in Turandom countries. I myself actually tried to be open-minded towards Turandom when I first started Aryanism, but with each passing year Hitler’s wisdom on Turandom became more and more undeniable. V4′s reaction to the 2015 refugee crisis was the last straw for me, and I have been openly anti-Turandom ever since:





  5. Twin Ruler says:

    One day, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland shall break up. I can foresee that much.

  6. Kamerad Baren says:

    “Recently this Duginist useful idiot on the forum has been accusing all anti-Duginists of being Anglophiles:


    Keep accusing me “Duginist” you Anglophilic evil, only Hitler’s ridiculous idea is invading Russians and genociding them, even they not attacked Hitler first, and guess what? Russian people fought back and defeat Hitler, and enjoying victory with also raping many German woman when their troops enter Berlin, German’s capital, that is total retaliatory violence, this is why I more respect to Johann von Leers who still has rational mind, he doesn’t want and oppose Hitler’s fool idea invade Russia who did not do anything wrong to Hitler’s regime

    I hope your movement destroyed, even before you enter political world you Anglophile scum!

  7. RP says:

    You are correct that some of the old school WNs will invoke the German women’s “Whiteness” in order to portray all “Asiatics” as rapists.

    However it goes without saying that this is not our position, nor was it Hitler’s position considering that he not only viewed “Asiatics” such as the Chinese and Japanese to be allies, but also the fact that Hitler only ever viewed “Whiteness” in a negative light.

    Furthermore, while it is true that sexual retaliatory violence is justified against sexually agressive “Whiteness”, this does not apply to the Soviet Rapists as the Germans did not consider themselves “White”, nor did the Soviet soldiers consider themselves “anti-White”.

    P.S. @AS
    What is your stance on sexual retaliatory violence?

  8. AS says:

    “What is your stance on sexual retaliatory violence?”

    Most importantly, it must not lead to conception because that would turn it into initiated violence against a new innocent victim.

    Spiritually, it is also dangerous in that it could easily tempt the retaliator into hoping that new opportunities for retaliation keep arising, in other words hoping that new instances of initiated violence keep occurring (so that it can be retaliated against each time), whereupon the retaliator has already deviated from nobility*. (This temptation is not exclusive to sex. For a non-sexual example, an Ahimsa practitioner who likes the taste of meat will only hunt predators seen to be hunting other prey at that very moment (and then eat the predator’s meat), but hence will hope the predator species does not become extinct.)

    (* Hence we see that while it is impossible to be noble without practicing Ahimsa, it is possible to practice Ahimsa yet still be ignoble.)

    Using this instead avoids both problems:


  9. RP says:

    “Hence we see that while it is impossible to be noble without practicing Ahimsa, it is possible to practice Ahimsa yet still be ignoble.”

    Perhaps this could account for non-Aryans promoting non-Aryan diets in order to foster an aggressive frame of mind to complete their Ahimsa (see my recent post on the “Firearms” thread in the forum). This is why I believe it is paramount to develop an independent Aryan combat method for Aryans who want to practice Ahimsa. This will, in turn, ensure that the Aryans don’t have to depend on non-Aryans, even though they may be forced to for the time being.

  10. Twin Ruler says:

    The Jews are the largest Ethnic Group in America! Of course, many say that the Germans are. But, just between you and me, I do not believe it. I firmly suspect, that Jews, in their cunning, their vile cunning, are disguising their numbers. Indeed, there are likely many, many who do not list themselves, as such, on the census!

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