Western civilization and National Socialism as opposites

Now our enemies write our version of Third Reich history for us as well:


“Omar Amin” von Leers and the Islamization of Nazism

Johannes “Omar Amin” von Leers (d. 1965), was a Nazi disciple of Hajj Amin el-Husseini who converted to Islam, found a haven in Egypt, and embraced a 1300 year-old ideology to destroy the Judeo-Christian West—Islamic jihad.

The Germans were convinced Islam makes good soldiers and reliable men—and that a Moslem does not drink alcohol and therefore can be used for positions of confidence. An uncle of mine who was for a long time [an] officer in the Askari Army told me, when I was a boy, ‘You must know that Islam is the best religion for soldiers. By disgrace of history, we Germans have not go it [Islam] and now cannot change the situation. ..[I]n Africa, a negro converted religion often becomes the ape of the European, imitating him in his worst aspects—but Islam makes him a noble African with a feeling of his own dignity. As an officer I like better a noble African on my side in the battle, than an ape of mine.”

As we have always said, authentic National Socialism was about ending Eurocentrism and restoring self-esteem in victims of Western colonialism. We are also currently trying to do this:







Back to the article:

Leers is a fascinating case study. By any objective standard, his career trajectory—as a favored contributor in Goebbels’s propaganda ministry, to his eventual adoption of Islam (i.e., as Omar Amin von Leers) while working as an anti-Western, and Antisemitic/ anti-Zionist propagandist under Nasser’s regime from the mid-1950s until his death in 1965—represents the “Islamification of Nazism,” rather than a “Nazification of Islam.”

Already in essays published during 1938 and 1942, the first dating back almost two decades before his conversion to Islam while in Egypt, von Leers produced analyses focused primarily on Muhammad’s interactions with the Jews of Medina. These essays reveal his pious reverence for Islam and its prophet and a thorough understanding of the sacralized Islamic sources for this narrative, that is, the Koran, hadith, and sira, which is entirely consistent with standard Muslim apologetics.

Leers’ 1942 essay, “Judaism and Islam as Opposites,” simultaneously extols the “model” of oppression the Jews experienced under Islamic suzerainty and the nobility of Muhammad, Islam, and the contemporary Muslims of the World War II era, foreshadowing his own conversion to Islam just over a decade later. And even earlier, in a 1938 essay, von Leers sympathized with “the leading role of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. in the Arabians’ battles against the Jewish invasion in Palestine.”

“Judaism and Islam as Opposites,” also provides a reverent summary characterization of Muhammad’s activities in Mecca, and later Medina, which is entirely consistent with standard Muslim apologetics. Citing (or referring to) the relevant foundational text sources (i.e., Koran 13:36; 8:55-58; 59:1-15; the sira and canonical hadith descriptions of the fate of individual Jews such as Abu Afak and Ka’b ibn Ashraf and the Jewish tribes Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Nadir, Banu Qurayza, as well as the Jews of the Khaybar oasis), von Leers chronicles Muhammad’s successful campaigns that vanquished these Jews, killing and dispersing them, “or at most allow[ing] them to remain in certain places if they paid a poll tax.”

Von Leers further describes the accounts (from the hadith, and, more elaborately, the sira) of Muhammad’s poisoning by a Khaybar Jewess, and also notes the canonical hadith that records Caliph Umar’s rationale for his putative expulsion from northern Arabia of those remaining Jews who survived Muhammad’s earlier campaigns. And von Leers (like Hajj Amin el-Husseini) even invokes the apocalyptic canonical hadith that forty-six years later became the keystone of Hamas’s 1988 charter sanctioning a jihad genocide against the Jewish State of Israel. Von Leers concludes his 1942 essay by acknowledging and endorsing the chronic, humiliating oppression imposed upon the Jews under Islam, while contrasting their perfidy with the nobility of Muhammad and the contemporary Muslims of the World War II era he idealized, before eventually converting to Islam himself, in the mid-1950s.

I was able to obtain (from the Russian State Military Archive of captured Nazi documents), and have translated from the original German, an unpublished, approximately six-thousand-word essay Leers wrote during World War II (apparently in 1942–1943), titled, “Philosophies of Peace and War in Islam.” The views expressed by von Leers on jihad during the same era, prior to his formal conversion to Islam, were remarkably concordant with those of the classical Islamic legists, and modern era traditionalists.

Disingenuously ignoring the explicit imperial designs of jihad—to subjugate all of mankind under Islamic law, as detailed with lucidity in the Koran, sunna, and a millennial continuum of Muslim jurisprudence—von Leers provides a hagiographic overview of Islam’s bellicose institution for global conquest, linked to his condemnation of Western European Christendom.

Finally, an October 1957 US intelligence report on von Leers’ writing and activities for Egypt and the Arab League confirmed his complete adoption of the triumphal Muslim worldview, desirous of nothing less than the destruction of Judeo-Christian civilization by jihad:

“He [Dr. Omar Amin von Leers] is becoming more and more a religious zealot, even to the extent of advocating an expansion of Islam in Europe in order to bring about stronger unity through a common religion. This expansion he believes can come not only from contact with the Arabs in the Near East and Africa but with Islamic elements in the USSR. The results he envisions as the formation of a political bloc against which neither East nor West could prevail.”


There is not that much remaining academically on which our enemies disagree with us anymore. Our enemies now agree not just that authentic National Socialism is pro-Islam (which they had already started admitting years ago under pressure from us), but that authentic National Socialism is pro-Islam precisely because authentic National Socialism is anti-Western, and (accurately) perceives in Islam a fellow anti-Western force. As I have said before, authentic National Socialism is not just leftist by WWII-era standards, but is leftist even by today’s standards. Indeed, even the most left-leaning of democrats today do not denounce Western civilization as a whole to the extent that National Socialists were already doing back then. (They structurally cannot, because they are democrats, and democracy itself is a Western idea.)

Meanwhile, oblivious to all this, braindead antifa (and assorted other irrecoverable False Leftists) continue to call Islamophobes “Nazis”…..

(By the way:


He authored the memo which led to the exemption of non-Jewish racial minorities from race laws in the Third Reich in 1934, 1936, and 1937.[10]

And the same braindead antifa (and assorted other irrecoverable False Leftists) as above continue to call identitarians “Nazis”….. )

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9 Responses to Western civilization and National Socialism as opposites

  1. Mza9 says:

    Interesting too that the author mentions “The Islamification of Nazism”, rather than the “Nazification of Islam”.

    I remember years ago when I spent my evenings debating Christian Identity useful idiots they would often pass a meme around showing how by 2050 the entire German Army will be Muslim, and my only response was, “Let’s hope so!”. :D

    That was long before I ever found A.net….

  2. Mza9 says:

    “And the same braindead antifa (and assorted other irrecoverable False Leftists) as above continue to call identitarians “Nazis”….. )”

    There are a lot of brain dead people in the West….

    “The dead are not alive, and the living will not die.” — Jesus the Nazarene

    Westerners aren’t even embarrassed that the non-Western world is more and more calling them out on their brain dead nature:

    Ignorance and Indoctrination of Westerners Kills Millions

    I think a better title would have been: Western Indoctrination by Ignorance Kills Hundreds of Millions.

  3. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    Will you write an article on the very recent UK general election?

  4. AS says:


    “by 2050″

    2050 is too long. Is it wise to presume we can keep the AfD out of power for another 31 years?

    Of course, if the German government were willing to enlist all arriving refugees into the military in exchange for citizenship (as I have been recommending since 2015 FFS), we could speed things up considerably. But it has still shown no sign of even considering such an obvious (not to mention economically sensible) move.

    The willingness of US troops currently stationed in Germany to protect Muslim Germans against rightist action is the most important factor. This is why achieving Blue control over the US ASAP is crucial.



    No. I wrote a brief thank you note to Corbyn here:


    Ultimately there’s not that much to say. He gave it his best shot. I don’t think he could have won by doing anything differently. That’s all there is to it.

  5. Herr General Remer had said this way back in 1994, though he was pro-Islam for way long before that.

  6. Anon says:


    That was Corbyn’s best shot? He could’ve won by doing things differently, I think. Too many splinters in his ass from sitting on the fence over leaving the EU. Letting the ‘anti-semitism’ scandal fester instead of calling out the bullshit, then even apologising about it. Not to mention his public image which could have easily been more appealing. He didn’t take his best shot at all, he blew his chance spectacularly and it is primarily his fault.

  7. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    Labour did a dreadful job with regards to the European Union, the stance from 2017 should not have changed. Anybody that believes in the right of the nation to govern itself with no laws from external bodies dictating how a countries economy and society is impacted, would not have backed the current Labour.

  8. Mza9 says:

    I agree 2050 is too long, and to be honest the meme may have used the year 2030 or something….

    “The willingness of US troops currently stationed in Germany to protect Muslim Germans against rightist action is the most important factor. This is why achieving Blue control over the US ASAP is crucial.


    Good point.


    I can’t knock Corbyn for not taking a stronger stance against the Jewish Lobby when they accused him of “anti-semitism”, who knows what was being said behind the scenes also? I do wish people would stand-up for themselves more when they are smeared and defamed by the Jewish Lobby though as well though. Shame. I feel had Corbyn attacked that false accusation against him he could have used it to really educate the masses on why claims that a person is an “anti-Semite” for being against Israel in particular, and Jews in general, are pure nonsense.

    I do get a gag reflex every time I hear a Jew falsely accuse someone of “Anti-Semitism”, and I feel like if that same reflex was being triggered in all non-Jews, which it very well could in the near future, Jewry would be finished by tomorrow evening.

  9. Mza9 says:

    Who better to tell it than the original enemies of National Socialism, in this case “The Order of the White Rose”. Yes folks, they’re still around too…. :)

    National Socialism Was A Left Wing Movement

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