This is why we oppose democracy

Because it is only ever a matter of time before this happens:

And then this can happen:

No doubt this will create a knock-on effect in other countries also: far-rightists everywhere will be doing their best to ride on the coattails of Trump’s success to push their views even further into the mainstream. We might have thought Islamophobia and racism have been big problems ever since 9/11, but they are about to get much bigger.

(Not to mention that the US will soon have a First Lady who doesn’t even have an American accent FFS! Sure, we have more important things to discuss, but I consider this to have symbolic significance: Trump’s US will be a more Western, less American US (as if his proposed border wall, attitudes towards Putin, etc. had not already indicated this…..).)

And this is the point. You believers in democracy really thought the past 50 years of anti-racist education had any real use at all? Racism is genetic and anti-racism is genetic! Racists cannot ever be reformed through anti-racist education, and anti-racists like us never needed it in the first place! By believing that people can be educated, and thus can be trusted to vote ethically, you set up yourselves to crash headlong into this mess.

To our team members, now what? Now is the time to go among all the people shocked by the election result to let them know in no uncertain terms that the False Left has failed them and will continue to fail them henceforth because it had been deliberately designed to fail since the very beginning. Now is the time to to teach them as much about the True Left as they are able to learn, as this is what it will take to win back the ground that they are losing to rightists day by day and will continue to lose until they shape up. Now is the time when they will be most receptive to what we have to tell them, so it will be our fault if we do not seize this opportunity.

Lucius, my advice to you is that you launch your party site ASAP, even if it is not fully ready, and market it specifically to #notmypresident Americans. If you can strike while the iron is hot, posting links to your site at every location wherever #notmypresident Americans hang out, you could recruit new members rapidly and establish your party as the centre of the anti-Trump insurgency before others do so.

With the GOP in control of both the House and the Senate (and soon over the Supreme Court), the first two years of the Trump presidency will basically be unconstrained. Excepting the possibility of an anti-Trump military coup by heroic American soldiers, I say again what I have been saying for years now: if you are someone who might potentially be targeted by Trump, BUY FIREARMS (sniper rifles would be especially useful), TRAIN IN COMBAT TACTICS, and ORGANIZE PARAMILITARILY. If the Rehabs (Robocop 3 reference) start coming in to deport locals by force, what will determine whether they succeed is whether locals have the means – and the will - to stand their ground and shoot the Rehabs as soon as they so much as set foot in the neighbourhood. This is Ahimsa.

I want to close by replying to Van Jones:

“You tell your kids, don’t be a bully. You tell your kids, don’t be a bigot. You tell your kids, do your homework and be prepared,” Jones said on CNN. “Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight. They’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of ‘how do I explain this to my children.’”

The mistake was in associating ethical behaviour with worldly success. The truth is that if unethical behaviour were not a massively advantageous competitive strategy in the real world, no one – not even Trump – would bother with it. Bullies and bigots proliferate because they tend to be financially, socially and above all reproductively rewarded by natural selection over superior types, especially within Western civilization where reproductive success is based on largely free-market competition for reproductive partners. The PUA blogs never tire of telling their readers: ”Nice guys finish last!” – they are very much correct, especially within Western civilization. Or as someone else once put it infinitely more eloquently (shortly before he was crucified, which proves his point):

“If ye were of the world, the world would love its own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” – Jesus

We do what is ethical not because we expect to be rewarded with worldly success as a result of being ethical, but because we care about ethics. Of course we care about ethics so much that we also want worldly success with which we can finally build civilization according to our ethics. But we know that we cannot win by competing against bullies and bigots on their terms while retaining our ethics. There are therefore only two possible ways for us to win. The first way is by becoming bullies and bigots ourselves, and outdoing our rivals in bullying and bigotry. The second way is by using ruthless retaliatory violence to eliminate the bullies and bigots from the competition altogether before the competition has time to reach its natural result, including on the genetic level, thereby eliminating the need to ever again compete against them on their inferior terms. The first way – the PUA way - we will always refuse as a matter of principle. The second way is National Socialism:

“Since the inferior always outnumber the superior, the former would always increase more rapidly if they possessed the same capacities for survival and for the procreation of their kind; and the final consequence would be that the best in quality would be forced to recede into the background. Therefore a corrective measure in favour of the better quality must intervene. … The pacifist-humanitarian idea may indeed become an excellent one when the most superior type of manhood will have succeeded in subjugating the world to such an extent that this type is then sole master of the earth. This idea could have an injurious effect only in the measure according to which its application would become difficult and finally impossible. So, first of all, the fight and then pacifism.” - Adolf Hitler

Western civilization must die.

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  1. @AS – There is much more that could be said in response to your post here, but considering a video on YouTube I saw of Pauline Hanson congratulating Trump on his victory with almost orgasmic delight, I made a poster of Pauline Hanson with hashtag #notmyvoice #notmysenator on it and links to my latest articles about Pauline Hanson and the direction that her kind of rhetoric is taking this country…

  2. Lucius Rhine says:

    I will upload what I have tonight and launch the website officially on all platforms! The way I see it, the outcome of this election will be extremely polarizing, and if my strategy is correct, then we will be able to guide the polarization into Neoreactionary and Proactive views. Although bad outcome, and potential loss of life the outcome of this election only stirs the fire – anti-racists will come willingly.

  3. Polinc Socjus says:

    @Lucius – If you need a logo or a flag made, I’m still learning, but drop me an email:

  4. RY says:






    ? = LVCRETIA.



  5. Fake Thor says:

    as a National-Socialist, i’m not happy with Trump’s victory, but for different reasons than you are.
    you guys, genuinely believe the guy is a “racist”, but that’s just bullshit man! the guy is not “racist”, and he’s not going to fulfill his empty “promises”.
    he doesn’t give a damn about the “white race”.

    the guy is dangerous for other reasons. of course, wars for israel, middle-east, possible false-flag events to distract and make the whole world forget the “promises” he made.

    he may talk about immigration or islam, once in a while, to get the support and the votes of the ignorant white people from profound America who take all his promises for granted…but that’s it!

    don’t be scared about walls or “racism”, it’s just democratic bullshit. he’s just controlling the dissent!

    anyway your prognostic about Trump being the zionist candidate, was 100% accurate.
    everything was pretty clear to me, long time ago, when i found this:

    cheers! and please don’t get agressive with me. i have my point of view, you have yours…so what?? i’m the bad guy here?

  6. Numinous Sun says:


    Interesting. Were are you going with that?


    Don’t forget to point out that we were one of the only factions out there that called this outcome a very long time ago, it will strengthen your argument, especially since you have documented proof.

  7. Numinous Sun says:

    I’m trying to imagine what a coup d’etat by the military, or one of the security agencies would look like in the U.S.? I can see all the talking heads like Alex Jones and Michael Savage sending waves of the lowest common denominator into the breach…

  8. Jens says:

    If trump was black and his name was obama and he had said “Grab them by the pussy”

    not af single women would have said a word

    but instead you would have found them with their heads between his legs

    but only because trump is white he has no right to be a extrovert playboy lincon freed the slaves

    translated from danish to english:

    As a young soldier was Churchill stationed in India, where he generated great disdain for its people. In a conversation with Leo Amery, Secretary of State for India, Churchill exclaimed according to Amery: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. ”

    Churchill was not enthusiastic about Islam and wrote in one of his books: “What curses Mohammedanism casts over his followers! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous for a human rabies for a dog, we have the terrible, fatalistic apathy. The result is evident in many countries -

  9. Andalucian Warrior says:

    To be honest, I don’t care that Trump won. I don’t like Trump, but it would have been bad no matter who won. If Hillary had won, there would have been more wars against Arab countries/ Iran and she would have disarmed the American public. On the other hand, Trump will allow Russia to conquer parts of Eastern Europe and continue giving support to Israel (although Clinton would have as well). Which scenario is worse? I’m not sure.

    I know AS was saying that if Clinton had won, it would have caused the Democrats’ ideology to shift towards anti-Zionism, but the Trump victory will cause many Democrats to finally start realising that democracy doesn’t work, which I think is great.

    There are so many things happening in the world right now that I’m struggling to form a definite opinion on.

  10. Numinous Sun says:

    These three events have always stayed on my mind for some reason, in no particular order, could be nothing…

    Air Force general in charge of nuclear weapons removed for lack of trust: defense officials

    Gen. James Kowalski, the commander of the Air Force Global Strike Command, made the decision to relieve Carey of his command.

    Jack Weinstein, to temporarily replace Carey as head of 20th Air Force.
    Air Force fires general in charge of nuclear ICBMs

    92 Air Force Officers Suspended for Cheating on Their Missile Exam

  11. Andalucian Warrior says:

    Also, there has been talk of California seceding from the union, which excites me very much. Ideally, the entire West Coast would secede.

  12. Numinous Sun says:


    I have pushed the secession idea in the case of a Trump victory before on the True Left twitter thread, I agree! In fact, I would argue that should be a mandatory goal of any #NotMyPresident movement.

  13. Numinous Sun says:


    Much worse with a Trump victory! Trump is ZC, Clinton is not. The far-right, and the right in general, are gaining in roads the entire world over. Disunity among the people will be a result. Netanyahu and Putin both wanted Trump over Clinton. Iran is still on the table; wait until my comment that is awaiting moderation gets posted, and then realize that Sheldon Adelson (Jew) donated to Donald Trump, and personally said on camera “that America should detonate a nuclear bomb in a desert in Iran as a warning”…

  14. Andalucian Warrior says:

    Can you give me a link to this twitter account?

  15. Andalucian Warrior says:

    Doesn’t matter. Found it

  16. Numinous Sun says:

    Speaking of which, has anyone watched the t.v. series ‘Jericho’ by chance? Can be found on Netflix. In the series a faction with in the U.S. government fakes a nuclear missile attack and launches ICBM’s at Iran. If I’m not mistaken America becomes divided into two factions…

  17. Blake Towne says:

    Pretty sure this election will only strengthen the Democratic Party’s love for democracy. Granted, it may be temporary, but it’ll still be there for at least awhile.

  18. Lucius Rhine says:

    We in Oregon will come with you, maybe Washington too.

  19. AS says:

    Scotland speaks out:

    @JJ (replying to

    “Democracy created Trump. It can not be a solution for stopping him and others who think like him.”

    Unfortunately, many leftists are merely blaming the Electoral College:

    since Clinton won the popular vote (just like Gore did back in 2000):

    so extra work will be required from us to persuade them that the problem is deeper than that. Still, at least they seem to be finally coming to terms with the fact that there are far more racists in the US than they had previously estimated, and that economic improvement will not end racism:

    “I recommend that all American Aryanists adapt their strategies with these three time periods in mind: the immediate (pre-January 20), during the Trump presidency, and post-Trump.”

    Good breakdown.


    1) Petition Obama ASAP for a last-minute executive full-citizenship amnesty for all undocumented Americans before January 20, 2017. This will probably fail, but at least it can demonstrate that we can no longer depend on the establishment.

    2) Firearms, firearms, firearms, firearms, firearms!!!!! EVERY leftist in the US – especially potential Trump targets – physically capable of handling a rifle MUST own at least one and become proficient in its use. (This was supposed to be a project on its own, years ago originally delegated to Phoenix with whom we have since lost contact.)

    3) Organize potential Trump targets and supportive neighbours into neighbourhood fireteam cells.

    4) Encourage potential Trump targets to (if they have not done so already) destroy all documents in their possession proving nationality/citizenship of another country, both as a gesture of their commitment to America, and to make it impossible for Trump to prove to other countries that these used to be “their” people.

    5) Turn sanctuary cities and municipal ID cards into a movement:

    Combine with 3) to create sanctuary security forces. Try to spread this as widely as possible and to ideally form economic support networks (Trump has claimed he will cut federal funding for sanctuary cities).

    Start by contacting all mayors of existing sanctuary cities with a proposal that all move together on issues pertaining to protecting undocumented Americans, specifically as a response to the Trump threat. Some mayors definitely seem sympathetic:

    Bonus BGM:

    6) Raise Atlanteanism among all Americans:

    We do not recognize or respect any foreign imposed border. We do not respect anyone who invades and yet dares to call its Natives “illegal”. Aztlan is our homeland, where we belong.

    Aztlan is a nation that is truly free … We are a nation that is created by Raza, for all our Raza. We accept those of other races to dwell with us in peace

    7) Release a formal statement letting Trump know that he must be willing to face armed opposition if he attempts ethnic cleansing. Our friends from ANSWER Coalition have already come up with a slogan:

    The initial objective is to hold out long enough until midterm elections, which will hopefully bring relief via gridlock.


    Please include a link to your party site in your username (like how Saifullah does) from now on.


    Just a vocabulary detail, but “neoreactionary” typically refers to critique of democracy from a traditionalist perspective, so I’m not sure we should use this term to denote our anti-democracy position.

    Can you delegate some of your party members to the tasks I listed above? Note that each of the above should be organized as independent projects.

    Honestly, I have never seen Americans so scared in my life:

    Please give them faith. We are counting on you. ANSWER has already got the ball rolling:

    but they lack military consciousness (and firearms). This is what your party must bring to the table.

    I have also seen talk of Americans possibly adopting the #safetypin movement:

    See if you can make this part of your party uniform.

    Also, Kircheis still has not replied to me yet. Please remind him to do so.


    Secession by California would be unwise at this stage, as it would only make the remaining US more solidly red. We only supported Hawaiian secession in the past due to its insignificant number of electoral votes, the loss of which would be more than compensated for under the expectation of Texas turning permanently blue by the 2020s, just as California did in the 1990s. Now with Trump making it harder for Texas to turn blue, removing California would be shooting ourselves in the foot. (If anything, we need to put even Hawaiian secession on hold!)

    Even if you believe in a civil war solution, California is way too far from DC! You’d be better off thinking about Northeast secession if that’s the kind of approach you are considering.

  20. Andalucian Warrior says:

    >Secession by California would be unwise at this stage, as it would only make the remaining US more solidly red.

    But on the other hand, it would create a country where an Aryanist (or at least anti-Zionist) party has a realistic chance of coming to power. They’re never going to have significant support across America as a whole when middle America is full of such trashy people. Also, California has a very strong economy and would be a powerful country if it were independent. Independence for California would deprive the right-wing areas of America of a large quantity of finances and resources and put it at the disposal of a left-wing area.

  21. Andalucian Warrior says:

    Or look at it this way: the red states are poor. At the moment, the Zionist foreign policy of America and indeed all the other social problems are being caused by the red states, but the blue states are the ones providing them with the wealth and resources to cause these problems. If the blue states were independent, the red states would no longer have these resources.

  22. Twin Ruler says:

    Hey guys,
    Have you ever heard of Rocking Mr. E, and his Youtube Channel? I think he has woken up about The Jews. Of course, he hides behind such code words as “Globalists”, and pretends to hate Germans instead. Still, for those who can discern, I can tell that this is merely a ploy to put said “Globalists” off his sent.

    Do not worry, I think he secretly loves the Germans, and admires their fighting spirit, and determination. Yes, and he is quite a genius. I love his Youtube Channel! Perhaps, you should take a look at it, one day.

  23. Andalucian Warrior says:

    @Twin Ruler

    To borrow a meme from the Trump camp: DELETE THIS

  24. AS says:

    While some anti-Trump Americans are blaming the Electoral College system, others are asking for the Electoral College to stop Trump on December 19th:

    Worth a shot, I suppose. It certainly does no harm to try…..

    Here is the petition itself:

  25. Board owner says:

    Good luck with your attempts to slow and/or stop Trump, you need it. As Zion Don would say, you sometimes come across as ‘low-energy’, in other words your banter is weak.

  26. Andalucian Warrior says:

    @Board Owner

    Are you by any chance experiencing some pain in the anal region?

  27. Board owner says:


    See, you’re getting better at it already. Practice more and you’ll be drinking your opponent’s tears in no time. Delicious and salty. Feel free to use me as a punching bag in the meantime. We need high-energy, I’m going to power up DBZ style.

  28. RY says:

    @Andalucian Warrior

    >To borrow a meme from the Trump camp: DELETE THIS


  29. Numinous Sun says:

    AS and AW:

    I can see your logic in regards to not pushing secession at this time, however, I would just add that nothing else would say ‘we’re dead serious’ in a #NotMyPresident platform more than secession…

    I could see parts of southern California turning red, but I think for the most part, especially the north, California would remain blue.

  30. Numinous Sun says:


    Thanks for the link, and a special thanks if you started that petition, great idea! Signed!

  31. Numinous Sun says:


    Second thought, that petition would be better on the White House site:

    If you get over 100,000 signatures they are supposed to give you an update.

    I would start one but I’m not a citizen…

  32. Hypnotix says:

    Signed the petition as well, though I don’t know how much good it’ll do given I don’t live in the US/have US citizenship.

  33. Andalucian Warrior says:

    @Board Owner

    Well I guess as the board owner you’re our resident expert in internet trolling, so I’ll take your advice on board.

  34. Andalucian Warrior says:


    Do you perhaps have autism?

    (Am I doing it right?)

  35. AS says:

    Another Electoral College anti-Trump plea site (Republican version):


    Well done! This flag is a stroke of genius!×450-noPad.jpg

    Make sure to add it to your PACPO site! Also, I want to see (and I want America to see) a physical version of this flag at a future anti-Trump protest! Get it printed! And make sure it includes a link to the PACPO site!

    As for your petition, post links to it everywhere you think of! It needs to go viral!

    As for your site itself, make sure you keep your blog as active as possible if you want to bring in the traffic and ultimately more members. Blog about your new petition, blog about American reactions to the election result, blog about #notmypresident and #safetypin, blog about blog about which firearm to buy, and so on. Update daily if possible. It doesn’t take much time just to link to a news article and add a few lines of commentary from the PACPO perspective, but it will let visitors know that PACPO is aware and concerned, and give them a reason to keep checking back. Eventually, you want Americans coming to the PACPO site as their one-stop news source. Also, when you link to friendly sites (ANSWER etc.), your site will appear in their stats, and they will know you exist and are promoting them, and they might promote you in return.

    One particular point: since “Populist” is part of your party name, I think it is extremely important for you to point out on your site that what the recent media has been ignorantly or subversively calling “populism” (ie. the far-right) is not really populism at all, and explain why not and what authentic populism is.

    Also, regarding your otherwise very clear slogan:

    What is right, is not always what is popular.

    please choose a different word (e.g. “correct”, “good”, “ethical”, etc.) to replace “right”. “Right” as an adjective is only ever to be used to mean “right-wing”. Demanding readers to cognitively process multiple meanings (some with positive connotations, others with negative connotations) of the same word is bad propaganda style.

    Another concept that must be added to your site ASAP is the choice faced by the US between thinking of itself as part of Western civilization or thinking of itself as part of America. This deserves a detailed article.

    By the way, JJ is the one who is supposed to be giving this kind of advice to you. I’m doing it now because we are hurrying to get your site out there ASAP for the #notmypresident Americans, but as I was just saying to Miecz in private, what our movement needs most is to train up more people to do what I currently do, not for me to keep doing it myself and thereby actually hindering other members from gaining consultancy experience. (JJ, are you around? Please take over from me here as soon as you arrive.)

  36. Lucius Rhine says:

    You will for sure see this along side an actual PACPO flag, maybe even made the Snake Flag the symbol of my paramilitary patrol!

    I am working on delegating cybertasks at the moment to members of the party, and everyone is very aware it is crunch time to get content out, as quite honestly I’ve been a bit lax.

    As for the clarification on populism, it’s interesting that the media has come to criticize it after I came up with the name.

    Also have been thinking about our lexicon, and you’re correct, we should only use the word Right in regards to Right wing for the very same reasons! Just haven’t gotten around to it!

    I’ve also been working with my members to try to redefine what it means to be American, and to declare our independence from the West Once and For All!

    Victory shall be swift and decisive.

  37. John Johnson says:

    Yes, I’m around.

    Lucius, I sent you an article about populism that you can use, please tell me if you’ve received it.

    “They’re never going to have significant support across America as a whole when middle America is full of such trashy people.”

    While I can attest that plenty of people in ‘middle America’ are trash (I live in the “north” and the amount of houses with Confederate flags next to their Trump signs in some small towns is mind blowing), not everyone is a lost cause. Most red states aren’t just poor, but quite rural, and therefore residents often feel overlooked by both parties. For whatever reason, they’ve latched onto the Republican party, but many were receptive to some of Sanders’ ideas. Wisconsin and Michigan were two of the key “blue” states which Clinton lost, and plenty of analyses have been published on how Sanders would have won them due to his large support in these rural areas.

    Looking at the Democrat primary, Sanders’ main support base was in the largely rural areas of ‘middle America’ (Sanders=green, Clinton=yellow):

    While I doubt his voters would have outnumbered Republican voters in many of these counties, I believe this is an indicator that a left wing party could at least find success on a local level in these states.

    Residents in these rural Midwestern states are on average older than Americans in other states (in other words, their demographic is more likely to be conservative and more likely to vote in general). If we can encourage younger people to get organized and politically active in these states, they will become much more “blue”–already most of these areas are ‘purple’:

    (Compare to the winner-take-all maps we are used to seeing):

  38. John Johnson says:

    @AS and Lucius

    Personally, I would recommend changing the slogan to
    “What is __ethical__, is not always what is popular.”

    By using “good” we run the risk of readers interpreting it to mean we think the majority “doesn’t know what’s good for them,” and we would then come off as typical arrogant and sore-loser liberals:

  39. Hashtali says:


    “For whatever reason, they’ve latched onto the Republican party, but many were receptive to some of Sanders’ ideas.”

    The usual explanation I’ve seen has to do with religion, with the Republicans wearing a (Judeo-)Christian face, while the Democrats are more secularist.

    “While I doubt his voters would have outnumbered Republican voters in many of these counties, I believe this is an indicator that a left wing party could at least find success on a local level in these states.”

    Lucius, I’ve mentioned the People’s Party (aka the Populists) in the past to you. For others, here it is:
    “The People’s Party, also known as the Populist Party or the Populists, was an agrarian-populist political party in the United States. For a few years, 1892–96, it played a major role as a left-wing force in American politics. It was merged into the Democratic Party in 1896; a small independent remnant survived until 1908. It drew support from angry farmers in the West and South and operated on the left-wing of American politics. It was highly critical of capitalism, especially banks and railroads, and allied itself with the labor movement. ” (Italics are mine.)
    From what I read (I’m not American, so you guys will have confirm this), it’s common for rural Americans to view leftism as an urban phenomenon in which Democrats cater to anybody but rural Americans. I think by bringing back the memory of the Populists (and, Lucius, you should have no party doing that given your party’s name!) it’s possible to create a leftist movement that cuts across the urban-rural divide.


    I haven’t forgotten about the email. I got caught up with work over the last few weeks, but I’m working on finishing it; sorry for the delay again.

  40. Lucius Rhine says:


    This has actually been a plan for me since it’s been reported that a lot of people that typically voted democrat were won over by Trump’s “care” for the rural population. If there’s one thing I loved about the 19th Century Democratic Party, it’s that they never forgot about the farmers. Modern Leftism is permeated with urbanist politics as is the natural leftist response – urbanization is most likely to cause more injustice having high population concentration, therefore more social justice is perceived to be needed here. However, the main staple of the economy should never be forgotten or neglected. Perhaps that is what I will write about next.

    What I am absurdly concerned about, however, is the Democratic Party’s fractionalization here in the States. The Democratic Establishment is falling apart and I’m looking to pick up the furious leftists after this last election. JJ? Got any ideas on that?

  41. kek says:

    Aryanism: turning virtue signalling into a religion, one delusional cuck at a time.

  42. Lucius Rhine says:

    @Kek maybe you should be a more noble person, because I sure don’t have to worry about my wife leaving me, like you do yours.

  43. Fake Odin says:

    You guys are such pussies.


  44. John Johnson says:

    “The usual explanation I’ve seen has to do with religion, with the Republicans wearing a (Judeo-)Christian face, while the Democrats are more secularist.”

    Yes, that is probably it. Although in the Midwest it is less about religion, and more because Republicans say they care about “family values” and “traditions”. (Although these concepts are tied to Judeo-Christianity, support for pure ‘fundamentalist’ Judeo-Christianity is not as important in the Midwest as it is in the South).

    “From what I read (I’m not American, so you guys will have confirm this), it’s common for rural Americans to view leftism as an urban phenomenon in which Democrats cater to anybody but rural Americans.”

    Yes, but it is not just an American phenomenon for urban areas to be more left-leaning than rural areas.

    Also, Democrats have historically portrayed themselves as the party of labor unions and the “working class” (which means they held influence in many smaller towns). For example, Biden was chosen as Obama’s VP due to his appeal to “working class” union supporters. There is also the “Blue Dog” Democrats, who were the conservative wing of the party and influential in rural areas; they formed in 1995 but were decimated in the 2010 election.

    Speaking of the Populists, I touched upon them in the Agrarian section of my South vs Dixie essay:

    Americans should also remember that Sanders’ run as a self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ is essentially the first time ‘socialism’ has been socially acceptable in a century. It seems people are more receptive to leftism than in previous decades. I’ve read opinion pieces that this election basically put an end to the “Reagan era” of conservatism (just like Reagan’s election put an end to the liberal era of the FDR-LBJ presidencies). Whether the next ‘era’ of politics is ZC or True Left is still up in the air.


    “The Democratic Establishment is falling apart and I’m looking to pick up the furious leftists after this last election. JJ? Got any ideas on that?”

    We have to redirect the ‘grassroots’ momentum of Sanders’ fans away from False Left “progressivism” and towards the True Left. Basically entryism into movements like this:

    As AS said, we must begin advocating True Leftist ideas to dissatisfied people immediately. Many of them will probably choose to follow people who are already established in politics (e.g. Sanders and people he has endorsed, environmentalist and other social justice groups which already have established infrastructure, etc.) instead of us, but we must let it be known that our views exist.

    At worst, those sympathetic to our views will help encourage existing leftist movements to drift towards the True Left. At best, we will gain volunteers. This can only happen if we get the message across, however.

    Basically, the left is against everything Trump stands for (and due to his great threat, will be more willing to put petty differences aside to unite against him). It is just a matter of getting people to criticize Trump from a True Left perspective rather than a False Left one.

    In my opinion here are three main ways we can pick up furious leftists:

    1. Directly promoting PACPO/the True Left to people (via social media and other means of advertising)
    2. Entryism into existing ‘grassroots’ groups in which ‘furious leftists’ have congregated
    3. Networking with other leftist groups

    Regarding the last 2, we can begin having an immediate impact by advocating the 7 ideas AS recommended here:
    (In other words, promoting actionable ideas is more important than trying to intellectually debate them on the finer points of True Left ideology at this stage.) However, when we enter into discussion groups we must be able to articulate why the prevailing False Leftist ideas won’t defeat rightism and provide our radical True Left counter. Our goal is to gather all those who are willing to listen.

  45. AS says:

    LAPD will defy deportation orders from Trump; let’s encourage this to spread across the US:

    Again this was predicted by RoboCop 3, that many police officers will side with locals against Rehabs:

    McDaggett: Sergeant. We’re taking Cadillac Heights. I’ll need fifty of your men armed and in full body armor in one hour. Mr. Johnson, you can tell the C.E.O. the demolition crews will have total access at 0600 hours tomorrow morning.
    Sergeant Warren Reed: Hey, we don’t do that kind of work.
    McDaggett: That was a direct order, sergeant.
    Sergeant Warren Reed: Driving people out of their homes is no work for a cop.
    Johnson: Now, sergeant… fifteen years on the force is quite an investment. Your job, your pension… Maybe instead of worrying about these squatter people, you might think about your OWN family.
    Sergeant Warren Reed: I am.
    [Takes off his badge and throws it on the floor]
    Sergeant Warren Reed: I’m thinking I have to go home and face them.

    This is why I keep saying not to give up hope on the police yet. The far-right, in order to demoralize us, repeats a propaganda line that all police officers are closet bigots and will side with the far-right at the first opportunity, but this is a gross exaggeration. There are still many non-corrupt police officers in service who remember what their sworn duties are and who take their oaths seriously. These qualitatively superior police officers are the ones whom we must reach out to. The character of Alex Murphy personifies this:

    Murphy’s psychological profile states that he was top of his class at the police academy and possesses a fierce sense of duty.[5] This dedication explains why Murphy exhibits none of the negative attitudes and statements shared by his fellow officers when he is transferred to the Metro West Precinct, the most violent area of Old Detroit.

    Even his childcare attitude is along the lines we recommend:

    Murphy starts mimicking his son’s television hero, T.J. Lazer

    In other good news:

    This would be much better, of course, if the students all own firearms. One of the best things about RoboCop 3 is how quickly the locals understood the need to obtain firearms.

    As for Trump’s proposed wall, Lucius, can you get someone to look into whether or not states can do something legally to block federal construction projects on their territory? I was thinking that, since California is a blue state, if it could prohibit wall construction on Californian soil, this would at least leave a significant hole in the proposed wall that would make it virtually useless, which in turn might conceivably be enough to discourage the wall from being built even in the other states. What do you think?

  46. Murphy from Robocop seems to be the type of guy that would support this:

    The Sergeant Reed as well. When the IDF and Rehabs rain hell down down from drones and choppers, it’s time to stand together for sure.

  47. Board owner says:

    Maybe I’m reading too much into the RoboCop 3 comparisons but who represents those Japanese robot ninjas?

  48. RY says:

    @Board Owner


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