Toulouse shooting arrest scam

OK, so the promised secession post will have to come after this one. First just a quick word on the latest news. (check the name of the journalist)

Anyone who still disbelieves that Zionists are actively trying to put the far-right into power is a delusional moron. The Toulouse shooting was a dripping ZC drama from the very beginning:


Jews – innocent perpetual Holocaust victims

Muslims – bad guys

Far-right – good guys falsely accused and vindicated, and who tried to warn us about the bad guys, and who will save us from the bad guys if you vote for them next month

That is, of course, unless we examine how the official story just doesn’t add up.

We are supposed to believe that not only does the suspect have links to the non-existent ’al-Qaeda’, but – wait for it – the police tracked him down when he tried to SELL ONLINE the scooter he used for the shootings, which police had explicitly announced they were searching for. Not even Saturday morning cartoon villains are that stupid!

“FOR SALE: Black Scooter (Toulouse)”

[so ridiculous that if you believe it, I have some gas chambers to sell you]

And all this occurring just before the French presidential elections. Would a real mujahid have chosen this timing for the shootings, knowing full well the effect it would have on the voters? I swear they are trying to insult our intelligence. (Of course the Gentiles won’t get it. They will just say: “See! The whitehatingwhitegenocidalantiwhite media was trying to blame the killings on the National Front! Now it turned out to be a Mudslime! Told you so! Marine Le Pen for president!”)

And just in case we don’t get the ZC message that it is horribly un-ZC to blame the far-right, here is the Zionist BBC to spell it out for us (1:30 onwards):

I am honestly not sure anymore; does it really take people like us who went through years of 9/11 truther boot camp to find this kind of thing nauseatingly obvious? Well, at least MrGlasgowTruther4U gets it:


UPDATE March 22

There are 300 police officers surrounding 1 ‘suspect’, there are no hostages and no bombs, yet we are supposed to believe there is a good reason that this siege has had to take 24 hours and counting? MrGlasgowTruther4U is asking all the correct questions:

its got to be the strangest handling of such a situation i have ever seen. giving him a phone in exchange for a gun, when he already had several other weapons on him? hardly disadvantaging the gunman in anyway

the explosions were just to intimidate the gunman – intimidate him by blowing the doors off a small flat? am i missing something here? why not just finish the job and take him?

Some reports also say the police blew up the guy’s car which was supposedly filled with weapons. Shouldn’t they be wanting to keep it as evidence? None of this holds water at all! This is like WTC Building 7 all over again!

And exactly as predicted:

“The identification of the killer only confirms what I’ve been speaking out against for years – there’s growth of Islamic fundamentalism in our country that the powers-that-be have underestimated,” National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told Tel Aviv private radio 90 FM in a live interview.



Did anyone imagine the drama could end any other way?

Now we’ll never hear Merah’s version of events first-hand, and the police can make up whatever details they want. I hope everyone who has followed this story can remember one thing if nothing else: all things alleged to have been said by Merah – from admitting the shootings to his motives to his ‘al-Qaeda’ membership - are based entirely on police statements.

Now watch sadly as Le Pen surfs the Ziongasm all the way to the election.

To the Muslim community of France: stay strong. Even if the rest of France turns against you, we will support you. Our word is our honour and our honour is our loyalty.

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29 Responses to Toulouse shooting arrest scam

  1. The Neophyte says:

    It does seem a bit contrived and easy-enough-for-the-masses-to-follow, doesn’t it?

    The Neophyte

  2. Longinus says:

    At least Brevik did not killed small children but future Euro-Socialist, pro-Muslim elite of his country.

  3. Longinus says:

    >>>The whitehatingwhitegenocidalantiwhite media was trying to blame the killings on the National Front! Now it turned out to be a Mudslime!

    It’s not Le Pen’s fault your late Mohamed Merah was a vibrant (scimitar-waving) youth of color.

  4. fakenews says:

    Clear jew orchestrated setup.
    How easy the ship has fallen into believing this deception.

  5. John Johnson says:

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more obvious.

    “Toulouse shooting: al-Qaeda links an election gift for Marine Le Pen”

  6. Lewenhaupt says:

    “To the Muslim community of France: stay strong. Even if the rest of France turns against you, we will support you. Our word is our honour and our honour is our loyalty.”

    Not an Islamophobe in any way, but the enemy of our enemy is not our friend. Islam and the muslim community in general are inherently un-aryan, if only for the fact that their religion is just another newer version of Judaism. Supporting one un-aryan group against the other will help us how? We’d still end up with something vile.

  7. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    Some of you guys haven’t really caught on to what this site is about. It’s an Islamic Front Group trying to piggyback on legitimate European Nationalism.

    They don’t seem to understand [the half-breeds running the site] that we don’t want you. You name the Jew. Great. Awesome. Now fuck off back where you came from.

  8. AS says:

    “Islam and the muslim community in general are inherently un-aryan”

    The same can be said about the general community of every popular religion in the Dark Age. But, so long as the foundations of that religion can be worked from, I prefer to encourage people keep their religion and then to steer it towards Aryan ideals. I have always agreed that “Islam” on its own is non-Aryan:

    but I have also noted that “Ihsan” is eminently Aryan. Hence in every serious Muslim I see, if not a potential Muhsin himself, then at least someone who would recognize a Muhsin as a superior level, and who would loyally follow a leader who embodies this level. As long as a religion is inspirational to people, and as long as the image of inspiration is a noble one, we can work from it. I have personally felt the inspirational value of Mohammed’s story and teachings, so I know the potential that is here.

    “their religion is just another newer version of Judaism”

    Mohammedanism is a religion open to everyone whereas Judaism is a religion for Jews only. On this account alone they are fundamentally different. Mohammedanism is much closer to Christianity than either is to Judaism, indeed all non-tribal religions are closer to one another than any of them are to Judaism, and this is what needs to be emphasized. At every opportunity we need to encourage mutual support among non-Jewish religious communities, and the way to do this is by example.

    Lewenhaupt, if you dislike some aspects of Islamic practice, that is fine, because so do I. But when I criticize Islamic practice, I do so by arguing how disappointed Mohammed himself would be by the corruption of the spirit of his teachings. In this way I defend the archetype at the same time as I attack its degenerate emanations, thereby keeping the inspiration alive. In contrast, Jews want us to attack each other’s archetypes and thereby destroy all sources of inspiration still present in the world, because it is these sources of inspiration that generate spiritual resistance to Zion, as I mentioned in the last section of this page:

    You say: “The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.” I say: then let us build that friendship before our mutual enemy succeeds in turning us against each other.

  9. Anthony says:

    People often comment on how we should oppose all Abrahamic religions as offshoots of Judaism. Of course, I’m just as angry as these people about the doctrines and practices of mainstream Abrahamic religions, but the truth is not that simple. Anyone who’s interested should check out this documentary:

    It explores the existence of doctrinal differences in the early Christian church, but the same kind of thing is true of Islam. Also, the picture of the Catholic Church (which I’m against, although I have a grudging respect for the current Pope) as dominating Europe throughout the Middle Ages without any opposition is wrong. There was almost continuous opposition throughout the Middle Ages from groups representing more authentic forms of Christianity, eventually culminating in the (somewhat disappointing) Protestant Reformation.

  10. rockstar says:

    its important to make a distinction between race and religion here. (im not a xenophobe in any way shape or form), but the problem here is a racial one. Muslims from Turkey or Albania would have no problem conforming to national socialist values, whereas Muslims who are arab would have serious difficulties. semites will be semites after all. that doesnt mean they are the same as the jews, but its unwise to rush into a friendship with them.

  11. rockstar says:

    may i ask what your problem is with the church? admittedly it has many problems, and has done some less than noble things in the past, but out of all the religions, it has been the most righteous and humane. i never liked how unidealistic they were concening worldly affairs, but if youd read the catechism, you would find that their ideas concerning social justice reflect that of national socialism almost perfectly.

  12. fakenews says:

    The problem with the church is obvious, it is a one big lie.
    Lobotomizes human brain making one live like a zombe.
    No responsibility to life, selfishness and worst of all, tolerance to crime.
    Just exactly what the jew wants.

  13. fakenews says:

    Band 32 heft 1 Blatter für junger kaufleute Hamburg/Januar 1935

    The essence of the NS swastika’s perpetual motion.

    Read it if you can find it…

    jew hates that one…

  14. Purity says:

    I agree with fakenews.

    The Church, and all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are one big lie. They all share the same patriarch, who started circumcision.

    The Nazis wanted to return to a form paganism, and ultimately leave Christianity for a reason.

    This website claims that Jews try to control both sides of every argument. Jesus was a Jew, he claimed to be a Jew, and died a Jew. How do we know he was not simply trying to control the other side of the argument?

    In my opinion, Christianity was a tool for Jews to control ALL gentiles. The reason why there is so much support for Israel by gentiles, is because of one simple connection, the fact that Jesus was jew, therefore they believe that all Jews are important because they are of the same tribe as their saviour Jesus. Jews and Jesus are interconnected.

  15. Anthony says:

    @rockstar I agree that the Church has many good ideas. The current pope has made a good stand against consumerism and has rejected modern ideas by proposing a third positionist economy. But I disagree with some of its more characteristic ideas, like the notion of Hell (they claim not to believe in a realm of eternal punishment any more, but this seems to me to be insincere – a reluctant concession to modern ideas) and their views on judgement and being rewarded for submission rather than for sincere good, their insistence on blind obedience to dogma, their irrational ideas about birth control, their materialism (e.g. the resurrection of the body), their refusal to recognise the validity of apocryphal gospels, and more.

  16. Anthony says:

    I also particularly detest the writings of Paul of Tarsus, which the Church supports.

  17. fakenews says:

    Why do call NS with jew invented and run NAZI?

    The nick name for NS was SOZI and not NAZI so please do not offend us, Germans.

    NAZI shit describes jew only!

  18. fakenews says:

    If one removes god and promise of heaven from Talmud what is left is THE CRIME.
    If one removes such from Christianity and ISLAM what is left is THE FAIR PLAY RULES .
    Removing the mythical features from any religion exposes its real value to humanity.

  19. mandrake says:

    I think this has been discussed before, but I look at Islam as an invasive religion and one that preaches intolerance of anything but, even in their host countries. Very much like the Jew. I agree that the enemy of my enemy mentality is fundamentally flawed. We fight a war on two fronts, Judaism and Islam.

  20. rockstar says:

    @ anthony,
    where did you hear that catholics dont believe in Hell anymore? Hell is dogma, therefore anyone who calls himself a catholic must believe in Hell. albeit i cannot understand the justice of Hell either, but it is something catholics must take on faith. i know that seems like we are just making excuses and explaining it away, but we must recognize that God is infinitely wise, therefore he knows why he created things the way he did.
    i must admit i also had a difficult time accepting the belief that one must submit to God in order to attain salvation. this was especially difficult for me, since prior to my return to the church i was heavily into nietzche’s philosphy of the übermensch. but im beginning to see the importance of submitting to God, remember that without God its impossible to do sincere good. “no one does good, not one”
    There are quite a few things i disagree with the church on, so i relate to you on that. to name a few of the church teachings i vehemently disagree with: contraception, masterbation, papal infallibility, etc.
    but i dont see how the concept of “the ressurection body” is materialism. matter is good. matter and spirit co-exist in harmony, they are not opposed to eachother. we humans are both material and spirit beings. in heaven we will not be mere ghosts, we will be both body and spirit since both of these are intrinsic to human nature. i reject the gnostic view that “matter is evil”. if you believe that, then why be an environmentalist? since animals and plants are purely material beings. i know the gnostics believe that through transcendence they could become like God, but this notion seems to be motivated by pride, dont you think?
    as for st, paul and his teachings, i do not know much about that. so i will niether agree or disagree with your statement. all i know is that he was canonized as a saint, therefore i do not believe he was a zionist.

  21. rockstar says:

    @ anthony
    by the way i hope i didnt offend you or anyone else. sorry if i come off as a bible thumper lol. im really not. im justcurious about your opinions.

  22. fakenews says:

    Yes, Islam preaches intolerance to corruption.
    That is why it is the most advanced and beneficial to human race.
    Immune to jew poison Islam can only be assassinated of which we have daily examples.
    Iran is not a strict Islam state and that is why assassins and spies have been easily allowed in and thus doing the damage.
    Islam in non Islamic states is often used by jew to create racial and religious wars, conflicts and or total destruction of such states.

  23. Anthony says:

    @mandrake Read AS’s response earlier in this post. He sums up the situation very well. I don’t have much more to add to that.
    @rockstar That’s OK. I don’t mind discussing these things. I do think this post is getting a little off-topic, though. Catholics still officially believe in Hell, but not as the traditional place of punishment, but as separation from God, which I could agree with if I thought they were more sincere and if the separation was a result of failure to reach God rather than punishment from God.

    I don’t agree with just accepting things on faith, because although some things may be difficult to understand, I think we should try to, because otherwise we could believe in anything. How would you decide between two religions, one which believes in Hell and one which doesn’t, if both say their beliefs are accepted on the basis of faith alone, for example?

    I agree that it is impossible to do sincere good without God, or some kind of ultimate purpose.

    I think that matter is evil, which is why I don’t think Gnosticism is pagan, since paganism is a religion centred around matter, nature etc. The reason I’m an environmentalist is to reduce suffering. Environmental problems cause suffering, so I want to reduce environmental problems. This is why the site does not support environmentalism based on the idea of sustainability. We don’t want the material world to last forever. We want it to end eventually, through some kind of collective transcendence. I don’t agree that animals are purely material. They aren’t highly advanced spiritually, but I believe they have feelings and can suffer.

    I don’t think the notion of becoming like God is motivated by pride. I think it’s motivated by the desire to attain a perfect state, to struggle towards goodness and beauty – the same motivation that has produced all the greatest art and the most noble acts of history – the desire for something better, for perfection. Not just to be perfect, but to experience it, to see it. I actually think submission to God is motivated by pride. This may sound strange, but I am not proud, and hence I think that if I were God I probably wouldn’t care about what lesser beings thought of me, since I would know that I was perfect and wouldn’t need anyone to praise and worship me. It seems to me that people who think God does need to be told how great he is are proud because they think ‘if I were God, I would definitely want everyone to worship me and tell me how great I am, so that must be what God does’.

    I hope that answers your questions.

  24. rockstar says:

    yes it does answer my questions, thank you.
    theres just one thing i want to clarify. when i said animals were “purely material beings”, i did not mean that they dont suffer or they arent alive, i know that animals and even plants are alive and have emotions, etc. i just meant that they dont have an immortal spirit. but, as you said this is indeed getting off topic. anyway cheers.
    sieg heil.

  25. The ruling elite are shit scared now and wish to report what people like us say,because of the excuse that we could be terrorists

  26. IranianBrownNationalism says:

    “Mohammedanism is a religion open to everyone whereas Judaism is a religion for Jews only”

    Guess what, Mohamedanism is religion only for Mohamedans.

    It is not open for everyone, only for people who embrace their dogma

    “non-tribal religion”

    This is bullshit, we as humans are social animals. We can’t live without our groups/tribes. The Anti-Nationalists have their dogmas and tribe (“anti-nationalism), the muslims have their tribe (the muslims)

  27. Handschar says:

    We know the mainstream media only exists to lead people to conclude the alternative media is authentic, disarming them against its propaganda effects.

    Every alternative media source is saying IS is a Zionist op.

    In a vain effort to maintain its aura of invincibility Western/Zionist powers are claiming [by proxy] that they have complete power over IS. Aattempting to control IS which isn’t the same thing as actually controlling IS. IS controls almost all the oil fields in Syria and Iraq. IS mints gold dinars each worth 139 USD. Is the West in any position to boycott IS’ crude oil whilst continuing to print fiat money?

    Do we see IS consenting to the Yinon Plan? IS is establishing order not causing disruption like the media says. If Western powers do seize control over IS territory and hand it to Israel that still doesn’t mean IS is a Western/Zionist operation, it means IS merely lost against Zionism and its Western Allies [due to lack of support from muslims, otherwise prospective jihadists, who were demoralised by the false belief that IS is a Zionist op].

    Premise: IS has not attacked Israel because to do so would be strategically incompetent and unecessarily jeopardize the historical misson to purify Mecca and Media and overthrow all infidel governments.

  28. Handschar says:


    Mohammedanism is a militarist meritocracy and not related to ethno-cronyism, survivalism, or tribalism or any other manifestation of expedience. Participation in Mohammedanism mandates strict adherence to a specific warrior ethos, that of jihad, where ethnicity is irrelevant to nobility of purpose. We do not need to point out the fundamental difference between tribal-survivalism and martyrdom operations. It should go without saying how and why just one jihadist can neutralize crowds of tribalists.

    The will to survive is weaker than the will to be noble.

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