Werewolves spotted in Canada

Proudly introducing the Canadian National Socialist Party:


All Aryanists and anti-Zionists in Canada should, if possible, gather here and get organized. Organization is the bridge that connects ideology with politics.

There has been no “Canadian civilization” to date; Canada has always merely considered itself a minor outpost of Western civilization. Now is the time to begin the thought process to create (at last!) a truly Canadian civilization. What will be Canada’s national epic? What will be the Aryan archetypes of Canada? How can Canada become economically and politically independent, and set a positive ethical example to the rest of the world? These are engaging questions, and just a few of the more fundamental questions that Canadian National Socialists must begin to consider.

More practical questions include how to rapidly reach out to and unify existing anti-Zionist, True Left and other potentially friendly groups in Canada, and what preparations need to be made on the grassroots level to counter potential social unrest. With regard to the last point, Canada has so far been relatively peaceful, but this could change depending on what happens elsewhere. The sad truth is that much of the world has been turned into a powder keg, and a small explosion in one place can ignite a small explosion in another place, and if enough small explosions occur then the whole thing will blow and we will be complete chaos. Aryanists in Canada must keep a close eye on developments in the US especially and around the world generally. 

Even if you are not Canadian, please still promote this page on Facebook and anywhere else as you can, and join the discussion on building National Socialism in Canada!

Here is a Canadian flash game to get us into the mood:


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17 Responses to Werewolves spotted in Canada

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello to all my Dear folk,
    I am the Chancellor of the Canadian National Socialist party, and i am here with a message for folk here in Canada or else where.

    We are all very blessed to be united like this, but there are others like us out there who very much would love to be reached out too. They may not know of us right now, they may be new to National Socialism or just starting to question what they are taught about us, but they will in the next few months and so on. It is my duty, our duties to reach out and Unite our fellow National Socialists in anyway we can, with the utmost respect and use of Unity through Nobility that we can.

    We are in a time right now where connecting with our country folk nation wide will be a blessing, and at times a struggle, some countries have governments that will probably be watching us carefully, like here in Canada. Others will see the rise of Communist groups, anti-racists and other Zionist goon squads, but regardless of this my heart and spirit will forever belong with my folk. I CHANCELLOR STEPHANIE, PROMISE I WILL STAND BY MY FOLK AND ALLIES, I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU AND WITH YOU HAND IN HAND, YOUR STRUGGLES ARE MY STRUGGLES, WE WILL NEVER BE DIVIDED AGAIN!!!!!! There will be some folk out there who have been threatened, bullied and worse by those who pretend to be us, or who just live for the taste of folk blood, those folk have been lied to by the Jude with Holocaust myths and anti-minority slander. We need these folk more than ever, and i think it would comfort them to know they can trust us, Do you trust me?????

    In Canada we really have no leaders in our government, no. Instead we have Zionist followers. It is no wonder our disheartened folk have no faith in their elected parties, but do you know who do rush to the ballot boxes every year??? Those Goy treat loving fools, who care not that they are only a 50% turn out in this province of British Columbia this year. but United through Nobility together, we will change this.

    So in short, we are looking for anyone in Canada who can fill a lot of Schutzstaffel positions, party positions, and just anybody who wants lend some of their ideas or network with us, or even join our ranks. This is even open to others outside of Canada as well, we welcome all ideas from all over our world. SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL

    Good day my folk,

  2. Middlesbury Secessionist says:

    What about Quebec, Stephanie?

  3. Anthony says:

    Good luck, Stephanie!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Yes, also in Quebec, u are also included in the National Socialist State of Canada. Good to know you are out there Middlesbury Secessionist, if you get this , is there a way we can communicate, if you would like. Or this way is fine, Do you want to be in our party, if so what skills do you have? would you want to be an officer in charge of the Eastern region? do you have any degrees or diplomas,

  5. Stephanie says:

    Hello Anthony, how are you. thank you for the response. Are you also in Canada? Anyone here who lives in Canada, i do encourage you to contact me, if you wish.

  6. mandrake says:

    Well done Stephanie!

    I hope your NSP is a huge success!

  7. AS says:

    I think the issue of Quebec is worth discussing. Should or should not Quebec secede from Canada? Would secession make it easier or harder for both Canada and Quebec to re-align themselves politically, and why?

    How different are Quebecois from other Canadians in the way they think, and what are these differences? Would a different approach be required to promote National Socialism in Quebec than in the rest of Canada?

  8. Pandorastop says:


    I think the issue of Quebec is worth discussing. (1) Should or should not Quebec secede from Canada? (2)Would secession make it easier or harder for both Canada and Quebec to re-align themselves politically, and why?

    (3). How different are Quebecois from other Canadians in the way they think, and what are these differences? (4). Would a different approach be required to promote National Socialism in Quebec than in the rest of Canada?

    1. Quebec, in the current political climate, should secede from Canada. Not only would it shake up both sides from relative political apathy but it would also cause confusion and disruption within the Canadian military, which in turn would effect International Jewry’s aims and goals (no matter how small the effect is, it’s a negative effect nonetheless!).

    1(1). Quebec being a State within a G8 nation would be set as an example to other secessionist movements around the world –creating much more resolve in other places such as Scotland, Spain, Japan etc.

    2. It would make it easier for realignment due to the fact that the U.S is predictable, because Jews are predictable. The U.S will, without a doubt, swoop in not only to see what benefit this new situation creates for itself, but, to “monitor” transition and elections etc.

    2(2). Canadians and Quebecois agree almost completely on one thing : the U.S should not have it’s hand in their affairs. This would be the unifying factor.

    2(3). This meddling by the U.S (and more than likely Britain as well) could serve to create in a politically unified Canada a break from “The West” as they will feel increasingly alienated from those who were supposed to be their “friends.” and supportive of “Democracy.”

    2(4). But it must be made clear that Israel may benefit from this! If not led and or influenced by an anti-Zionist movement shortly after secession occurs I predict that Canada will see Israel as it’s role-model for the future. Quebec would as well albeit to a lesser degree.

    3. The Quebecois believe themselves to be very different to the rest of Canada, but, except for spoken languages the cultural differences are negligible. The predominant culture is American mixed with certain European elements, especially in Quebec when it comes to sexuality and religion.

    3(1). The main differences are that the Quebecois see themselves as a distinct people within the world, while Canadians see themselves as a people within the world. The Quebecois are also quite tribal, but, it’s interesting to note that while they are tribal it would seem that (like Canada) their propensity for racism is quite low. Unlike Canada they are extremely Xenophobic, they fear new cultures/beliefs.

    3(2). On the plus side – Quebec is equal with it’s Xenophobia and seems to be the only province in all of Canada that does not give Jews a free pass with regards to cultural expectations. Jews are openly criticized (even by members of municipal and provincial Governments) when they demand special treatment and the Quebecois’ people do not flinch. Open conversation about Jewish influence is not “taboo.” The media still viciously attacks “anti-Semites” with little to no effect however.

    (3)(3). The Quebecois and most of Eastern Canada see Israel as the war monger in the world. This belief is more pronounced in the young population than it is in the older populations.

    (4). Yes and yet the reasons as to why would take up far too much space here. Even within Canada certain political parties know they have no chance in Quebec and spend little to no money campaigning in the province. Politically Quebec is very different, even it’s system of law is different.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Yes I do agree that Quebec should be talked about, though I do not know very many people from there, I do know a few people from Quebec who want to separate from the rest of Canada. From what I hear, there are quite a few people in Quebec who would want to separate from us. In this case I could not deny them that, though they do sound pretty tribal.
    Then some sort Alliance would be needed. With this we would unite all parties on both sides of Canada under the banner of Self-Determination, during this time we start a massive propaganda campaign of Anti Zionist American/Israeli influence by both sides, promoting a public rebellion and boycott against the Zionists and their imposed jewry. At this time here in Canada nationalism can be used to stir our Canadian society towards our rightful Canadian pride of being the friendly and civilized, anti-racist, nature loving, socialists we are supposed to be. Doing this we integrate the Canadian way into Unity through Nobility, aligning ourselves with the Aryan way. Thus working out our flaws and re-educating our masses. While Quebec groups work with their people, we make it known to G8, Israel and the U.S. that last time we checked, we are supposed to be a democracy, for the interest of stability of the people, back off. I would encourage Quebec to make loud their plea to separate for all of Canada to hear, thus wide spread Canadian nationalism being rampant, the CNSP would show the Canadian folk that we are in line with National Socialsm.
    With Quebec calling for their own country, we would offer the 25 points of National Socialism as a platform for a National Socialist policy for a new Canada. At this point the idea would be put out, to bring all of our military personnel from Canada who are living in Quebec back home to start a Folks army here. With our folk screaming for a new Canada, CNSP stands up and leads a revolution. Quebec would also be helped to throw their own revolution, when they put their military together, only can both sides show that their new country is in an arm’s reach. A non-aggression pact should be formed between Canada and Quebec with maybe a promise to come to their aid if they are attacked by Zionists in the future, because they would be on their own.
    I mean there is so much work to be done with this, anyway Secessionist would be of help with this, yes. But if Quebec has other ideas, I would be open to discussion.

  10. verite says:

    I apologize for necroing. But, this post was made a long while ago, and this party seems to no longer exist anymore. So, I want to know if there is any such organizations that still exist which promote Aryanism or authentic National Socialism in Canada.

  11. AutumnBay says:

    Has authentic National Socialism completely died out? It seems like there is no true organization that wants to take political office anymore. It’s sad that this Canadian National Socialist party has died. What has happened to Aryanism?

  12. William Eastfield says:


    What has happened is that some of us have realized the practical inefficiency and the artistic unoriginality of trying to advance Arya through NS imagery. In short, National Socialism and the NS aesthetic was created for and by the circumstances of 1920s-1940s Germany; and most of us are not living in Germany, and all of us are definitely not living in the twentieth century. So it’s foolish to ruin people’s potential receptiveness to our message by turning them off (and confusing them) by reproducing the imagery of NS’ glory days item by item.

    If you don’t agree with what I’m saying, then I welcome you (and everyone else) to try to start a spiritual and political revolution based on WWII revisionism to see how ineffective this “strategy” is firsthand. As a matter of fact, Pandorastop, who is/was the leader of the Canadian Front (I’m pretty sure), tried this with the CNSP. In fact, he once directly told me and a few others that he had worked hard going door-to-door to get signatures from people endorsing the CNSP in order to get the Canadian government to officially recognize it, only for the government to shut it down for being a “hategroup” or something of that nature. Its been a while since I’ve last spoken to Pandora, and even longer since I read the story of how the CNSP ended, so the details might be off a little bit. But you get the point.

    Regarding what has happened to Aryanism. In my experience, its lack of morale and activity is mostly contributed to:

    [1]: Years of frustration leading to incompetent leadership (Extreme Ownership comes before Fuhrerprinzip).

    [2]: A lack of faith (resulting in low morale and people concluding that action is futile before actually taking up any action ~ IE: defeatism ~ along with the idea that change is impossible when it is certainly NOT).

    [3]: Underwhelmingly poor workethic and a lack of initiative and intuition in most Aryanists (often blamed on “workstress” and whatnot. Notably, I have explicitly made it a point to CONTINUE my personal activism DURING legal (probation), emotional (a shitty breakup), and job-related (residential construction) stress just to prove how fucking lame those people are. Hell, I’m fine with even self-doxxing myself a little bit there in order to make the point that you’re several times more capable than you think. And no, my “record” isn’t impressive to me. If you think it is and that I’m flexing, you either have an inferiority complex and/or a lack of confidence in your abilities, or you really haven’t compared how little all of us are and CAN BE DOING in order to fight Zion. Just push yourself out of your fucking comfortzones assholes, and put some shit into perspective).

    Frankly, we’ve been around for around a decade. And although I’ve seen firsthand, through my personal efforts and others, how Aryanism has significantly changed the world for the better, a movement like ours won’t live indefinitely without actually accomplishing its goals WHILE staying functional. The fault of the problems listed above lies in all of us, counting myself as well. What it’ll take now is for us to get back on our feet are leaders. Leaders who can draft a decent plan and then accomplish that plan in order to prove to ourselves that we are actually capable of achieving something. That’ll take some inspiration, but I’m working on that. And once we get that down, those who excuse their inactivity for not knowing how to start a revolution, can be safely excommunicated from us. Maybe then we can start being a little bit more positive. :p

    Mind you, I wouldn’t normally say all of this to someone who I do not know, in public for all to read, where it is quite possible for some antiFa–jEw-vampire-Dogkiller to read and speculate upon, but we have nothing to lose at this point. Frankly, I’m not addressing the above not just to you, but to all of Aryanism. Most of these so called “Aryanist” faggots hardly even respond to me anyway, if at all, whenever I try to coordinate something. Honestly, at this rate it won’t be long before I detach myself from this site and just focus on building up an Aryanist movement from my base of comrades in real life, rather than from this site itself. But I wanna salvage it if I can.

  13. Mza9 says:

    @AutumnBay, Verite, William:

    It only takes one Aryan National Socialist to change the world.

    “Power in numbers” is how westerners view the world, hence the egalitarianism of the West….

  14. William Eastfield says:


    True, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for inactivity.

  15. pandorastop says:

    @William Eastfield

    “As a matter of fact, Pandorastop, who is/was the leader of the Canadian Front (I’m pretty sure), tried this with the CNSP.”

    Of the Canadian front? Perhaps. But the CNSP, nope. Stephanie… well, did her best… but in the end blood betrayed blood!

    “In fact, he once directly told me and a few others that he had worked hard going door-to-door to get signatures from people endorsing the CNSP in order to get the Canadian government to officially recognize it, only for the government to shut it down for being a “hategroup” or something of that nature.”

    Yes! But it was not the CNSP.

    ‘Elections Canada’ claims that it is ‘non-partisan’ … that is a lie! We were not ‘de-listed’ from the rolls for being a ‘hate-group’, but for contravening section 319 of the criminal code. Funny how the same code allows the jew to do the same with (3). — We did work hard. However, I did not gather all 500 signatures on my own, either. Does not matter, we’re in a better place now…. legally. Nuff’ said.

    “Its been a while since I’ve last spoken to Pandora.” — Do not be a stranger! you know my E-mail address! (Do you not?) … If not, contact AS. Full consent on my part. —- Just because I have not commented on anything in a while does not mean that I have not been reading and staying up to date. ;]

    Every person that understands time… needs to read and read again! The article(s) in relation to Entryism.

  16. William Eastfield says:


    I’m happy to hear from you man! I did try to reach out to you a season or two ago, actually. I asked AS for your email, sent you one, but nothing ever came back. If you want, you can contact me at aabb2@protonmail.ch ~ I’ve been meaning to ask you a few activism related things anyway.

    What was Stephanie’s deal? Did she do an ideological 180 or something?

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