What a Zionist hatchet job looks like

As if there had ever been any doubt as to which candidate Jewry prefers…..


In-depth coverage:


As Gordon wrote yesterday, in his coverage of the Alex Jones attempt to boost Trump’s shattered credibility, Israel and the Zionist cabal are getting desperate, time is running out for them to influence the election in favour of their candidate. We have been expecting some kind of ‘October Surprise’ to happen, some kind of attempt to fatally undermine the Clinton campaign just as they did in 1979 to Jimmy Carter

Israel, via their Mossad disinfo operation Wikileaks have released more and more emails taken from Hilary’s email server. Invariably these emails have been modified, ‘sexed up’ in order to make Hilary look bad, all in an attempt to influence the US election in favour of Trump. As we have written several times already, there are no white hat hackers passing this info to Wikileaks, rather, the NSA has been monitoring all communications, passing the raw data to Tel-Aviv where the Mossad have filtered and vetted it in order to find anything they can use against Hilary, always with something added to make them seem more damning.

This makes the NSA guilty of treason, they are aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power in it’s attempts to exert a nefarious influence over US politics. Today, with this new set of emails, the FBI has joined them in committing treason; make no mistake, the timing and nature of this latest ‘revelation’ is a most cynical attempt to swing things in favour of Trump and in announcing this investigation with just 10 days to go until polling day, the FBI have acted on behalf of Israel.

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  1. Board owner says:

    Wikileaks is a mossad op? For realsies? Sheeit, I donated some bitcoin to them. Damn sneaky jews, stealing muh cyber shekels. Is the whole Assange thing bullshit too, or is he actually being oppressed with effective imprisonment in that embassy? After all, you lot are very insistent on people being able to move to their favoured nation. Should he be allowed into Ecuador under any necessary protection?

  2. Blake Towne says:

    Isn’t this the same website that published articles by Kevin B. MacDonald?

  3. Numinous Sun says:


    No, it is not. In fact Prof. Kevin B. MacDonald is on our BS list:

  4. Numinous Sun says:

    @Board Owner:

    Personally I don’t have an opinion as of yet on whether Wikileaks or Assange are a ‘Mossad’ job, we are individuals here first and foremost after all. Having said that, I too am interested to hear the evidence of other members have in regards to Wikileaks being a Mossad cover, as I have yet to be swayed in either direction and remain neutral for the time being; or at least until I feel compelled to decide one way or another.

  5. AS says:


    It is inaccurate to describe Assange’s residence in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK as “imprisonment”. It is not Ecuador prohibiting Assange from leaving embassy premises; it is Assange himself choosing not to leave due to conditions outside that Ecuador had no part in causing. Imprisonment refers only to situations when a person is being prevented from leaving by the owner of the premises.

  6. Blake Towne says:

    Well, I was talking about veterans today when mentioning MacDonald, not aryanism.net. My apologies for the confusion

  7. Numinous Sun says:


    I understand now. Not sure if Veterans Today has ever published articles by MacDobald, I am no fan of either personally. However, I am a huge Patrick Willis fan, not sure if he still writes for VT or not though? I mostly like his narration work anyway…

  8. Blake Towne says:

    VT is so plagued with advertisements, that it becomes inaccessible at times. I say that anyone who goes on VT should at least be skeptical. You can also find MacDonald’s connections to the site pretty easily through google; but he may now no longer be active with the site.

  9. Yep, anyone who stands against who the Jews really want, even a lame duck second choice like Hilary, is compared to Amalek when the time comes for the Jews to speak their minds openly. The Amalek Smear in the works.

    They did it to Hitler for this reason:

    Christendom and Islam stood together once and need to stand together again.

  10. Numinous Sun says:


    Thanks for that link! Netanyahu uses the Amalek smear against the Iranians frequently also, as a side note for new visitors who might think we just pull this stuff out of a hat:

    Israel’s Fears, Amalek’s Arsenal

    Of course it should also be noted that ‘Goldberg’ wrote that article for the New York Times…

    @AS and Folk:

    Having spoken with over 400 Americans from all walks of life over the past two months, those that wanted to speak politics by and large do not want either Clinton or Trump as the next president. I was truly impressed with a Scott and her mother, both agreed that a Clinton presidency has the possibility of fracturing the Democratic Party, which they also believed would be a net positive. The mother went onto to conclude that Americans will most likely not be able to resolve their troubles through peaceful political means this time around…

    I did also pose the same question to McKinney the other day over Twitter: “Wouldn’t a Clinton presidency fracture the Democratic Party and give people such as yourself a real chance in 2020?” Unfortunately she disagreed, her argument basically condensing down to; ‘we don’t have that kind of time’, which if there is a legitimate ‘fear’, or argument in that regard, I feel that would be it…

    I also found it interesting that once I turned up the anti-Western rhetoric a notch on the TL Twitter feed, many immediately started un-following the TL twitter account, including 3 known and confirmed Jews. I actually thought I would peel a lot more followers than I did. It has been interesting…

    All-in-all I think my overarching point here is that now is the time to step up the outreach to as many people as one can, and when one comes across those who have a strong mind and spirit who one believes are strong enough to handle a revolutionary lifestyle, just go straight to the Aryanism.net links. I usually start out with ‘Original Nobility’ and ‘Childcare’. If a person can handle those, they can definitely handle a lot more…

  11. Numinous Sun says:

    It is interesting also that the Jewess Jill Stein is the one who could pull enough votes from Clinton to ensure a Trump presidency….

  12. AS says:

    Time for some humour:


    It’s true, though; it’s the GOP’s fault for letting Trump get the nomination in the first place. I was warning people even back then, but only to be told not to worry because supposedly “Trump was just in the primaries for fun and had no intention of actually running”……

  13. Hypnotix says:


    That video’s nice in that it exposes the incredible ignorance of those who believe that somehow “Trump is Hitler reborn.”
    Though, to be frank, I always find it hard to laugh at the Hitler parodies based off of that scene from Der Untergang now that I speak German and understand what they’re actually saying.

  14. Fake Thor says:

    yes, wikileaks is indeed a mossad operation.

    i don’t give a fuck about Trump, unlike many NS, (but not all, fortunately). he’s just some kind of “controlled oposition”. the guy is totally in the hands of jewry, is not the “saviour” of “white race” or some shit like that. besides, he is a criminal, important player in American organized crime. i don’t give a fuck about who’s winning. Trump and Hillary are both scum.

    greetings from Portugal

  15. Board owner says:

    I’m pretty sure that ‘David Goldberg’ twitter account is fake. The profile picture is taken from this https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1400/96/1400960238183.jpg

    While it could still be a jew operating the account I suspect it is a mockery. I have done similar things myself, pretending to be a jew and demanding goyim’s shekels etc.

  16. If VeteransToday can find some of the expected dirt on Israel, then Wikileaks definitely should be able. Keyword: SHOULD.

    Soviet-style disinformation, but it’s not a hatchet job, it’s a very fine blade.

    The same one they use for circumcision. Mental Circumcision.

    Gotta keep the goyim stupid.

  17. Numinous Sun says:

    @Board Owner:

    Interestingly though a Jew did come a long and leave a comment which supports the initial comment by ‘Goldberg’.

    @Miles Saturni and Miecz:

    Thanks for the link Miles, had not read Azaziah’s article about Wikileaks yet. Very well thought out and sourced argument, hard to refute. I stopped trusting Assange after his ’9/11 conspiracy theorist’ comment. That was enough for me. Had not really bothered with the Wikileaks Mossad ties, they are hard to refute though once laid out as Jonathan has done in that article.

  18. TopKek says:

    Uh, “DavidGoldbergNY” is an obvious alt-right troll account. Not a real jew

  19. AS says:


    “an obvious alt-right troll account. Not a real jew”
    Just because it is an alt-right troll account does not exclude the possibility that the alt-right troll is a Jew.

    Our operational principle ever since OWNP days has been: whoever claims to be a Jew, we will believe them. Not only does this save us time, but anyone who pretends to be a Jew is asking to be treated as one, and deserves to be obliged.

  20. Numinous Sun says:

    And then this from Zero Hedge. Fascinating!

    “Not only for America, but a Trump victory will have positive reverberations throughout the Western world which would surpass that of the surprising Brexit vote…”

    Donald Trump & The Passion Of The Christ

  21. AristocraticLove says:

    Sorry for my bad english but I need to say that it is typical of decadent Western civilizations, socially dominated by adult supremacists and ageist like this, to hate adults who in general and sexually – in particular – have a kind of feeling and inclination towards the young.

    Why that a man to being attracted to underage girls is an evilness? In this society of hypocrites who systematic oppresses children it is considered odious that an adult can love or just to be sexually incline to a ‘underage girl’ for the same reason that thay in other ages they hate a black man who loved a black woman, or vice versa, because in any supremacism (either racism, speciesism, ageism, etc.) is only considered correct the relationships between people who are ‘equal’, that is: superiors do not mix with inferiors. Because youth are not considered ‘adults’, they are considered inferior by this society (for that reason are these slaveowner-type considerations of ‘minor’ or ‘underage’ because they are considered inferior to ‘upper age’ or adults) is for that they hate, discriminate and systematically persecute any person who consider a youth as an equal, especially those who love – intimately, carnally – the young.

    Note that words that speak of the most beautiful feelings are now considered types of aberrations and abnormal disorders – e.g paedophilia (paedo – child – philia – love). To love someone for being an ‘underage girl’ is an aberration for them but NOT to enslave the children, NOT either to infantilize the young people and to override them as full people, all that of this is ok, but to love a young girl is a crime – the worst. Does that make any sense at all?

    Just as it is natural to feel hatred and disgust to those who rape and defile children and youth, it is normal to want young people as intimate partner, not just the adult, but the youth himself (I’m not saying that an adult has a intimate relationship with a small child is natural, I say than an relationship between an adult and a teenager is natural.)
    Because when a young voluntarily agency with an adult, is when he truly feels equal and free, because parents and the state are involuntary and coercive associations, but with an affectionate adult now he/she is at the same level !! besides the advantages of the transmission of knowledge between generations.

    Whenever someone speaks of idioticies like ‘a man who like an underage girl is a paedo, nambla etc.’ what is they do is relegating young people to the most absolute slavery and submission, it is something that only an ageist or partisan of adultism can support, young people should be allowed to live and love like them want and decide. They are able to consent to all affections form other young or even more the affections from adults who love them. Without freedom of agency and above all freedom of sexual agency young people can never be free and have a healthy and optimum development, and that is what these ageist adults hate, they hate anything can empower youth against the Adults who oppress them.

  22. AS says:



    “it is typical of decadent Western civilizations, socially dominated by adult supremacists and ageist like this, to hate adults who in general and sexually – in particular – have a kind of feeling and inclination towards the young.”

    I agree that this is a primarily Western phenomenon. A music video like this one (repost):


    would be controversial if produced in the West, but in non-Western eyes is simply refreshing and uplifting (not to mention hilarious).

    “in other ages they hate a black man who loved a black woman”

    I think this is a typo.

    “To love someone for being an ‘underage girl’”
    “to love a young girl”

    Be careful: these two phrases describe two very different things. The latter is absolutely not a problem, since it suggests that you are treating her as an individual. The former, on the other hand, suggests that you will no longer love her once she ceases to be “underage”, which means you are not treating her as an individual, but merely as a passing specimen of a particular age group. This is the problem: the true paedophile (see definition below) is structurally inclined not to fidelity, but to move on to a new “underage” partner each time the existing partner “overages”, thereby betraying each partner in succession. (To be fair, this behaviour is by no means exclusive to paedophiles: the same behaviour is seen among those who dump each aging (adult) partner in favour of a new younger (adult) partner, which is just as despicable.)

    Loving someone WHO HAPPENS TO BE “underage” is willingness for the sake of an individual to disregard the societal abstraction of “underage”. This is not paedophilia, but romanticism. Loving someone ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR BEING “underage” is conscious emphasis on (hence failure to disregard) the societal abstraction of “underage”, and consequently de-emphasis of the individual. This is paedophilia, and anti-romanticism. Do you accept this definition?

    “parents and the state are involuntary and coercive associations”

    The National Socialist state is the only institution that can systematically protect children from parental tyranny. If you are seriously against parental tyranny, be a statist, not an anti-statist.


    “young people should be allowed to live and love like them want and decide”

    Yes, and strong statism is required to establish this in practice. It is easy to talk theoretically about what young people (or any other group, for that matter) should be allowed to do, but to turn it into reality requires the ability to launch overwhelming retaliatory violence against oppressors. This is the very first thing that today’s leftists need to re-learn.

    From Rambo:

    John J. Rambo: Are you bringing any weapons?
    Burnett: Of course not.
    John J. Rambo: You’re not changing anything.

  23. AristocraticLove says:

    Hi AS. Yes, it was a typo, I was referring to a black man with a white woman, in the sense not only that it was something that was considered repugnant by society but specifically from what was considered a rape, because they could not admit that a white woman associates freely with a black man, just as it is always considered that an underage girl is raped by the man, even if both had a voluntary and consensual relationship even if the girl said the same it openly.

    I agree what you say about the difference between loving a girl and someone just for being ‘underage’, although on the exact terms to refer to each thing everyone has their opinion, and on which infidelity is reprehensible.

    I think that age is only in a number, what happens is that society is actually aberrant and most adults are contaminated by this (as well pointed out in yours web’s article on children), That is why some of us mostly want or are interested in young people and not adults, but that does not mean leaving the partner in adulthood, in fact since adolescence is the most important stage physically and mentally can create very strong bonds of love and partnership, Something that usually does not happen between then-already adults.

    It is clear that practical statism is necessary, if any of us were the owners of the state we could end the oppression of children and animals, but the state itself does not guarantee anything, it only depends on who controls it, that is why I said that the -actual- state oppresses them, nowadays the state has only assumed the power of the parents, that is to say it has undermined the paternal authority by the state authority but without giving any emancipation to the youth !! this is the reason why today it is mainly the state that prohibits the adults dating with ‘underages’ – statutoty rape per example – instead of parents as happened before.

    Intergenerational relationships could be like an proto-state to counter parental authority and any oppresor state, at least with adolescents, with children if I give you the reason indeed parents will always be the enemy of the state to be able to get their children as their own property !!

  24. AS says:


    “on the exact terms to refer to each thing everyone has their opinion”

    There is no room WITHIN A MOVEMENT for difference of opinion regarding terminology definitions. If fellow members of a movement are using different definitions of the same words, the movement is disorganized. Our work here is to organize our movement.

    “I think that age is only in a number, what happens is that society is actually aberrant and most adults are contaminated by this (as well pointed out in yours web’s article on children), That is why some of us mostly want or are interested in young people and not adults”

    So, just to make it totally clear, would you prefer an older aged but less contaminated individual over a younger aged but more contaminated individual? If so, then “paedophile” is the wrong term to describe you.

  25. AristocraticLove says:


    A movement is a group of people who move together – more or less – to achieve goals on a cause, it is not a monolithic and authoritarian organization if that is what you support it is better called an religious sect.

    I have been interested in your web because I also support veganism and child liberation and other things but if I wanted a religion would do mine own or I would go to Scientology to meet celebrities.

    On the other topic I did not say that I consider myself a ‘paedophile’, I have said that it is an example of a word that originaly means something good turned into something horrible by people, that shows their intimate disdain for children.

    If you say that I am a romantic, then I am, I only know that I have a genuine desire for the young and their well-being.

  26. Lucius Rhine says:

    “Religious sect”

    You’d be correct. All Gnostic religions could be considered sects, as all of them inherently worship the sun, whether covertly or overtly is of no consequence.

    “Child liberation”

    Well that’s good, if I’m taking it literally.

    Nonetheless, loving an individual, as AS has stated, simply because they are a child (that is, of childish age, rather than expressing original nobility) then is entirely missing the point of romanticism. This is a point that a lot miss, due to clouded or non-existent blood memory, but a point that Aryanism means to bring to light.

  27. AS says:


    “A movement is a group of people who move together – more or less – to achieve goals on a cause, it is not a monolithic and authoritarian organization”

    “The movement lays down the principle that, in the smallest as well as in the greatest problems, one person must have absolute authority.” – Adolf Hitler

    “If you say that I am a romantic”

    I cannot say, because you did not answer my question in the previous comment.


    You know what’s the most depressing thing about this discussion? Every minute we spend on it is a minute less spent on make sure all potential Trump targets own firearms.

  28. Pandorastop says:


    “It is not a monolithic and authoritarian organization”

    Everything we do is authorit-aryan. Every organization that has roots here is authoritarian.

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